Cute Phone Case Collection (Samsung Galaxy s3)

understand like I love so I'm still feeling a little bit weak because I had food poisoning yesterday which sucked and I stayed home all day and it was such a beautiful day outside and I could enjoy it but um I did promise you guys that I was gonna have a video up on all of my phone cases and why I got them from because I often get so many questions on my phone cases so I'm gonna go ahead and niche and share that with you guys so I would say about 90% of my phone cases came from Etsy comm and I love @c because they have so many original ideas and pretty much everything is handmade and everything just looks really really pretty and even though the price is not always exactly what you want them to be you want them to be affordable sometimes they're not but if you think about it you know you carry your phone with you everywhere as soon as you leave the house you want to make sure that you have your keys your wallet and your phone so you should always accessorize your phone too right so let's get started let me start with the cheapest phone case that I found and it is this one um it's Hello Kitty and it's really adorable I love it so much I'm not gonna lie it is a little bit obnoxious especially when you're like holding it and if you want to fit into your purse if you have a small purse it's not going to fit but it's really cute and if you have like kids or anything like that and they throw your phone somewhere you're gonna see that it's gonna secure your phone because it has like an inch of rubber and it's really sturdy so let's move on to the rest of my phone cases and they are all from and they are about twenty dollars each with like shipping and with taxes they even charge taxes I'm not sure but let's start out with um one of my favorite ones and it's this one I think it's so pretty I love the floral print on it and a lot of the studs are silver and I requested them to be silver because I wanted to match my Rebecca Minkoff mini Mac which I know that's weird but I do like to match my stuff I think it's really cute so I do love it um the hardware on my purse is actually silver that's why I got them and I just love the floral and I actually saw this on an iPhone and I was like there has to be one for the galaxy s3 and I did my research and I found one and then another one that I really do love is this one and it is also from Etsy I will have all the links down below where you can find where there at if you guys want to find all of them hopefully I can find all of them because some of the some of the shops close down on Etsy I don't know why but they did open their own store and I email them because I know you guys had questions about them and they told me that they have their own store so a model that said also you can follow me on Pinterest and you guys want like to see the links because I have the cases listed there and the direct link to them too if you want to save the links or you can favorite this video and come back to it later it's up to you but I love this one because it's minted and has hearts on it I also saw it on an iPhone on I believe it was like Instagram or something I didn't research it I found it and I just loved it so much I love the color you know that's like one of my favorite colors you guys already know that okay so um another one that I really do love oh my goodness Sammis drop dude okay so this one is a phone case that you guys all love and I got so many questions on and unfortunately she took down her shop on Etsy but she does have her own website but I love the perfume bottle it's sessional in the middle and i think it's gorgeous the floral print is just so pretty it's very simple and elegant and I also love the little rhinestones which I actually edit on myself because I felt like a lid it needed a little bit more glamour to it so I did put on the rhinestones myself and then let's talk about this phone case and I love it so much because it has like the asset print and I think it's a really huge trend right now like you will see it on purses on clothing and all that on shorts and pretty much everywhere and of course you have to accessorize your phone to write this phone case right here that I have on my phone right now from the same seller and I love the gunmetal studs on it the color is just so pretty and it of course it's like one of my favorite colors pink which I love so much and then let me talk about these gorgeous gorgeous phone cases and I actually feature them on my blog on my wish list because once in a while I you know put together a wish list of things that I want to eventually buy for myself and I put this phone case right here and I thought it was really pretty and the seller actually contacted me and thanked me for her phone keys and putting a direct link to her to her um shop because she says that a lot of people steal her pictures and I I feel like a girl I feel the same way sometimes but nobody gives her credit for it and she she thought that it was really sweet of me to give her credit which of course I always love to give credit if I get inspired by anything or or anything like that so um she send me one for free I bought one and then she sent me another one in the mail for free so thank you so much Silvia that was really really sweet of you and I am so in love with the colors it's my favorite flower peonies and hopefully it'll make it to my wedding pratik um what sort of wedding booty get to my wedding okay and um yeah so looks okay so yeah that is um all the foam pieces that I got like I said most of them are from Etsy and they range in price but I think it's worth it I really do love them I hope this helped you guys find some really cool and cute phone cases and I will talk to you guys in my next video thank you guys so much for watching bye you

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