Cryptocurrency – How to Find Hidden Gems Coin Like SHIBA INU That Would Make You Rich (2021)

Hello, everybody. I'm Kevin from Crypto MY.. In this episode, let me explain some techniques how to find
new and fresh crypto in the market easily to invest example like SHIBA INU coin. I found this coin is a little based
on luck.. because that time, i first found this coin in Google and some
small small cryptocurrency forums.. Of course, when you want to invest such sort of new and small coins..
you need to know there is always a risk there.. Not every new coins will be successful as SHIB.. surging up
so high within a month.. there are certain new crypto coins will just surge up a little then after
that falls back down..

We called in Pump and Dump coin.. So today i will teach you guys how to find all this new potential
crypto coins.. but first, let us look at this SHIB latest news first.. SHIB is getting more famous even Coindesk also had mentioned
about this coin today. Coindesk posted, "Chinese Crypto Traders Are Pouncing on SHIB
coin Known as 'Doge Killer'". Is a very good news for SHIB, many people start to know
about this coin already. which is a very good thing for SHIB.. So how can you find out
all this new coin by yourself? and how to make you invest faster than the others ? Firstly, you can find out at Google, Bitcoin Forum, Cryptocurrency
Forum to find out all this new sort of coin that are getting listed. when all this new coin are being released usually they will need to
do marketing to expose their coin more..

So usually their marketing strategy usually will promoting at the
forum, their telegram channel, facebook and twitter.. so you guys can go and search around the platform that i've
mentioned because, when you keep on searching crypto in internet.. i think the SEO (search engine optimization) will kicks in..
meaning when you keep on searching crypto in Facebook.. one day, you will realise that, there will be alot of crypto related
news will be popping up in your Facebook wall.. You don't need to find also, it will automatically pop out itself.. Same goes with twitter and also instagram too.. also used
the same method too.. So how do you want to find out all these new listing coin? Firstly,
you casn go to all this crypto forum, let me try.. Bitcointalk…inside this website, you can search for all this new listing
coins here.. at this ALT coin discussion, marketplace and announcements..
Usually those new listing coin will promote their coins here.. Ok? So you guys can go check it out here.. Of course after you had found the new listing coin there, you also
need to do some research by going into their website and check it out.

Whether this coin is it legit to invest or not.. if not legit of course you
guys need to skip.. I also know that nowadays new listing coin is very difficult to know
whether it is legit or not because, there is more and more new listing coin getting listed everyday.. such as those animal coins are getting trendy right now..
alot of different animal coin right now in the market such as, Doge, pig, fish, cat and other more..

I would say you will be more to betting on this new listing coin..
meaning that you can invest a little here and there.. hoping that 1 of the coin you invested will surge up crazily one
day.. So the 2nd technique is, you can go to those exchange platform
to find out those new listing coin.. I give you an example, now i go to this MXC exchange platform..
if you guys doesn't have a MXC platform account, I will put down the link at description below, and you guys can
click the link below and do the registration.

Once you had registered, on the right side you will see a
list of coin column right here,, you will see there is alot of coin here that you can invest..
can you see? Of course, using simple method, to find out trendy crypto coins in
this platform.. you can actually click at this search colum here, and you will see
a hot search column pop out.. so you can see No.1 is SHIB, No.2 is PIG, No.3 is SMARS, and so on and so forth.. so you can go there and click it 1 by 1.. Let's say today i want
to look at PIG/USDT.. and i want to know what is this PIG all about.. so i will google up
PIG token in google. and then you will go in their website to read about the coin.. Ok, let's say PIG token, i will usually read it's roadmap,
read it's overall stuff in their website, and maybe join their telegram channel to see whether it is
active or not..

Then ask yourself whether you want to invest or not after
doing some research on the coin.. So this is my method, how i usually find all this new listing coin
out there in the market.. First, i will go BitcoinTalk, Second i will go to all sort of cryptocurrency
forum, and third i will go google to search for it.. 4th can go look at CryptoPanic, but usually CryptoPanic only
release those news related to those top cryptocurrency.. so is quite difficult to find new small listing coin here.. maybe 5th, you can try to look into CoinMarketCal. But CoinMarketCal
also usually into those top crypto's only.. seldom see those small small new listing coin there..

new token there.. So maybe this 3 technique you can use to find out new listing coins,
which is, google, bitcoin forum, cryptocurrency forum, twitter, facebook or maybe telegram will helps too.. So this is small small technique how to help you guys how
to find those new listing coin by your own.. right now, i had explain finish about all this method how to find
those new listing coin out there in the market.. So right now, let look at SHIB chart right now..and see what will happen later to this coin. if you had see my previous video about SHIB, i did mentioned that
the SHIB if it the candlestick manages to break above the resistance zone
on the 1.618 fibo line, it will have high possibilities that it could reach 0.000045$+-.. So, as you can here today, is a good news for SHIB.. it break
above and it is floating at this red fibo zone area right now..

So i think it might float around here, then slowly slowly surge up
to here.. Of course, Technical analysis doesn't 100% works all the time
especially on all this small new listing coin because the price is very easy to be manipulated by the whales.. and that will be your risk too.. but i think, in long run, it will
able to touch the 0.000045$.. Ok? i think it is very straightforward about this SHIB.. last and not least, let me talk a little bit about this top crypto.. as you can see, BTC falls alot today.. right now BTC falls
at the support zone here.. and good thing is it haven't manages to break below the
support zone yet..

But quite unfortunate, BTC couldn't manage to break above the
60k$ resistance zone.. almost manages to break above it didn't. So i think right now.. we watch and see, see if this candlestick later, whether it
can manages to reverse back up or not later.. if it manages to reverse back up later, I hope that BTC will able
to float around this price range first.. the more BTC floats, the faster and higher the ALT coin surges.. but if BTC falls, many ALT coin also will follow to falls too.. but if BTC floats and doesn't have lots of movement, which is
just floating around that area.. then you will see those ALT coin will be surging up very fast.. today when you see BTC suddenly falls like that, you can see
all this ALT coin also bloody red today..

Let me look at Cardano a little right now.. Cardano.. eventhou..
if i'm not mistaken the moving average in BTC chart were.. at above the candlestick.. and this consider BTC as a
downtrend right now.. even RSI is showing a downtrend too.. so right now we wait and see whether the RSI able to slowly climb
back up to 50 or not.. then maybe you will see a reversal back upwards later. If we look at ADA/USDT, ADA also considered as a downtrend
right now.. but one thing good about it is, if we look at ADA/USDT D1 chart.. the moving average 20 is still very far from the candlestick.. So i think, it has a very high potential that ADA will float
around this area, and then if you can see here, it is already break above the resistance zone already. So, it is just matter of time, Cardano will suddenly do a very fast recovery and surge up to 1.95$

So i think thats all for small and big crypto analysis today. I hope this episode able to help you guys, how to search for those
new listing coin and a little technical analysis on those top crypto's.. I think thats all for today episode, if you like my episode,
remember to click like, share, and subscribe my channel. i will see you guys soon and bye bye…

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