Crypto News: NFT & Dogecoin news

Instead of checking out the hottest assets or the 
latest Elon Musk price pump, the news this week is   about the latest trend in crypto. It’s cool to 
talk about how well Bitcoin is doing and which   new company has put BTC on their balance sheet, 
but we think it’s also important to cover how   real people and some forward 
thinking companies are using crypto.  Stick around as we dive into the blockchain and 
take a look at how people are using crypto and   how you might be able to buy 
that fancy new car with Bitcoin   or rare art piece on this 
week’s Exodus Crypto news. 
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If you’ve followed the latest 
crypto trends, you’ve probably heard of NFTs,   Non-Fungible Tokens. These are types of 
tokens on the Ethereum network that have   a limited supply. For example, you 
could have a NFT trading card with   10 numbered tokens. The trading cards are 
valuable because only 10 of them can ever exist.  Alternately, 10,000 trading cards, or 
even just 1. The point of an NFT isn’t   necessarily to have a certain number 
of items, the point is that there is a   fixed amount and whatever number is chosen at 
the beginning, there can never be any more.  NFTs can represent all sorts of 
cool items, from real estate to   trading cards to digital art. An NFT token 
could even represent music rights to a song   or a Tweet. The possibilities are endless and 
NFTs are starting to become quite popular.  The most visible example of this is in 
the world of Art , even the prestigious   auction house Christies is getting in on 
the movement with a piece from the famous   artist Beeple that is currently bidding at 
$3.5 million. Banksy, another famous artist,   turned his artwork “Morons” into an NFT and 
sold it for $100,000, then burned the original.  The total market cap of the NFT 
sector is just over $4 billion.   That’s pretty significant considering that this 
genre hardly existed forty-eight months ago.

Getting into the nitty gritty details of the 
who and what of NFT’s is beyond what we can do   on this program and if you would like to know 
more your can click the link above for a more   in depth info. 

What we will talk about though 
is the Potential of NFTs. This is what I think   is one of the most exciting aspects of this new 
technology, and that is, it’s returning power to   the content creators themselves. Digital artists, 
musicians, filmmakers, novelists, journalists and   content creators of all sorts are going to 
be able to use NFTs and other smart contract   based technologies to get paid directly for their 

YouTube disrupted the record labels and now   decentralized finance is going to disrupt YouTube 
and other traditional publishing platforms.   To be honest though, we’re still not sure exactly 
how this new blockchain economy is going to work.   It’s  really like the late 
1990s with the internet.   Those who understood the technology 
recognized that the internet was going to   change everything, but it was hard to 
predict exactly how it would all play out.  Crypto builders are creating new 
digital economies that are faster,   more efficient, more empowering, and 
more inclusive than what we have now.   If you’re already here today that’s pretty 

You’re getting involved at the ground   level and everything is just going to get 
bigger and better in the years to come. 

  One of the most common criticisms of Bitcoin is 
that you can’t buy anything with it. Honestly,   it’s a fair point. BTC is definitely not very 
good for small purchases. The fees are too high   and the wait time is too long. However, what 
about spending Bitcoin on a shiny new car?  If you’re buying a car it doesn’t matter 
if you spend $5 on a transaction and have   to wait an hour.

It’s still easier than 
sending a bank transfer or delivering a   paper check from the bank. That’s why we think 
it’s pretty cool that HGreg, a dealership with   30 locations throughout North America, is going 
to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.  That’s not the end of the story either. HGreg   is planning to keep a portion of all the BTC 
that they receive on their balance sheet.  What can you buy with your Bitcoin? Just about 
any kind of car you want.

HGreg sells everything   from the proverbial Lamborghini right down 
to the used Toyota. If Bitcoin goes as high   as some people are predicting, 1 BTC will be 
enough to get you a mint condition Porsch 911. Speaking of buying stuff with your crypto, 
the Dallas Mavericks are going to accept   DOGE coin! The meme-based cryptocurrency has 
been getting a lot of attention since Elon Musk   started pumping it a few weeks ago and Mavs 
fans can now buy sports gear and tickets   with their DOGE. 

There are more examples of 
how to use your crypto to purchase everyday   things such as groceries from whole foods on to booking your vacation on So there you go, next time someone 
tells you that you can’t buy anything   with crypto you can show them the 2 Bitcoin 
Lamborghini that you’ve got your eye on.  It’s truly an exciting time to be 
involved with crypto since we’re   witnessing the very first stages of 
DLT technology changing the world.

We hope you had a great week and have some good 
plans for the weekend. Spring is just around   the corner and even though BTC is taking 
a break, the pauses in big bull markets   don’t tend to last long. 

Until next time hodl on!.

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