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latest news from crypt world let's talk market updates cryptocap
approached 300 billion dollars the digital currency economy is steadily
approaching as 300 billion dollar market cap is a
large number of points are showing decent growth prepped
economies as a force to be reckoned with its
number of digital assets has grown in value this week
bitcoin fluctuates between 9 900 and 9950 during late day trading
sessions btc is up over 2.3 at bdc's total market
is just above that 182.6 billion dollars mark despite the higher
price bdc's dominance ratio is lower than since june 2019
on sunday btc touched five digits that price which just have not seen
since the first week of june ethereum has outpassed btc significantly as the
coin is now trading at 307 dollars per coin
edh is up three point six percent today and thirty percent of the week
compared to an eight percent rise in bdc in seven days
bitcoin cash jumps to 253 range sunday money ethereum
cryptocurrency rate source to annual high
the second largest asset by capitalization reached its maximum
since june 2019.

According to the analytical resource queue the volume of
edh option trading also reached a record high exceeding that 150 million
dollars level on the dairybd exchange nevertheless the
drivers of the rise in the price of edh are mainly the growth
of decentralized finance products deployed on the ethereum blockchain
and not the recovery to the previous high of the oldest cryptocurrency
however along with the growth of activity
commission costs continue to grow the average daily commission level on
the ethereum network returns on january 2018 values and has
already skyrocked to 1.51 crypto exchange coinbase reveals how
many users it has coinbase continues to see
phenomenal growth according to a new report
it now has over 35 million users in 100 countries san francisco-based
coinbase say that it's crypto h1 2020 review that is now
operates in the largest regulated exchange in the world and continues to
grow this has always been the goal of
coinbase the exchange has its prime platform for
financial institutions looking to trade business funds and coinbase custody
which provides financial institutions with
reliable means of storing digital assets the coinbase
cryptocurrency review also noted the explosion in
decentralized finance which was fueled in part by the exchange last month i it
listed one of the best defy tokens last month
and its december gave its users the opportunity to earn
dai by opening adapt collateralized position
on the market platform espn announced online games that allow
bitcoin deposit and withdrawal espn global has announced the launch of
the blockchain gaming platform that will allow competitors to deposit
and withdraw funds using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
through crypto pay the platform also integrates
satoshi's treasure online treasure hunt with one
billion dollars bitcoins to be split among 1 000 winners in the june 23rd
statement the uk based company said it was in preparation for launch a platform
that will offer some of the most popular games in a single mobile app for
crypto prizes blockchain technology will allow decentralized the verification and
support of transactions with the platform illegal crypto mining
is booming in the republic of aphadia the republic of haji is witnessing a
surge in crypto mining activities despite crypto related activities being
illegal since 2018.

Customs have reported that mining hardware worth
over 589 thousand dollars has crossed the border of the past six months
according to nujaya gazetta importing the crypto mining rigs remain legally
permissible importers are required to pay taxes equal to one percent of the
hardware's worth and a vat of 10 china backed cryptoguru
wants to unify the world's blockchain the little-known startup had one of the
most ambitious plans to breach all the differences between thousands of
different platforms and it got the backing of the chinese
government being based raid day technology is a backbone of
china's first government blockchain initiative
conceived as a one-stop shop for developers to build decentralized
applications for everything from monetary transactions to
tracking drug delivery since it launched in april the
blockchain-based service network has attracted more than six thousand
corporate government and individual users
mostly from china according to ceo he yifung
the startup's goal is to spread bsn around the world allowing anyone to
build blockchain based applications without having to publish
proposal in isolated platforms waste readings claim
one crypto will be the center of the billion dollar revolution
and it's not bitcoin u.s investment analysis
from waste rating says the billion dollar cryptocurrency
is in full swing with one cryptocurrency to
take santa's take in a post published on saturday
waze ratings says the chime link oracle network is well placed to leverage the
growing growth of smart contracts and
decentralized finance d5 platforms are not high right now
with almost one billion dollar in collateral oracle's extend
not only defy but everything that second and third generation cryptography does
so it's hardly an exaggeration so that chain link will be at the heart of the
crypto revolution going forward chain link is designed to change the
game by acting as a breach between real data and data
on the chain the oracle network takes data off the
blockchain and transfers it along the chain so guys that is all news
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