Crypto News Today // Top 5 Best & Worst Crypto Coins [24h & 7-Day Ranking] // June 27, 2021

what's up crypto people i hope you're 
all having a great day this is your   crypto newsflash with the best and the worst 
performing cryptocurrencies but keep in mind   that we only look at the currencies which 
are ranking in the top 100 with regards to   their market cap we are going to take a look 
at the past 24 hours as well as the last week   you can find the exact time when we took 
the data in the video description below   first off let's have a look at the market 
until we move on to the worst performers not a good week for these 
cryptocurrencies so let's   better move on to the best performers let's go okay now you know about the best and the worst 
performing cryptocurrencies of the past 24 hours   as well as the last week so that's it from 
me guys i hope it was interesting for you   if you like it then please smash the like button 
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make a difference here so that's that   i'm out see you in the next one peace

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