Crypto Portfolio “Must Have” ALTCOINs Revealed💥🚀

Eggg yolk, what is up & right, with my people,
the Chico Army & of course if your new around these parts, a lowly viewer of the tube. I’m the host of this channel Tyler, and
it’s so good to be back after taking a day off which means this episode is gonna blow….if
you were sleeping wake up, cuz it’s time for Chico Crypto! Altcoin madness, DeFi madness, alt season….it
happened, it’s happening right now, or the real one is still to come. Each day, new coins and projects are being
added to Coingecko, and the total number of cryptos, is now pushing towards 6k tracked
on their website. So altseason has been happening, if you were
not aware….BITCOIN dominance since September, has been on the downtrend.

From over 70 percent then to under 60 percent
as of yesterday. A dominance percentage loss of 14.2 percent. And the altcoin leader of altseasons? Ethereum…..has increased it’s dominance
from 7 percent to 12.25 percent a percentage dominance increase of 75 percent over the
same time period. Then other altcoins, which is all the altcoins
out of the top 10 & their marketcap’s combined, that category’s dominance, has grown from
11 percent to 14.35 percent. A dominance growth of 30.5 percent over the
same time period. Remember I said there's a possibility, the
REAL altseason, hasn’t begun….well that is because we are nothing the big altseason
of the past, in 2017 to mid 2018, as BITCOIN dropped off a cliff, and got a low of 30 percents
in dominance, and almost being flipped by ethereum in 2017, and the others category
in 2018.

Today, we are nothing like that “altseason” But in my opinion, the stage is being set
for another season which MIMIC the past….with Ethereum gaining, taking away the dominance
from BITCOIN & talks of the flippening will once again shoot into mainstream thought. Why?? Well even though Ethereum is not at it’s
dominance, it once was back in 2017, the number of transactions on chain, is reaching levels
reached back then. Then pulling out the chart with BITCOIN transactions,
back then Ethereum also outdid Bitcoin in 2018, a wide gap, that closed throughout the
rest of the year and into 2019, but since the beginning of this year, that gap between
transactions is just as wide or wider, than back then.

So, you may think I’m crazy, but out of
the top two coins, BTC & ETH, I would have to hands down pick Ethereum, as it’s the
better bet for the altseason, it is called altseason & not bitcoin season for a reason. Unless Ethereum slips up majorly, like with
a hack or major smart contract exploit, and BTC miraculously pushes forward with a scaling
solution, Etherum dominance will grow. So my plan, is to stack ETH, accumulate as
much as the base layer of DeFi as possible, ETHER is money, it’s a store a value, it
can be stable when used as collateral, and soon with the beacon chain, it will be stakeable,
able to earn passive rewards for securing the network. So Ethereum isn’t just a money protocol,
it’s THE DEFI protocol And that leads me into my next top picks,
going down the list…DeFI, decentralized Finance, it’s the buzzword of this bullrun….and
you gotta know, I stay DeFi Stinky, with that linkey.

Out of the top 10 coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum,
and Chainlink are the only 3 I actually hold & that is the case of in my personal opinion,
those are the 3 best. And I’m sure you know of Chainlink’s meteoric
rise, going from 45 cents in March of 2019, to over 18 dollars as of yesterday. What is behind this?? I’m still a little baffled, but this is
no pump and dump orchestrated by some 4channers, but some real big interest in Chainlink, from
some real big players. Now that doesn’t mean it won’t dump, as
these big players, may be playing to manipulate…but things are starting to bubble with LINK, as
I showed in my livestream, on wednesday…. Chain Link was announced to be partnering
with Oracle, back in 2019, where 50 qualified startups, in collaboration with oracle and
link would be deploying LINK nodes…From the oracle blog post on the topic
“The Oracle for Startups team will work with the selected startups to launch Chainlink
nodes in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which will be available for integration with
Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) smart contacts via Chainlink middleware.

From the learnings, we can generate best practices
for developing smart contracts that integrate to Chainlink that will benefit the ecosystem. Now scrolling down, we can see some of the
startups, selected in October of 2019. Number 1, Constellation is important, as they
are a known blockchain project, who is in collaboration with Chainlink, with a paper
put out explaining how big data would be oraclelized with the two. Now going to the #1 objective of this in the
paper it states 2 main objectives and #1 is “Constellation will be an oracle node operator
on the Chainlink Platform to enable access to enterprise data” Well going to Chainlink
market, which details all Chainlink nodes and searching by catena….something comes
up….Catena enterprise grade node powered by Linkpool, and Catena Node 1, constellation…. Ok, but does that mean the Oracle for startups
program is getting moving? Well going back to the blog post and down
the list, there is one more we need to look into NorthEast.

Going to Chain Link market, and searching
my northeast, of course there is a node for them too. So 2 out of the startups, have nodes verified
and ready to go…but the most interesting thing, that was found, is besides these two
recently added nodes, 2 more…which could relate right back to Oralce. Going to the newest nodes, and scrolling down,
there is Veritas and Averify. Going to Averify’s website for the node,
not much is said, just smart contracts for smart business. But searching averify and oracle in google,
something interesting comes up. Oracle has an averify, spelt the same, which
is a scripting tool, and according to Oracle Averifty, is this “a scripting tool that
performs an integrity check against the PLM database and reports on
specific errors. Averify includes a check for missing indexes
and inconsistent data stored in the various database tables.

Averify only reports errors, and does not
attempt to fix them or modify your Then that second node, Veritas…if we go
to their website, not much there either, they say their node is professionally managed,
and they are an early adopter. But their logo, that V, looks very similar
to another V, and veritas company, who is more than connected to oracle and the oracle
cloud…..HMMMM connected? Is the oracle program kicking into a higher
gear & about to go full throttle? We will see, once more information drops So Ethereum, and Chainlink out of the top

What are my top picks in the Mid Level? Even though this coin, is in the mid level,
it’s my #1 pick for 2020, and I believe in due time, when the vision comes together. This could be a top 10 coin. You know what I’m talking about. Energy Web Chain. Now over the livestream, I covered some things
about EWT too, including the structure of their network, in being their own relay chain
with parachains reserved for localities, including countries…well, that vision, is now being
worked on, as we can see, within their github is polkadot, which was only updated 3 days
ago. They forked it, the work is beginning…. But just above, that is another interesting
github addition, Rosetta…….what is Rosetta? This is from Coinbase, they put out a blog
post detailing it…it states “For developers of new blockchain projects, the Rosetta interface
makes it easier to ensure compatibility with exchanges that use Rosetta…well the only
exchanges with Rosetta right now, is Coinbase….

I covered this last week, in a video on Coinbase
possible new additions, Kadena was one of my top picks to be listed from the Rosetta
API website, but also handshake, and possibly CELO down the road…but seeing EWT start
to use it? It means a base listing, might just be down
the road too. So those are just a few things, which reinforces
my midcap, EWT pick…but what about those lower down the list? What are my current top picks? Well, I have more than a few, some from the
polkadot ecosystem, XOR sora network, edgeware, kusama & more….but today, I wan’t to show
a new one who has jumped on my radar….robonomics Network XRT….it has already been surging…pulling
out the 2 week chart, the coin has gone from around 4 dollars, to around 16 dollars as
of yesterday….but this is still a really low cap of just 4.5 million.

Now, remember, what I said about Polkadot
parachains in the past, they will be limited in the beginning & not everyone will get a
slot, and those connected to Polkadot, and their players will be in a better position,
than those who are not…. Well robonomics, is in a serious position. Number 1, they have already launched a parachain
on Kusama…which is the canary network of Polkadot…if you are planning on becoming
a parachain on DOT, you better be building on Kusamam first…which just last month they
did with the testnet launch. But this is the big one… know who is
the founder of Polkadot, Gavin Wood is…now wouldn’t it be crazy….if Gavin was contributing
to the Robonmics Github?? Well he has, as going to contributors, and
hovering over the second picture, of course it’s the gavin wood.

Now that leads some major weight to this project,
having a parachain testnet ready to go on Kusama, with even the Kusama twitter retweeting
it… and even thee Polkadot founder, gavin wood contributing to the code. Now there is some other Polka ecosystem projects,
who do not have that, who are much higher in market cap…and the thing about Robonomics? They have been working on this for 5 years,
and originally built it to be done on Ethereum… In 2016, Robonomics showed off how to control
a drone, with Ethereum transactions, pretty damn cool, having a drone employee controlled
with Ether code, and its path could never be manipulated…well with scaling this was
not possible, so they switched to a substrate based model, with bandwidth testing on Kusama. With the parachain launched, and ready to
be tested…they said this in their blog post about the release “ The Robonomics parachain
will allow the community to launch industrial manipulators, collect telemetry from sensors
and create routes for autopilot drones using transactions….

It’s coming, and quicker than many other
polka based project, with higher market caps…undervalued? That is exactly why Robonomics is a new pick
of mine. Cheers viewers, I’ll see you next time!.

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