Crypto Market Review: April 7th, 2021

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videos worth it going forward hey guys Altcoin   Sherpa here with a crypto market review today 
i am going to be reviewing btc eth and ltc as   always this is not financial advice i am not 
an expert do your own research today i am just   going to be reviewing uh bitcoin uh and really the 
big three we're seeing a lot of dumping today so   uh let's just get to it uh as always this is just 
ta as well bitcoin on the daily this is the btc   usd chart uh this is really still a bullish 
market structure in my opinion i mean you   could maybe argue this is a lower high that was 
formed just now but i mean still don't think it's   significant enough and we're not really seeing a 
massive blow off top that is usually indicative   of a total trend change so in my opinion this is 
still we're still healthy we're still in a bullish   market structure i mean again as you said you 
could maybe argue this is like a lower high but   i'm still assuming that a higher low other 
than 51k is going to be formed um wouldn't   really expect 51k or 50k to be broken at this time 
i mean we still have several levels to go uh i   would be surprised if this this level doesn't 
get broken if 51 to 50 uh k gets broken then   i'm going to be start uh i'm going to start being 
more concerned overall with this market structure   but for now it still looks pretty bullish to 
me i mean these are still higher highs and   higher lows across the board as i said before you 
might argue this is a lower high which is valid   so far but i don't necessarily think this area 
is uh like the i don't think this this is really   done with its current price action like you could 
clearly see with these previous highs that uh   the short term top was in i'm not so certain 
with this uh price action now that that's the   case like it wouldn't surprise me to see this 
go even higher and that's kind of what i'm   expecting to for btc usd let's look here on 
another btc usd chart uh i'll clean this up   if you look down on lower time 
frame charts uh this area here and it's it's best to think of it in my 
opinion it's best to think of these areas as   sr levels like you know if you draw strict 
straight sr levels for horizontals i mean it   doesn't necessarily mean that this exact level 
is going to be resistance or support uh that's   why order blocks really resonate well with some 
people i mean you can really just call maybe this   area as an order block and this quote-unquote 
area is just going to be uh resistance   you could see that price wicked up into here 
on march 18th and once again on march 20th   before diving down and now it's reaching this 
area one more time however as i always say   the more times that price taps resistance the 
more times uh or the weaker that level gets and   in this case i still believe that that's the 
case for this 60 to 60 000 area 59 to 60k area   i'm still thinking that if this really taps this 
area again then uh then i'm still bullish i think   this is going to break through soon we are seeing 
some highest cell volume overall like the cell   volume seems to have dominated the buy volume in 
general but price hasn't really reflected these   huge moves down which in my opinion you could 
argue that this is absorption meaning that uh   buyers are stepping in and taking in all these 
sell orders and getting ready to move price up   for me personally i mean i as i said before 
i'm still bullish on bitcoin overall i still   believe that this is a bullish market 
structure on high timeframe charts   we're seeing very choppy price action right now 
uh so if you're trading on low time frame charts   i would maybe consider staying away for right now 
uh it's unless you're an expert of course in which   case you probably shouldn't even be watching my 
videos but uh you know it's still very choppy   price action to me i think that this looks still 
very choppy but overall i'm still expecting this   59 to 60k area to get broken so as i said before i 
am still bullish until this 50k region gets broken   uh it wouldn't surprise me at all to see a 
higher low formed around i don't know like maybe   55k as like a low point uh it wouldn't surprise 
me to see something like this like and then something like this i mean realistically we i 
personally want to see bitcoin do well because   generally speaking uh ranging grinding 
bitcoin environment is good for all coins   and i trade all coins for the most part so uh as 
i said before this environment would be bullish   for me and it'd be very good for my trading but 
you know you have to take what the market gives   you so if this 50k level gets broken i am 
going to be slightly more concerned for sure   but until that's uh until that happens i'm still 
bullish on bitcoin etheusd uh broke all-time high   levels uh recently and that's obviously quite 
nice uh as i said before i'm expecting more of   this kind of price action where we're seeing 
kind of more trending versus with this choppy   price action that we saw in march so what i'm 
kind of expecting from january to february   is this like basically a trending price action we 
are seeing a dip today and this level currently is   the first level up in my opinion kind 
of this like 2k psychological area   uh there is more there is going to 
be more support at uh the mid-1800s   and that area certainly could be 
tapped as well anywhere from 1750 to   1880 or so this is kind of like a interesting 
support area and uh this is an area that i   you know i wouldn't be surprised if this is tapped 
and if it is it's still a bullish market structure   in my opinion still higher high still higher 
lows uh you know if it goes something like this it wouldn't surprise me and it could also 
respect this trend line as well that's also   certainly possible so it could go lower to like 
the 1700 but again kind of like bitcoin this 15 uh   1540 area is like the low in my opinion so i 
wouldn't really want that level to get broken   but this is still a high timeframe bullish 
market structure in my opinion so yeah still   bullish on usd i expect this to actually 
outperform bitcoin over the next few weeks   and nothing has really changed my analysis 
with this dumping i mean this is in my opinion   a good time to buy uh some stuff that you're 
interested in uh unfortunately the coin that   i have been interested in is solana but that one 
is actually moving pretty well given the market so   that one is unfortunately not dumping which i want 
but xsp sxp is uh dumping which is nice and i got   into that so anyways that's a little off topic i'm 
still expecting etheusd to do pretty well i mean   if you look still again on high time frame charts 
like the daily and even the weekly this is still   really bullish you can't really call this bearish 
still a strong trend i don't personally think that   we've seen the blow off top yet again similar 
to btc like if you're looking for a big blow off   top you're looking for like one big bi-volume 
candle kind of like how we saw back in 2017   and then volume to quickly not or just be 
non-existent non-existent and on lower time   frame charts you can actually see like back in 
2017 you can see like high cell volume coming   in at the top and generally speaking to uh 
the big moves up take are a lot faster than   the big the moves down the moves down are like 
slow and grinding and painful big moves up can   can be you know rocket ships like how we saw 
with eth i mean in my opinion or like in my   head is always going to be worth 300 bucks because 
that's just what it's like always been in my head   but anyways yeah this is still bullish in my 
opinion i don't think this is really going to   be a trend change quite yet but if as i said 
before if this 1500 level gets broken i will   be a little more concerned for sure ltc btc i'm 
sorry ltc usd this is uh going to have higher   upside than either bitcoin or ethereum in the 
next coming weeks i mean ethan's gone 50 higher   than its previous highs bitcoin has gone more than 
2x from its previous highs really 3x uh from 2017.   this area i mean an lcc it still has another 
50 or something like that to go before it   hits all-time high levels so i'm not 50 a 
hundred percent i'm sorry it was more like uh yeah yeah so um still really bullish overall uh 
on ltc i think it has higher upside than bitcoin   in general i don't know why i thought it was 50 
i think yesterday i was looking at a chart and   it looked like 50 but i'm totally off anyways 
uh 70 percent from the last week and and like   more like uh you know almost 90 from current 
price so still plenty of upside for ltc usd i   think that having a bag of this is good uh and 
a higher upside than bitcoin and ethereum so   overall this level the levels between 200 and uh 
400 really there's not much price history at all   if you look at volume profile there's just 
there's nothing so expect price to kind of   grind through a little bit but i still feel 
that 400 dollars is totally viable for ltc usd   again similar to some of the other coins that 
we saw this area currently is resistance and   you can even call the swing high and 
this area around 2 37 but this is still   you could argue it's also still just ranging 
right now with like kind of a double bottom and a   double top but i still feel this is going to 
just break this level and once it does it it   should it should do fine uh still [ __ ] on lcc 
though i mean the ema still look pretty healthy   i think from yep still pretty healthy on like 
the four hour which is really good you see   them all consolidating and after it's basically 
consolidated for this month long duration from   february to the end of march and now early april 
this overall consolidation has allowed price to   uh reset a little bit from its big run from 50 
bucks all the way down to 250 and now i think   price is ready to move so again maybe not so much 
in like the immediate short term like the next you   know day but i still feel confident that this 
is a good area to buy around here and i still   feel confident that this will have really good 
upside in the coming weeks so definitely consider   buying ltc if you're looking for a major anyways 
i hope you guys enjoyed this video good luck guys

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