Crypto Market Review: END OF THE MONTH REVIEW (May 31st, 2021)

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make these videos worth it going forward hey   guys Altcoin Sherpa here with a crypto market 
review today i will be reviewing a lot of   these altcoins as always this is not financial 
advice i am not an expert do your own research   so i just wanted to talk briefly about the 
state of the market before i get into all   these different all coins that you guys requested 
um i'll preface this by saying that if bitcoin   dumps then everything else is going to dump 
with it so as of right now i feel that bitcoin   is forming a bottom i do not think that we go 
lower uh first if anything if we are going to   go lower then i think we uh hit some liquidity 
higher first before that happens so i think that   what you're like likely to see is if uh see 
price continue to range for a little bit longer   and then grind up to 45 to 50 000 and 
then dump lower that's entirely possible   to like 25 000 um but i do not personally 
believe that we are going to go to   something like 25 000 right away uh there's a lot 
of reasons for that but uh the main idea is that   there are a lot already a lot of liquidations on 
this move down and we need more fuel to push lower   so i think that regardless if this is 
up or down if this is the bottom or not   um we are going higher first uh it would make a 
lot more sense to me that you know 45 000 to 50   000 uh comes and this is kind of like what i've 
always been thinking about the last week or so   is that um 45 to 50k would get tapped and now 
those are some critical areas what happens after   that i honestly have no clue if this is the actual 
bottom then we might just go even higher like 60k   and then start pulling back regardless i 
feel that there will be some strong reactions   somewhere along these uh 50 to 60k 
areas there should be quite a bit of   sellers in my opinion around these 
areas at least for the first reaction so   uh i do believe that this will go and create at 
least a lower high at a minimum if this is going   lower but for right now i do not believe that 
we are going to go to like 25 000 from here but   of course i could be wrong macro environment wise 
i still believe that this is not like the macro   top i would be very surprised if it's just 65 000 
and that's it um i still feel that this will go   higher over the summer and it might take 
a few months to range maybe not the summer   but at least the fall but maybe we just need 
to hit some consolidation overall and then   start to move higher so those are my short 
thoughts on bitcoin right now for the environment   i do believe that um this will go higher and alts 
will um do decently my plan for this though is   when bitcoin does go up to 45 50 000 i am going 
to lower some exposure on some of my all coins briefly look at each usd uh similar to 
bitcoin i also believe that this is uh   forming a bottom overall here's my fib and i think 
that this is just forming a bottom at this point   i think that 2400 or so is like a decent area 
of support i do believe that this will continue   to maybe range for a little bit longer and then 
we'll see it go higher um now whether or not this   like hits like a double top or not like this 
will keep going up and then maybe like hits to   uh low 4ks and then dumps that's entirely possible 
and this is a very pretty common idea and common   price action in situations like this regardless 
i do expect a reaction in the 4ks the low 4ks   i think that that's highly likely to be a 
seller's area and possibly lower like 3 700   but i do believe again this will 
go higher before lower myself   uh but usd still is any like undeniably bullish 
market structure in my opinion like this still   is a higher high the low hasn't been hasn't 
truly been set yet in my opinion i mean you   could maybe call this a low right here 
uh around uh 2400 or so and maybe this   is like a lower low now that's entirely like 
that's a decent argument that you can make   but to me this like was just a result of bitcoin's 
nasty price action before and like a more   meaningful low is being formed now now we're 
about to see if this will make a lower high   than what we saw at 44 100 but there's still 
a lot a lot of levels to hit before that time   but regardless this still is like a better 
looking chart in my opinion than bitcoin   uh briefly look at ltc this got very close 
to all-time high levels and then dumped   and you know i was pretty sure it was going 
to hit 420 and it really pretty much did it   then just had a nasty nasty nasty reaction 
as all all coins did i mean well many of   them retraced like 50 to 70 percent or something 
like that over the course of like two weeks and   there are some inefficiencies to fill higher so 
i i think that this will go the way of many other   all coins in general i think it's likely that you 
know we see some sort of lower high created on the   short term followed by like just lots of chop and 
then we start to see something like this where we   see some higher lows and then lower highs form and 
and then we see just price consolidate this would   make a lot of sense to me something like this but 
for now i expect this to go higher first for ltc   and you are going to hear me say that a lot for 
a lot of these altcoins too like i expect them   to all pretty much be short-term bottomed 
out um now with that said if bitcoin does   uh go up to like 45 000 and then dumps down to 
like 25 000 that's obviously a certain possibility   then these alts will just really pull back 
like for instance for ltc this one would   just go to like probably 100 or something 
like that or lower like something like   like absolutely just carnage would 
happen in my opinion like 80 bucks   um if this happened if bitcoin went to 
like 25 000 it would be really rough but   anyways uh let's go to some altcoin charts uh this 
is algorand i was totally wrong on this i thought   that this was like some sort of consolidation 
i was way wrong i really thought that all coins   would do a lot better than they did in the spring 
um but a lot of them had a consolidation but   unfortunately for a lot of reasons i think a lot 
of the money actually went to like the meme coins   and that was like the market top so obviously 
what we're seeing now with something like algorand   is this is really just like dumping pretty 
strongly overall it's still having this range low   and it's still holding this range low for now and 
right now i think that it's likely that it will at   least go to 127.

I think it's pretty it's like a 
pretty decent idea that this will go to the eq at   the range and there's going to likely be some sort 
of like resistance as well in terms of the emas   um as these probably are right around here yep so 
it would make sense to me this like grinds up to   127 and dumps but as of right now like the 200-day 
ema is like acting as like uh sr level it's   interacting a lot with that level so i expect this 
to go to 127 and then potentially dump after that   link usd it looks okay to me i thought that 
this was a lot more bullish than it was   this one massively moved down i uh bought some 
bags at like 35 thinking it was an awesome like   buy and it really wasn't so i hit underwater then 
i added some at like i think 24 or something like   that not my best buy ever for sure the 200-day 
ema uh is acting as support for right now   and we are seeing some interactions with this 
sr level at 31 but um to me it would make sense   that that's kind of like a non-level and we see 
this another test at 35 again something like this   squiggly line would make sense like another retest 
of this 35 level pull back and then like break up   it still makes sense to me though that this uh 
level around like 43 or so is going to get tested   relatively soon again this should follow bitcoin 
uh i would expect some sort of reaction there   or possibly even higher around fifty 
dollars but for now i mean it's a fairly   neutral coin like i don't think you can 
call this bullish or bearish uh it would   make sense to me that you still see some more 
consolidation and then uh and then i move up   uh algo btc again one of the reasons why i was 
fairly bullish on this pair is because this   pair really didn't move super strongly in the 
btc pair since february you saw this kind of   consolidation and many all coins kind of look 
like this as well where you see some ranging price   action where price just ping-pongs around and this 
200-day ema has acted as support for right now   and i really thought that the spring and summer 
would bring about a strong alt btc pair move like   many of the old ptc pairs as you'll see later 
on they had like a big move back in january and   february and then they just pulled back and then 
consolidated but for the most part the chart still   looks pretty decent i mean this um what you'll 
see usually for all ptc pairs is you will see   them either doing very very very well or very very 
um badly or you'll also just see them just like   do nothing like you'll see long periods of 
consolidation it's pretty rare that you just see   like a beautiful like nice trend like you kind of 
see with um like any other coin really just like   like you know something like theta where you 
take a big run like a slight pull back uh   you know it's pretty rare that you just 
like see like this beautiful like this   regular trend that you see for every other 
altcoin something like this you don't see   that for all pcc players as much you'll just see 
them going very very very strong or they'll dump   very very hard like case in port right here back 
in august of 2020 like massive moves up and then   massive dumps down they do consolidate 
obviously as every asset does but   you haven't really seen a whole lot of moves 
really in a while for algo btc so uh in my   opinion if you are in this one just expect 
it to just kind of consolidate for a while   and then just chop around and then um it should 
move strongly if i am correct in my assumptions   that this is like the relative bottom but again 
if it's not then this should go down down down shibb coin but doesn't mean it won't move 
that's you uh definitely need to distinguish uh [ __ ] coin between real coin but at the end of 
the day it doesn't really matter sometimes like   if it moves you can trade it this probably will 
uh move pretty strongly uh even though this coin   literally does nothing i don't think like there's 
it's just another meme coin you could potentially   argue maybe some sort of double bottom coming up 
like uh you could see something like this where   um you saw like one rounded bottom and then like 
another test again another rounded bottom so you   you could see maybe like a double bottom in 
that regard decent volume coming in as well   but uh it's likely to me that this probably 
like um pulls back at this level here and this is also a coin similar to dogecoin 
where i would not be surprised if it just   starts like taking off like that just 
because it has the potential to do that   it's important to understand which coins are 
able to do those types of moves like dogecoin   is like definitely one of them xrp is another one 
of them um the coins that can just go absolutely   [ __ ] berserk and just like go wild and arguably 
just out perform the market like those types of   coins are the ones like really look for like b 
and b and cake also kind of did that too earlier   okay strong uh strong tethered usdt don't really 
know much about this coin looks pretty bad in the   short term um it looks like it made its way all 
the way back to like this 85 consolidation level   and it looks like it might come 
back to that level again i mean   there are some levels of support around 
here it's the former swing high at 100   and that's probably a psychological number as 
well this 100 level has held a few times the   cell volume is going down which is nice to see 
uh but overall like it's i just expect this to   kind of just hang around in this ping pong for 
a while probably not going to move very strongly   room btc this one obviously did very very strongly 
recently and now it had a very very nasty pullback   right now we are seeing kind of this choppy 
price action where price is kind of forming a   bottom or you can kind of see something 
like this and then go up double top   something like this would make a lot of 
sense to me and then a reaction but overall   i mean it's it's still like a a bullish 
trend in my opinion like you could maybe   denote this as like the last low and then 
this is a lower low so maybe you say break   it broke market structure and it just like you 
know looks bad and i couldn't really argue with   you i mean this like that pullback over the like 
week long period was just absolutely disgusting   uh but price has rebounded a little bit since 
then and is now kind of looking to fill this   inefficiency higher it wouldn't surprise me at all 
to see this go higher in the short term a fetch ai looks like many other all coins not great uh i 
mean it pulled back hugely over the course like 80   over the course of just oh it's terrible just over 
the course of like a few months that's i mean this   is like an entire market cycle's worth of damage 
alts just really look bad in general which is   really a shame because again i thought they were 
going to be strong i was totally wrong on that   um as of right now it does look like it's forming 
a bottom this 200-day ema is acting as an sr level   uh it wouldn't surprise me at all to see this   uh consolidate for a little bit longer and let 
this some of the other emas catch up and then   you'll see some consolidation with the emas and 
price and then this will start to move up again   but if bitcoin does make a big move up like i am 
thinking then i expect this to also move up like   you know if bitcoin goes like 45.50 then i fully 
expect this to like start going higher to like   53 cents or something like that and then pulling 
back that would make a lot of sense to me   rsr again i was wrong on this this like i thought 
this was like some sort of accumulation here and   just consolidation but it was distribution 
way wrong just absolutely wrong on this one   this one has a very strong community it's also 
very impressive to see how badly this dumped   this swing low around three cents 
or so is holding for now and it's good to see this low hold i don't want to see 
the slow get lost very high cell volume on the way   down um yeah there's this coin is just going to 
take some time in my opinion like i think it's   again likely that this one grinds up with bitcoin 
it'll break this uh this level of 046 like this   is kind of like a resistance supply zone area 
and then there will be like a decent amount of   resistance up higher potentially this level here 
well no that's kind of bad this level this 0.66   level seems like it should be a interesting 
level like it's the last up move before   a big down move whatever you want to call the 
supply zone or block resistance whatever you   want to call it this like looks uh like it should 
be a pretty big uh resistance area in my opinion sushi b uh btc it looks very weird because it had this big move up and then a massive massive pullback uh i'm neutral on this coin like 
to me it would make sense that this fills out this gap overall and what i 
mean by that is when you see like large gaps in   between price price usually likes to fill that out 
eventually so you might see something like this and then it should go higher as you 
can see there's not much trading volume   or activity but in these areas uh utk looks bad i don't know what to say about this 
thing looks looks pretty horrible expect some   consolidation and then it and then it should 
go higher up to like 57 or so this would be   like my take profit area if you are in 
this i mean when i say it looks bad like it should just it might take a little bit 
and then it should make like a lower high   i i don't think it should make all-time 
high levels anytime soon personally atom btc doesn't look great these 
lows are holding around 3100 yeah i don't i don't have any opinion 
on this it's just kind of neutral   except this is consolidated a little bit more 
and then it should make a big move after that   um don't really see a clear direction for this 
chart though i can't really see a trade myself   either i mean an aggressive entry might 
be like something like this like you enter   around here and then just like hope that price 
continues to ping pong around that support area but yep polka markets this 
one is dumped badly on kucoin   uh it doesn't look like it a bottom 
is forming quite yet in my opinion this was maybe close to like a bottom or like 
it looked like it was close to the bottom just   because like super high cell volume i'm sorry 
by volume and kind of like a rounded bottom but   price just wicked up higher and then just 
dumped even further this is a good chart   example of what it looks like to trade in 
2018 and 2019 just just a slow grind down   which is different than what we saw recently 
recently we saw this side price action where we   saw like boom then like just boom and then like 
another leg down whereas 2018 and 2019 was like   down lower highs lower lows lower highs 
lower lows like just like a slow grind down   um as i wrote in my tweet today i'd rather just 
see people just finish me off fast instead of like   the slow grind down this is like painful painful 
price action in general i was it was hard to trade   but i don't see a bottom for this quite yet myself 
what you want to look for is one last capitulation   wick down with high cell volume and then like some 
sort of like pretty quick recovery with volume synthropy pulling back quite a bit this is support my 
friend crypto capo which should follow him   he is like obsessed with this coin he likes it 
uh it looks like it should just accumulate for   in this range again this is my opinion is it 
just like hangs out in like 22 to 20 22 to 30.   this is my assumption that it just hangs 
out here i'm guessing in like the v the   volume profile there's just like yeah tons and 
tons of volume transactions so it accumulated   for a long time all throughout uh december and 
february of 2020 and then just exploded up um   expecting the similar kind of i mean price seeks 
liquidity of course and and this there's probably   going to be a lot of trading activity here so 
expecting just price just ping pong around here   enj this coin dumped to hell i have no opinion 
of it it looks like every other all coin   um this is the type of price action that i am 
viewing for a lot of all coins to be frank and   honest with you where we saw this kind of like 
lower high formed right here this is something   that makes a lot of sense to me because you know 
these areas are going to be resistance like the   last you know these last supply zones these last 
up moves before big down move um these areas are   always going to have resistance in my opinion for 
the most part and if you start to see coins start   to break through these resist resistance levels 
like uh e and j like goes something like this   then i think you can start to comfortably long a 
lot of different other coins uh now it's important   to also distinguish which coins are strong which 
coins are not for instance something like matic   like made in near v shape reversal and then it 
like pulled back a little bit like not every coin   is going to do that of course but if you start to 
see some coins like e and j start to break these   areas then i think you can comfortably start 
to uh position yourself for some lagging coins   uh radium i think this is a great project but the 
coin was it it pulled back quite a bit there's a   lot of interesting observations with charts like 
this uh number one it's always good to see that   these swing highs and swing lows these almost 
always act as very interesting pivot points for   a chart and as you can see like price worked down 
in late february and then i revisited this level   back in leighton bay several months later 
and it's still support so you can generally   assume that these big wicks are going 
to be strong support or resistance   levels in the future and of course it depends on 
the amount of time spent in between revisiting   that level like for instance because it had 
been so long since uh that level was tested like this should have a good reaction whereas if you 
start to see like a wick down here established   in like late february and then like it 
returns back to that level pretty quick   and then like pretty quick again like that's 
not as significant if those orders are getting   eaten up and filled and price is revisiting that 
level several times in a short amount of time   whereas because price took so 
long in between um this level it   meant that uh this is like a pretty strong 
support area and all alternatively for radium   um this swing high established back in late 
february again this was a interesting sr level   and you can see both situations uh price like 
wicks beyond the levels like several dimes but the   underlying principle is still that this is a very 
strong resistance this is very strong with support   and these wicks actually do matter so it would 
make sense to me personally that price does like   form like this big big range between four dollars 
and fifteen dollars um over the next few months   or weeks uh that rather price should break through 
the 675 or 650 level though and then kind of see   this uh see the reaction to like nine uh one thing 
about this chart is it's very clean like the price   action is very clean like i think that it's likely 
that once 650 gets broken like that's a pretty   good trade opportunity in my opinion something 
like this would make a lot of sense to me uh this is like a trade i would consider taking   you can move it down a little bit 
more you get like a two to one   uh and you see price kind of going up to like this 
vp uh volume profile this high volume node area   but anyways yeah a very interesting chart 
very clean price action in my opinion   matic this one was very impressive because 
it made a v-shaped reversal we did not see   any other all coins like be this strong in 
general like it really strongly recovered it   did hit the supply zone as i said before i 
did a video on this several days ago where   i expected this to like be a resistance area and 
it was price has already pulled back quite a bit   and had a pretty big reaction going from 250 all 
the way back down to 150 but uh overall it's still   kind of hanging around this is pretty common price 
action in general what you can see uh is you can   see these lower highs and higher lows being formed 
like this is going to continue to consolidate my   opinion like it wouldn't surprise me at all to 
see this go higher and then just consolidate and   make higher lows and there are several ways 
that this can break resistance in my opinion one way that we can see right here 
is we can see price grinding up   tap this level one more time around 250 react 
negatively and then go up again this again would   be pretty bullish because each reaction would be 
getting weaker and weaker additionally another   reaction that you could see here is you can see 
price just very slowly grind up into this area   and if it grinds up and just hangs around 
this area without much reaction i feel this   is pretty bullish because those orders are 
getting eaten up and this just looks good price could explode up and then it would   probably promptly retrace because these big 
moves up usually get filled out eventually   and of course the boring answer is that price 
taps it one more time and then just breaks down   entirely possible again uh given the context 
of the market this is entirely possible but   i believe that this would more happen if 
bitcoin went to like 25 000 or 28 again um as as you can see already with this video 
i am pretty sure that uh bitcoin still leads   this market as it always has you know there 
are times when eath kind of leads the market   but yeah okay so matic is a very interesting 
coin to watch as well this coin has been   arguably the strongest coin to recover since the 
dump and is one of the leaders so given this is   one of the strong leaders this is the point this 
is like one of the coins to watch uh in addition   to a few others i can't remember off the top of 
my head but matic is certainly one of them uh   dot usdt this looks i was pretty wrong about this 
as well i thought this was just going to like   continue chopping around and then 
explode up to me this didn't seem   distribution but clearly you know i was wrong 
like high of cell volume and then i just like   pulled back hugely um you know nothing else i 
can say i was just i was just wrong like you know   this didn't really remind me of distribution 
distribution is like constantly selling uh   like for instance well dot is a poor example 
because dash has accumulated back in the   uh fall of 2020 but uh yeah this just just 
ping-pong around and then had a blow off top   and then just died as of right now it looks 
like it's forming the bottom it looks like it   um will i do believe that this is like the 
short-term bottom similar to bitcoin and other   all coins but let's just see would surprise me 
at all to see like a little bit more pull back or   consolidation move up hit a lower high and then do 
some similar stuff to what other coins are doing a one inch again i thought this was kind of just 
ranging before another big move instead of dumped   um all these coins are really going to have the 
same type of price action to be frank and honest   with you what you're seeing right now is like you 
sell like a whole bunch of ranging a move up big   ass dump now price is chopping around at the 
bottom this is what the same chart that you're   seeing all over the place um personally like my 
plan is like you'll see somewhere around here   uh be like a resistance area i can protect a 
potential resistance area um and that's kind   of like my overall plan for this is to like sell 
some coins right there and then see the reaction   from there there's going to be higher resistance 
levels higher too though and this is like a prime   example of like whatever all coin looks like every 
all coin kind of looks like this like you saw like   what i thought was accumulation i 
was horribly wrong big market dump   and then now it's chopping around like many 
other all coins look like this so i won't really   repeat myself for every single chart because 
every single chart looks like this right here   so just assume that a short-term bottom is being 
formed in my opinion like i don't expect there to   be another leg down from here like i think going 
higher than another leg down is entirely possible   but another another leg down now seems unlikely 
uh sxp btc again i did not think this is going to   dump as hard like this pair still looked pretty 
good and the emas were still looking okay too   price obviously did not do what i 
expected and nuked all the way down   uh what we're seeing now is uh bottom potentially 
being formed but as i said earlier in this video   um all pcc pairs either moon very hard doom 
very hard or they just accumulate there's   like nothing really in between and as of right now 
the all ptc pairs probably will just chop around wow what happened this chart this oh this 
is okay nevermind is xlm up nevermind okay   a different pair let's say that 
did not make any sense to me okay here's what i want uh xlm 
usct looks okay it's just kind of   same thing as i said before like big market dump   and now price is just ping-ponging around 
200-day ema is holding a support for right now um   expecting price to just kind of like continue to 
go up and then hit a lower high and then go up but short-term bottom is likely in in my opinion uh luna looks pretty ugly but again 200 ama actinis resort 
resistance and support mostly resistance for now   expecting this to get flipped um similar to other 
all coins this is just like a bottom being formed expecting this to go higher 
and then and then go down   again this would be an interesting 
area to sell this 23k area 23.8 k   and i bet there's like some other levels if you 
look on lower time frames too like this will be   the 200 ema on the four hour as a resistance 
like seems like pretty likely place to sell   so yep that's what my plan overall is i would 
sell some there if you were in this avax usdt   this does look like an interesting coin i am going 
to probably buy a bag of this just because there's   a lot of hype around this chain um i looked at 
this chart a lot before too and i liked it and   to me it looks like this is probably 
just a deviation but from this range low   like you saw some slight deviations here 
uh on on the lower time frames here and   this is just going to be a deviation here so it 
wouldn't surprise me able to see something like   break back in the range and then go higher 
chop around and if you did the fib like the eq   is probably going to be like right 
here too that's my guess let's just see pretty close pretty close to eq so this is my uh projection 
it's just like it will break back in the range   come back up and potentially hit the 
eq around 30 and then pull back but   overall i think this this chain is still 
a pretty good one it's pretty hyped and uh   i'll probably establish a 
long-term bag of it myself cake dumps to hell this was impressive because it went negative 
70 almost negative 80 percent in the span of   just like a month incredible isn't it it went all 
the way back down to like the origin of the pump   pretty much which is nuts to see like you know 
people never would have thought that 10 bucks   would have came again for a long time and it did 
and lower so somewhat other all coins again same   thing low is being formed now and then it should 
go up to like 28 dollars and then potentially dump ave this one looks interesting the btc pair hit 
this 200-day ema perfectly which was awesome to   see and to hit this double top fairly common 
price action here um this chart actually looks   decent it doesn't look terrible in my opinion it 
hit this double top which is obviously nasty but   many of these support levels held up 200 ama 
held up and then if it goes up again we'll see   the reaction again but it does kind of remind 
me of i think it's algo let me take a look it reminds me a little bit of algo in the sense 
that i expected algo to break this 170 area like   i was pretty confident and i was totally wrong 
because that area kept getting tapped over and   over and over again and these reactions were 
not as strong as the initial reaction this   initial reaction uh blow off top in late i'm 
sorry early february took us all the way back   down to 82 cents from 180 came back up double 
top pull back to 91 and now the third time it   came back up again and price didn't really dump 
that hard i thought okay well maybe like this will   like hold up this will form a higher low and then 
just grind up the next test will just be awesome   instead it dumps really strongly down due to btc 
so this kind of reminded me a little bit of this   uh ave btc chart though where you saw a double top 
and then you see this area getting tapped again   but anyways i guess we'll just see if this can 
uh can make another run up but let's just see trx uh this looks like a [ __ ] 
coin as it is a [ __ ] coin but doesn't mean i can't move decent fib levels here i think that   and this looks even better with the fib because 
you start to see the the four hour bodies so like that gives more credibility to the 
fib in my opinion because you don't want to   stick a crazy crazy wick it's usually hard 
to see price respecting those all the time   whereas if you start to see the bodies closer 
to these levels that means in my opinion that   these are more respected uh it's trx looks 
actually you know i mean it's it's okay i   i was more just trolling this coin before it 
looks okay for right now um hit like this kind   of double top pattern and then pull back but 
these trips are still being well respected   and price will likely just go ahead and just 
consolidate even more at this 200 uh satoshi level ada looks pretty good relatively speaking to the 
market it looks to me like this area is going to   get broken 177.

This to me is an interesting 
long opportunity you could wait for a break   there of this 175 level and probably target 190 
so something like this the problem is finding   an invalidation point i actually don't know 
you could use maybe this former swing high as   like an invalidation level like price shouldn't 
break below additionally this like other area   um here like there should be 
some liquidity right here um   consolidation area before it made this other 
move up again it's kind of hard to find the   invalidation point and it really depends 
on how strong you think btc is because um if bitcoin goes to like 45 000 then i actually 
expect this like test even higher than the two   dollar area myself like you know your target 
that could actually be closer to 230 in which   case like you can have like a looser stop uh but 
like this would give you like a good two to one former range highs like it shouldn't go down that   low but again this is assuming that 
bitcoin is going to go to like 45 so   you should feel fairly confident in that 
idea crv this coin dumped to [ __ ] um nothing to say about it it's ugly guessing 
it needs more consolidation and then   and then another test up chz this one also 
dumped very strongly it tapped the 786 this fit i drew i did use kind of like this wick 
but only because the body is fairly close to it   and the levels were fairly respected like it 
gave it a decent bounce on the 618 at first   and then it moved up and then it it dumped even 
further but expecting more consolidation here not a coin i would personally buy zil again so this is a i mean you can already see 
like you know this entire video i've just said   that like all these charts kind of look bad it's 
true this is another reason why i was just saying   that all these charts really don't look great 
and like zil was looking okay before the dump but   this just looks like to me it needs consolidation 
it needs something like this where it just   ping-pongs around uh we might see it go up 
higher again to see like that pattern that   i was kind of talking about where we 
hit a lower high and then higher lows   and then price kind of starts to like 
consolidate maybe we'll see something like that but to me it would look good if price   did something like it did in just 
uh january for some of these coins uh xrp btc this coin actually looks pretty good   surprisingly you saw this area here is like a cell 
zone a supply zone whatever you want to call it   around 3 700 satoshi's and price rejected 
this was an obvious cell zone looking back   and now you are seeing price 
consolidate and ping pong around and uh it looks it looks okay like this 
surprising looks pretty good uh trade   opportunity might be like waiting to see this 
break 3k satoshi's and then and then fill up the uh the inefficient move you can see 
like no volume traded above that area   this looks good in my opinion i already reviewed xlm okay so hopefully 
you guys enjoyed my video here on uh   on all these all coins and the state of 
the market looking forward to seeing your   reactions and thoughts and thank you for watching

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