Crypto News Today | Will Bitcoin Reach $500k By 2025

bitcoin to 500 000 walmart discredits the idea of litecoin payments as well as four other important things that transpired in crypto this week here's the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies if you stay until the end we'll tell you which money manager who manages 85 billion dollars in assets expects bitcoin to go as high as 500 thousand dollars in five years let's jump right into it [Music] bitcoin prices fell to a new low of nine thousand eight hundred and thirty one dollars after reaching their highest level since may the value of bitcoin the most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization has fallen below fifty thousand dollars in recent days and has continued to drop bitcoin ether and cardano are among the top crypto currencies by market value over the previous seven days with bitcoin and ether having dropped significantly other altcoins such as dodgecoin and xrp have also fallen dodgecoin on the other hand appears to have gotten a small boost after billionaire elon musk tweeted an image of his shibu inu puppy which was captioned this is my favorite dodgy in addition to price fluctuations here are six noteworthy events in the cryptocurrency market this week number one after coinbase revealed the sec's intention to sue its stock plummeted brian armstrong the ceo of coinbase announced on twitter that the securities and exchange commission or sec will file a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange for its interest earning product called coinbase lend coinbase lend which has not yet launched will allow customers to earn interest on certain assets on coinbase according to the company's blog post if users agree to let coinbase lend their money to borrowers for example coinbase lend will pay them a percentage of the interest earned following the announcement coinbase shares fell with 3.2 percent number two robin hood has implemented a feature that allows users to make recurring crypto purchases trading platform robinhood announced that it will soon provide a recurring cryptocurrency purchase feature users will be able to purchase cryptocurrency with as little as one dollar per day weekly bi-weekly or monthly using this system it functions similarly to a dollar-cost averaging plan in which consumers invest the same amount of money at regular intervals according to the company's blog posting the feature will be available starting this month number three the latest country to legalize bitcoin is ukraine the ukrainian parliament gave final approval to a legislation that legalizes and regulates bitcoin the bill was first proposed in 2020 the bill creates rights for individuals who own bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies it also details the meanings of crypto terms such as virtual assets digital wallets and private keys the national bank of ukraine has made it so that bitcoin is no longer a viable option for payments bitcoin does not have the same status as the uravia ukraine's national currency if you're liking this video and want to see more make sure to press the like button and subscribe to the channel so that you can get more videos about blockchain cryptocurrency and new trends in the future number four at sotheby's the board ape yacht club nft collection sells for 24 million dollars sotheby's sold a slew of board ape yacht club nfts non-fungible tokens for more than 24 million dollars there were a total of 107 non-fungible tokens in the collection including 101 apes and 6 mutant serum vials back in april yuga laboratories introduced the board ape yacht club the club began with 10 000 nfts to begin with each of which was regarded as a unique collectible with distinct features according to crypto slam the all-time volume for board ape yacht club nfts is over 475 million dollars number five according to walmart the crypto payments announcement is a hoax a fake press release said that walmart the biggest retailer in the us would accept cryptocurrency or money like bitcoin for payments using litecoin a type of altcoin according to the official walmart statement however the press release is a forgery according to cnbc's report however the walmart spokesperson confirmed that the press release is phony and said that the company is looking into how it was distributed illegally the parent company of globe newswire in trado issued a notice to regard the initial release which was never posted on walmart's official corporate website although the bogus release boosted the price of litecoin it subsequently fell when confirmation was obtained that the release was fraudulent as promised at number six we're revealing the powerhouse money manager and her bitcoin predictions kathy wood ceo of arc invest expects bitcoin to soar as high as 500 000 in five years her price prediction depends on whether companies continue to diversify their balance sheets into bitcoin the biggest cryptocurrency by market value if this trend continues and institutional investors begin investing five percent of funds in cryptocurrencies like ethereum or bitcoin it is likely that prices will rise even more as other people invest money they might have been using elsewhere she said that if she could own just one cryptocurrency she would default to bitcoin quote because countries are now deeming it legal tender end quote would also look to ether which has seen a 350 increase in value so far this year and laid out her portfolio for an allocation 60 40 between bitcoin and ethereum that's this week's latest news from all around the cryptocurrency world subscribe and leave a comment saying i subscribed and we will personally reply to your comment we'll see you in the next video

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