Crypto Market Review: Reviewing Telegram Requests (May 15th, 2021)

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videos worth it going forward hey guys Altcoin   Sherpa here with a crypto market review today i 
will be reviewing all coins from my telegram group   be sure to join that if you want to check some 
of my updates i also post market reviews and   all my tweets there and today i also did a ta 
request for those people in my telegram so be sure   to join that if you are interested uh i'm just 
going to briefly look at btc usd i'm not going to   go super deep into it i will have a caveat on this 
video that if bitcoin shits the bed then pretty   much all this analysis is probably just going to 
be bad i mean everything's going to be bearish   i recently posted a thread on btc usd as well 
where i am eyeing this 38k level as a potential   area of interest i mean this area right here has 
been tapped over and over again this 45k region   and the one day market structure is 
also bearish in my opinion as well   you can see a trend potential trend change here 
where you are seeing uh lower highs so you see a   bullish market structure here high higher high 
higher high followed by a potential or high   and you see low low low higher low and potential 
lower low here and again potential lower low again   so potential trend change on the daily this 
is never good to see of course and this 45k   area is being tapped over and over again so if 
we see this right here this area as 38k kind of   region an area of interest this is like the area 
that i'm targeting 43k will certainly have some   sort of support in my opinion on the first tap 
since it has not been tapped in quite some time   but the overall market structure on the daily 
does not look super good so with that said i'm   very cautious right now certainly possible that 
uh 38k or so is kind of an area of interest for me   if this happens then i expect to see a big 
shakeout for all coins i think that everything   gets destroyed in this situation if btc goes down 
to 38k certainly possible i mean if you hit uh   really a fib from this entire kind of range you 
can see some support kind of around these areas here uh where like the 0.5 region would be 
like 38k and a 50 retrace is not   unheard of at all in terms of bitcoin 
so this is an area of interest of course   but let's just hope that kind of this 43k 
region continues to hold it's like the   382 fib this is also an area of support so for now 
it's still support but if price spikes down 38k   would kind of be my level of interest myself uh so 
yeah let's just briefly look at some charts these   are all requests from my telegram group as i said 
and let's just go to it link usdt uh this looks   decent it's still a bullish structure of course 
as you can see there is still high higher high   low uh higher low established it's still a 
bullish trend in my opinion the last the last um   well really the entire time it's just a 
bullish trend there were some long slow   periods though where link just basically ranged 
as you can see right here i mean just kind of ping-ponged around in march and then went up 
big dipped down and then it had another run uh   if bitcoin shits to bed then i wouldn't 
be surprised to see this go to like 30k   it's kind of like the area that i would look at 
so you see like one big shakeout and then go up   higher but it's still a bullish trend for now 
i mean you can't you can't argue anything else   uh targets i mean if it depends targets are always 
very difficult to say because it depends on the   style of trade that you are taking uh immediate 
level would be like kind of like this 50k   area would be like my first target for many trades 
but if you're you want to just assume this will go   higher in the long term certainly possible price 
could also ping pong as well and form a higher low   similar to how we saw this right here but 
still bullish until shown otherwise cake usd   t uh doesn't look that great honestly you see 
a decent trend change on the four hour lower   highs all across the board lower lows pretty 
normal first tap of the 786 fib of this area but   when you look at prolonged downtrends you might 
want to fill out the entire entire price action   here and in that case you would see like 
27k is kind of like the area of interest   in that regard um well let me adjust the fib to 
the daily this fib also works so like 26 to 22   would be like my area to buy here uh ema wise i 
mean they're all turning uh bearish i'm assuming   on like the four hour and you can see this 200 
ema on the four hours now kind of interacting   as uh resistance it's interacting 
a lot with price the red line so   for now i'm bearish uh but i believe that 
26 and 22 could be decent entries for this   one you could also see kind of like a 
lot of cell volume coming in as well v-e-t uh still looking somewhat bearish overall   uh it's just choppy i mean you hit potential kind 
of like this double top type of price action here uh top came back up hit it again and now pulled 
back so i expected to see more chop in general   this type of price action was seen across a lot 
of different coins but if you want to start to   look for other uh indicators i mean the ema's are 
this again this ema is support here back in april   and again support again in may but now it's 
starting to act as resistance so definitely   watch out i wouldn't surprise me to see 
this like chop around a little bit more the trend is on high timeframes 
it's still bullish but it's unclear   uh where this is going in the short 
term wouldn't surprise me at all to   see this go to like 15 as well 
and do something like this like and then go up xrp btc on the one day 
it looks pretty okay for the most part   to be frankie honest with you uh i mean 
price went up hit a pretty good retrace kind of like the 618 area depending on how 
you draw your fib to you could also go higher   and then it's closer to the 786 but i mean usually 
you want to stay somewhat consistent and then now   you just see it ping ponging around this is 
again pretty common price action in general   uh the 89 ema has acted as good support 
over the last uh several times but   we'll see if that continues to hold in general price again hitting kind of uh these lower highs 
in general so let's just see i mean this is still   pretty choppy but overall looks pretty good 
like in terms of the rest of the market um   if bitcoin hits the bed then you want to look 
for like 85 cents or a dollar i would say but i until that time i may still kind of 
just still expect more chop and then then   uh higher again this area up near uh 185 should 
certainly have some resistance on the first go cellar usdt this looks 
pretty bad doesn't look great um there's nothing to really say i mean it had an 
absolutely insane run in february i remember   that all the way to march and then it just 
is now it's hitting a bearish trend you can   see lower highs across the board you can see 
high cell volume coming in and you can see   every little pump you know these are having 
like lower lower volumes uh pumps on the uh   upside so when you see that they're usually just 
like bearish retests and that's what we're seeing   too you can see like certain levels getting tapped 
over and again it's just coming going down further   you're seeing lower highs and like lower lows too 
so what i would look for as a reversal here is   for price to kind of just uh i would like to see 
like kind of a higher a higher low established uh   higher than this and then you'd want to see 
something like this happen or consolidates   something like that would be like kind of 
decent in my opinion for reversal for this and like from a macro view you would just 
kind of see this kind of go up like that but let's just see i mean this is yeah this is like not great as of right now   and it might need um it might need to like 
reset for a while too similar to how we saw it   do this price action we're just kind of ranged 
for months and this was obviously during the bear   market where really you know nothing happened 
and then huge move moon moment and then uh   yeah so we might just see something 
like this where we just like see it   reset and just re-accumulate for a while and 
just ping pong around and then then move up again   uh that might be one potential reversal pattern 
or like another reversal pattern might be like   a big move down if btc shifts to bed a little 
consolidation and then recovery there's a lot of   different up there's a lot of different potential 
situations to be frank and honest with you nier looks okay for now but 
the market structure is still   bearish um you're seeing this supply zone 
here where price hit this high around 750   and then broke down and again went up to this 
same area the supply zone broke down even more   and now we're seeing this wick up again now it's 
important to understand that these resistance   areas they get weaker and weaker every time it's 
tapped again depends on the context but for now   this is still bearish but if price continues to 
hang around in this area i will slowly become   more and more bullish because again these orders 
are getting filled you might see another rejection   and then something like this would be like would 
make a lot of sense to me in my opinion so you see   this go up pull back to like 550 and then another 
test of this region and if this area keeps getting   picked at then i think that this level will 
breaking it will go higher but for now it's still   let's just see again the 
reaction to the supply zone so ethereum classic huge move before 
absolutely insane this was my fib   i was targeting 91 and it looks like it would 
have potentially been good for first bounce in   uh may 12th but uh then it slowly kind of is going 
down more and more so we're seeing still high cell   volume come in and the trend on the four hour 
is clearly bearish in my opinion uh still lower   highs across the board so lower lows you want to 
look for some sort of consolidation on this one   something like you know or price just 
ping-pongs around kind of like this   uh so yeah i mean this is something what that 
might certainly need a reset i mean it went from   dollars to what almost 200 in 
like a very short amount of time   so yeah you might see something like 
you just saw for this price action here where price you know hit this huge huge 
run from 19 to 50 bucks and then it   consolidated for a long time from like pretty 
much all of april and then uh it eventually   moved again right from 30 to 200 or 180 and now it 
will probably do some sort of price action similar   to this but just on a larger scale and as i always 
say price is fractal you see these patterns across   all different time frames so uh you know we might 
see something like this again just on a more uh   heightened scale it wouldn't surprise me 
at all to see this go to like 67 though   if my fib is drawn correctly which i am dubious 
on to begin with i'm not really sure if it is   or not but uh seeing this kind of range and ping 
pong around it wouldn't surprise me at all usually   price needs a pretty big reset after it moves 
so big so you would look for something like   this this like we saw in late april um for kind 
of this accumulation pattern one inch it looks   pretty this is the btc pair this looks okay it's 
about to enter this this resistance area oopsies it's about to enter this big big resistance 
area here i mean you can already see   one tap it depends on how price gets 
through this area if price blitzes up   i expect it to like fully retrace if price slowly 
keeps grinding up like it has been similar to this then i expect it to go higher i will say that there is a high chance that this   000 satoshi's area gets like a bigger 
reaction than what i just showed to drew but if price grinds up through this area i'm 
i'm more bullish but i still expect there   to be some sort of reaction within this area 
from thirteen thousand to sixteen thousand   satoshi's uh here's ramp this one looks pretty 
gross uh just it's just bearish right now i mean   you potentially have some hope with a potential 
higher low being formed right here but um but overall it's just like yeah it doesn't 
look great i mean this is just like   an sr flip right here this was support and a 
good reaction blitzed on through and broke it   really cleanly and then a 
bearish retest right there so i mean you also saw like a bearish retest 
right there as well like coins like this there's   not much price history so you'll need to see 
this on lower time frame charts but yeah it's   just it's just uh this is bearish there's no 
other way to cut this in my opinion you'll want   to see some sort of reversal pattern in the 
sense that you look for like a double bottom uh where price will kind of come back and 
then go uh go higher so something like this certainly um certainly something that that happens 
though like if you are looking for reversal but   i'm not saying this is a reversal for sure i mean 
this is like it's still bearish like it doesn't   really look great to be frank and honest with 
you uh no real targets to the downside i mean   if you were trading this then uh something like 
this area around 70 cents should be resistance chz uh this is consolidating it looks like   just we'll just continue doing this in my opinion 
you'll let the emas reset this obviously had   insane moves during nft hype and now it's just 
resetting so still expect to see a lot of ping   pong action don't expect this to move this is 
a slower trade if you want to be in this one   looks neutral overall i mean 
i i wouldn't buy it i wouldn't   i wouldn't uh i mean you can sell it too but if bitcoin shits to bed then uh expect to see 
some this lower area is like 23 to get tapped badger this was a popular one in unispot for 
a while and this one is just uh just going   all downhill i mean lots of big volume coming in 
in early may and these are just bearish retests   overall it is important to understand too though 
that when you do see these big wicks up they are   taking a lot of sellers out so what i'm trying to 
say is when price does come back up to these areas   uh there won't be as many sellers because these 
uh wix picked them off but uh for now it's just   really bearish in my opinion i don't see any 
other argument for this otherwise personally good project but yeah i mean again similar to 
ramp you'd want to look for some sort of like   double bottom to form so double bottom or like 
a long accumulation pattern similar to this nwc everybody was interested in 
this one for a while i never really   bought it it looks like it did 
pretty well actually in april and yeah i haven't opened this chart in a long time 
holy cow okay so what we saw here was a long   accumulation pattern where price really didn't 
do anything i mean if you bought it back in   september 2020 and uh like waited five months 
then you still would have like the same price   overall like in february and then like a big big 
big big explosive explosive expansion uh you saw   again kind of like this bullish consolidation more 
moves huge volume coming in and then this looks   like a blow off top to be frankly honest with you 
because you can see high cell volume coming in   and these the cell volume is really going to start 
showing up on lower timeframe charts as well so   like something like this is concerning because 
it's it's really high cell volume relative to like   everything else and usually when you start to see 
something like this that's when you should have   some warning signs it's really hard to tell though 
when this stuff is actually happening in real time   so yeah i think that this right here this was kind of your big 
sell candle like distribution   and again when price comes back up here uh this 
is usually not this is a good opportunity to sell   as well but again easy to see in hindsight never 
easy to see in real time when you start to see   stuff dipped to you can see like this where 
comes up and then breaks down again so like   these these opportunities are not bad to sell in 
general for now it's just like ranging you see   like this kind of area holding as support i mean 
it has been tapped several several times though   so these orders are getting filled i personally 
think there's going to be like a larger retrace   it looks to me like this area might be 
like the next area up around 82 cents   and you can see some price void as well or some 
void in volume profile so like 80 cents might   pick the next level up there will be another area 
of support around one dollar too but in general   it's still like a bearish coin to me there's lots 
of cell volume coming in i think this goes lower xlm this is a good easy this is a fairly safe 
trade in my opinion because of it being such a   strong bullish trend in general and if you think 
about adoption or like the normal retail coming in   like we're all obviously retail traders but um if 
you think about new people coming in they're going   to look for cheap coins and xlm is like a coin 
on coinbase so that's an argument i've seen like   across many other people and i totally can see 
that this is still a clear bullish trend to me   where you see higher highs across the board and 
you see higher lows across the board as well so you see this continuing higher and uh yeah i mean this is still like a pretty 
bullish bullish coin in my opinion like it's   still looks good uh if bitcoin does [ __ ] to 
bed then look for like 50 cents or so or even   lower in my opinion it'll be like a violent spike 
down followed by like a pretty quick reversal   in my opinion is is kind of what 
we would see not sure how much of   a reset we would need to see but uh still 
nice volume coming in still bullish trend   btt this one pulled back quite a bit this 
is my fib i'm using the four hour bodies   this is interacting a lot with the 618 fib 
this still is barely hanging on it's barely   maintaining this level but i mean it looks 
like it wants to go lower the 0.404 region um   kind of like right here this is like kind 
of the area so this is like again like the   area that we're looking for right here um yeah i 
mean again this is this area of supports 035 area   and it wouldn't surprise me to see this 
hit this and it makes sense given like   this insane run before too i mean again you 
need price to reset and pull back quite a bit   uh you know this is still support though this 
059 area 006 this is still support for now so   but it doesn't look great because it's 
it's getting tapped over and over again   uh reef usdt this looks okay for now it's 
important to understand the context ii   where you saw this big run up price pulling back 
another big run up and then another big dip down   you are seeing this area getting tapped over 
and over again and it's only a matter of time   between before o5 gets broken in my opinion that's 
like the level to break but for now it looks like   it might just be going back to the eq of the 
range around 0.35 which would be a solid entry   um if you start to see price doing 
something like this where it starts to grind   and kind of slowly approach uh 0.55 then i 
think it's pretty comfortable to buy because   this area as i said earlier in the the episode 
we had this area being tapped over and over again   and the sellers are probably going to be mostly 
out around here so wouldn't be surprised at all   to see this uh break pretty easily so so uh sorry 
to go back on reef uh yeah i'm i'm neutral on reef   i want to see if it you know re-test this eq 
area again this would be like an area of interest   around uh 035 and i want to see how price gets 
to this 0.5 region inj i am invested in this   one just a heads up i still think it looks okay 
but it this recent price action is kind of weird   the reason why i thought this was decent looking 
is because it looks like it accumulated for quite   some time all the way early february all the 
way to mid april really hit a big big run   all the way up to 25 especially after some big 
investors like i think mark cuban invested maybe   i can't remember the names off the top of my 
head but then we saw a pretty swift pullback   um and it's just really choppy overall like this 
big wick i don't know what this is like some big   whale like market buying this coin i don't know 
like something like that but i mean price pulled   back pretty quickly and is now kind of back within 
this near this range uh of 11 to 16 overall like   i'm still bullish on this project long term i 
think it's still like a pretty good project but um   it still might just take more time and 
it's okay like some of the emas they are   like still holding up in general 
like they're all tightening up   there was a lot of compression but again if big 
quenches to the bed then look at 11 bucks or so and i really want to emphasize too for bitcoin 
if bitcoin does dump then i really emphasize   having some cash like if you guys don't have 
any cash whatsoever i would consider you   risking a little bit and having just a little 
bit of cash in your portfolio that's always a   good idea and something that i always struggled 
with in the past but even more so now is like   something that's important i mean matic okay 
so this is matic matic is absolutely insane   saw long accumulation periods overall on the uh 
12 hour so from april from march you saw this   accumulate run up accumulate and now another 
run-up this is looks really good i mean this   is reminds me of theta back in some of those other 
charts that theta has had and data is very popular   for having these bullish accumulation patterns 
so yeah still looks pretty good in general bullish accumulation run bullish 
accumulation run and now it's still going up   not quite sure i i always thought like two 
dollars would be kind of like my area of interest   i mean that's it's psychological it's   it makes sense that price would stall out a little 
bit near there um but you see here uh yeah i mean   it's pretty whatever but whatever accumulation 
pattern or whatever continuation pattern   you want in terms of uh bullish patterns matic 
has done it so still looks really good i mean   still bullish still nice volume coming in uh 
yeah two dollars would be my target but start   to watch out for like this distribution pattern 
if it starts to come you'll want to see price   i mean distribution can happen in a few different 
ways like it's quite possible price just kind of does what it did back in may like early may 
uh you know how you saw this like bullish   accumulation pattern um it could just range 
here it could have like a deeper pullback   though as well certainly certainly if 
bitcoin does not do well um like this there's a lot of different reversal 
patterns though so you'll just have   to see what happens i mean see the closes look 
at the volume look at lower time frame charts   still bullish until shown otherwise axs btc 
this is one that is interesting to me uh interesting to always note that these these highs 
and these lows these wicks are usually are always   good sr levels and in this case it's resistance 
this big blow off top in early april price wicked   up to it came down wicked up again broke down had 
a more sustainable grind but again broke down so   this area around 20 000 satoshi's should 
be getting picked off for the most part so i'm thinking that most of 
the sellers are probably out   but uh you know if you want to look at 
how price gets there i i don't think that   20 000 will be resistance very much for much 
longer it still looks pretty good to me though   snx usdt i think this looks really good but 
again caveat like btc is something to watch for   insane volume coming in that's something to really 
note like we haven't seen this big buy volume in   ever on the daily yeah ever on the daily so 
and this is on binance maybe it's on some   other exchange but uh you can see again sellers 
around this region are getting picked off over   and over again so still bullish on this i mean 
i i if you want to buy you can try to target   like 18 bucks that would be decent to me uh in the 
short term but if bitcoin shoots the bed 13 bucks   or so um but this chart itself looks looks 
great in my opinion like it's it's wicking   up into this resistance area which has 
already been tapped several times so   sxp i thought looks pretty good you can see 
um this cell zone around five dollars uh cellars come up here big reaction and it 
comes back up in another decent-sized reaction   uh this again is pretty common it depends on 
how much time is spent in between each peak for   the double top but you'll want to see something 
like this where price is kind of like ping pongs   around and consolidates and then goes up again 
sometimes it'll hit a head and shoulders where   uh it'll come back up and 
then then it'll break down   that's certainly uh a possibility of course i'm 
never saying never but i mean to me like the btc   pair still looks really good there's still decent 
volume coming in um yeah i think this is still   okay i mean if again caveat bt shoots 
to the bed 250 or so maybe my region band looks okay but it doesn't look super good 
i mean it it pulled up hit this double top   and now pulling back again i mean this trend line 
is still kind of intact depending on how you want   to draw it i mean trend lines in general 
are subjective as is all ta with the way   that we do it um still looks okay for now like 
this 200-day ema was uh support and it's been   support all throughout this run but i guess this 
one is taking longer than i thought i thought it   would actually start moving a little bit faster 
but it really hasn't hasn't moved as fast as i   thought it would like because there are these 
chunks of accumulation that are happening here   and i always thought that because of the 
way that price accumulated after this dump   like you see these like long consolidation periods 
um it's disappointing that price hasn't been able   to break higher but i mean again similar to other 
uh charts these sellers around twenty dollars   probably are mostly out i would guess so if price 
revisits that region i think that we see some sort   of reaction around twenty two dollars again but 
in terms of uh it being like a super bare level i   think that most of the sellers mostly are probably 
out so i would expect something to see like that   bnb this looks pretty bad to 
be frank and honest with you uh   potential bear line uh bearish 
test of this trend line   price couldn't break above it cleanly i mean 
it broke there but then it it's closing below   um highest cell volume coming in in general 
this looks a bit scary and this is not really   not really a super good accumulation 
type of continuation pattern   i mean it wouldn't surprise me at all to see 
b b cool off like to go something like uh   like 450 or something like that 
or even lower it's possible bsc is still like a good network though 
so i don't know like i guess we'll see   uh xtz tesos it looks pretty good bullish trend for sure still i think 
still higher highs and higher lows our highs higher lows still still still 
good for now uh would like would like   to see these 430 lows being held so 
i want to see price like hold above and then go higher but uh let's just see i mean   it's it's it's it's good it's a good move 
for sure but um but it'll need to reset a   little bit as well and you can also see kind 
of like this mini double top thing as well uh snm btc well i don't know what this gap is it's 
like a cme gap i [ __ ] i don't know what this is   uh there's nothing to say about this coin 
i don't know what to say about it it's this   chart's weird as i don't know what this 
type of price action is just like this is   an old koi i remember actually trading 
this back in the day like back in 2019   uh it looks weird i mean it had this massive 
blow off top and now it's pulling back more downside likely in my opinion adam usdt looks decent uh kind of this 
bullish accumulation pattern in my opinion   price picking at this kind of cell 
region around twenty five twenty   six dollars twenty six to twenty uh thirty 
dollars and it's been tapped several times   and uh yeah this is in the makings of a 
potential bull trend because you see a   higher high with a high at 28 and a higher 
high 32 with higher lows established but um i'm bullish on this project in 
general but in the short term   i mean it still looks bullish 
don't get me wrong like   uh but i'm still worried about btc like btc comes 
and 20 bucks should certainly come in my opinion theta looks okay but pulling back bearish trend 
on the 12 hour in my opinion uh lower highs formed   uh not really a lower low though so we 
could just still see more consolidation uh like yeah i think we just still see more consolidation i'm neutral on 
uh theta it looks fine but um i think that maybe like 750 might be coming too it would make sense with some of the other 
emas too like the 200 ema would be a good entry   and it hasn't been tapped in a long long time 
750 would be like my area of interest there   trx looks fine to me but 
potential lower high formed   so you hit this like kind of double top and 
then price is just chopping around good test   of the 12 hour uh 89 ema and uh this is just 
kind of a neutral coin to me like potential   bearish trend on the 12 hour but let's just 
kind of see i guess because you saw this   low and then you see a lower low and 
then lower high as well at 16 cents so   uh overall like neutral on this coin uh it 
it's kind of bunched in the same old coins   though like eos and neo and those 
kind of coins did well recently so   um you know this area is support 
for now still this 10 cents area   but let's just see i don't know i'm bullish on it 
or i'm sorry i'm neutral on it i wouldn't really   buy it or sell it myself anyways i hope you guys 
enjoyed this video thank you very much for the   submissions i hope you guys liked this join the 
telegram if you want to see more updates thanks

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