Crypto news: Dogecoin TikTok, VeChain Bull and book your travel with Bitcoin

what do you get when you cross an epic
cryptocurrency meme with the fastest growing social network you get a happy doge
we're gonna dig into the latest tick tock craze and take a look at what other
coins hit their all-time high this week the possible future connection of
coinbase and wall street and how to book your next vacay with crypto
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other crypto related videos everybody's favorite shibe took a moonshot this week
and jumped 43 percent in 24 hours after a video on the popular
social media platform tock went viral and proposed a challenge
to pump the price of dogecoin to a dollar
tick tock user hux 8 did some quick math and said
let's all get rich dogecoin is practically worthless there are 800
million tick tock users invest just 25 once the stock hits one dollar you'll
have 10 grand he says tell everyone you know this of course is not financial advice
and in order to pump doge to the one dollar mark it would still need to gain
another 23 000
however it was enough for doge to blow through cell walls and provide momentum
in awareness of crypto even if it's only a meme seriously though this pump was enough
for three major crypto exchanges to add additional doge support
binance okex and bitfinex have each taken doge speculation to another level
with various product offerings binance has added
doge futures with up to 50 times leverage okex is offering doge spot
trading and a usdt swap with 20 times leverage
and on july 10 2020 bitfinex is adding support for
mdoge megadogecoin with a 1 to 1 million
conversion rate do you think leverage trading for doge is a good idea will
brand new crypto holders stick with their doge
or will they move on to other coins and what are your price predictions for the
shy will it ever be worth a dollar let us
know in the comments below and if you're in the market for a luxury dog house
exodus has built one on the moon for your beloved dogecoin
exodus is a crypto application for your mobile device or your desktop that is
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this week we also saw v-chain jump past tron to become the biggest coin from
china the speculation has been tossed back and
forth since early june as vets social metrics
started to explode hinting at an increased interest and a
possible bull run and the markets did not disappoint as v
chain hit an all-time high of just over two cents on july 8th after an
impressive 600 percent run is this massive rally built on hype or
is v chain seeing real world adoption in supply chain tracking
on the blockchain you can click the link above for our v chain explainer video
as well as see how to stake your bet and earn rewards
one of the largest cryptocurrency companies in the space has started to
investigate going public with an offering in the u.s stock market
this is just a rumor at the moment and the current speculation is
coinbase will not go the ipo route and instead
opt for a direct listing direct listing a company stock has advantages over the
traditional ipo process first because by going public the
company provides immediate liquidity for existing
shareholders by allowing them to freely sell their
shares in the public market right away as opposed to waiting
six to twelve months with an ipo secondly
the cost of the process is much lower than the cost of an ipo
direct listing helps companies avoid hefty fees paid to investment banks
traditionally investment banks have acted as the financial intermediaries
that get paid big bucks to underwrite ipo deals while
taking a lot of the liability is this marriage
of crypto and wall street good for the ecosystem or will it
eventually lead to the same wealth gaps that are already embedded
into our current financial system i would love to hear your thoughts in the
comments below who wants a vacation i'm sure many of us
do especially with the worldwide restrictions on travel
admits the global pandemic of covet 19.

there are many travel outlets who are
doing everything they can to help travelers
safely enjoy their getaway and make trips more accessible
this week major vacation booking site expedia partnered with so
you can book your vacation with crypto this means over 700
000 accommodations can be paid for with bitcoin
where are you gonna go let us know in the comments below and remember to hit
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weekly videos from exodus until next time hold on.

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