Crypto News: Bitcoin, XRP & Solana PUMPING (FTX NFT Platform to CRUSH 2022)

welcome to bit boy crypto home of the big squad the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben everybody on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and you like crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button uh we've had a lot of requests to do some wrap-up videos at the end of the day give me guys the news that's happening in a shorter format than what we do in the morning so that's what i'm going to attempt to do tonight we're going to be starting by starting or covering market watch look at what's going on in the markets let me give you what i think the top three stories of the day are of course it's a holiday it's a little slow uh but as far as market goes uh right now we're having both theta coins theta and t fuel pumping we're having phantom pumping we're having index pumping we're also having two very interesting coins ftt the ftx token and solana still being pumped by the financial cartel uh xrp absolutely exploding over the last 24 hours and then we look at what is not moving ethereum and cardano both basically sitting still so something to watch there i feel like a big run up is coming for that of course bitcoin coming right now at 52 600 dollars so let's get to the news the number one story of the day and involves el salvador now i think the el salvador story has been quite overblown and overrated in general but it is big news that we do have to pay attention to tomorrow the el salvador bitcoin as legal tender law goes into effect now recently i did a an interview for a documentary that they showed the trailer for recently on facebook uh very interesting stuff i'm going to give you all the reasons in that documentary but i don't think it's going to work but leading up to tomorrow el salvador just bought its first 200 bitcoin now did that have something to do with the price going up today possibly all right next story of the day we are going to be looking at ftx why is ftx pumping well that would be because is now announced an nft minting platform so ftx working on getting into the us derivatives market over the next year they just bought a company to help them with that ledger x and now they will be moving into the nft space financial cartel hand prints fingerprints all over this one definitely definitely definitely uh one to watch and for the third top story of the day i think really the story is cardano and ethereum not moving while the rest of the market is moving up shouldn't be concerning in my opinion they've both had great run-ups over the last couple of weeks uh but definitely something to watch this week look for some big moves from those two coins all right guys we gotta wrap this up in less than three minutes that's the way this one goes that's all i got be blessed if you like this kind of video hit that like button big boy out

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