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let's start the working day for all cryptocurrencies
from the top 10 of the coin market crop resource
capitalization rating began with a positive bitcoin is trading
slightly about 11 000 chain link has rising in price
most of all by three percent its price is now more than
fifteen 15 bitcoin sv suffered the most during the
day its price fell by one percent xrp
also became cheaper by 0.8 percent bitcoin investors discuss the prospects
for the movement of the cryptocurrency rate
not everyone sees the growth prospects of the digital
asset in the near future according to the creator of one of the most popular
technical analysis indicators john bollinger the current decline in
the bdc rate has opened up the opportunity for investors to
profitability purchase cryptocurrency for a long time
willy woo a popular analyst and the crypto community
in turn sees the prospects for further decline in bitcoin
he explained his point of view by the peculiarities of the position
of the cryptocurrency rate the current state he said
was processed by growth behind it from the point of view of technical analysis
correction should begin the later may lead the cryptocurrency rate to fall
indian p2b cryptocurrency market triples despite regulatory uncertainty
in addition to the surge in the indian pdp market in recent months
the dfi sector in the country is gaining momentum
according to data from aggregated bitcoin btc peer-to-peer trading
platforms packs full and local bitcoins weekly trading
volumes in india have been growing steadily since april
for example during the first week of august the btc domestic
trade quad was 4.4 million dollars sharply higher than the 1.52 million
dollars weekly trading volume scene in the first week of january 2020.

downtrend looming for chain link fundamentals remains strong
the chain link prize is facing a further downtrend according to technical chart
analyst as noted by an analysis incredible
crypto the link price has hit five lower heights since the 20
drop which is a strong bearish sign according to the analysis the focus is
now on the 13.5 dollars to 12.9
range which can serve as support later status via twitter shared a much more
very short look the analysts say chan link could
eventually visit for the lows as there is no
significant support for their 12 and 50 level
with link continuing to suffer losses relatively to bitcoin price
it expects link to fall to the 9 support level brazilian legislator
proposes cryptographic rules for a country that does not if
laws are passed they will bring long-awaited
legal clarity to brazil's fully unregulated cryptocurrency senator
atronica a member of the social liberal party of brazil
outlined on monday the rules for the business of virtual assets custodians
and issuers consumer protection cryptocurrency taxation prosecution and
institution of oversight in brazil pyramid planners
and crypto scammers will face new hit the tronica bill outlines triggers
penalties and proposes amendment to brazil's existing financial
crime laws that will apply to cryptocurrency as well
crypto exchange cointrack launched first ieo in japan
coincheck announced that it will support the domestic company
in launching the country's first ipo the hash plat platform which
distributes content such as japanese graphic novels
anime and music is aiming to raise nearly
1 billion pounds through its token sale on coin desk
coin desk japan reports coin check which is now part of the monarch's group was
forced to gain the trust of japanese financial authorities
after the exchange was hacked for 500 million dollars in 2018 which became one
of the largest hacks in the history of cryptography my nerium launched
cryptocurrency with up to 50 percent yield my nerum has released a
new crypto bond allowing investors to earn up to 50
per year on their digital assets launched in
april 2017 with an airdrop at the first self mining smart contract
mineriam allows users to generate new coins without the need of crypto mining
hardware allowing the code to do all the work in
march 2020 the project went through a new airdrop which featured nearly
1.2 million addresses and added various new features such as
decentralized trading betting and lucky draws
probably fair one play police arrested south korean cryptocurrency exchange
coinbase for allegedly overstating trading volumes
coinbeat has ceased operations and need an ongoing police investigation
south korea's oldest newspaper sioux shin moon reported on the wednesday
saying coinbase offices has been ransacked on charge of fraud the
exchange is accused of using several ghost accounts to increase
trading volumes around 99 percent of coinbase trading volume is reported to
have taken place in recent months resulting in unfair profits of at
least 100 billion won for the exchange and its team italic
butarian does not consider the national blockchain network of the prc
a competitor ethereum co-founder vitalik buterin believes that it will be
difficult for the chinese authorities to achieve the international popularity
of their national blockchain network buterin said that for
bsn to be internationally approved project representatives must gain the
trust of potential users in his opinion what chinese developers
are currently offering is not enough vitalik buterin also drew attention to
the high level of centralization of bsn users of the project in his opinion is
becoming dependent on the decisions of its managers the
developers shared this point of view during an interview
with tech note new sec rules for equity tied investors will make icos
more accessible then us ec rules for accredited investors will allow more
people to invest in early token sales in accordance with u.s law only credited
investors can buy cryptocurrency through token sale and ico
meanwhile the general public and trade any cryptocurrency on the exchange
only after the competition of its ico in practice this means that only
wealthy investors have access to early investment opportunities
the new sac rules means that individuals can become accredited investors by
proving their knowledge experience or certifications crypto exchange ftx
buys popular block folio app for 150 million dollars fast growing
ftx has acquired portfolio management app block polio for
150 million dollars after yx acquired block folio for 150 million dollars
according to a conversation between crypto briefing and seals edward moncada
and sam bachmanfried that deal is likely to result in the fast growing exchange
adding millions of users to each platform
that is all news for now guys thank you for your attention but if you still have
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