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Hello and welcome to MANSION TV. Today I welcome you to the first great episode and that is about Crypto Tradewars, that is the first Crypto Tradewars that we are now doing here in Germany. Today we invited two candidates to compete against each other, once. The fadi and once the aret. Hello Fadi, hello Aret. – Hi. So, I'll briefly explain the rules of the game to you, okay? We have given each of you 0.15 BNB. That's the equivalent of $ 52 today. And you will get half an hour to buy any coins, shitcoins, DeFi projects, or whatever. Fadi, you're a veteran of this, you actually got most of the people into it, okay, all right. In any case, you then have these 30 minutes.

We will ask you three questions every five minutes during these 30 minutes. And if we answer this question correctly again , you will get another 0.01 BNB on top, on top of that. 72 hours later we will get your wallets out. So your entire portfolio, all shitcoins and everything that you have bought and which has the higher wallet value wins the challenge. Simple! Agreed? Understood. On your marks. Finished. And go. Well , of course I'm watching the whole thing here via Teamviewer and can see exactly what the guys are doing. So very important to know for the questions guys. You can only answer once Okay, if you answer the question incorrectly, the other person will have the opportunity to answer the question. The purpose of this question is to distract you. What is the capital of Slovakia called? A. Sofia. B. Prague. C. Bratislava or D. Ljubljana. Bratislava. That is correct. Not only good at shitcoins, but also good at the questions here. So … next question How many teeth does an adult person have? Normally.

54 32 26. I have to do this multiple choice …. 26 30 32. Or 36 32 Right Aret, right. 1 to 1 people. So, the third question. Who wants the Federal President? The Federal Chancellor, the Bundestag, the Bundesrat or the Federal Assembly. The Federal Assembly. Very good Aret, not too bad for a foreigner! Ok, that's it for now with the questions So I've already bought my first Shitcoin. Or am on my way right now. What do we have there? Baby Doge Billionaire? Zero point zero three. Where did you find it now? How did you come up with it? On the Coin Market Cap Okay.

And what as an indicator that you said: Ok, I'll buy that. The chart is very good! Coin Market Cap means that they have already passed certain tests. So no scan already has 7000 holders. I can find from two and a half to 5000 holders. When this limit is reached, then I think that the next limit upwards is 15 to 20,000 holders. And it's still pretty new. Also on Coin Market Cap. You already know that Holder doesn't just mean that Holders are now the ones who hold, but who have ever held somehow. That means, if someone buys and sells now, he still counts. Still as a holder. Is not that so? Yes, partly yes, partly no. It depends if you get too high a value for each transaction. Then it can. That through your type of transactions, you have even already received a token.

And then you'll stay Holder. Was that the chart? That's the chart, wow, but it really went up, that's because you bought it. Or what? No … hahah So, Aret is already busy on the way. I've been buying really hard. Is only bought. There's not a single sale there. But since 36 cents, that's probably in the test sale. I would do it now if it wasn't on the Coin Market Cap. So then I would buy with 10 cents first, so 70 cents. Yes, sorry if I interrupt you for a moment Fadi, Aret is just exciting. He just can't buy a coin because he missed a certain setting.

That's very, very interesting right now. 12 percent slippage Hmmm. The question is whether this token needs the 12 percent slippage, no. He is much better there. Do it with Bitcoin. So just to make it clear that Aret has absolutely no idea about shitcoins and that sort of thing. So this is for. Fry it just like a fried egg. That is something very extraordinary. And like Mozart, Fadi is not at all the gifted Shitcoin traider in this world. He pulls out shitcoins that even the developers don't know about. He even exists. You flatter me very much. I know.

It looks like this. As if he had. Fadi Already targeting the next victim. How is it that there are so many buyers on these shitcoins? These are all Memecoins without any purpose or use or anything like that. How come These coins are only there to be bought and sold and to be rewarded at Maiden. Usually shitcoins like that. But it can be. The coin. It is still going on and if it has already been listed on Coin Market Cap, then it has actually achieved almost everything to make itself known enough and thus to the highest potential, I'll say now. But there are also many coins that do this very well by tricking around, so to speak, to get there. And this chart here. I don't know, you can see here that it just came online today. On Coin Market Cap. And it was pretty high. You can see where he is now. In the corner and wherever he was.

At three zero seven. And even higher. So in my opinion this is a coin that was bought and then sold again and pump and dump coin. Yes, you can see that on the graph. That means here. Such a steep curve is really dangerous. And if you got on here you actually run the risk of falling. I've had a lot of experience with falling. Yet. Yes, that's gamble somewhere. So folks, the next questions. We have to stick to it. The next questions come now. What does the abbreviation stand for? Capital K, capital G, small a capital A. Also KGaA A: credit company on shares.

B: Limited partnership based on shares. C: Cardinal company based on shares or D: Competence company based on shares. Guessing game. Yeah, it's really hard. I would say cardinal society. Cardinal Society. Aren't cardinals the chosen priests of the Catholic Church. Possible and I don't know. But traded on the stock exchange? No. Kidding ahahhAHHAhahhahaAHAh no this is wrong. Aret: Credit Society on Shares Limited Partnership on Shares Cardinals Society on Shares Competence Society. On stocks. The first. The first is also wrong. Both wrong Ah shit! Then let's go to the next one. How high is the VAT in Germany? 19 percent correct! I waited for you to ask questions. It was faster that way, you can answer beforehand. Then so which of these animals is not hibernating? A The squirrel. B the bat, c the hedgehog or d the dormouse bat? Unfortunately that is. Not correct. That's wrong The dormouse? No, it definitely is. The squirrel does not hibernate. He collects for the winter. Yes, I always thought that squirrels then sleep and then eat like nuts. But apparently that's not the case … So I mustn't have known directly either.

I have an interesting chart that I'm checking out . … $ 8,000 and even higher. Aret are you coming to buy something now? Yes, I did one thing. What did you buy? That was a project that used to be pumped. Microshib? Microshib! Precisely. I hope it's bought now. Yes it is bought. Well, it was up there. There was pumping. Now it's a little dumped. and in the hope that it will come back. There are always phases like this with these shitcoins and I hope to catch the next one in 72 hours. The next pump! That means investing something in a coin that has already been dumped. That's right. With the hope that he'll pump again. That is very brave and.

That's how I am! A risk person! Okay I got it! But I think that's good. It can work too. I have already worked many times. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't work. I have no idea about the matter. So with shitcoins. So now my baby is double. No, now it's already at Are all deise .finance exchanges or not necessarily? Yes and no, so exchanges mostly not. These are mostly the swaps and whatever. But I never understood myself because anyone can call themselves finance. Most of the time this has nothing to do with finances.

But in general, crypto money generally only has to do with finances or with money. Yes, but this is community ???. With a market cap of 7 billion. 7 million. 7 million yes. Even more, even 7.8 million. Okay, how much do they have in their liquidity? Was that the 7 million? One point four three seven million? Are these the owner wallets or what is there? Or don't you care a lot? Yes and no, we can already say that there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 wallets that are locked or under contract. Hm. But that can be marketing wallets. Great guys. The next question comes in which one. The electrical resistance becomes the unit. Measured? A ohm. Who said that? Oh aret right! I actually expected you to answer that correctly. I wanted to let you speak! No. Such a gentleman! No not at all! What does that stand for? L on RTL. A London. B Luxembourg, c Lichtenstein or D Los Angeles? Definitely Los Angeles. No, that is wrong! Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and so on ..

Next question. Where did the 1996 Olympic Games take place? A Atlanta. B Turin, c Barcelona or de Los Angeles. I would say Turin. Touring? which year. 1996 Olympic Games. This is wrong. By the way, Fadi! Los Angeles. That too wrong. Both wrong. Because you are so bad, we have three more questions. Is that okay with you guys? Yes and. So who is considered to be the author of the American Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington or John Adams George Washington? Franklin No, that's wrong. And that's wrong too. Thomas Jefferson. Next question. What's the chemical. Symbol for lead? BL, pb, Be or pt. Bb. Bl must. Bl is wrong, but Be is right Aret! (Be is also wrong, Pb is right) That works, is a distraction. Yes. I can't even concentrate.

You have 13 minutes and 26 seconds left. Oh. Ok, I'm going to do some big shopping here now! If you haven't bought something with the leftover BNBs, they will be deducted from you. In other words, only what counts. Really bought. It is very important to know. How many planets are in our solar system? Eight nine? Ten or eleven? Seven! Nine. Nine. Eight! That is not so correct. So actually it's eight. Right. Why are that eight? Because the earth is not counted? Yes. No. The earth is counted, Pluto. The Pluto. It was 2004 when I was. Not crazy, excluded from anyway. That means yes, my father explains to me. Our every Sunday. New planet and each initial letter then stands for the name of the planet.

But that was no longer necessary. That is why this sentence no longer applies. Let's see where the Aret landed. ??? Well, if I'm not mistaken, you bought a worse one. Does that mean that you are actually only looking for the Coins Marcet Cap listed here? So not just any other or something .. No, I’m just like that and now I’m going to go shopping for a bit if I’m lucky . To look. But I've been pumping and pumping now. Several times it is already quite low, which I have been investing for a long time. What was Fadi with you just now? The 0.05 Binance could still be seen. That I want to buy it. But now he has said: You don't have enough money anymore! * Subtitles * Coins Coming Soon. And here is what is being paid into the liquidity too. Yes. I never understood the score. The higher it is, the earlier it is listed with the coin. I don't know what it is measured by, but I see the Baby Goko here more often. Small sums. But nothing interesting for me. How long have you been into this subject with all the shitcoins? My first Shitcoin, Malik recommended it to me.

That was. Safemoon Ahhh Safemoon! He got it for about the price where it is now. Oh, did Malik recommend him to you? Malik knows a professional trader. Who has been doing this for a long time. Even back then with Bitcoin and so still in the Black Market and something like that. And he had given the tip to Malik a week earlier. Yes, his brother bought it and at some point told Malik about it and then said buy it, it will soon be really hyped. Safemoon wasn't that big on it yet. I then bought it for 70 euros 170 million. But they were so fast. 150 euros within an hour or so. I paid half of it and bought Safemars. And that's how it started and at some point they both rose to $ 2,000. Between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000. What do you mean? Well, together with Mars and Safemoon I had this first 70 dollars.

You mean your portfolio was worth …? So yeah … Up to just under $ 2,000. Then I misunderstood you. Yes and then it started. Then I paid off a bit. Bought a few coins. For example NFT Art. Didn't even have a symbol, didn't have anything. I bought for $ 10 and only had one dollar in the Trust Wallet account. Everyone said you were going to get fucked up. I also felt ripped off. But then it shot up to $ 600-700 at some point. So after 4 5 weeks. I sold them. Then it went even higher.

Then of course I regretted it! So the $ 10 shot up to $ 400? That was really good. So guys! 7 minutes you have already bought 2 coins. 2 tokens. The next questions come. Who plays the main role in the film: One flew over the cuckoo's nest? Robert De Niro. Jack Nicholson. Mel Gibson or Tom Hanks. Who was second I would say Jack Nicholson? That it is right. Is. Not in the film, but as an age. What is the name of the layer of the atmosphere that is closest to the earth? The troposphere, the stratosphere, the meso sphere or the thermo sphere. Stratosphere. Troposphere That's right. So what is a sonnet? A stabbing weapon, a musical instrument, a mushroom or a poem? Could be stabbing weapons, but could. Be a musical instrument right? It becomes musical instruments. I would say music instrument! Stabbing weapons I would rather say you definitely have a problem.

This is not a stabbing weapon, this is a face shape. I like to perform a sonnet! It distracts well ne You have to buy a little something I'm not satisfied yet! Did you add the tokens too? Do they need to be added? Yes, of course they know. How are we supposed to analyze that later? About the chart No, it all has to be done in time! I don't think you will see all the prices later. No, it's not about the prices.

The point is that we can see the number of tokens. You still have 4 minutes! You work for otherwise. You are not actually invested in shitcoins, are you? Not at all no! And if then in Bitcoin, Ethereum. That means the completely normal. The completely normal, the stable things, the acquaintances. Precisely! Which can be bought legitimately and normally anywhere . Exactly! Not where Fadi is always on the go! No, its okay! * Subtitles * So it looks really cool I think that one there! And let's go. So with you I only see the soom and the microshib.

Exactly until now, yes. You still have 2 minutes and 57 seconds and will now ask you three questions again. That is unfair. Well folks, that's the way it is. That is the rule. Just pack any more in! I will do that too. What date did the Berlin Wall fall? October 3, 1990, November 2 , 1990, November 9, 1989 or October 8, 1989 November 9, 1989 That's CORRECT! How much does the Aret have now? We'll evaluate them right at the end! Who spread the heliocentric worldview? Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci or Aristotle Copernicus I would say Aristotilis Copernicus is correct. Was that a guess or was it known? Honestly. So fun in my style. It was a good idea! The way people went last minute. The last minute will now only run for one minute. Any remaining tokens. Not counted by you, who are all supposed to be left now. But there is still a lot left in Aret. You've just spent half! You know what, I want the gum! The what the chewing gum.

The bubblegum! Hopefully it will inflate and I'll make my profit from it. This is good now. Lucky guys. Fadi, you buy directly from Pooh Coin? Yeah, you don't even go on pancake swap? No, I am no longer annoyed with this slippage tolerance and adapting in such a way that it is automatically taken automatically. I assume the lowest possible. But that usually works great. So guys, the time is up !!!! * Subtitle * * Subtitle * Please open the metamask! With you is open. Did you just shop or add? But I bought 2! Okay, you can add that. We need to add that. Yes. Okay, but please show us your meter mask. So it's already open. It's not that great, but know, there's something about the other trick. I will now wait until the BNB goes up.

Yes, it is not bad, too. It will probably go up too. * Subtitle * That is not possible. That means it doesn't count. The BNBs will be deducted from you. You can only hope that the tokens you bought will double and triple. And cut its in half. Oh man Now we come to the evaluation of the tokens that he bought. I would like. Know a little bit about what they bought from everyone.

Why we bought this. I mean, you just said coin market cap and so on. But there are. With many tokens there is always some use or some special token nomics that you somehow earn something when others sell or something. Let's start with you, the Doge Cola was what the hell is that? So we have Doge Cola up here, had a lot of followers, so a lot of holders and was new to Primarketcap and in the end a shitcoin. Of course I always assume that. And in today's challenge there was 30 minutes to go into the whole thing. Was also very close to the end. Yeah, I can't say much about it.

But many coins have a cool name and are hyped for that alone! For example test tokens … was bought without end or "don't buy" tokens Definitely. I thought it was cool. I haven't read Cola yet. Doge is everything Doge is now almost a crypto replacement for the name. But yes. Okay, okay, okay, something like Baby Doge Billionaire, that's what it stands for, doesn't it? Yes, absolutely correct Hidro, that is absolutely true.

I think this is above the charts. Or via the coal market cap itself, the coin is still very cheap. You can see that here. What percentage is this increase right now? 100 percent. But you can see that it is already sinking. When I bought it, I assumed it would. But we have 72 hours, that's 3 days. And if such a coin dumped a bit, then it would also pump again. Yes, you can see where I got on up here. Of course you hope that happens. Of course, you don't have a crystal ball. No, but zero point zero three BNB is not like the world and if it rises again and increases again 100 percent, then that's at least ten dollars in profit.

Okay, cool, then something about the other two. Yes, that is exactly what Green Inu is. Yes, but I always like to do the following. I'm going to search up here. Then I enter … I'm not going to take the Green Shiba. But moon. Then see all And when I look now, * Subtitles * * Subtitles *, of course, I see what's new. I like to invest here when I see new tokens have arrived. * Subtitle * * Subtitle * * Subtitle * Okay, so not special either but just like that And RTT stands for? I don't know now from my head. Moment! Trump to the real. Yes, there are fat and unfat tokens here.

Yes and with Promoted. So yeah, is a popular token right now. And according to the Poohcoin App in the top 10 views within the last 24 hours and that's why I just bought it. Understood. Ok, Aret tell us about your tokens, Soom and Mikrosheep, start with Soom! Soom somehow reminded me of Zoom video calls. That's why I just bought it now. And Micrshib … these dogs are still totally hyped right now. And then I looked at the chart very briefly and said …

Come on, you buy it now !!! But, since I'm not that familiar with the matter with the coins anyway, they were Roman villages for me anyway, let's say here. Well, in the end everything we bought is just by chance . You also got really distracted. You only got to spend less than half of that. Too bad. And I still won something. You have already voted well on the questions. Actually, yes. But in the end it doesn't do me any good. That means anyway. Not deducted as much as. Yes. 0.8 your tokens can now be doubled or tripled, while one has to be halved. That, that everything, too. It's been tough because he knows his stuff and I'm not represented in this meme or Shitcoin Markets.

And it was all new to me too. But nonetheless, I got through. But of course it's difficult against someone who knows their way around. But prognosis from me, I can reassure you. I think that I'm going into the red because there is simply a high probability that with all the shitcoins – they are not like human tokens … there is no company behind them. It's just something! Someone who puts a token somewhere and we have now bought it. Because of this. 0.8 or 0.7 the token world actually just has to stay that way … And then you actually have very good chances. I just don't have to sink too much. That you even win … We'll be surprised, I would say …

Well guys, that's it now. We will give you the results in 72 hours. And yes. So guys, thanks for watching. That’s it then. We will determine the winner in 72 hours. We are of course very excited to see how it all turns out. Whereby Aret has not managed to spend all the money. That is why these BNBs are not counted, as we said earlier. It looks like Fadi is ahead now, but we will see what it will look like in the end. As I said, we are very, very excited and yes, all the best. Then everyone, welcome back to Menschen TV 72 hours later and of course we want to evaluate which of the two has won. We'll start with Fadi's laptop and then it 'll start right away. Fadi had invested in Doge Cola, Doge Cola in the newsreel. That is of course awesome. Super good start. Since that has a balance of $ 9 and $ 83 the next investment of his was Baby Doge Billionaire. It has a balance of 42 35 Yes, you can see a really blatant crash that just happened.

Yes, good, bad for the evaluation. Bad luck, I would say. The third investment is Green Shiba Inu with a balance of $ 6.77. Not that much has changed in the weekly chart. Stayed calm, few too few salespeople. And the last investment is his Real Trump token. Of course, he really got it off. But invested too little. It has a great climb. Actually, he should have invested a lot more here because he couldn't have gotten better. So, overall he has a balance of 61 28 on. His wallet address and he will also be created here and no other buyers or the like.

Purchasing here didn't go through at all. So it looks really good for Fadi. Now let's have a look at the Aret So now we’ll take a look at the Aret laptop. With microshib. Balance but did he have a good climb? It will probably continue to rise in the future, but unfortunately too little is invested. Eight dollars isn't a lot and the next investment, says Crypto Soon. Of course, he has also improved compared to the start of the week, where he roughly started.

Overall, the Aret has a balance of around $ 24. Achieved that. Not issued BNBs, we said yes, they are not counted. And so it looks. Definitely fadi. You are the winner. Congratulations! So folks, if you enjoyed the show , then leave a comment Subscribe to our channel and like. Please tell us what you thought of it. Maybe you also have a few ideas about what you would have preferred to invest in or what you would have done better. Do you think 30 minutes was enough time or would it have simply taken a lot more time? What's your opinion? I would be very happy if you would somehow leave your message. And yes, see you soon at Manision TV Traidwars Thanks for watching.

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