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and here we are can you hear me tonight and 
welcome to saturday isn't it saturday i believe so   late as always it stresses me out thus why can't a 
man like me be on time shame on me shame on kitty   anyway let me know below if you can hear me better 
late than sorry better late than never and um   you know yeah about the early worm it catches the 
bird i'm gonna talk about that later all right now   oh guys let me know how you're doing and 
what a day it's been what a day it's been so   can you hear him sounds good that's good my soul 
brother shahida meet he says he can hear me well   then everything is wonderful today we actually got 
a few things as we usually i try you know in a way   try to do portfolio uh cryptocurrency portfolio 
update try to keep it as a tradition but i always   try to make it a little different and um and i 
think i hope you i hope you like that part today   we have two new coins that we're gonna add one new 
coin and um and another one is an infrastructure   coin uh within uh the blockchain ecosystem and 
i think it's very interesting i will also share   with you how you then how you know how some of the 
research that you can do i think it's a very good   um how can you say use case for you guys 
to do you because i do me and you do you   anyway so um how we're going to start with what 
we're going to start today's cryptocurrency   portfolio you're gonna watch a one minute video 
about fractal because then you are up to date it's   not because i want a boy it's not because i don't 
want to explain it to you because i got a lot to   explain it is just so you can remain among the one 
percent remember that that's why we're here right   so one minute about rectal here we 
go millions at a time we imagine a   user-focused internet you see a few relevant 
ads and you're paid directly for seeing them the current internet isn't serving users a few 
giant companies bombard you constantly with   irrelevant and obnoxious ads for products you'll 
never purchase websites fight to gather page views   by manipulating your psychology just to fill the 
page with ads data breaches from giant services   expose the private information of millions at a 
time we imagine a user-focused internet you see   a few relevant ads and you're paid directly for 
seeing them websites receive payments directly   for the service they provide so they don't 
have to trick you or fill the page with that's   the data that powers this lives on a device you 
trust and you say who can access your data and how   we're achieving this by building a decentralized 
zero margin protocol for data capture storage   access and sharing we preserve your privacy while 
maximizing the value of the data you generate just   from using the web we have a high scale micro 
payment system that lets you pay for example   one thousandth of a cent for streaming a video 
we put the internet's focus back on the user now that doesn't sound wonderful right 
they're here to help humanity and you and i   but you know i wanted to share that you watch 
this because it's a token if you've noticed   that i have had on the watch list but 
i never spoke about it and i thought   today is a good day because they're launching 
close to launching mainnet now they're not going   to fight for a pair of chain but it's also not 
necessary and that's why we're also going to   talk about what substrate is for you know these 
small little you know let's say um side on top   chains on the polka dot relay chain we're 
not gonna make it too complicated because we   don't need to what we do need is to say 
hello to everybody before we can start   and um yeah right saturday polka dot and i'm 
sorry cryptocurrency portfolio update is always   a good day i gotta be honest with you guys i just 
gonna go to the chat and say hello because i also   need to calm down a little bit because it's always 
a little stressful because you know i try my best   to prepare but before we start before we 
start this wonderful wonderful day you know   you have to start as we always do and i believe 
it goes a little little something like this i want to welcome you to crypto 
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you can be notified every time   we upload new videos so that you can and this is 
important protect your wealth preserve your wealth   and ultimately increase your wealth my name is 
nico arachi and i'm the host of this little show okay guys as we always do the first thing that 
we need to do is to go in and look at what level   of manipulation we are seeing and currently here 
we're looking at bitcoin we're looking at here on   the five-minute chart and as i always say well 
today low volume down a little down a little   what is happening what is happening i love this 
slot saturday night the whole world is sleeping   and what's happening what is happening when 
did this actually let's go in i wanna scale   out and say and see it because obviously you 
can see they go as they always do saturday night   they follow each other right no manipulation 
here no manipulation there but it is a highly   manipulated manipulated market let's go and look 
at the daily for btc you see there are a few   things that are before going to portfolio and and 
before we say hello to the chat there are a few   things that i want to say i hope now regarding 
this etf talk i hope that you are aware that   what they're talking about is not an etf that 
will be based on spot meaning it's a futures etf   i just hope you all know that that should be clear 
right because i mean you can already trade futures   so uh future so an etf that is regulated or is 
allowed to trade futures futures doesn't it's   not going to have any kind of positive if anything 
a negative impact on the price because it's got i   mean all what futures do is actually they increase 
volatility so i hope you know that i just wanted   to you know to get that out of the way now um 
look at the daily let's look at maybe the hourly okay so we robin touching here the the the 62 
i mean guys i regarding regarding this market   as as i've said here the last few days the trend 
is your friend you gotta you know there's so much   manipulation in there so it is so difficult to say 
where it's gonna go that's that's why i say the   trend is your friend you gotta be as you know as 
ivan and tech always used to say uh big boy hands   on you gotta be careful this can go either way 
i mean and um and i don't know but the big dark   forces behind they want what we're gonna focus 
on is what we're gonna do we're gonna focus on   see we believe that the future of finance is being 
built right in front of our eyes and we believe   it's being built on the blockchain and that's what 
we're gonna focus on and that is also why that um   you know we do believe long term that that's 
where we're going so i do know that a lot of you   you wanted short term but that is got to be a long 
term investor if you want to be a very successful   investor that's what grandma betty always said 
so i yeah let's see what's gonna happen um yeah   trend is your friend hold your stops tight and 
don't forgot say don't use any kind of leverage   that's the best and now let's go to the ditch and 
say hello before we go into today's two new coins   that we bought who is here today joining us me 
this saturday night saturday night we got nikki   crystal how lovely it is to see you i haven't seen 
you on a live stream for a while so where have you   been where have you been i'm happy to see you 
though and um yeah i hope you're doing well and   remember it's never too late never too late you 
never missed out never have this what they call   formal you know of fear of missing out or whatever 
no it doesn't suit anybody because there's so many   opportunities and that's also those two coins i'm 
going to show today hey the market is almost an   all-time high at least bitcoin and i think we 
got two sexy lovely casey kissy looking coins it's good to see jerome harris good to see panas 
it is good to see stufflehand how are you maybe   you can tell us not an exact dollar value uh no i 
can't but good to see you stuff like always happy   i love all of you i gotta say all of you steve 
wheeler is here too mr antoine133 it's good to see   you too and we got mr marshall in the house as it 
always reminds me of eminem who i loved or i still   like you know you know it's not that we hang out 
a lot you know i call him once in a while he never   picks up but devin approximately how many dollars 
do you allocate uh to these small coins i know   it is a personal sensitive question but i would 
like to know how much risk you take when entering   at this moment well you see okay um and we got 
reena clemis do you still think quan will do well   uh yes yes it is a squad is a good one if 
you have a bull run it's gonna go good yeah   and we and let me just see here um and 
um and marek i'm so happy all of you are   harvey smith is here and crypto saying 
i'm encouraged to say i love everybody   i like this you know this transition we 
have here who wants to be a millionaire i'm so happy to see all of you also tommy 
and match i mean jesus it looks like and we   got krypto charlie and elia telling it looks 
like crypto currency update is becoming hot   you know how does hot cakes okay um you know how much i allocate you know that it's 
very difficult it's very very very difficult to   make a cryptocurrency portfolio for you know for 
people i don't know i don't know you're allocating   100 euro you're allocating uh you know a few 
million i can say i'm pretty you know i live off   of this basically and i have a partner we you know 
so so when i allocate it's it's bigger amounts so   i would i would like to big amounts i don't know 
for some it's small amounts but it's better to   do it percentage i think we should talk percentage 
now where you can follow a little bit of what i do   in terms of size you can do that with the gaming 
portfolio because that's where you can see that i   try to go in and i show you which tiers 
right we are the eagles and the phoenix and   another pigeon no patron and no 
sheep so there you can kind of see   what we have to pay and i will show you that in 
the second part but i think it's important because   today i really got some use cases that i think you 
can use so let's get in to the to the presentation   and have some questions because i think it's 
valuable and i will as long as you want today we   can do q a so um let's go let's start let's 
start let's start as always here boom and   where is the where's the presentation you 
know it's always like this you always gotta um never there there's always 
something you gotta update it   i don't like that there we go there we go here i 
am here i am and hear you and you look good okay   guys um i'm gonna do a little different you 
know i'm not gonna try to make these big long   introductions because you think you know you kind 
of feel that the ones that are here you know me   so obviously it's always about discipline 
and knowledge you know that what we're   going to what what our portfolio is is obviously 
cryptocurrencies is taking farming staking and   farming is good because right now on the stable 
coins on dota week i think we get between 20 and   30 on the ustc i love it and then it's launch 
pads and platforms and i want to go back to   when i said the trend is your friend and i'm not 
entirely sure where the market is going you see   that's why it's so difficult to make you know you 
got to adapt to the market i don't really care if   bitcoin is you know really going to skyrocket or 
not the thing is i believe that that the market   currently is fragile so how can i keep most of 
my portfolio safe i do that with stable coins   but how can i still get new coins because 
it's about increasing your let's say coins   in different projects yeah i like to call them 
companies coins networks projects whatever you   want and that you can do with two things right 
you can either do it by participating in the pair   chain auctions because remember you block your 
kusamas you block your polka dots and then you get   new coins from very promising projects or 
you can do it with the launch platforms   so that way with the launch platforms i've 
been able with relatively little money   build up positions in various amounts of 
gaming content it's going to be many many more   and that way i get new coins new positions and 
i don't expose myself very much to the in in   case we're going to go back so that's a little 
bit about that what i want to join remember i   always say that you should focus we should 
focus on two two different things blockchain   infrastructure right blockchain infrastructures 
everything that comes with the web 3.0   we believe that not only that the future 
finance is built on the blockchain but   everything basically if gaming i mean it's 
gaming finance not really right but you know   all these new games are coming out where you're 
going to be able to do transactions sell your   your your kiddies and you know i'm not my kitty 
but you're gonna be you're gonna be have to be   interconnected you need to be able to sell and 
buy so this blockchain infrastructure needs to be   interoperable basically needs to be 
an interconnected web where you can   interact with your identity which all is saved 
on the blockchain so blockchain infrastructure is   still important not the base layer i still think 
why look at kadana why look at for that matter   polka dot now we have the pair of chains there's 
so many smaller coins that go in the sub category   of blockchain infrastructure then the second 
thing but that's not today we're gonna look at   traditional industries on the blockchain 
remember the migration we're going from   traditional to digital that let that be you know 
insurance let that be transportation let this be   uh you know um what else do we have 
that's going yeah here we go we've   got transportation we've got supply management 
as i said insurance all of these traditional   industries they will migrate in one way or the 
other that's when you have to identify the market   leaders of tomorrow today we're going to look 
at a gaming coin and we are going to look at   an infrastructure for the blockchain and 
remember i do believe very much that these   are the main base layers ethereum polka dots 
kuzama kadano finance to certain extent solana   i also think avalanche is not there i'm sorry 
and i think i forgot another one however remember   infrastructure subcategories and that is exactly 
what fractal is so today we're not going to talk   about traditional industries it will come i hope 
you can also feel and see that we are slowly   slowly migrating together right beginning of the 
year it was about the decentralized exchanges i   did at that time say who needs 400 decentralized 
exchanges nobody needs 400 decentralized exchanges   maybe we need 400 decentralized games but that's 
a different so let me take you to the first   edition what we have had and that is fractal don't 
pay for the internet with your personal privacy   building an open source protocol for 
exchanging data in a fair and open way   you will also i'm sorry you will ultimately see 
that both fractal and the second coin that we had   added which is ksm starter are both within 
the polka dot usama ecosystem and that's also   where i'm going to show you how you can how 
i how you can do some research regarding this   so i hope you saw the video that i showed 
you which was the one minute video now   as we're getting closer to the 
launch of pokemon and kusama i said yesterday all eyes are of course on the big 
big parrot chain auctions but they're gonna be so   many other good good coins where you don't have to 
lock in your polka dots so you don't have to log   in your kasamas but good good protocols that will 
play a big role in those infrastructures in those   ecosystems that you can buy today at a discounted 
rate i find one of them is rectal what is frags   what is bridging the gap between data privacy and 
data integrity i just want to say another thing   on monday monday fractal and usually we 
should read this here together on monday   approaching fractal protocol mainnet launch 
initiating a data economy revolution i also   just want to let you know you know these are 
also some things you should always follow   some of these projects that have been around for 
a long long time and they've been consistently   building consistency growing and preparing they 
knew what they were preparing for so even though   nobody talks about them these are the ones that 
you want to find and uh where do we i wanna go   and show you just so you can see if you're gonna 
see how long they've been around here milestones   they go back to 2017.

Reckless found in 2017 ocean 
protocol becomes the first customer fractal id   2018 you know and here you you might not know 
that but down here in 2018 you can see fabian   fogelsteller joins as advisor fabian vogelsteller 
is a very very very important man when it comes to   the polka dot ecosystem in 2019 fully automated 
authentication process kilt protocol join joins   us client see this has been in the making for a 
while 2020 collaboration with polymath so this   is not just coming out of nowhere as all these 
future protocols that will be within the polka   dot and kusama ecosystem they have been around 
for a long long time i mean five years let's see   so even though and that's my opinion you know 
maybe i could be wrong even though the freckle is   selling themselves as a lot of you know don't pay 
they're promoting themselves as you don't pay for   the internet with your personal privacy they're 
promoting themselves as you know you should only   you know see you know you shouldn't see 
ads you don't want and you should get   money for you know surfing the web but that's 
not what they are about what they are about is   one login global compliance it's all about 
having this one it's all about verification   identification of you as a person that's what 
it's about and it's all about their fractal wallet   now what is that that's introducing a unique 
decentralized wallet for all your credentials   kyc data it's decentralized for your security 
and lives in a browser extension you see browsing   that's important so fraxel doesn't need a pair 
of chain they don't need the relay chain all   they need is the substrate and the sub i will talk 
to this about in in a second so it's decentralized   for your security and lives on a browser extension 
browser extension that means fractal is going to   be good both for poker that's going to be good for 
everything that is in the kosama ecosystem you can   choose to whom you disclose verify data about 
yourself so it works like this you sign up with   your fractal id using this link actually there 
will even pay every one of you good fees if you   get other people to download the fractal wallet 
i don't put any any links because i don't earn   on anything i don't promote anything i don't sell 
anything and remember all i do here is share what   i do you do you i do me it's not financial advice 
let's just be important that we are clear on so here we go so basically what it is i mean i'm not gonna 
go too much into this but it is about having a   unified extension in your browser where you can 
shop you can buy you can do everything in out   of one wallet and that is and the thing is that 
obviously why did the fractal shoes are being   built on polka dot because it's interoperable 
meaning as you can see here i hope you can read it now you can issue this fractal kyc credential 
to your centralized fractal wallet using the   ethereum blockchain and a decentralized identity 
contract then you're able to have websites verify   your claims in a frictionless and permissionless 
way now we could all debate did i just choose   fractal because you know you know you know me 
i'm not so much into the technology of it no   i didn't why did i do it well because first of 
all because i do believe that this is the chosen   wallet kyc provider of the pogodor and kusama 
ecosystem i could be wrong of course i could   but that leads me to the thing that 
will combine my brief or sim simple   analytic tools for identifying both fractal and 
ksm starter first i just want to take you to the   pricing of a fractal because it 
actually is quite interesting yeah so first of all um it got launched this year but 
it is currently down 70 from its all-time high you   know it doesn't say a lot but it only has a market 
cap of 37 million and the potential is enormous   anyway i can just say we added it and we 
added it around 0.44 we did that today   this is a coin that we want to hold long 
term and now i want to take you to this as   i said this analytic tool i did show it to 
you yesterday now remember parachains info you can go in here this gives you all the 
information that you need not only about   the projects that will be within the polka 
dot and kusama ecosystem also importantly   investors who invest so for example what you 
can do here you can go in here put in fractal and um yeah obviously you got to 
be able to spell it right if you   don't spell it right then then then you 
better then you better you know not use it   so you can go in here and then they will write 
and you know get a summary about it and very   important you can see all the investors that are 
behind it now you see this for the first time   this may not this may not mean a lot to you but 
i can tell you you can go through and you can see   who these investors else have backed and 
at some point you will get to a conclusion   that these venture caps or whatever you want to 
call them the dark force they're pretty they're   pretty good in identifying the market leaders of 
tomorrow so um yeah i think you get the picture if   you like it you go in and look more at that we're 
gonna talk more about it um but not not today and   that's gonna lead me to what i think is a little 
bit more sexy and um i don't know if i was late   did i identify too late i'm not sure but i saw it 
today and i liked what i saw and what i saw was   here's himstarter the primary launchpad on 
kusama network and i thought that sounded   sexy and when i i mean obviously it would 
have been much better if we had i us we've   been able to get in at the you know at 
the seed level but you know no however   today i saw and i actually was i saw this here 
on medium i guess you can understand what that   is right ksm starter is obviously going to be 
just like pokestars it's going to be an incubator   however designed for the sama ecosystem 
and i think that's a good thing because   i believe it's going to grow and sometimes could 
actually even be that you can make more returns   on the with the kusama ecosystem of 
polka dot but that remains to be seen   let's you know let's see so what came out today 
is that ksm starter is live and um it was today   basically it's time to put your kst to work 
and so the first day that you could go in   and you could basically buy the tokens or 
you could afford them before they've only   been listed and only been public a week so you 
could acquire the tokens and then you could go in   and choose which category you would like to be 
and obviously this this is now a little bit in   the gaming section as you know in the launch pad 
of gaming sections however i do believe that k   as ksm started they have um some new 
features that i think are very promising   and um they have you know they haven't just 
launched which made me believe that they need   to launch a few good ideas where probably 
if you can participate it must be lucrative   and profitable so i made a little video because 
i did go in and um yeah i did participate in in   i bought some coins as i said also in telegram 
and i want to show you uh how that worked   let me just see where i put that 
the only thing where did i put that there's always because then i'm gonna go through 
it all right yeah there it is here it is here it   is okay so you're gonna see it and i will so 
you can see in case you want to participate   approximately how long it takes anyway i'm here 
so it's not like i'm it's not like i'm leaving so and here you can see so i went in 
today so i actually went on that linked   first what i did is that i bought 25 500 ksm starter tokens and i wanted to participate 
in the fifth category as a phoenix so there   that's when they promise you that if you do that 
that you can then get a guaranteed allocation so   anyway you go in and then you you know do that 
with your metamask and then it takes a little   time boom boom boom boom boom as you can see 
but i have to say it went pretty pretty smooth   uh everything was was was actually good so there 
you can see boom it didn't take long um i got   confirmed i was happy then of course i wanted to 
see are there already any idos um there are not so   um we gotta wait however they have 
promised that it will come very very soon and here i am back again why did i decide so today 
it was it was the first day that i heard about   ksm starter so first first thing that i had to 
do was should i put that amount of money and   it cost me around i don't know 35 38 000 to 
become a phoenix how could i do the research   usually i wouldn't be able to do that in one 
day that would give me the sense of security   that that's a good thing i would never do it so 
quick so what did i do what i did exactly what   i showed you with fractal a little more a little 
more specific and that is actually what i wanted   to share with you so as you can 
see here i made this presentation there you go so ksm started the primary launch 
pad what i did was i went through their you   know the brochure and the website everything 
they always promised they can do the world   it was important for me again to see who are 
the investors and they these they got a lot   of fine fine investors but i don't know them 
do you know them maybe you do maybe i do but how can you quickly verify if they are not 
just made up and have they invested into   other projects so what i did do is i went back 
to as i told you before as i also showed you   yesterday pair of and i went through 
each company here actually because i say thank you   to kitty she did that thank you kitty and jerry 
both of them and saw where have they invested also   so each of them we didn't find all of them but 
we did find iris i mean one two three four five   six seven eight nine we found nine of them and 
there you can see where kairos for example you   can see here kyrius is up on the right then 
you can also see where kairos where they else   have invested in clover perillin network royal and 
sakura sky vision and bit country bitcoin pioneer   anyway i think you get you get the you get 
the overall picture and that was kind of   important for me to know that probably if 
they're the same investors backing this that   yeah that case m starter could 
probably be something that's worth   holding and then i wanted to just you know 
going this is maybe a little off side but   i wanted to go in and look at poker starter 
even though poker starter has nothing to do   in that way with with the ksm's data 
but i wanted to look at the price right because pogo focus data also just launched yeah 
was it less than a year ago and you can see   they launched in october 2020 and they currently 
have a market cap of 200 almost 250 mil 253   million dollars so i thought hey why not why not 
you probably want to know and i hope you have done   that yourself gone in and looked at the price 
of of um what is the kts this kst is it run pst   there you go and here you can see that it is 
at 147 i actually bought it between 145 to 160.   um now i'm not completely sure that this is 
the real market cap that it's only 3 million   it's just launched as you can i will show you here 
hopefully you have seen all of you who are part of   our telegram group just launched here 
um like 7th of october so obviously   it's very new it is risky business everything 
i do i do for me you should not follow me   and remember i only share what 
i do and and that's about it so so so so that's it i wanted to um yeah that's 
that's that's about it uh obviously i usually do   it longer but i understand that doing these very 
long things and repeating i wanted to show you a   little bit of an approach uh how you can do things 
and remember i really think that this um this   page here error chain info can be used 
or a lot a lot a lot of good things   so i'm gonna now um leave you for 
a minute and then i'm gonna go   to the chit chat in case there any questions um 
hit me with them one minute i'll be right back so i'm just i also wanted to just show you here 
the portfolio um that we have i know this last   two weeks have been very much to gaming but it has 
been it's been extraordinary there's two things   that we still have a lot of potential to see 
with these launch pads and uh with an investment   of like four or five thousand dollars currently 
we have it valued at 73 000 and i think yesterday   it was almost at 90 000.

So very little risk 
compared to what the potential gains are now   it's not gonna last forever and you gotta see 
this not just as a i mean at least i i do believe   these starters and incubators hopefully it's a 
long-term thing a lot of these games and protocols   and whatever they launch a lot of rips just like 
the decentralized exchanges are not gonna last   but um even if one or two of them are gonna become 
you know the market leaders of tomorrow it will   be profitable but even short term has been very 
profitable so um yeah yeah that's that's about it   okay guys let me see if there 
are any questions and um   you know every day i think i should i 
oh i just wish i prepared better but   as good as i can so i hope you bear with me um 
do you still think quan will do yes yeah quant   for sure and uh yes so i hope let me see 
any questions not out there they are uh okay no problems what's your point of view and your 
target about vegan vegan i mean my v chain is   probably one of the most solid um solid networks 
blockchains protocols companies that they're out   there and um when it's i mean it's so much 
more about just uh supply chain vegan is   and going to be it's just going to keep growing 
you know it's this ecosystem so that's why i also   for me again maybe the reason why i don't speak so 
much about these if something's going to go wrong   or there's some extra but regions just that's it's 
just lovely so so that's my that's my view i try   not to waste your time with things that are that 
are kind of obvious let's say but um yes i believe   simon is here so what do we see 
what is he and no no does it   god what question doesn't 
fractal look similar to to bet um yes i guess that well all a lot 
of things look similar that's   that's that's the thing right ultimately it's all going to be a race about who's going 
to take market share that's what it i mean   so obviously with the decentralized exchanges 
with the protocols i mean with the oracles with   everything there's gonna be in the beginning you 
know we're gonna see these massive amounts of   new coins launch and then of course it was 
gonna be a fight a battle where the winner   will take it all and the reason that is 
actually the reason why i showed you this   um you know error chain info because to me it 
seems like uh and you will also seem that when   you go through all the projects that are in the 
pair chains that are let's say already working on   being a part of the kusama and polkadot ecosystem 
you will see that there's like i don't know 20 30   different maybe i know investors it almost seems 
to me like it's just a group of investors that are   basically um pushing these protocols which kind 
of means that sometimes it's not sometimes uh   it's not always who's the best that will win but 
it is who will be pushed and kind of you know   community but that's so yeah that's that's 
that's uh yeah but you know that's what we gotta   gotta analyze and follow and jay dubs is back so 
let me see it doesn't yeah so anyway are there   uh what do you think about sheetan's uh why do 
you uh what do you think i love sheedan sheetan   i mean a star is probably also going to 
win one of the first 10 pair chains on   on polka dot i mean i am pretty sure pretty 
sure they are so i love it i i mean i could only   i bought more sheet i mean i i participated in 
cheating i was happy when i received my coins i   even bought more i announced that on telegram 
remember again not financial advice uh but i   believe that a lot of these all of these coins 
that are winning the pair chains and doesn't   matter of course doesn't matter which polka 
dot i believe that they all are a home run and um okey dokey so there we go there we go there 
we go what's the difference between fractal and   kilt well there is a difference because fractal is 
is is basically a that's a wallet and and it's an   extension whereas kilt is uh is you know basically 
what is it a protocol by itself the kill network   is basically where they are i'm so bad at really 
explaining the you know when it comes to the   technology of it but kill this is basically like 
also like a pride not a privacy but what they will   do what kill does is it will confirm your data 
it will say kilt will make sure we have confirmed   your data he is real and they will confirm it 
to the third party but they're kind of like   killed is kind of like a middleman keeping your 
data private and the other data private so it   doesn't that you don't sell your data that is not 
visible that it stays anonymous so kill this kind   of like a verifier so that's why um that they work 
beautiful together okay okay okay okay okay so um   oh how much price uh what how how much price 
are you predicting for what for what for what i   ne price predictions is very very difficult 
keep network it is okay guys um i will   i will take those uh questions i can also see 
we did already 45 minutes i will make an extra   video where i will go through the questions i 
um yeah i hope it brought you some kind of value   look out for or do your own research and 
um yeah and stick around and come again   algorand is good too algorand i mean that's 
yeah algorithm is the one that i forgot to   mention one of the major players major player 
ethereum cardano uh polka dot al gorant and avalanche yeah yeah yeah so so that's it and of 
course also vijay and the region is a more niche   player even though v chain is is really growing 
right so an engine right engine in itself i mean   a lot is going on a lot is going on so um guys 
really thank you for being here and i really   hope i did all day try to do this research try 
to present it and then in the end of the day   i do know i presented a little across you know 
a little all over the place but i hope you take   what is important important thing is that you 
don't fall for scams the important thing is that   you don't i try just try to give you some tools 
that you can use so that you can remain aligned   and that you can always be among the one percent 
now listen guys i will still in the next one or   two days the next video when i have time is about 
a little bit more fundamental and traditional   tough times ahead tough times are ahead you got to 
be smart got to be smart we are in a transition i   keep believing that i can't say how long it's 
i still believe that the web 3.0 will not be   fully over operable functioning before 
two to three years and until then   i do believe we're gonna see a pullback and that's 
why when one question is i can still guarantee you   i am not fully exposed with my portfolio but 
you know everybody do what they need to do   remember no plan b it is so important the fact 
that you are here is shows that you will remain   among the one percent and that's what we need 
to do i love you see you soon take care guys you know who has a plan b the people that 
lose that's a fact the people who go all in   the people who burn the ships and leave themselves 
no other option but success those people are   dedicating all their skills all their resources 
all their energy into producing a specific outcome   and if you're competing against someone 
who's going all in with every resource   they have and you're only going half in because 
you're half in and you're half out guess what   you're gonna lose so you guys out there with your 
plan b mentality you need to take that and set   it on fire because all it's going to get you is 
more of what you already have every single person   that wins big every single person that you look 
at every single person that you're inspired by   every single person that you aspire to be 
like they only have one plan and that is   they are going to win or they are going to die 
trying all these people out there talking about   oh well if that doesn't work out i'll just go back 
to this whatever this is which happens to be their   miserable life they have now those people always 
lose what's the most important key to success   i think it's hunger it's not getting satisfied 
what matters is hunger a hunger that doesn't know   i hunger to learn hunger to grow hunger to serve 
a hunger to give a hunger to create breakthroughs every single day of my life i feel like giving 

Somebody said yesterday eat me you gave 120   what you gonna do tomorrow i said i don't know 
give 140. but i don't have days where i don't   feel like it why because i'm counting on me my 
wife counting on me my son's counting on me i   don't have days to wait you gotta talk like you 
got power even when you've been through shame   you gotta talk like you got power even when 
you made mistakes you got to talk like you   getting up even though your bones are still in the 
valley you gotta talk like you're going somewhere   you have to take the hand you've been dealt and 
make the most of it nothing that's happened to   you has stopped your destiny don't let one bad 
play one injustice one difficult season cause   you to be sour when we go through laws things we 
don't understand that victim mentality will always   come knocking at the door instead of having a 
victim mentality switch over to a victor mentality   that bad break is not how your story ends the 
loss the sickness the injustice is not going   to limit the rest of your life you didn't like it 
but what you can't see is it set you up for double you

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