Hey everyone, it's Lisa here and welcome to my fading arm and our weekly encryption update, So today we will talk about Sheba, we will talk about btc, We'll talk about Ethereum over 4000 and of course 15 graphs At 15 minutes now I have glasses because I'm really smart And I trade in cryptocurrencies, especially Sheba, so like all tokens, I'm a genius. Let's start now, obviously I could have changed it it wouldn't be funny So much, so I'll have my faded arm throughout this , And you can all laugh with me, so I'm going to share my screen and uh we'll look at Sheba because you know that "I put on my glasses, I am very smart because I trade in Sheba, So it doesn't mean I'm making fun of her or anything else, but money is money and we make a lot of it In Chiba, so uh earlier today as evident in the list huobi and there are strong rumors She will be included in the funding list, so we are now following since uh this is uni swap husband husband uh usdt tether on uni swap, we are at 5570, it's a meme coin that literally does nothing, so Learn since listing on obi, 1,486 percent has disappeared, it's a major seat coin Again, there's nothing my dog ​​snores until you know we're getting all sorts of effects Because you know that they are clearly like Sabaa until Shebaa is what is known as decentralization Mimi loom So uh they call it the comic killer of the coin so obviously today and over the past few days We've been crazy on shiva ah now their brand new they have a brand new ecosystem For sharing you can buy it, obviously when you swap uni you can buy it now on huobi um So you can keep going and you can see berry fetch do nfts all these things on shiva for that We have the art of shiva and we have the rescue of the shiva so they clearly say many shebas need To the rescue all over the world but I really think they have more than enough money to save these shivers At the moment, with, uh, this price rises so that we can notice that this is the market value of the coin, And it has completely disappeared as if it's not even a parabolic movement, it's just a straight line movement Straight, so this is mainly due to tick tokens, so hash codes decided that This is the new dog.

Go, it's been crazy for the last few months and um yeah, So we have uh you can buy it on huobi uni swap gadio kucoin poloniex and swap uni again which is The sheba one leash, so yeah, it's totally crazy now that you know we are We got very large kind of size 35 percent volume is on huobi because the list Looks like it's going to be included in the funding, there are strong rumors about it and yes, that is What cryptocurrencies are coming to I don't know cryptocurrencies come into meme coins and their arms disappear, so here we go, This is a btc at 15 I will say on a 45-minute chart And we are currently in this channel that I showed you this last week uh we are holding 100 ms 45 amps here and we can stop trying this 200 mAh which is also the channel support so this is this Not an unlikely move, so if we jump into lower timeframes for our blueprint for exploration reports 15 mins, we are currently holding both ma and that is a really good signal for a move higher Hmm, if we go to a higher timeframe here like the four hour chart we have uh my arms disappear Again uh if we go to the four hour chart we see that we got the uh 200 ms right here On the support channel I don't think we're going to break down to that lower than 100 mA, it's breaking down UP and it looks like it's very bullish, so it looks like we're going to get a bullish cross on this again In the not too distant future, so support for this channel is 56850 This should go on like this hence we have to keep going up if we don't hold on, we have 100 mAh in this area Here we might pierce roughly 56,000 unlikely signs but uh it sounds like you know That is the only additional possibility, so when we look at the 2 hour graph we have 100 mA Here the channel support and then the bottom 200mA here is around the 56k mark again so this is it Chances are you know that there is likely a fuse access to these The area then returns directly to that channel, so if we go to the higher timeframe we have the charts Now this is our weekly chart and you know we have it Kind of a strong parabolic um movement, we got a twist happening with the btc so we can see It remains inside this channel, as this is the largest channel throughout the week, and as you know, While we can retest all the way down to these lows, I think we'll go a little bit to the side in those The channel that we saw on those other charts and then keep going up, so we can take us In this channel inside this channel to these areas that are about 90,000 marks, so we can kind of trend Side to side and top to side and up for the not-so-distant future without affecting On the changes a lot, they will keep running so if we continue on the daily chart We can see that b tc is ah.

This is the journal in the channel, so we have 100 mA which It sits around the 53,000 mark here, so I don't think we're going to properly beat it at this one Phase of time. I don't think that's in the pattern but we'll go a little sideways and test This channel is probably around the 56000 mark that we saw on that other channel, So this is a strong possibility, so I have orders waiting around this area and we'll start on Long term build up in these areas where we're heading to 90K, so you know that's a jump Too big for btc especially at the low margin level so if we take a look at that now on Pulling up to the percentages you know so we've got up to 90,000 moves. We've got 65 moves, so this is Huge move in btc especially in the low margin level, where we could be in margin 10, it's 646 move So you know a solid lead here at btc and I don't see it disrupted anytime soon, So let's jump into ethereum now.

Ethereum became the biggest winner in the market its week And we can see we got this pitchfork that we're actively trading right now, and it was This is a nice trade, so it moves perfectly to the midline, comes back and makes contact Support the channel and then go up to the next uh line in the pitchfork as we go So it moves beautifully to that range, so we've now come to the outer edge of this pitchfork, and I expect We'll get a little getting used to in this range to these masks until the diamonds sit here around 3960 That's 200 mA less than 3860, so it's not out of the range of possibility Ethereum to travel a little more from the sides, then rapidly decrease and then continue moving forward, So we've got our technical pivot sitting on this red line here And sorry our technical hub was down here, so 3016 and we moved, uh, within One week, so we only got to the technical axis in uh this time last week when we were presenting the show And uh we've moved a thousand dollars on ethereum for the past seven days which is huge if you've been In a ten percent margin, and then made a hundred percent profit on Ethereum at The past seven days if you were already a little bit bigger like the margin and you were crazy about it because you are I love to eat very uphill, then I did some crazy proportions and I know some The guys in my group have done so, so I wouldn't recommend it, I'm only 10 times margin, But it's enough for me and he's moving super strong I'm really happy With my profit, so well, because uh, we've been trading this for about a month, we've got 88.9 A 10 times margin of 889 profit, so that's pretty huge, so the big winner of the week is here um.

At The show and you know it's on, so if we get back, we'll just pull Into these major groups and then we continue so if we take a look at the 4 hour chart, it is Pretty straight, it's going straight up, so let's zoom in a little bit and we can see that We have strong moves so not out of probability again, it's up to The central midfield then continue to go up until ethereum now has a long-term goal of 15,000 Because we have reached this technical hub and we will just continue and continue and continue So it looks and is so powerful if we have a look at the BTC pair it has shown you in a few days Times on the show and um you know I had a goal here and it just completely shattered through it Even um we can even get to the next target in the third wave, so this is not Bounces, so if we just put some Fibonacci in, I'll put some Lisa Nachi For those of you who watch the show, I know I'm using Fibonacci in a slightly different way.

So if we put some sequence into this, we can see where we're going Uh yes, so we will likely have another wave in this region, so Ethereum could be heading To this point, so we have ah 101 3 here for ethereum, so it's really, really possible We can turn around at this point e which is 9.091 um or just go on, so I'll go across a few more lines on my lisinachi and watch what happens, it is Obviously, this is the eighth btc pair, so when you earn money you earn btc so, this Great pairing Right now, the macd shows it really, really excels , And doesn't seem to be holding back anytime soon, the daily Uh rsi is so cooked on Nevertheless, so we might get a small pullback in line with what I was saying with the USD pair, This is happening kind of now, so with that we can see that the Ethereum pair is cooked up Really on rsi which means btc might be on the verge of moving so it looks likely With the 90000 pattern we're seeing on BTC in that 65 move, so be very careful during the Trade Ethereum because this daily chart is starting to limit the overbought which means We are likely to have a pullback so yes but other than those healthy profits keep a stop Losses are in place and uh happy trading and let's take a look now at the 15 charts in 15 minutes Hi everyone and we welcome you again and that takes two because I didn't register the first one so Gotta do it all over again tonight It's gonna be a little slower um yeah, so here's 15 chart in 15 minutes, so our chart number one is a comic currency, so the comic currency in a strong channel appears from Very likely it will go up to $ 1 so we're holding at 100 mAh we had a bounce Strong, we should go back and re-test the support of this channel around 43 maybe a little higher Around 40s Type 6 47 Mark Then We Continue To Go Up So We Have About 100 Moves On Doggy Coin In Next few while competing with shiva, I'm sure some of that money is from Shiva You will be returning to comic currency and will swap quite a bit over the short period Next, so our second number is coin in acro and we have a channel so we saw these channels This week and a lot of it has the blueprints I'm putting on twitter so rlc just made 850 channel Just like these so the acro is the one I recommend you know to put a little bit of money into And you never invest anything more than you are willing to lose and just wait and see what he does like, he You made me one hundred percent lucky, and you can have arms that disappear, So my # 2 chart for Chance 15 in 15 Minutes, Number Three, We've already taken in e and q so we have a strong retracement of 100 MA we have to come and re-test this support, sorry before we break, we can come out From this resistance and re-testing the biome which is not excluded in this diagram here, so it is It has big moves when it gets going, so it's one you'll want to get into when He's got those moves, so when it looks like we're about to finish this thing, Increasing exponentially, and our return on profit (rsi) indicator on a 12 hour chart sweeps away this numbness also in fourth, we have bsv We are correcting it all the way to that buy zone right now, so we're on the 4 hour chart, Let's convert it to the 2 hour chart we can see that we got strong support from 200 mA at This area and we have to have um bsv famous go to the side forever so we can see that this is The chart has been in a sideways pattern for quite some time so we're getting some good bounce here, So my top target on bsv is 666 and we gotta get there eventually, it'll take Some time, so once we're done we're going to do some sideways movement before heading out To our earnings of 105 in bsv, so worth the wait ah now we have number five and it's bull so this Regular one on the charts here as it keeps moving to perfection, we got that mug, We've come off this handle and we're about to take off So we've got support in this area.

We have a buying area here and we have to come out Then we continue going up until we have 82 mov e exit and oxt so the next graph is number six which is revvv, this is a gaming icon, so for F1 cars we just got a Spain award Great on the weekend, so we had a nice bounce in this area until the MACD sweeping up Our RSI has had a strong bounce here and we don't as you know have a lot of free air before it hits No resistance in this area so we've got a 262 percent potential move on our EVV Our next coin count of seven is grt, so following the Elliott wave pattern, we're making a slight correction Now we should go to the channel which is around 1.67 and then continue on so We should go towards 2.52 after we break that channel and then go back down and retest, doing Always retest past resistance because support is just something all currencies do, so you Learn it just to know the health of the currency and the amount of strength, support and resistance That we have in that currency so we want to see that you know that there are enough buyers in this region To support this move up, so uh, that's why we get these eight tests, We have another one of these channels, which we have seen strong movements in this week, So we have vra and she is currently fighting with ma so she has strong fights with emas At this point in time we saw it in this region, we are currently in that area again, and who The channel is unlikely to be retested at this point here, so it's close to three cents Before take off so we have seven cents, so that's a 150 percent move at this point, So we'll likely have 300 moves hitting Band 10 on vra in the not-too-distant future, so the Our coin number nine is kai, so uh we have this resistance here Kai just rejects it, so this is it Vietnamese currency, it is a societal currency and they are doing really good job they got strong support from The community is inside the cryptocurrency and within the region they are in and they've got Government support for this currency as well, so it will fill its triangle a little more before it It kicks in now, rsi snaps, it's really neutral, and our MS has started macd In killing, so it looks really good, we got some solid volume going into this coin as well In the not-too-distant future, we must break this resistance and continue to rise until our channel is established 17 cents and then we broke down 20 cents so I think we'll see a new all-time high for Kai In the near future, so number 10, we have sand.

We just got the third touch For this support ah we broke this resistance, we have retested it, so this will continue Going up, so we're on our three hour chart here we've got rsi going down for one touch Another for this lower region which is close to oversold hence we should have a move Strong up so it looks very good, we got two ah we have cross supports in this area Which we have made a strong bounce on is not likely to go a little lower but I guess We'll be seeing some movement up in the next few days, so on the sand this is an unexpected coin Now, we've now got cns, so I've dropped cns and we've had a big correction in this pattern uh So we now have an alternate wrap occurring and split up again and are back in Down and we re-test these lower regions now. This should settle around this region, where rsi The 12 hour chart is in very overbought territory which means we will definitely see it A bounce in this area so it's very easy to do a hundred percent on this coin so if we dumped Look, we've got 200 moves in this area so this would be one of those big moves if you have them Patience to hold it so it got 800 moves coming in this mug pattern so you know if you've ever had You did so, you should never invest more than you wish or you could afford to lose This, uh, you know, invest a hundred dollars if you have an extra hundred dollars And you might have eight hundred dollars in, you know, a week or a month or so, I'm not sure to say It will be a fast motor but many times when these coins start to move, they do move Very quickly, so it might take a while for this to start moving, so it's not The range of possibilities is that it will start to move, so a little patience And not investing more than you want to lose, so uh, the next one of us is that was cns and which Our coin number 11 was coin number 12 which is cel um, this is the percentage symbol again in one These channels, so we got a nice alternate aa going in this pattern here we have to go out And we re-test the channel which is around 8.22 mark, which has a slight pullback before we head up.

So if we get this pullback around this area, and then head up, we have 111 Potential profit in this coin, so it might take a month or two for a no to happen. You know again I don’t anticipate the timing because we don’t know when it will happen and we don’t know when Money flows will start to enter every coin or token, all we can do is Take a look at what shape is shaped, what shape it is, and where you will go. This is it is forming a nice old curl in this in this region we have a nice curl on each of the RSI The MACD on that RSI will have a return short of pulling in, you know this is the four hour chart So you will probably know a hold back for about a day or so before we get going again, So our next chart for the day or my 15 chart in 15 minutes is really nice so miss We formed a channel, so we are at the bottom of the resistance in this area and we rejected it, So we had cross resistance and got back down to cross support, so we found this support The crossover then continued going up, we are now on the other side of this next cross so support So that's a good sign that this is moving really hard, so we're going to see some coherence in these The channel has as we moved lower up so we've had 69 moves on this lively chart Then we'll see a slight correction so it looks really strong to complete those waves, So our next chart is # 14 is ubxt so this is even again in one of those channels Moving well and slowly we're back down, we've retested this support area And we had a strong retracement so we're in this triangle we're going to fill in this triangle A little more before we break and head higher, we have a higher target here which is 14.7 And we should get a purchase between eight dollars, eight dollars and eight And eight cents eight and a half cents in this area, so that's a nice roughly 100 move too, So most of these graphs are showing some kind of strong movement so we have 80 sorry for uh ub or upbots ub xt usd, so this is a ftx uh chart, so our next chart for the week is # 15.

And my screen is not working on the other laptop so just wing let it out and that is the anchor for it Me again, it's kind of a flag pattern. We have a support area in this area , And we'll go down and re-test this support zone, so this is around 14.50 ich 1450. 14.5 cents mark And we'll retest this and then continue upward so we should get a nice move out of this area So here, so 86 move in this area but only a small wave down to complete The pattern is before we head up and that takes us to the week's chart, Hey everyone now this is the conversation of the week so this is a professional game, it is A challenging gaming console now, it has basically seen this phenomenal rise when we saw it You know D5 and uh, that kind of space is taking off, so it combines the two. I know he got on Some epic moves to come, it's a really cool project, so I recommend Review it and you know they have cool things happening on the console that you can participate in And you can use your pro on there so uh we downloaded this daily chart so we're still kind of out of Correction and we're moving in this sideways movement and should start heading higher soon, so We are on long-term support at the moment and we have 300 potential moves, uh, I don't know What if we're still moving a little sideways for a little longer, but that's kind of From watch and because you know it's in your bags because it's a really good engine when it's on the move And um yeah, so I really like being full because they have them Some amazing things happen on their platform so be sure to check it out, This is b pro and it's chart for the week with 300 potential profit does not mean it It will move throughout this week but it will move over the time you know it in the next few weeks to one month Where all ads start appearing for bpro and what they do and you know they exist On their platform, it's really cool, so please check it out so thank you so much for watching the guys we've come across Finally my arm didn't disappear until Mo I finished my 15 charts in 15 minutes after Record it three times, so thank you again for watching and I'll see you next week, bye now

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