Cycle Top 60 Days Away! End Of Year PARABOLIC MOVE! [Polkadot, Ethereum, Bitcoin] Crypto News

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name 
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opinion perspective not financial advice but   we show you things that the mainstream media never 
shows you so let's get in to the opportunity ahead   this quarter there is good reason to think that 
bitcoin and crypto is about to go parabolic   history is repeating itself in the next 60 days we 
will blow past all-time high after all-time high   my max prediction is a quarter of a 
million dollars this is just an opinion   but i tend to agree that something like this is 
going to happen especially if you're taking a   look at on-chain data which again the mainstream 
media never talks about this most people don't   know that you can take a look at this but let's 
just take a look at three different things bitcoin   balance on exchanges remains at record lows this 
is irrefutable this is undeniable and this is   very bullish for the price of bitcoin will cause a 
supply squeeze especially if this bitcoin is going   to long-term huddlers which good news it is the 
coming parabolic price action will be due to the   supply squeeze engineered by the fact that bitcoin 
again this is irrefutable evidence it's being held   by long-term huddlers actually we're saying the 
inverse right here short-term huddle or chart a   record low number of addresses that are considered 
people who sell bitcoin quickly short-term   huddlers they don't hold a lot of bitcoin right 
now it's the long-term huddlers that hold a lot of   bitcoin and again take a look at this chart every 
time that the chart has gotten to this low when it   comes to short-term huddlers holding bitcoin not 
a lot of them it would have been a great buying   opportunity what you don't want to do is probably 
be buying up here when we're seeing a large number   of short-term huddlers combine that with the fact 
that almost every metric that you would want to   be trending up that you would want to be saying 
this on chain metric looks bullish is trending   up active addresses active entities transaction 
counts all trending up all trending up in a big   way the genie is out of the bottle my friends 
think about this kids are setting up crypto   wallets before they ever set up bank accounts 
before they ever set up checking accounts   it's only a matter of time before banks are forced 
to adapt it's only a matter of time before we see   this supply squeeze play out see demand strongly 
increase fomo happens as the price rises   and like we go over all the time q4 usually 
a great time to be in cryptocurrency   fill your bitcoin bags now and strap the f in 
according to log scale take a look at 2013.   take a look at what happened in q4 take a look 
at 2017 take a look at what happened in q4 take a   look at 2021 what do you think is going to happen 
in q4 now in even longer time frames bitcoin just   tends to trend up because they continue to print 
u.s dollars and scarce assets go up investable   assets like bitcoin i mean bitcoin take a look 
at your screen right now bitcoin is on its way to   infinity this is real data and you can see that 
over time bitcoin continues just to go parabolic   started at like six cents today it's at 
almost 60 000 bitcoin going parabolic   is just part of the programming if there's demand 
right you can see it right here now let's combine   this with other cryptocurrency-centric things 
we're seeing happen in the world coinbase and   now visa do you know about this coinbase and 
now visa desperately want to pump your blue chip   nfts the nft community will reach 1 billion people 
soon are you prepared for what is going to happen   next so we reported this to you yesterday and 
guess what coinbase has seen over 1 million 1.4   million sign ups for their new nft platform in the 
first couple days the coinbase nft marketplace is   seeing an insane amount of traffic as the number 
of users on the wait list exceed 1.4 million   the most popular nft marketplace right now openc 
only at half a million active customers month   after month coinbase is going to bring so much 
money into the nft space and make it so easy   to use but that's not even the story here because 
we reported that to you yesterday this story   is that visa yes that visa is launching their 
own nft program to support digital artists   check this out so visa is launching a non-fungible 
token nft support program to help artists join   the digital arts space visa will select a small 
group of creators through an application process   and help them learn about the cryptocurrency and 
blockchain industry quote we believe that we are   at the beginning of a digital renaissance in the 
world of art and content creation this is visa's   head of crypto new technologies emerging in the 
crypto ecosystem like nfts have the potential to   lower the barrier to entry for digital creators 
across the world to build their own small   businesses and we actually the with this news 
we're seeing them partnering up with aku creator   and also major league baseball player who sold one 
million worth of art in one minute the point is   money and building and infrastructure is flowing 
into this space fast and with that news number of   addresses holding one ethereum coin or more is at 
all-time highs bullish for eth bullish for crypto   let me know what you think about all of this in 
the comments below now before we get to polka   dot before we get to sushi swap i have a question 
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i use many happy customers get your block five   rewards credit card right now earn bitcoin back 
on every purchase altcoindailycc   polkadot on a little bit of a run right now as 
you know their first auctions are slated for   november 11th lucky 11 11 and the polka dot 
community approves the pair chains auctions   and um the coin is moving and there's a lot of 
excitement i mean basically what we saw with   solana i know it's easy to compare every coin to 
solana now but i do think what we saw with solana   we'll see with polka dot as people get excited 
for this date and especially as the polka dot   blockchain actually starts to get you know real 
use overall this is really good for polka dot   personally pretty happy i bought the polka dot 
dip a few weeks ago sushi swap sushi swap is a   uniswap competitor it's a decentralized exchange 
automated market maker sushi launches a 12.6   million liquidity mining program on cello so we've 
seen liquidity mining programs bring large amounts   of users large amounts of money and use to other 
protocols and chains in the past so this is really   good for sushi this is really good for cello and 
you can earn rewards in both cello and sushi if   you do this i mean literally they're giving away 
12.6 million of cello and sushi tokens if you   participate in liquidity mining so 
i wanted to put this on your radar   subscribe to the channel if you're new to the 
channel we drop one video every day keeping you   informed on the entire cryptocurrency market smash 
the like button and with that being said i truly   hope that you get value in our videos i mean a 
lot of people have commented over the past couple   years saying they do and you know that's truly 
my my goal i want you to come to our channel and   think damn i'm glad i found out about this anyways 
see you tomorrow guys turning into a great year

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