Crypto News: Bitcoin Beats Gold, Microstrategy, NFTs and Robinhood

Hey Crypto Nation, If you'd like a solid indication that we’re 
in a bull market is every week on this channel we   report on Bitcoin making new all time highs. 
This week is no exception as the crypto news   continues to be positive. Breaking News!! Bitcoin has passed the 1 Trillion dollar mark. A major flipping 
happened within the last 24 hrs, a popular investing website has made a 180 reversal on  its opinion of BTC, MicroStrategy is at it again   and everyone’s new favorite to hate,  RobinHood is 
changing its platform to be more crypto friendly.  Turn up the volume and find your favorite chair,   we’ve got some good news to share with you this 
week and it’s all here on Exodus Crypto news.  If you’ve been following the traditional 
markets you’ll know that Bitcoin   is mooning and gold is languishing.

Even though 
inflation fears are rising and gold has been,   in the past, traditionally the 
world’s best store of value,   the shiny yellow rock is having a hard time making 
new all time highs. 

Orange coin for the win If you just look at the numbers, Bitcoin is   up 80% since January 1st of this 
year, while gold is down 7%.  A lot of people have speculated about why 
this is happening. It would seem like the   same types of macro events, like inflation 
and the collapse of the financial system,   would benefit both gold and Bitcoin.

orange coin goes up and yellow rock goes down.  One reason could be is that Bitcoin simply has 
a lot more room to grow than gold. Most people   who will ever own gold, already own it. While 
only a few percent of the world’s population   owns crypto. As these new buyers step into the 
cryptoverse they’re driving up Bitcoin’s price.  BTC is a growth asset and as more people realize 
that, the trend higher in price just keeps   accelerating. Welcome to the new digital age. 

If you would like to be a part and get paid 100%   in BTC, then click this link right here to hop on 
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vid though and click the link in the description.  If you thought MicroStrategy already has so 
much Bitcoin that they couldn’t possibly buy   any more of the stuff. Well, that simply 
isn’t the case. Gigachad Michael Saylor   is back in the buying market and this time 
he’s offering up a $900 million convertible   note which will be used to buy Bitcoin. 

What this means is Saylor is selling an   IOU ( the note) in exchange for a promise to pay 
back the principal plus interest worth of equity   in MicroStrategy.

This means Investors can get 
exposure to BTC without taking on the RISK of   holding the asset themselves by investing in the 
company that holds it on their balance sheet. Here’s what we think is so interesting 
about this latest offering.  When Saylor first made the announcement the 
plan was for a $600 million offering. Seeing   it get bumped up to $900 million means the 
investment market is hungry for Bitcoin.  Second, check out the interest 
rate on this note! It’s   0%! The only way Saylor could 
possibly offer a 0% note is   if there is so much demand that investors are 
fighting with each other to get in on this.  The whole episode is just more evidence of the 
extreme demand for Bitcoin in the marketplace. 
  One of the emerging themes of 2021 is a 
wave of investors and institutions who   are changing their mind about Bitcoin and crypto.  Howard Marks 
Mark Cuban   Ray Dalio
JP Morgan  Bill Gates The list goes on and the newest entrant is 
Motley Fool, one of the largest websites in the   world that provides investing advice. Back in 2013 
Motley Fool ran an article with the title, quote,  “Why Bitcoin Is a Horrible Investment Idea”  Well it seems that they’ve changed their 

A few days ago Motley Fool announced   that they’re buying $5 million worth of 
Bitcoin and that they believe Bitcoin is   a valuable asset to protect against inflation.  So there you go, another one hater get’s 
orange pilled. The longer Bitcoin is around,   the more recognition it gets.  NFTs are poised to be all the rage 
in 2021. These digital tokens have   been popular with crypto enthusiasts ever 
since Crypto Kitties came on the scene in late 2017,   but we’ve reached that point where a 
niche cultural fad is going mainstream.  The bespoke auction house Christie’s is 
going to sell an NFT for the first time   in history. It’s a digital collage 
done by an artist named Beeple,   who made millions of dollars 
selling some of his NFTs in 2020.  We think this is a really 
big deal for two reasons.  One, it legitimizes NFTs as a real type of 

A lot of people have questioned how art   that’s 100% digital can have value. Admittedly 
it’s a tough concept to wrap your mind around,   but if Christie’s is getting involved 
it shows that NFTs are the real thing.  Secondly, this auction shows how 
crypto culture is going mainstream.   Crypto is breaking out of the box and finally 
gaining the recognition that it deserves.  For years one of the biggest 
criticisms of Robinhood’s crypto   platform is that they didn’t allow withdrawals.  One of the key advantages of crypto is 
that users can control their own money.   They can send their crypto to whoever they want 
and nobody can stop or reverse a transaction.   None of that applies if you’re just holding your 
crypto with Robinhood though. Not your keys,   not your crypto, and the fact that Robinhood is 
going to finally allow withdrawals is a pretty big   deal because it increases the surface of potential 
investors who can now truly own their crypto. This move also puts pressure on other platforms to 
do the same thing. How long before PayPal starts   letting their users withdraw crypto as well? 

BNB has a new #3 badge on its sash as it has   flipped tether to stand on the winners podium. 
And hers where I get to say don’t be a Motley   fool like me.

As an illustration of the 
power of HODLE from my own wallet you can   see just how much I would have it I had just 
held on to my measly 13 BNB since 2019.     The future is here and nothing proves that better 
than the price of gold. The digital product goes   up, the analog product withers in its vault. One 
is forward looking, one is lost in the past.  As always thanks for joining us on this wild 
ride and we’ll see you, next week. HODL on..

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