Crypto Wojak Meets Stonks Boomer ūüė°

Boomer: Hi Wojak, I have looked into your crypto 
investing it is terrible. Everything is falling.  Wojak: That's just a blow off top of boomer, 
the diamond hands are strong on this.  Boomer: Diamond what? Anyways that 
seems like a very high risk to me,   I just don't understand why someone would 
want to pick cryptocurrency over stonks.  Wojak: Because they are hugely 
undervalued and a lot of great   projects that could be worth trillions.
Boomer: Really? So you are doing fundamental   and technical analysis on crypto wojak?
Wojak: What are those I have never   heard of those before?
Boomer: Well, fundamental   analysis is when you value an asset based 
on its potential and technical analysis is   when you buy based on a chart.
Wojak: Wow I do both, I watch   YouTube videos on great projects and that's how   I got into meme coins.

Also I can 
see chart every time before I buy.   It's right next to buy button on the exchange.
Boomer: So you don't know how to do either wojak?  Wojak: Whatever boomer, I have 
been making nice gains in crypto.   How much have you made in last one month?
Boomer: I have made 2% in the last month,   this year I may exceed 20% it has been a great 
year. It is a shame that crypto is down 50%   and more. I am sure you will get your money back.
Wojak: (I can make twenty percent whilst sleeping   and two percent whilst on the toilet) Wow, that 
is impressive boomer I am not worried on my   crypto gains, I am still up on my investment.
Boomer: But the bear market is starting wojak,   you need to be careful.
Wojak: FUD can't hold me down,   I will HODL on.
Boomer: I am not sure I understand you,   why would you hold whilst losing money?
Wojak: Because it can moon over night and   make me miss out on huge gains.
Boomer: That's why you risk   it all? To not miss on some gains?
Wojak: I don't risk anything, it's just a   small dip.

You only lose when you sell.
Boomer: Was that what you were   saying about Bitconnect?
Wojak: That was one off boomer,   he was really charismatic and seemed 
like he wanted to get us all rich.  Boomer: Sure, I have also heard 
you have quit your job over crypto.   Why would you do something like that? You could 
have a great career and live a stable life.  Wojak: You mean to be wage slave for someone 
I hate. I only needed initial capital   that's why I took that job.
Boomer: Is that why you are   still living with your parents?
Wojak: I don't want to waste money   on renting it's much better to buy house for 

I don't want to enter debt either. I   am waiting for my kitten coin to moon to 
10$ and then i can afford to buy an house.  Boomer: And how much is it worth now?
Wojak: It's trading for 10 cents however,   they just started this year so next year it 
will be 10$ for sure. We call each other in   telegram group the future one percent.
Boomer: I think that you should really   reconsider your options. I have paid off my 
house and got a new Mercedes from my 200%   gains over last 20 years in stonks.
Wojak: Who buys Mercedes? It's lambo   or nothing! I am 500% up against last year. 
Nice seeing you boomer, enjoy your small gains.  Bogdanoff: Dump it all now! 
Kitten coin is going to zero.  Wojak: This guy has really no idea about 
how to get rich. Let's check my portfolio..

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