CryptoKitties Explained [Is It Worthy Buying NFTs on CryptoKitties Platform?]

In today's video, I will do a quick review of 
CryptoKitties platform. I will go through the   most important, we'll share with you some 
personal insights and experience with the   platform, and as well you will see how to buy 
Kitties, how to sell them and how to breed them. Welcome to the Trading Channel, it's Petko Aleksandrov and today, I am on Cryptokitties.ko, a platform that   is relatively popular already in the virtual 
world and especially for the people that like   kitties and if you don't want to miss reviews to 
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So the first   thing I'll be doing is to click on Start and I will create an account with Metamask. So, I already   have an account, I will put my email and I will put 
a nickname, and for example, I will just use my name   which is absolutely fine for me, okay, here it is, 
Petko Aleksandrov and I will tap on continue, and   almost there. As a final step, your Wallet will 
ask you to digitally sign in to link it with   CryptoKitties. Click the button to proceed, sign in, 
so here comes my Metamask account. All I need to do   is just sign, okay. It says in Bulgarian language 
sign, let me just translate it to English signature,   okay, so here it is. I will just sign it and here 
we go, that's all I had to do, I am now connected   with my Metamask account.

So I have some Ethereum to use and then what's nice to see is that there   are plenty of classes and guides, so for example, 
if I start the kitten class which is the first one,   you will see a kitten class breeding. Alright, so 
what's the idea here? You can buy kitties from the   marketplace and just keep them as NFTs or resell 
them but with CryptoKitties platform, you can do   much more, you can play with them, you can breed 
them and the first class is about breeding, so   it's a demonstrational class and I would suggest 
you to go over it if you're interested, just to   play around and you will see that they give you 
two kitties and if I click on Next, you can read   the tips below.

Each kitty is unique and they give 
you the option to use the buttons to learn how   to use the platform. So for example, if I want to 
breathe them, I will decide which kitty is the lady,   which, for example, I will tap on the pink one, 
then I will need to select the male one, so I'll   click on the next one and then, okay, give 
them some privacy, right, and this is how   the kitties will breed and they will do the 
magic and you will see a new kitty born, okay, so   this way, basically, you can create new kitties and 
after that, you can sell them or you can use them   as a male on the platform so others might use your 
kitty to breed with their female kitties and so on.  It's very entertaining and if I tap on the egg,
you will see how the kitty is born.

It's a new   unique NFT kitty and then you can sell it or 
you can store it or one more time you can use it   for breeding as well, okay. So, there are plenty of 
tips as well on CryptoKitties website, for example,   it is recommended that you breed kitties from 
the same generation, okay, so you see that these   two that are examples here are from generation 
two and of course the more unique the kitties,   that is better. I will go back to the main website 
and I will show you what's more here, so one more   time, make sure to go through the guides, they will 
give you a better idea and understanding how it   works, how you can sell kitties or serving 
them and there are plenty of tips as well.

How the cat features work, what are the attributes, 
for example, you can see what a kitty we have here,   Contributes could be the eyes, the mouth or 
anything around it, then we have Cooldown   Speed so every time the kid is breathed, they have 
some cool down parameters, so for example, it could   be slow, okay, and you see how much time it takes. Basically, this is how much time it takes from   one breeding to the next one so you can use the 
kitty again to produce a new kitty, okay. So this   is about the breeding, very entertaining especially 
if you have a daughter, this is how actually I got   into Cryptokitties website.

I played together 
with my daughter because she likes stuff like   that and I wanted to teach her something that is 
connected to the Crypto but at the same time will   be interesting for her. Obviously, if I show her 
Trading Patterns and Charts and my Crypto Trading   or investing, it wouldn't be interesting for her, right, but when I showed her the crypto kitties, she   got very entertained and she already has her own 
account where I'm sending some Ethereum and she is   buying some kitties, selling them, I don't know how 
many kitties actually she has right now and in the   same time, this is the future, right, or we can say 
already, it's a present because there are thousands   of people playing on the Cryptokitties website.

And something very important here, every time we   do a transaction, we buy a Cryptokitty or we breed 
kitties. There are gas fees, pay attention to that because this is on the Ethereum blockchain and all 
the transactions are stored on the blockchain and   we pay gas fee. So basically for everything, you 
need Ethereum and if I go again to the Crypto   kitties main website, I will go back just to the 
main page, you will see that the marketplace is   huge, okay it's enormous. If I go to the catalogue, 
you will see that we have the Catributes which I   already mentioned, we have the fancy cats, exclusive 
cats and by the name you can understand that this   will be more expensive cat, so the more exclusive 
the cat is, obviously, more money it will cost.

You   can see how different these cats are, for example, 
I will click on that one that looks like coming   from Hawaii, so this is the Papacatuanuku, as you see the number, okay, so this is a cat with the number   1,500,000 and usually, kitties with such unique number or we can say it's   a milestone number, cost a lot of money and you 
can see what is the price, okay, it's over thousand   Ethereums and by the time I'm recording this video, 
Ethereum sits nearly to $ 3,000   so, yep, that's a lot of money guys, and uh, below 
you can see the birthday, March, the 31st 2019   and we have some special features as well, we have 
who the parents are and I can click on the mother   and I can see more details about the mother, okay, 
which cost 0.5 of Ethereum which is about $ 1,451.

At the current moment, and you can see what 
are her Catributes and which are her parents,   the children, so I can go now to her father or the 
grandfather of the initial kitty that I showed to   you and right here, you can see who is the owner as 
well and below we will see all the children, okay.   So you see how many children this kitty has, okay, 
like many. So in the catalogue, you can go through the   different kitties, you can go through some special 
editions as well and one more time, the more unique   the kitty is or the earlier generation it is or if 
it has a unique number or like around this number,   it will cost a lot of money but on the other hand, 
there are some kitties that are relatively cheap.   For example, if I click on Search and I tap on For 
Sale will be all the kitties that are for sale and   you see that the starting point is 0.001 and they are sorted by price and if I click on   the first one, you will see all the info about that 
kitty, it's called Honey B.

It's, uh, 15th generation.   It has seven likes, there are Cattributes, the 
birthday of the kitty, there are the parents and   the children and I just noticed that the button is 
unactive, okay, it says auction issue please find   a new kitty on the market, so currently, I cannot 
buy that kitty for some reason but what I wanted   to show you to conclude in the video is that, even 
if you go through the expensive ones that sell for   nearly $1,000,000 or even more, for example, if I click on that one you will see that   this kitty sells for over 1000 Ethereums which 
is over $1,000,000, so the NFTs are not   actually the market where you can get rich in 
a few days and you can buy the super cheap NFTs   and then just change the price to thousands of 
Ethereums. There are people doing it for sure,   okay, so there are people that are buying the cheap 
kitties, they just change some Cattributes and so on   and they increase the price but that's okay, it's 
a free market and you can set any price of the   kitties that you own but make sure to research 
very well the kitties, if you are planning to   spend more money and what I wanted to say is 
that, even you choose the very very good kitty,   this applies actually for the whole NFT world, right, even you spend a lot of money   for an NFT, there is no guarantee that after that 
you will be able to sell it for more money and   make some profit out of it.

So as I said, personally 
I've been playing with this platform for some time,   my daughter enjoys it, so, if you have a daughter, it 
might be a platform where she could play around if   you have some extra Ethereums to spend of course, 
and of course, if the kitties are not your thing,   then you should go ahead with other NFT platforms 
where you can find more suitable art for your   personality. On the cryptokitties.ko website, we 
have kitties, okay, and personally, one more time, I   found it useful for my daughter and the platform 
is expanding. Actually, there are new kitties   every day coming up, so I'm pretty sure that 
the people who specialize into it and know how   exactly to choose the generations, the 
types of kitties and breed new kitties that   worth money, it could be a nice flow income in 
the long term.

Alright, so let me know if you   have any questions in the comments below or 
share your experience with cryptokitties.ko,  so the video will be more useful for everyone 
watching and if you have enjoyed the video, thumbs   up and subscribe to our channel so you'll get 
more Crypto videos from us. Take care and stay safe..

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