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In Crypto News today. Entry of Dogecoin (DOGE) on Tron Blockchain. DOGE, the meme code that has become popular on the Internet, is now available on Tron network. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, was announced on Twitter. He explained that Tron now supports DogeCoin on Poloniex, JustSwap, JustLend, and Additionally, Dogecoin holders will soon be able to receive interest on their property By converting their coins into USDT on the Tron Network. In an instant, reveals that the Tron blockchain contains 50 million DOGE tokens In total, they both represent DOGE and Tron Network in real time. This means that Dogecoin will get 50 million Tron.

The dogecoin community awaits the live performance of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, on Saturday night Live yesterday. Mr. Musk has been summoned as the unofficial leader of the DOGE community on several occasions. Dogecoin reached an all-time high of $ 0.7376 several hours before the Saturday Night Live broadcast. However, DOGE soon began to drop in price and its value decreased by more than 30% once it was offered Aired. A variety of charts have been created that show the Dogecoin price before and after the offer. It's clear on the charts that Dogecoin dropped as much as $ 0.47 during the episode From Saturday Night Live.

However, Dogecoin has bounced hard to retake the $ 0.50 price zone as support. When this article was written, Dogecoin was trading at $ 0.52 and can pass through a feed The consolidation period before taking a final direction. Traders and investors should be aware that the Dogecoin markets tend to be very volatile, As evidenced by the bulky waste during an Elon Musk SNL episode. Since leverage in the futures markets increases the risk, Dogecoin's trading in the spot markets decreases That, while leverage in the futures market can reduce risk. Thanks for watching !! For free crypto wallets and free 50GB encryption cloud storage, please visit the links in the description Below. See you in the next video!.

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