Crypto News – Dogecoin Price Prediction: [DOGE] Soon Reaching $1? – Bitcoin News

In today's crypto news. Do you know why the price of Dogecoin is soaring? DogeCoin reached 69 cents on Wednesday, well above the 10 cents predicted by traders in January. Although DogeCoin is hailed as a joke cryptocurrency, the price increase this week is There is no laughing matter. Altcoins hit a record high of 69 cents on Wednesday morning. Despite the sudden price increase, it is still a glorious year for DogeCoin Another milestone of January 2021, when the price of the coin is about one cent, Doge fans are looking forward to The value of the coin reaches 10 cents.

Over the weekend, the price of DogeCoin started to rise. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is DogeCoin One of the most prominent supporters, his tweets promoting cryptocurrencies tend to cause Value increase. Musk recently on Saturday night, May 8 Mentioned his appearance and residence. The memecoin has also been listed on eToro and Gemini, which has caused tremendous development Its tentacles. ETORO alone has 20 million users, and now all these users can easily access Purchase DogeCoin for its services. Robinhood stated that due to The surge, cryptocurrency transactions caused problems for the app DogeCoin activity. The two largest cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but underneath them is a whole Smaller hosts are sometimes called "shitcoins". This cryptocurrency, called altcoin, is similar to penny stocks. Many people desire Not just trading assets, or claiming to solve all aspects of the Ethereum blockchain -Most altcoins run on it.

The other type is "memecoins", which are trending only because they are And the volatility is interesting. DogeCoin first triggered the memecoin trend, but today there are countless imposters. For example, Meme was launched in August at a price of $1, and the current transaction price exceeds $2,000. Thanks for watching! For free encrypted wallet and 50 GB of free encrypted cloud storage, please visit The link in the description below. See you in the next video!.

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