Cryptocurrency Bull Run 2021? | Coins: YFV and ATOM

what's going on everyone my name is lulit and on the channel we talk about spending money saving money making money investing money and more and the question today is is a crypto boom incoming for 2020 we'll talk about if it's coming what you may want to consider to do accordingly and also i'll be touching on price analysis of yfv year in finance we also briefly touch upon adam aka cosmos so let's see on the other side so here we are over here on the home screen of coinbase and so to see if a boom is coming or not what i wanted to do is basically see how fast and how the actual other asset prices are increasing in a certain time period so what we see here is in the last 24 hours we see btc is up one percent four percent year so you know these are the more top ten top 20 kind of coins and if we look at the top this is tradable assets aka what's available in coinbase or through coinbase so let me filter this to all assets so this way we can see kind of the generic and general crypto market how it's behaving so coming back over here in this change column it's kind of like all right in the single digits it's nothing nothing too crazy you know tron 7.7 you have nam 17.35 you're in finance we'll talk about it very soon wi-fi 18.28 and the list kind of keeps on going but basically in a single kind of double digits but not nothing too kind of crazy like back in 2017 where things were 100 percent day in day out uh days in a row so let me scroll back up here and let's do not in 24 hours but let's look at let's say a week so we look at a week it's pretty much you know similar if not lesser it's not it's not too much into double digits yet you have a double digit lost week over week here in adam but you know it did reach its all-time high and we'll dig into that as well so let me go up here now let's do one month this is where we start seeing it all right so bitcoin is here at five percent ethereum's at 30 you have chain link man 143 over the last month and as we keep going you have cosmos atom over here 111 nem 171 uma 274 etc and so we know that after 2017 there was a huge huge uh correction slash crash uh aka you know kind of like the tech bubble of 2000 it kind of just obliterated right after right uh when bitcoin hit that around that 20 000 range so obviously if we look at the last year over here in all assets you have chain link up almost 1 000 you got crypto over here 358 you in all of these and almost more of the hundreds you have adam at 220.

Of course len look at this 22 thousand percent year in finance wi-fi 3 000 1000 over here at uma so what i'm trying to get at over here is if we look at the last week it doesn't say much in the last month we said it doesn't say too much either and one year of course you know when things are coming up right now it's going to be up and up but the question is what happens in the next week the next month from now week over week and what happens at a price so let me toggle over so over here we're at yfv yf value you're in finance it's saying it's sitting at 3436 over here and if we go over here look at the tags yield farming yearn i won't get into in this video but i can definitely if it's requested comment below but i just wanted to analyze and analyze the price action over here analyze the price action here so over here look at this 24 hours look at this it went from around a 20 range all the way up to here at 58.06 and this was this morning morning a few hours from this time of recording and so seven day chart you have it around that 20 range kind of just here 15 15 and look at this 11 and boom went here five to six times right here and this is in the span of 29th august 6 a.m and probably 24 hours later is probably where we're here yeah 23 hours later 52 from 10 11.

Almost 5 x 4 and i have 450 percent of procs just estimating these values but look at this ah man 14 days 30 days 90 days so let me show the 90 day graph obviously we have it over here at the beginning over here at august 21st so nine days ago right in terms of price action activity on this graph just to show the entire thing and so three bucks 75 cents first point 35 second point 39 and so this is 23rd and this is 21st so two days later it went literally 10x 10x it's price and so with that type of price action itself you can easily see from just experience in general that it could correct now could it correct all the way down here at 890 and it pumped up from five that's a nice observation but it'd be really hard to see when to come back in and so when you come back here kind of teeter tots 11 12 the point is it breaks this 40 bucks from exactly a week ago and it breaks it and it goes all the way to 53 over here and if we observe here 40 and over here 40 so basically it touched it corrected and it went back up so it's already here you know it's a week in terms of history and so just in terms of what could happen next i think that with just the future of defy and everything related to crypto in general instead of you know being fearful or trying to just fomo to get in just because oh this 58 is going to go to 100 to a thousand and it definitely can but i think that you know this is not financial advice but definitely if you want a piece just to get in definitely dca dollar cost average oneself in just to get a piece of the pie and you know yield in a wi-fi enduring finance in general and so let me come back to coinbase over here and i think it's important to stress this angle as well so when we're over here if i toggle to home i scroll down and let's see not eos so i wanted to briefly touch on atom over here so we go to the all-time graph you see all high over here june 17th uh and this is uh specifically here on coinbase so 674 and then in here at 511 and then a correction all the way here but this was the roney rona times it makes sense uh everything corrected in that time and so if you got in you know even at the dollar dollar range over here 0.08 the point is regardless of getting in or not it passed the all-time high of these past two highs and it's already here passed here nine bucks and so i think that let's see if i can see my average cost here so i go to wallet i go here about a small position just again and just to see kind of what was going on i took some profits from orchid from the previous video and i just bought here six atom and so price per coin 632 total order cost 40 44.

And the point is it's sitting right now at 765. so overall it's a profit but the point is it's a small position and if i wanted to make it bigger i would definitely average myself in but seeing where this is at the graph is it kind of at the top over here it could go down to here 561-ish right so am i going to wait till then or what's going to happen could it just go and that comes back to the end where basically is a crypto boom incoming for 2020 and i feel that yes there is just from the market from what we're seeing in terms of momentum and usually in the crypto market especially kind of comparing it to 2017 it's pretty much following that whole market goes up versus just this individual uh crypto this individual crypto over here and d5 is a heavily heavily popular topic right now in the crypto space and so you know urine on the exact example yfv for example uh coming back here you know it speaks for itself so i would say that again not financial advice but the overall point is if you want to get into a position dollar cost average yourself in because if you don't want to be a part of it you can stay away but when things go up and you you don't want to fomo you know fud fear uncertainty doubt we've all been there you know whether you're beginner trader or later you have to come back to the basics and here if you want a piece of the pie whether that's from the tech bubble of 2000s when tech was becoming a thing and over here we're here with crypto you have to get in somewhere somehow so start somewhere versus not and that way you can actually see what happens later on and more than that you can actually benefit gain see those profits etc so i want to stop here i think that the overall point is get into a position if you're eager don't have any regrets at the same time if you want to stay away stay away no one's saying to do anything so overall just want to thank you if you came this far so appreciate it and hopefully happy trading good luck you know how it is but talk to you very soon so see you peace

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