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for all cryptocurrencies from the top 10 of the coin market cap resource
capitalization rating with a positive movement
bitcoin is trading at 11.8 000 during the day the cryptocurrency rate
increased by 0.9 percent finance coin has the best positive
movement result during the day the cryptocurrency has
risen in price by more than eight percent ethereum has risen in
price by five percent its price is over 477
bitcoin investors talked about expectations from the movement of the
cryptocurrency rate many see the prospects for the growth of
the asset rate the movement of the bitcoin rate
according to analysis that econometrics is the line with the
expectations of the assets behavior against the background of housing
in their opinion the opportunity for growth to the level of the 41 thousand
dollars by the end of the year is open before the cryptocurrency
analysts have built a forecast based on the btc rate movement
after previous halvings experts believe that a positive impulse will be
able to bring bitcoin the level of four hundred thousand dollars already in may


Revolut adds bitcoin cash and litecoin
support for u.s customers following the launch of the
new cryptocurrency exchange revolut in the u.s the company has added bitcoin
cash and litecoin support six weeks ago revolt launched a new
exchange in the us and the platform initially supported
bitcoin and ethereum revolt added support for bitcoin cash and litecoin to
the exchanges crypto asset lease today revolt says the trading platform allows
users to seamlessly exchange digital assets with the click
of a button leading swiss insurers start accepting
bitcoin and ethereum a two-pre health insurance
major health insurance provider in switzerland has begun accepting payments
in bitcoin and ethereum the insurance company will receive fine
money after exchanging digital assets through the bitcoin swiss cryptocurrency
company 200 000 clients the audrey health
insurance service annually the company’s sales in 2019 amounted almost
887 million dollars in 2021 bitcoin swiss plans to conduct
an sto with access to the stock exchange ethereum gas fee reached five hundred
thousand dollars ethereum miners earned a report five
hundred thousand dollars in one hour raising concerns about network stability
transaction fees on the ethereum network recently hit a new
hourly record according to glass node and network analyst firm the network
miners earned over five hundred thousand dollars in just one hour today
and ether was growing currently reaching a 20-20 height
of 486 dollars either is up 10 the surging network activity is believed
to be related to the launch of sushi swap a fork of uni swap
that has a total value of 1 billion dollars locked in less than 24 hours
could california become its own crypto country
cal exit is now an independent cryptocurrency friendly initiative the
brexit-inspired plan aims to make california a separate
country from the united states the people behind the plan are now
looking to make cryptocurrencies the financial backbone
of the proposed nation tesla will reduce the serum congestion with zk relapse
implementing layer 2 scaling and tether will help reduce the load on the
contested ethereum network tether the largest stablecoin issues in
the world plans to add support of zk rollops a layer t solution that will
reduce the load on the ethereum network paolo ordonio ceo of the company said zk
rollops is the most complete and most preferred ethereum scaling solution
currently available on the market the integration of the solution will
allow tether to store all data on the chain instead of
relying on a side chain ethereum transaction fee
set record again as d5 gets even more expensive
ethereum’s transaction fee swore to new all-time highs for the second time in
three weeks as of tuesday average and median transactions
see forwarded as record heights of 10 dollars and 5.68 respectively as
transaction fees continue to rise largely due to continued growth to the
finance defy is slowly becoming a game for the rich
only said vitam the ethereum analyst at missouri ethereum butarian compares
yields to printing paper money ethereum inventor vitalik buterin
compared the methods of growing a crop to printing paper money by central banks
vitalik buterin aggregately the most critical voice
among ethereum leaders has won against spoken out against grown
crops in the defy sector from the very beginning
of the d5 fever budarian questioned the stability of the market
however investors continued to invest in it and the total locked value in the d5
ethereum sector has reached a new all-time high
at 9.03 billion dollars in the last two days alone he raised two billion dollars
a ripple japanese miyazaki bank becomes a shareholder of moneytab
the 37th financial institution in japan along with miyazaki bank
joins the money tab project as a shareholder
yoshikata kitau president and ceo of sbi holdings announced yesterday that
miyazaki bank japan’s 37th financial institution will become a shareholder in
moneytab the smartphone app will already release
two years ago for ios and android through a joint venture between
japan’s sbi and ripple group sbi ripple asia
as stated in the official press release from sbi holdings
miyazaki bank will now participate in community financing of the project
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