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I'm gonna grab a cup of water real quick We go to our question of the day koda oh Yeah All right, all right well not wanting that top out for me All right, let's see what we got going off this thing no Look I Was everybody doing today? So remember desktop is all messy trying to get it together this computer's not liking me right now Close out some of its stuff All right, because it looks like the chat is working the live Oh guys All right, well we might have to do this the old-fashioned way Let's see Which is one more time if not, then I'll have to have you guys from here Doesn't like me anymore That's weird ooh Now that's sorry about this. I am trying to get this chat to come up, but it is not Jumping for me, so oh I guess I'll have to do is a figure out how to use this little window that kind of sucks um So I'm a paint colors. We can do it gotta figure this out real quick Any ideas guys this chat is not popping out it normally pops out It's not doing it doesn't like me all right um Well, we might have to freestyle this I don't know why it's not working one more thing All right, well well.

I try to figure that out. Let's just go ahead and uh do our question of the day Hmm, I Guess one of the questions. I had one of the coins were covering is a new coin coming out for videogames, so For our gamers out there This is the question and if you don't play video game, it's fine. You can just you know Say, what would you would play um let me know are you uh? Xbox or Playstation and What game is your favorite Xbox playstation or we let's throw those three out there is that gamers question? So what I'm gonna. Do now is a pop out one of these guys throw this over here jump over here All right, so that's our question of the day.

I can see people on the side set so that's good I was trying to get it to pop out like it normally does but it's not working so hopefully over the next ten minutes I'll be able to figure it out Um, but it's fine. We can make it work oh So I'll give you what we want. We'll do four minutes ten retailer hi, oh There we go three minutes on the clock um you know how it works we got a cash winner every 75 lights and Yes, I could bring that back over here Guys one or every 75 likes the question of the day is what's your favorite console Playstation we Xbox and What what game? Do you really like so favorite console favorite game? You know I like to see what what people play out? There you know I see some call of Duty's I see some zelda's haven't please L.

Don't lead is that any good I? like the Wii – I see some Battlefields, you know this is PS4 gTa ok you know so we like to keep it fun. We got it We got a new gaming coin on the cover to say I think it's pretty cool Let's see what kind of gamers. We got out there and then also Go back to doing this thing Thousand HMM all right, so again we got a Let's see what we got we got I give you guys another minute to see if we could squeak out We could jump up to 150 we broke 75. So that's good um Again a question of the day, this is if it's that easy guys we got one winner guaranteed right now We got 142 people live on the air so that means if half you guys who didn't do it yet hit that thumbs up button You will double your chance to win. I'm giving you guys extra time right now to try and get another winner out there I don't mind giving money away you guys, so this is your chance to get it right now We got 90 Ford lights if we can get up to 150 In the next 60 seconds half of you people out there that didn't do it yet Just hit that thumbs up button, and you never know you might be the person that puts it over um over the top Every day on my channel I try to you know somebody gets paid right we get paid on the charts and we get paid in the check So that's how it goes down I'll get you guys another 30 seconds.

See if we could pull it off 146 people. Let's see Bam Bam I Gotta figure out what's going on with this thing if that's not cool All right All right cool, so let's get started. Let's get started here It's gonna be a nice little show. I want it to uh you know do a couple things couple things here first of all Sometimes I feel like I don't You know give enough credit to the newcomers the new kids on the block? So that's what I wanted to try to do on this call Let's do this this So that's what we'll do we'll show some look to the newcomer and there we go jump up jump to the money All right Cool. This is Gonna be a good one, so yeah, we bout to get started gimp throw your Pic in the chat right now about to come on live on the hair and I'm a Picker Pickin cash winner of the day being a question of the day is uh what's your favorite gaming console and your favorite game It's got its playstation.

We and they'll again. Do you like we got a game in show today? Oh? Cool. Let's go Live from the USa helping you get paid every day This is the bounce of bitcoin decreased out of creep dough is your boy bk And if you don't like me you must not like money today is august 16 Bitcoin is clinging on for dear life about thousand dollars Bitcoin cash you know is still hiding in the shadows at three hundred and We got a nice little episode for you today. You know when the markets cool off a little bit one thing I try to do is I go and find The money every day is a treasure hunt you know and I'm out there in the fields looking and I think I found two two Coins today they're on completely different sides of the spectrum as you'll see one is a breaking out You know as a new market leader in one may have the promise to become to become one in near future in a form of a digital gaming you know it's a it's a lot of concentration in the industry With regards to digital gaming and next-gen tokens and so this is one that I wanted to cover for you guys just to give you a glimpse as to what might be possible and also if You know if it's an opportunity for you to invest to make some profit as well With that being said you already know what time it is every day on my channel somebody gotta get paid and today is no exception They call me senator crypto senate close because I always come bearing gifts, right? And so here we go right here.

I wanted to know What? platform do you game on and what is your favorite game to date is the Gamers show on this channel, you know your boy bk. What do I like? I like a little gta you know? I just got them playing a mafia you know with my boy link and clay running around New Orleans Taking over the city. You know, so I'm on Xbox. I'm an ex-boxer You know Xbox it for life back to the halo days you know for old school old school generation one halo I'm playing out with my brothers for like three weeks straight over Christmas break 2099 2000 somewhere in there, so here.

We go here we go Let's see what we got what we got and so this is how it works if you want to win Some cash all you Gotta do is Hit that little bill Notification what that does is that jump on this channel at all hours of the date? So you will be updated whenever I jump on you come on get in the chat, and you will have a chance to win So what we're gonna do right now is we're gonna pick our winner. I'm going to Pick close-Mouthed right now wherever the most out bam. That's our winner Who's the closest one? Alexis you just want like two days ago, so I'm gonna give it to my man's device say the witcher 3 Ps4 I've never played that game, but it sounds pretty cool sounds pretty cool Especially if it's the third one okay, so what we do now is I am Screenshotting your name congratulations, right? I'm gonna throw it up in our Facebook group, and then we go come right back you know and Continue with the rest of this talk – hold on one second and all you got to do here is uh Jump on our Facebook page.

This is the number one bitcoin group in the world. That's the name of it right there on Facebook we've got about 8,000 members Just broke it today. So that's pretty cool So you jump on the Facebook group said hey? That's me. That's me. I'm good – Bob Let me turn you over. You know a couple bucks cash and BTC Payable from my wallet to yours. Thank you for your support. I truly do appreciate it and there you go already just that easy back to the money So here we go. Y'all you see? What time it is. It's just that easy to get paid I try to get away cash every date. I'm able to do a video, but as you can see our community is hanging off the Chains ten Thousand Subscribers, right ten Thousand we got eight thousand in the Facebook group. You know I tell the story about me. You know back in the day I was you know trying to trade stocks losing about a thousand dollars a month.

I said bk You suck at trading stocks by yourself You know what I did I went and got about ten thousand of my closest friends on YouTube and eight Thousand my closest friends on Facebook and now we make money together and again today is no exception So let's go crypto Roulette right we got two coins for you as I've told you before one is on one end as a break out the other is on the other end as a next-generation and Honestly, I believe in both of them I think I think it's pretty cool by the way both of them are set up we go check out the charts on Omg and we go check out the white paper b market, and this is their website deep market as you can see it says a Decentralized market place to turn virtual items into real commodities You know it's interesting a lot of people are crossing over from Brick-And-Mortar to digital you know when I when I got my MbA at notre dame that's one of the big things we talked about is the digital Immersion basically I'm needs Like you bought something you go to the store and you buy something in the store t and you go online and buy the same Thing online from the person's website so they call that omni-channel shopping, but what these guys are specializing in is actually building a market around Jamin which is pretty amazing if I think of all the hours I spent playing video games in my younger days I could have just got paid just a little bit.

You know 20 years later I would be sitting pretty nice right now, and that's exactly what they've come to recognize they Have a very very clean concept a solid website good graphics I think that's one of the first things you want to look at when you're considering throwing down money on Ico is what does the product actually look like you have to realize a lot of Communication is done in marketing and these guys have pretty much knocked it out of the park as far as other digital communication goes of their product But this is just one part of it you see that have a token sale and one day We'll get to that in a second. I think it's a solid opportunity guys work for you gamers out there You know I think that's one thing you definitely want to start looking at is how can you get paid? Doing what you do for free already right? So for example for me. I make content. I make videos right How can I get paid doing this you know something like this is actually? Interesting to me because in my free time I play video game killer Kills 56 you know and on the Xbox community come get some I'll give it to You know my little brothers sit and play call of duty all day.

So you know back in the day. We would literally spend weeks playing video games back and Forth so The fact that these guys were able to put it together in a token and allow the world to profit from it is pretty cool So real quick. I just wanted to go over to white paper. This is one thing I look at you know when I am evaluating if I want to give my money away, I'm not suggesting you do arm Necessarily what I do, but when look at how I'm gonna spend my money I look very closely at the details so before I look at anything I look at the white people my first thing that jumps out at me is these guys actually? understand that Because they have a visual product because they have a product you know that is focusing oriented around young people They're white paper is not a bunch of coding language you know aimed at Silicon Valley software engineers That's the first thing.

I notice that jumped out you know that these guys actually get it, right They got a simple font nice nice. You know nice format And and it's actually easy to read I read some white papers and some guys that are just coders that You know been on been on top of a computer for 20 years and never talked to nobody you know in real life? I can't even read they white paper, and I got an engineering degree, right? But this this is actually easy to read you know they highlight the relevant information I got a few of few lines of it highlighted for you guys, you know 4,000 programmers make a profit point two billion play games a hundred billion dollars marketplace so that means That out of all the people that play video games right now in any form right? You know just in the chata as to what they were getting was we have we yet Zelda we had call of duty We had Madden you know you got a plethora of Entertainment options out there, but of all of the people I met and all the hours we spent together collectively You know immersed in some video game somewhere some fashion some format Angry Birds, you know What's the one? What's the one little candy crush? You know all these little silly digital games Only four thousand actually make money playing video games out of the entire world So that's an amazing opportunity in itself just to be able to leverage the bat bat In addition to that they talk about the other technology the other platform that's out there right now three point six billion dollars last year From one platform, that's pretty amazing But the one limitation of that platform is it does not support Multi Platform and Multi engine trading so essentially what these guys are looking at doing is creating a platform more less driving an economy that is not limited to one certain format, right So – Mm.

Oh largeest basically a massive online Global Platforms think of a Dragon age or I forget all the big ones This one one world. I don't know I know I play civilization a few times that was pretty cool, so This is this is this is kind of what I'm looking at. You know the high level Franchises lifetime recurrent return so basically if you make a game if you spin off on their platform that's lifetime revenue that's Residual you know that's what that's what kids though. Ecology. You know you you you dig a hole in the ground now I'll plant a tree and your kids eating the fruit for the rest of yesterday life You know that's what I look for opportunities like that To have your money make money over time again I'll tell you time is your most valuable asset you do not want to trade time for anything But you want to have other people pay you for your time, right? And that's what that opportunity does it talks about 5% of the Total amount will be go back will go back to the Developers so it's some incentive there To develop content Berta's so that's always good that have a nice little timeline built in to their to their Launch as well, and this is how I see it works This is one of the things you know I wanted to cover in case there's a lot of guys are always asking me you know What I seos are good can you cover this? I skill can do this I co you know, and this was actually sent to me through an email So that's why I called it a roulette.

I didn't go out and pick this stuff I kind of just worked you everything you know that is sent to me And then these are two that I picked out of probably two hundreds that have been sent to me. You know in most recent time So here we go to Ico is actually you know one day from right now one ether equals one thousand token So it ether if you look at the price at ether if there is what 284? 285 So essentially you're getting like a three to one almost Three three and a half to one so that's not bad That means they're marking up token at about 33 cents that means if it gets any type of traction probably about three to six months after launch it's Gonna Break that barrier pretty easily a dip another another thing to look at is you get ten percent bonus? So not only so I think you would get eleven hundred to one which basically puts you at almost a four to one ratio Which again is not bad at all? These are guys that founded it You know this guy looks legit.

He has on nice glasses He's looking up into right that means he has a vision he sees the future You know he's ceo son son takes off fifty million Annual revenue So you know as you can see you guys can look this stuff up on your own It's just my goal to try to show you information that's out there, and I think this similar to other tokens That's out there You know is set up for success if they can actually land it and make it happen in you know they talk about being in A fifty games by the time they launch let's see where their little timeline in the roadmap right here They talk about being at having a token sale it was on their white paper see Here it goes yeah, Milestone number six D market api to 50 games marketplace acquires first ten million users that means if that if when they get ten million users That coin will be a little bit worth more than a little bit than thirty three cents so again This is an opportunity.

I don't expect I cos to go tenants inside the first week. They hit a major market That's kind of their first barrier is to expand through you know different markets and different platforms but I actually just had one of my I cos my only Ico I ever invested in this will probably be the second but my Only I cli ever invested in just went about 20 x this week. I had to hold it. You know for six months So I lost that time in there, but at the end of the day it still outpaced aetherium You know two or three to one? So that's good.

That's good. I bought it back when aetherium was $35 And now it I'll paste it there you go, so this is an opportunity to buy a nice New York when aetherium is high You know so you kind of cash out aetherium to this ico To buy kind back going the other way, so there you go again It's d token I will include their link in the description I think it's a solid Ic o—- I'm not one that's overly big on iCos But I actually look this this one up it put the time into it and wanted to share it with you guys to you know Give you the chance to review it as well Next up, what do we got you know and again? I think of icos as kind of I'm a sports got right So I think of it almost as like going from Little league to the NFL when I was at the University of Wisconsin torrey Smith Troy Benson I'm sorry from the Buffalo Bills, Wisconsin guy came in and Put this up on the screen, and we were in college division division won a scholarship, right? But they but it kind of breaks down, you know Even though you made it this far.

You still got a long way to go, right? So just like it's 10,000 ideas of iCL's out there right now today. I guarantee 10,000 people are out there working on IC O—- these guys actually have Theirs you know in 24 hours, it'll be live Accessible right, so that's kind of like playing in college You know but then it's another step to become you know top ten coin top fifty point top 100 points well I say this Just to make the realization that even though you invest in Ic o—- and it's a great idea.

It takes a lot more to sustain to drive it right only six percent of High school players ever played one snap in college and only that of that amount only 2%, I'll make it to the NFL You know and of that amount probably only two Play more than three years You know so if you try to make it on the front page of coin Marva Capcom you got to have a lot of things going for you, and so that's why we leave this coverage I wanted to show you guys all the different elements that need to come together you know and I think d market might have a Decent opportunity to put it together over time but again out of statistics Make it make it very difficult for most people to be able to do next up. You know again This is this is Crypto, Roulette, baby So I didn't even pick these coins somebody else did so my man Kristin great got on YouTube channel and said hey Can you show me let me see up and I said Do it up in the Facebook.

I said anybody else wanna see his chart and almost 100 people say if they do So let's go with this one So we can see that this thing has just about went ham over the past two and a half weeks almost 7/8 right So let's look behind the numbers first thing we wanna do Unbanked the bank with etherial so this thing is more decentralized accessibility platform Advisors that guy is kind of important That guy is kind of important. So it looks like they got something.

They got some okay people on their board You know probably one of the reasons? Why they're gonna have so much success, so quick So you know their distribution is there their team? Is there those are the two big things we want to look at first of all but you know me I? Need to look at the money so let's check out the money again. We are going to Tradingview Calm we'll see. They're your own bit tricks and Bitfenix are the two biggest platforms again These are these are two of the biggest things I look for To see what? What platforms are Accessible on? just so I can Understand you know what chart to pull up on what's gonna make the give me the clearest picture so again.

This is trading view calm The Trend lines we use our 721 and 77 this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby You are not rocking with the best I am both of these charts as you will soon find out So if you want to learn how to chart like a boss just throw down in that description and you will have a link right here called how to Chart like a boss watch the first couple of it cells of that And you will be able to have your your chart set up just like not right We got three trend lines we use in a seven and twenty one and a 77 I added in 231 just to give us a little bit of long term so that white line is a 231 and that more or less shows the inner day momentum will not jump down to a twenty one minute that 231 actually acts like A 77 on my 343 so I got like three different eyes looking at the same chart three different ways on anything any given Chart them I'm using First thing I do on the twenty one minutes.

I don't need two candles. You know. I'm you know bosses bosses Don't need to look at all the little details. I just need to know I'm making money. I'm a losing money Okay, by sale SI bam right so o me see go. What do we got here? What do we got here? I could cut that green off to I don't really need that So what first thing? I'm gonna do this is a twenty one minute chart, so it's a lot faster But in order to slow it down. I'm gonna go from the seventy seven to Thirty one to the seventy seven 231 and ma'am So this is the slowest run rate. We have right there All I did there was that took bottom of the to thirty one to bottom of the to thirty one and that will give you? basically the Channel that the 231 runs in now you might say well bk.

Why is that important? That's important because it will tell you the limit built inside of this chart, right? So even when we jumped up there? Look at that, so we go to the top crest of it and again Let's start from the beginning so I grab two points by automotive 2:31 Automotive 231 right I threw it up top to the top of it 231 and that gave me over here threw it Back O It back got it To the top of the 231 and that gave me the exact area we are Consolidating in right now. So what does this set this say that? Omg has a very very very strong Uptrend right if we just connect you know Those circles we can see and If we just connect those circles we can see exactly what's happening ab under the white line right and so with that being said The most logical thing would be for that line to continue So that's good. That's very good especially in this market because essentially this thing took off after Bitcoin went crazy which was right at the end of june, so when the market was all stressed out omg? Just took off through the roof so that's awesome.

That's really good That's really good also what we can do is we can bring back our green turning off So that was our macro look this is how we break down our micro now We see where we're at in time right since we got our long-range Mandos now We see where it is fits and relative space, so what I'm Gonna Do now is I'm gonna throw this fibonacci right there from the breakout to the Breakdown and Bam And I'm Gonna Say I Want to project this thing? Going up, and this is where we're at right now And that's right.

I can even move it up a little bit since we already know where we're coming from I don't believe it down there. That wasn't bad Okay, so this is what I see Is what I see Strong strong strong Consolidation over there that's good that means if the bottom ever falls out We can still fall back on that point see that So if the bottom falls out, we're okay We don't have to worry that much because we still have that to land on so that's good. So let's just copy and paste that That was to left seattle. Oh boy, so let's just copy and paste that and throw it over there as a worst case scenario Right so we know we got that to fall back on Second thing I really like is that we just broke out again so now We can delete this I'll throw A Line right there, and say that's my support line right? That's my break My consolidation line just in case the bottom falls out and let's throw another FibonacCi Where we're at right now break down break out oh Here we go break down break out bounce up and You can see this thing now is Consolidated right where the top of that channel is Which means it's ready to make a decision what I would expect It to do given that it's hidden the top of this candle on that red.

You can see it See it heard me talking so a lighthouse shouldn't be came up Tell me to go down for a second So I would expect this thing to go down a little bit not a lot because this is a lot of momentum coming up from the bottom so if anything It's probably gonna go down. Let's jump down to a seven And we could see a little bit better there you go there you go. It's bounced off that 786 already support there one two yeah I'll say Yes, since it's already bounced on that 786 and it came back down in between there. This thing is Gonna go down to six one eight Do something like that I? Don't know how long And then get ready to take off again.

If I had to guess how long I would say right around the time it broke down from that line good shift Probably right about there. I'm getting that from floor to ceiling so in floor yeah, I would I would say right about there and Again, I'm getting this Because first of all we have a major area of consolidation right there, so that was a prominent Ceiling and it broke out of that so now it needs to re-establish Itself as a prominent floor and the best area for it to do that is right there at the six one eight intersection that it has to come back down to anyway before it takes off, so Floors to ceilings ceilings the floors I would expect omg to break down by noon tomorrow So let's just mark that so but but but I would say if you're gonna buy this thing you should wait until it breaks below the 786 So you buy it down here and then it pops, and then you're sitting in profit, and hopefully when it since able to break through that uh 1.0, right, so hopefully it's able to break through this line if it doesn't Then it'll come back and try it again, but the good thing is you have a lot of upward momentum? so even if it steps down Again, this is like worst case scenario, but I think I think We may even step down here Just because that's like a very prominent retracement area, but we might not need to this thing has a lot of momentum inside of it So those are your possible by Zones, but if it breaks down there? Through both of those I would say just wait because then it's Gonna come all the way down There, and that's when it's gonna build up before it goes out again So there you go omg is definitely a good pickup right now, but I would say just to maximize your profitability when you buy Remember, that's that's when you make money You don't make money on the sale you make money on the buy so you look to buy it at a bargain Right you don't want to buy it at the top right now.

It's at the top Back there it was at the top and oftentimes when it does a double top it falls no I'm not saying omg is gonna fall, but that could be what happened But worst case scenario you buy it at the six one eight or two three eight two and you still have all these Different lines of momentum to catch you if it breaks below this bottom line then it's falling down to that yellow Rectangle and that my friends is how you chart like a boss.

Oh? With that being said I open up the doors to our community the doors are always open This is our Facebook group 8,000 members 24 hours a day we get money every day these people helped me get paid And I help them get paid and it just we just keep the money in the family. You know keep it growing And keep it flowing you know if you appreciate this kind of content then you most certainly will appreciate the two products we have Together for you put together for you This is our website Balsa bitcoin comm they said somebody gotta be the boss I think what it's hard job But somebody got to do it you see that man over there suited up boot it up jade up from the feet up and red white and blue like the American dream I tell you what he put together this little product right here is some beauty is thought the proper package is $25 and it gives you a lot down pick In this market to be profitable it took me about two months to put this thing together I had people asking me every other week when I was gonna release it But I was actually couldn't work in behind the charts just like you see today.

I live in these charts 1012 hours a day sometimes so this $25 right here gives you the top 10 picks probably for the rest of the year to be honest I think this chart this pick is up probably about 40% Since I released it um so you can just imagine you put in $100 now. You got 40 you got $15 pay profit you know and you can buy you up you know buy you uh Buy you uh me take a girl out to ice cream on Sunday something like that That's what I do take my girl out of the ice cream on Sunday You know 25 dollars in a private package if you want to set up some time you know I'm crazy Y'all know. I got to go I got too much energy if you want to set up some time I do Individual meetings one-on-one if you just get set up if you want to discuss your portfolio Or what your holding different points like that? I try to cover the most I can in these videos, but a lot of times you know people have individual You know individual situation so I can break down any situation And you know do my best to help you make money the way to set this up.

It's $10 just to set it up $75 an hour however many hours you want you click that button pay you little $10 and that will open up my calendar To you I don't take you to you know website Just like this calendly comm say you want to do something Friday afternoon, you know right around lunchtime 12:30 p.m.. Bam There you go. We on the calendar on the same link together. You're not trying to make it easy to Stay engage stay involved and I to make myself as open and accessible to the mute community as I can One of the biggest things I found and doing this whole thing is that you know The individual may fail, but collectively we have a lot better chance to be profitable and to be Prosperous right and so that is my goal How do I? Empower other people to be profitable right? And I think just by talking through this microphone.

I'm able to read it reach a lot more people And by doing a video meeting. I'm able to reach a lot more people you know about putting different products out there I'm able to reach a lot more people You know I'm gonna be making two different channels to new channels in the next upcoming months So you know different things like this are our ways to support that process eventually I'm gonna be bringing on staff and and paying people to Help you guys make money. That's the end goal, right? I wasn't too long ago I was I was working for two dollars an hour plus tips and as a waiter in a Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee with hasp Now I swing chain Swing trade 1020 thousand a day right just just ran 20 20 Ten thousand yesterday on a trade About ten things so you know I'm not saying that to brag I'm saying that because I want that to be your future if I could do it then so can You and I'm making this a lot easier for you to do it So you don't have to make all the failures you don't have to go lose ten grand in the stock market to figure out how Not to lose money That's what I did right so with that being said I wanted to open it up to my people if you want a chat Right now do me a favor shout to country up.

We are coming back to you in 30 seconds um so shouts country out let me let me know where you are right now own this and The chat we got a global community you guys so I ever eat every call I get on I try to show my people some Love keep it positive. Keep people in power, so let's see who we got rocking on the line with us right now stray Lia my man Dan McDonald said you predicted a major event for August 14th at 8:00 p.m.. You nailed it. That's when BTC popped out.

What was the event honestly dan? I don't I don't know if that was just the way the charts were lined up I knew something would happen and that Moment would confirm the direction that the market was headed so that's when BTC topped out that means you'd probably should sail north of 4000 because we might not be back there for a while I've felt this way for a long time.

I told somebody today that we need to go under 3,000 to confirm we shouldn't be there before we can be confident above 4,000 You know it's just the psychology of it It's like stepping up and stepping down, so I'm gonna do an update on that chart I haven't done it yet, but I know I was saying august 14th august 14 8 p.m.. 8 p.m. And if that's when BTC popped out especially on the 21 minute or at 3:43 Which it probably was and that's why you know the charts tell you everything you need to know I just listened to him Here we go Australia down under He makes down under Here we go, Australia Romania, Estrella 2 times. What's up, India? Douglasville Ga was going on mayo you know big mayo from Douglas deal sorry Let's say all Australia, thank you, sir San Diego Colorado Netherlands Africa the Motherland, Texas Michigan Algeria Canada Right my chat is a little slow right now. You know, but I'm sure these people about the jump in Belgium Canada Virginia Quebec, what's up, Alexis? I know I couldn't give it to you twice in a week.

I apologize You know I know you just won, but you got some good energy coming around to if you want to twice in one week That's pretty cool big John they joined the franchise and ohta what's up, Ohio plays infield in Macon, Georgia Thank you, Des portugal. You know straight again again. Three times all the way out the tile, and that's how we do man We got a global Community, I invite you again subscribe to this channel right now 10,000 members in 3 months 8,000 people in the Facebook group this time next year. We go. Have a hundred thousand on both of them mark my words We are changing the world every day. We wake up and jump on these charts. We are empowering our future We are you know providing for our children every day.

We wake up and jump on these charts you know We are changing the future every day Just by coming together and making this money and manifest in a vision that doesn't exist yet That is power that is energy that is collective consciousness, and that is what I see in these charts That's how I can pinpoint a time and say this is doe happen right here Because it's all energy and as long as we could keep it positive.

That's what it will be Do not be fearful. Do not fear each other love each other unconditionally and let's profit together That being said it's that time of the day is Young boy bk signing off no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay in California all the way back out to Germany Good night.

Good morning, and good day and listen I show Gonna do appreciate the time so click that bill Hit that light if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all.

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