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with us and let's talk bitcoin overcomes   serious resistance twelve thousand dollars 
bitcoin price raises more than two percent   bitcoin price gained bullish momentum after 
successfully closing above the eleven thousand   five hundred sixty resistance bdc even broke 
through the eleven thousand eight resistance   and settled well above the 100 hour simple moving 
average as a result the bulls gained strength and   were able to push the price above the 12 000 
resistance a new weekly high has formed around   sixty 1260 and the price is currently showing 
many positive signals initial support for bitcoin   is around twelve thousand fifty dollars this is 
close to the 23 fibonacci retracement level of the   recent rally from a low of eleven thousand eight 
hundred seventy to a high of twelve thousand one   hundred fifty eight average bitcoin transaction 
value increased five hundred percent since july   the average bitcoin transaction is now worth over 
150 000 the average transaction cost for a month   ago was approximately 25 000 per transaction 
but on october 20th the annual maximum cost of   151 000 per transfer was reached representing an 
increase of more than 500 percent the average cost   of 151 000 is 190 times the average ethereum 
transaction cost of 793 dollars suggesting a   significantly greater institutional presence in 
the bitcoin markets altcoins lose over 4 billion   in market capitalization altcoin market is 
in dark red in the last 24 hours some leading   cryptocurrencies are losing four to ten percent 
according to charts on coin market cap altcoins   have lost over four billion dollars in combined 
market capitalization in the last 24 hours among   the top 10 cryptocurrencies chain link lost 
the most percentage terms and fell 7.75 percent   link is trading at 10.41 with a market cap of 
over 4 billion other biggest losers in the altcoin   space are ethereum which shed 3.28 xrp which had 
446 finance coin which had six percent and cardena   with shed six point sixty eight percent oh 
cax receives period of purified trading for   chinese youth crypto exchange all cacs will 
resume peer-to-peer fire trading from eight hkt   on october 21.

Cryptocurrency exchange okeech 
said in a statement on wednesday that it will   resume the peer-to-peer funnel for exchanging fire 
currencies for cryptocurrencies for the chinese   yuan vietnamese dong and indian rupee starting 
at eight zero pm hong kong time in october 21st   oh giggs has disabled the pdp interface for 
exchanging fight for cryptocurrency after   announcing the suspension of withdrawal of crypto 
assets from the platform last friday studying that   is out of contact with the owner of the private 
key who has collaborated with the public security   bureau peer-to-peer nft sales skyrocket is the 
average purchase price increases 7x the total   volume of nft during its existence on the ethereum 
blockchain alone has exceeded 120 million dollars   from nfts presenting nba final movements to crypto 
industry character cards the total lifespan of   nfts on the ethereum blockchain alone exceeded 120 
million dollars according to crypto research fear   missouri messiah's research tracked demand for nft 
which includes digital art collectibilities and   in-game items during the third quarter it found 
that the cumulative number of users who interacted   with the nft open c peer-to-peer marketplace 
exceeded 25 000 and that the total platform volume   reached a record 2 million dollars in september 
signature bank increases deposits by 1 billion   in q3 driven by notable growth from stablecoin 
issuers signature bank deposits increase 4.11   billion dollars in qs3 the one billion dollars 
added in the third quarter counted for a quarter   of the bank's new deposits of 4.11 billion dollars 
up 8 about 30 of signatures total deposits of   54.33 billion dollars where 16.2 billion dollars 
are interest-free which is usually the case   for deposits in the crypto industry signature 
deposits increased marginally to 66 basis points   from 56 basis points in the second quarter the 
bahamas launched the world's first cbdc the stand   dollar this makes the bahamas one of the first 
countries in the world to officially launch   cbdc beyond the pilot program the central bank 
digital currency was made available to all   393 000 resistance of the bahamas from 
approximately 10 pm udc according to a facebook   post by project sand dollar in october 20.

makes the bahamas the first country in the world   to officially implement cbdc according to the sand 
dollar website resistance of the bahamas can use   digital currency at any mall with a central 
bank approved e-wallet on their mobile device   and the transaction fees are negligible the 
central bank has selected the transaction   provider nzii to provider of technology solutions 
for the implementation of the digital currency   defined deja vu as launch of another sales 
project by andrea cronier investors suffered   losses after rushing to trade their own token 
of andrew cronier's latest experiment with d5   earned finance creator andrea cronier has de 
discretely published his third protocol to github   since august 19 dubbed the keep 3r network despite 
the lack on an official launch announcement and   the key 3rd documentation starting the protocol is 
in beta testing overly temptatious investors have   rushed to invest in the project again many of whom 
have already suffered losses the new project was   noticed by people following crunches github on 
ethereum address with cron interacting directly   with the code from his personal wallet kikenzak 
reached 5 million dollars guilty and protracted   legal battle kik has raised an agreement with 
sac to pay a five million dollar fine in its   case against king the history of the lawsuit 
between kieg and the sack seems to be coming   to an end the sack filled a motion with the 
southern district court of new york to close   the case and impose a 5 million dollars fine kik 
was sued for issuing and selling unregistered   securities through the ico of its kin token the 
charge was filled just as the sack launched a   similar lawsuit against the telegram ico ton kik 
accepted an amicable settlement that has not yet   been approved by new york court in the litigation 
countries the parties will contest approximately   100 million dollars plus related administrative 
costs and various legal fees 9 trillion fried   shipping companies approved development of joint 
blockchain platform it could become the first   of its kind blocked in offshore cargo platform in 
the region chile's national economic prosecutor's   office have given permission for nine national 
cargo shipping companies to establish a joint   venture to develop a blockchain platform the 
first of its kind in the region according   to the mundo the platform will be 
called the global shipping business network or   gsbn it focuses on handling all processes related 
to c cargo such as document assistance and cargo   clearance among other services it is also expected 
that the solution will be offered to all the   companies in the industry not just those involved 
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