Cryptocurrency – To Watch Out This Week That Will Make You Rich (2021)

Hello, this is Kevin from Crypto MY. In today’s show, I will make a quick price prediction In these cryptocurrencies, I think there is great potential for interest rate hikes this week. Today will be a little bit special, I will tell you which cryptocurrency you need to record and monitor. Because I will recommend all these tokens later, there is a lot of potential for appreciation this week. So let's get started. The first coin will be BTT (BitTorrent coin). Therefore, if we open BTT/USDT. Today, I will use H4 to analyze charts. As you can see here… I have already painted this picture in my Telegram group. If you haven’t joined my telegram group. I will put a link below, and you can click on the link and join the Telegram group directly in the future. So let's take a look at BTT/USDT. BTT is still falling below this resistance zone. And it has not broken the resistance zone. It has tried to break through more than 3 times, but it has not been resolved yet.

Therefore, I think that if the resistance line can be broken later, it will have a high potential and it will soar to 0.008 USD. So you can write down this BTT this week. If a candlestick can break the above price later, It will have a high potential and it will reach the area. This is here. Let me draw the next resistance line for you. Until this 0.009 $ ..

Therefore, if you want to get the opportunity to buy BTT, then you can use this BTT with caution. In general, I think BTT still has a good upward trend. Even the RSI now shows a buying zone. The moving average 20 is still below the candlestick. But the biggest problem at the moment is that BTT has not just broken through the resistance zone. Therefore, I hope that if you can break through in the future, you can buy there. So let's move on to the next coin. The next coin I will recommend today is Tron (TRX). Now let's take a look at TRX/USDT.

TRX did a similar move, it finally formed a beautiful green candlestick here, trying to break through the resistance line. But unfortunately, it has not yet broken through. It has been attempted to crack nearly 4 times. So later, if there is a candlestick, try to break the resistance zone later, Then it will have a lot of potential, and it will return to this area.. That is 0.16 $ +-.. Therefore, it is very similar to the BTT situation. If the future TRX has a chance to break upward on this H4 chart, I think it is likely to reach $0.16. Overall, the RSI still shows a buying trend. When it reaches the overbought area of ​​RSI, The market fell back.. made a small retracement.. When it made a market correction, it returned to the nearest support area nearby. So if I zoom in a bit bigger, you can see…

In the first four hours, it really fell there before then. So now TRX has slightly recovered. So TRX may float first. Until the moving average 20 is getting closer and closer to the candlestick. Then only it can decide whether to break upward or return downward. But from my point of view, TRX will try again to break the resistance zone again. Then it may break through later. .. It will soar to $0.16 later this week. This is the second coin you need to pay attention to. The third coin I will recommend is XRP. XRP also has a very similar situation to TRX… the candlestick is still below the resistance zone. And it has not broken the resistance zone. So, as you can see here, I put a horizontal line here because 4 lines were in contact with that line before. Therefore, what we need to do is very similar to the TRX case. If XRP can break through the above price later, it is likely to reach 1.9 $. From the perspective of RSI, it is also very similar to TRX. Still in the buyer's zone.. Then the moving average 20 is also below the candlestick.

Therefore, this is a buying trend, but the only thing at the moment is that it has not managed to break the resistance zone. Therefore, if it does break upwards later, it will have a high potential and it will quickly return to its original state. But if it cannot break upwards, it is likely to fall to the nearest support level. This is the third coin. I think you can monitor it. The fourth coin I will recommend will be very special. Because it has already commented on this coin in my video yesterday.. This is Cardano (ADA). So let us now look at the Cardano market. Cardano looks pretty good on the market now. . why? In my previous article, I did mention that Cardano may reach the price of $1.45 soon. If it does, it will quickly and easily soar to $1.5. Therefore, the 1.5 $ area can already be touched just now. Even now it is still floating in the area. But the biggest problem right now is that Cardano has not managed to break through the resistance zone. So if I draw the resistance line correctly.

The resistance zone will be here. .Because it was touched by 4 candlesticks before the line. So, what do we need to do now? Cardano is actually at a critical moment now. why? Because I think that if Cardano does manage to break through the resistance zone later, the resistance zone is about $1.50. This way it has a high potential to reach the highest level in history, Maybe in the future it can reach a price of US$2 to US$2.4. Therefore, if you haven't watched my previous Cardano video, I will put down the link below in the future and you can check it out. If Cardano can indeed break through US$1.5 later, then the US$2 barrier is actually not difficult to achieve.

Then why I am confident that Cardano can really break through Because if you look at ADA/BTC. If you look at the ADA/BTC D1 chart. It has managed to break the ascending triangle. Get up, then break it down here. So.. Now in this chart, ADA may have a high probability, ADA/BTC will rise to this 0.000029 sat. Therefore, it is indeed a good move for ADA. Why do I think so? Therefore, when ADA/BTC rises, it will also affect the Cardano price because… When people started to convert their BTC to ADA. So indirectly, many people are now buying Cardano. This will increase the price value of Cardano. This is the first reason why I am so confident in Cardano. In addition, if we look at ADA/ETH, the same situation exists. That is, if I look at the D1 chart and look at it. You can see that this is a reversal chart pattern. Therefore, ADA/ETH may rise to near this area at the moment. Let me place the horizontal line here.

Therefore, it may rise back to the region later today. Then it will try to break the 20 moving average. If it does break through in the future, it will also help increase the price of Cardano later. So these are two reasons you need to pay attention to. Overall, I personally think that Cardano is currently a very strong upward trend. If you want to enter it now, you can enter it now. As I said before, to invest in Cardano, you need to be patient.. You need to be patient. Because ADA is considered a long-term investment. Therefore, I think the last but not the least important point is that I will introduce DOGE. Before I talk about DOGE, let me talk about BCH first. If you join my Telegram group, I actually did provide tips about BCH.

I did predict that BCH might soar to $1180. But it managed to reach 1400$…a bit too high… Frankly speaking, if you want another long-term investment coin, I can strongly recommend that you study this biosafety clearinghouse. Because BCH did manage to reach 3000 + $ before. Therefore, I think that in the long run, BCH may recover to USD 3k in the future. Because the BCH project is actually very good. And BCH is actually now considered very underestimated. Its market value is currently very low. Finally, let me be touched by DOGE. As you can see now, DOGE is still very bullish. So I think now DOGE will rest in this area for a while. So later, if you manage to see DOGE suddenly break above $0.66. I think it is likely to continue to soar in the future. For me, I think the market will try to push DOGE to 1 $.

Of course, I am not 100% sure about this. .But I feel it will reach $1 soon. So if we look at H4, it is now merging… now it is floating around the area. So it may float here…until it floats back, and then it will float here again…then there is no decision Is it going to rise or fall further. In general, after I have recommended so many coins, you can pay attention to these 5-6 coins, especially Cardano. Cardano is a very powerful buying opportunity. So, I think all the shows for today will end here. Remember to click like, share and subscribe. I will see you in the next episode and goodbye.

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