hi guys! and welcome back to our channel wondering 
how is bitcoin ethereum and other cryptocurrencies   you're in the right place do not switch we're 
gonna talk about the latest news going in crypto   world let's start bitcoin mimics wall street and 
rises about ten point eight hundred thousand as   altcoins rejoice bitcoin followed the rise in 
vault street prices and jumped one percent to   around ten point eight hundred thousand dollars 
bitcoin's rise seems to be correlated with the   us stock market the s p 500 nasdaq composed it 
in dojo's industrial average finished yesterday   trading session with gains of about one percent 
gold has shown unusually highly volatility the   precious metal jumped from 1880 to 1 900 then fell 
again and repeated this movement again in a matter   of hours ethereum climbed about dollars after 
the jump of almost 2 percent ripple and bitcoin   cash has shown marginal gains and are at about the 
same level as yesterday 0.241 and 228 respectively   spending 5 over ten cents ada actually surpassed coin to come in at the 10th place   singularity net size ethereum 2.0 is lack of 
clarity when planning immigration to cardano   singularity net announces plans to move much of 
its network from ethereum to cardano blockchain   singularitynet has announced plans to move a 
significant portion of its network from ethereum   to the iohk managed cardano blockchain due to 
upcoming kardan updates that include the plots   smart contract framework another interesting 
detail in the announcement was the singularity   net believe that problems with the speed and 
cost of the ethereum blockchain and lack of   clarity regarding the edh 2.0 update were the main 
reasons the company was looking for an alternative   singularity net announced plans to move much of 
its network from ethereum to cardano blockchain   bitcoin sv activity rises 761 percent ahead of 
bsv conference the active addresses and number of   transactions in the bitcoin sv network have grown 
incredibly in two days bsv's active address grew   from 110 000 to nine hundred forty seven thousand 
in two days meanwhile the average transaction cost   of the same period fell by two thirds that's 
an astounding growth rate 761 percent just two   days before coin g clive which kicked off on 
september 30 at 9 00 am new york time and runs   through october 2nd however it is possible that 
the spiking activity could be just a coincidence   as there are unusual spikes in activity on the 
network from time to time bitflyer opens japanese   bitcoin market for european traders with flyer 
europe provides its european bitcoin traders   with direct access to the japanese liquidity of 
its parent exchange in tokyo announced wednesday   the cross-border initiative opens up major 
japanese bitcoin markets for european traders   looking for a bitcoin and japanese yen trading 
pair big flyers said in a press statement that   the new approach makes it easier for these traders 
to access liquidity by eliminating the requirement   for multiple accounts longer term bid flyers set 
it plans to unlock cross-border trading pairs in   three active regions europe japan and the united 
states institutional crypto platform would trade   raises 10 million dollar in investment round wood 
trade raises 10 million dollars in private round   of fundraising would trade at taiwanese liquidity 
and crypto asset exchange platform targeting   institutions has completed a 10 million dollars 
private investment round led by dragonfly capital   among the investors in the round are well known 
cryptocurrencies including husky capital three   arrows capital and the venture wing for d5 capital 
the newly raised funds will be used to expand   the wood trade team and support future product 
launches crypto startups sold should offer 47   million dollar ico response sec accused salt 
landing of illegally selling and unregistered   security the u.s securities and exchange 
commission announced that south blockchain   the company behind the cryptocurrency enabled 
salt landing loan service it's due to reimburse   customers who purchased its salt tokens 
during the initial coin offering in 2017.   according to the sac ico is an illegal placement 
of and registered securities overall the ico   raised 47 million dollars from june to december 17 
although additional sale tokens worth 1.2 million   dollars were sold until august 2019.

Flurry opens 
1.5 million dollar contract with bbc through   latest vc blockchain startup flurry has rise 2.5 
million dollar in additional funding from venture   capital bakers the new capital increases fleur 
public benefit corporations total seed funding   to 6.5 million dollars flurries public relations 
manager kevin doubleday said he is also opening a   1.5 million dollar difference contract promised to 
top up the u.s air force small business innovation   research program iota introduces new products 
with jaguar land rover and st micro electronics   the iota foundation has unveiled its new product 
iota xs in their medium past on september 30th the   iota foundation unveiled their new product iota 
access the announcement was made with iota's first   major launch partners including luxury car giant 
jaguar land rover and international semiconductor   manufacturer stm microelectronics iota access is 
an open source environment that that the name to   suggest they're capable of providing remote 
decentralized and contactless assets to smart   devices australian government digital business 
plan includes 5 million on blockchain australian   prime minister announces largest federal 
government investment in blockchain this   week the australian government released its 574 
million digital business plan which includes seven   figure grants for distributed ledger technology 
initiatives announced by prime minister scott   morrison ahead of the next week federal budget and 
the plan calls for 4.95 million dollars in support   of two blockchain pilot projects aims at reducing 
business compliance costs one inch founded by   nance labs partners with hacking to solve d5 
security challenge one inch announced that   it's partnering with keyboard security solution 
provider hacking the centralized crypt exchange   one inch announced that is partnering with cyber 
security solutions provider hacken to improve   platform security by auditing its code apis and 
infrastructure according to the press release the   hacking team will focus in particular and working 
as auditor for cryptocurrency exchanges hacking   previously made headlines after announcing its 
integration with chain links decentralized oracles   a development that will make data more accessible 
to decentralized applications so guys these are   all news for now thank you for your attention but 
if you still have any question you can always ask   them in our comment section below this video have 
a great day stay safe hope to see you soon bye you

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