Cuan dari Game Decentraland JUAL BELI TANAH Virtual | MANA Token

Blockchain technology is a technology that will be useful and useful in the future. Now we have to start to study Blockchain and its technology, by studying now, we will know about where the good future projects are. This allows us to also invest in the right coins and tokens. Now it's back about the NFT Token in the blockchain gaming field.

The AXS Axie Infinity and MANA Decentraland tokens attracted the attention of market participants after experiencing a significant price increase in July. Both tokens have been following similar price rallies in recent weeks. AXS scored several times ATH, Decentraland also soared, although not as sharp as AXS. Their project is the same, namely a new class of blockchain-based games that incorporate non-exchangeable tokens or what we know as NFCT. In Axie Infinity, players can breed characters called Axies and trade plots of land represented in tokens on Ethereum. Decentraland also features plots of land that collectively form an immersive gaming experience. These two projects are arguably the leading games that make up what is known as the “metaverse”, a new virtual world that combines 3D, AI, gaming and socialization accessible via the Internet. Most of the current metaverse is built on Ethereum. Decentraland became the center of attention after a piece of real estate in the VR world sold for nearly a million dollars. The purchase was made by real estate investment firm Republic Realm, spending $913,228 on 16 acres of digital land. This purchase set a new record as the most spent on NFT land purchases on the platform, surpassing the previous record of $704,000 purchased by Boson Protocol.

Decentraland will break another record by being the first to host a virtual music festival on the Ethereum blockchain. This music festival is the idea of ​​a collaboration between KnownOrigin, Bear NFT, and Illumini NFT. The festival is part of the larger Decentraland Art Week which offers 10 days of digital art, music and gifts to the community. Decentraland is consistent in holding various events. All of these events have played a major role in the recent increase in project prices. Decentraland's rival Sandbox has also stepped up following its partnerships with brands like Square Enix and Binance. Even though Decentraland outpaced the Sandbox in market cap and other metrics, Decentraland had to maintain momentum to keep its distance from its competitors.

Apart from buying and developing plots of land, Decentraland also gives users the option to sell digital properties. Communities can trade digital land properties, digital wearables , digital art and other equipment on the platform, which provides a means to generate profits. Digital wearables are items that users can wear online and also display on their social media. Products are never actually created physically, but are sold virtually.

Products that may be imposed can include clothing, accessories, shoes, and other items. Which Decentraland once reached ATH at 1.63 dollars and the current price is around 0.6266. The virtual reality world will grow significantly over the next few years, and the platform offers users the ability to purchase virtual land, which gives users ownership and control over the environments and applications in the platform world. Decentraland is fully decentralized and controlled via DAO, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets on the platform.

Through DAO, users decide and choose how the world of Decentraland works while MANA tokens support this virtual reality platform and can be used to pay for virtual plots of land in Decentraland as well as goods and services in the world. The project was originally created in 2015 by Argentines Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano, and opened to the public in February 2020. Since then until now Decentraland has continued to be popular. If we look at the Tradingview chart with a price of 0.6217, the strongest support level is at 0.43. If the price drops past this support line, it will be a very strong downtrend signal. On the other hand, if the price jumps above 0.9 then it is likely that the price will continue to reach the $1 target. How about the All Time High level? Looking at the current price it will probably be difficult or not easy MANA to test its ATH at 1.6 this year.

The most reasonable view is that Decentraland MANA can at least reach the level of 1 dollar before the end of 2021. And expect the price of MANA to reach that one dollar price. Okay that's it. Thank you for watching. Don't use this as financial advice but as education and entertainment only. Thanks for watching this video from start to finish. We hope to see you again in the next videos. Greetings to the north..

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