Cryptocurrency App | Design Challenge Ep.2

hey guys I'm Gemma UX/UI designer which means 
I pretty much spend most of my day designing   for the web and today I'm gonna do just that is 
a free design challenge generator used by tens   of thousands of designers worldwide to practice a 
techniques in graphic design UX Brandon and more   and this is what we're gonna use to come up with 
a brief today so I've already added some presets   I was play about with this umbrella and I've 
decided that I'd like to design an app because   why not i right now they generated is giving me 
to design an app for a movie premiere and try a   new sell don't think I'm feelin all right now so I 
don't know let's try something else you also have   this little drop-down you which you can edit some 
things brandon marketing product and new acts so   i would like to do some product design or product 
the new x i would like to design something which   is experimental I don't know what that's gonna 
give me there's also an option for the timer   and yeah you can add some time so if you wanted 
to I suppose you can add an hour oh you can't   oh you can't add nowaday going on our what I'm 
interested in is doing a new challenge so final   lock this cuz I would like to design an app but 
I don't fancy design there for a movie premiere   I'm trying out new stealth yeah that's been done 
before I suppose so and hit new challenge you're   gonna give me what's he gonna give me ooh this is 
a good one design enough for a new cryptocurrency   okay okay okay we'll try this we'll try this one 
okay so this is an app I'm gonna jump in to sketch   and kinda have nothing set up so right now I'm 
gonna set up my art board gonna go for mobile   because right after more you're gonna name this 
too so first things first before anything we're   gonna need we're gonna need some grits so I'm 
gonna go to my layout settings and I have some   grits so right now 9:16 yeah so the grid that 
I always use and always stick to for mobile   designs is eight we're gonna give it an offset 
of 16 you only want two columns we don't want   to get those on the outside we want to wait 
call them with nope that's wrong cut two with   the zero column vector 440 called and I love to 
use rows rows or just Savior so I'm gonna add an   8 pixel row with height and we're gonna click 
OK and there we go my layout on my grid system look I'm Scout realms here I could find 
them well hold together a color palette   which I think will work for this project so 
I'm going to do those actually add this too   so yeah yeah needs it is no main navigation 
some little icons maybe a dashboard something   that shows money or cryptocurrency maybe 
come up with a cryptocurrency brand um I   don't wanna see what comes out of this 
so yeah I'm just gonna whisper this you   again and then I'll chat a barrier when 
I when I make some more progress okay like somewhat happy with us if you like he 
does new bit more work I'm not too sure on   the color anymore to be honest because 
pink looks cool I just wanted to stay   away from the generic blue color so you use 
a lot of blooms lately I'm trying to trying   to get away from that so this is where it 
got so far I have a menu don't almost go   in the menu to be honest as Paul you know 
the best solution right now maybe I don't   even need a menu maybe I can just take it 
out now the next task I'm gonna do is I'm   gonna create maybe your bottom line navigation 
and then maybe a transaction list of some sort yeah so you come along I may change this 
title too sure if this should be called   a current account or current maybe 
just account yeah come back to this you should get this far so the list of 
transactions I took away the navigation   at the top because I don't think anything relevant 
is gonna go in there I feel like this needs a bit   more work the current account maybe ok don't 
need to go with a pink but we shall see try   having like a big title but all this work think 
is pulling on too much visual preference over   this I'm quite happy with the list maybe does 
need to be boxed off maybe you can just be full   with you can get rid of this yeah I'm feeling a 
bit better the dance I think is more clean I let   it out these lines bring them into full width 
do something with this talk maybe that help me   bring in this transaction title again and push all 
this content down and then I think for something okay I'll check pocket mrs.

Doolittle service right this is where we are so I changed a couple 
of things since the last check-in it just really   wasn't like in what was going on up here with the 
background and the full background so I changed it   and made them not like these card like features 
I had a nice welcome back message you know nice   personality come through through the app so about 
on the space and it probably needs a bit more work   to be honest but what a quick challenge isn't so 
bad I'm really happy with the transaction table I   think that come out really nicely and it's easy 
to read so yeah I was very happy with that and   then the navigation simple simple nav just oh my 
Khan user profile icon and transactions which is   currently selected so yeah I hope you enjoyed 
that tutorial it's quite fun I enjoy to do in   this project yeah yes I'll see you in the 
next one if you like this type of content   please like and subscribe I'd be awesome if you 
could do that cuz I love doing stuff like this.

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