hi guys and welcome! in today's episode
we're gonna talk about the latest news from bitcoin
and other hottest news happening in crypt world
right now let's start bitcoin hits 12 day high on stock market recovery
bitcoin's 3.5 rise leads to its highest price level in about
12 days bitcoin regained some market dominance when it surpassed
10 700 several alternatives followed this move with bitcoin cash
rallying seven percent and overtaking bnb and link in sixth place
bitcoin has made another try in the last 24 hours however
the time has was more successful bitcoin bounced back the february 2020 height of
10 500 and continued to move to its
intraday high of around ten thousand eight hundred and forty dollars
the highest price bitcoin has hit in the past 12 days
the asset has rebounded since the and it's currently
at 10 700 bitcoin exchange packs full exits venezuela citing u.s
sanctions paxful said goodbye to its venezuelan
users in a twitter post the baxfield team explained that the honors rules do
not come from venezuela but are linked to the office of foreign assets control
which is part of the u.s treasury department
of ac sanctions against venezuela prevent americans from doing business
with the venezuelan government or state-owned enterprises as well as
deriving many other opportunities they also add documents for financial
institutions in the country over one billion dollar
in bitcoin has been tokenized for d5 nearly 100 000 bitcoins are now
tokenized on ethereum according to d5 plus about 98
300 bdc worth 1.05 billion dollars has been tokenized using protocols
other than block streams lightning network accounting for
over twelve percent in the d5 sector combined
8.57 billion dollar capitalization closer to annual high's interest in d5
integration grows the binance d5 integration is causing a
sergeant network activity sparking interest in binance coin
defy's recent integration into binance smart chain has resulted in an increase
in transactions and activity from projects such as
bakery swap burger swap and cream finance according to binance smart chain
data burger swap attracts up to 400 million dollars in bad volume
in just 24 hours according to bsc scan daily transaction
activity has also increased bnb is backed by binance the exchange
encourages users to pay fees using bnb thereby increasing the
demand for the token swisscom blockchain receives polka dot
development grant from vap3 foundation swisscom blockchain was
awarded a development grant further developed paul cadot from the
webster foundation the web 3 foundation oversees the
development of the polkadot ecosystem on september 10th it was
announced that the foundation has provided an undisclosed grant to develop
the distributed ledger division of telecommunication giant swisscom
these tools will enable swisscom blockchain to work on the successful
deployment of the kubernetes operator a set of tools that will make it easier
to securely launch pocket dot validator nodes
it will also enhance pass security on polka dot and its kusama testnet
protecting the server's funds from outside attacks iran's cryptominers can
be used to finance car imports the private sector is
dissatisfied with the country's local paper money
according to airs digital golem hussein mozafficio
the quiche free zone organization hopes that the iranian government will approve
a proposal to use cryptocurrency funds such as bitcoin to pay for car
imports in kish island in iran the decision will be made by the central
bank of iran which has started in the past
that this type of financing will not be possible due to the
hebrew inflation of the rile the national currency the iranian government
recently took down over a thousand crypto mining farms that
operated without a license microstrategy says
it can increase its bitcoin holdings up to 250 million
dollar for each new application microstrategy made a splash by dividing
some of its strategic capital into bitcoin
microstrategy previously indicated that it views bitcoin and other alternative
investments as a means of preventing inflation nothing that it makes sense to
move our treasury assets into some investment that cannot be
inflated or less likely to be inflated a new feeling from september 14
indicates the company may be considering additional bitcoin purchases
set labs teams up with d5 paws to launch one click exposure index set labs has
launched a new decentralized financial index product in partnership with d5
pulse the d5 pulse index will also users to
invest in 10 popular d5 tokens available in ethereum including land
efi comp and snx instead of mentally purchasing these defy assets on
different exchanges users only need to pay the ethereum network fee wants to
buy and sell the index d5 policy index rises to 640 million
dollar the nudify index token from data
provider d5 pulse and sap protocol have been popular since its
loan the d5 pulse index or dpi was complied
in collaboration with sad protocol which provides token sas to expand reach and
build a balanced portfolio said prodigal co-founder and ceo of alex
fan noticed that the dpi uni swap liquidity pool worked
very well in early hours of trading the total volume of the first day september
14 was about 1.3 million dollars and the daily return
of the pool according to fang was 2.6 cars double a synthetics and seven more
members joined the global defy aliens pogba's
global defy alliance has announced 10 new members the huobi decentralized
finance consortium dubbed the global defy alliance admitted
10 new members bringing the total membership to 15.

entrance include d5 heavyweights curve finance
harvest synthetics balancer loop ring zapper
zarian beat pie mikey and coin gco they joined the foundation members to
explore cross-border collaboration opportunities and to foster the
development of the defy ecosystem so guys these are all news for
now thank you for your attention but if you still have any question you can
always ask them in our comment section below this video
have a great day hope to see you tomorrow bye bye stay safe you

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