Daedalus and Cardano node update 16

welcome everyone I just wanted to do a
quick update video of how to download the Daedalus Cardano node update
number 16 IOHK just released the video of some of the new features for the
update and if you open up your Daedauls you sync your blocks you'll have a
prompt in the upper portion of the screen
and you'll be able to go and click update and restart. Here are a couple new
features which are great the news tab you can go to the upper right hand
corner and hit that notification bell and you can submit a feature request and
you'll also get live updates for news so I'm assuming when the snapshot happens
and the test net is ready to download in Daedalus it's going to be a separate
download you'll probably get some information in the news feed as well you
can go ahead and click that and you can also hit more go to settings and you can
verify whether or not your wallet recovery phrase is the correct phrase so
a lot of people are going to have to dig up their seed words for the incentivize
test net you'll have to enter your seed words if you want to participate in
staking in the incentivize test net so if you are dubious as to whether or not
you have the correct seed phrase you can verify that wallet recovery phrase right
in your wallet make sure that the computer that you're verifying in it's
not compromised then go ahead and verify before the test net snapshot happens I
won't be doing it at the moment but I probably will be doing it right after
the snapshot before the incentivized test net staking starts I hope everyone has a
great day and until the next video bye

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