Cryptocurrency Taxes: Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) in International Waters

Craig asks, "If I'm using a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) while
sailing in international waters, which country should I pay taxes to?" Craig, well, that depends on a number of very important factors. Factor one, how stealthy is your sailboat? Factor two, how well armored is it against 155 millimeter
shells from the Coastguard? Factor number three,
why would you pay taxes, since you lost all of your
crypto in an unfortunate and tragic boating accident? Factor number four, are you a US citizen? In which case, the answer is always, you pay taxes to the US,
no matter where you are. Factor number five, how
much food do you have on the boat so you can avoid
ever entering national waters? Or, do you have a helicopter
that can resupply you? And if you have great answers
to all of those questions, please share them in the chat.

The bottom line is, I
think it's probably best to just pay taxes somewhere and use some of your newfound crypto-wealth to hire a good accountant,
and a good lawyer, and a good captain, so
that you can survive this international crypto exchange in international waters. (upbeat music) If you enjoyed this
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