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video is one that you do not want to miss   make sure you watch the entire thing check the 
timestamps below in today's video i'm going to   prove to you that cryptocurrency is about to 
get insane we're going to be going over some   of the top projects in the space if there are 
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perspective again that the mainstream media will   never share so let's start talking about big 
picture let's start with bitcoin the market   mover and then we'll move on to some lower cap 
individual projects that need to be on your radar   but check this out this i can't believe 
more people aren't talking about this   bitcoin will really shock you with its consistency 
i mean seriously bitcoin cycle after cycle this   is eerie take a look at your screen this is going 
to shock you so notice you can see everything for   yourself whether it happens in july or whether 
let's just take a look at the rsi rsi downtrend   followed by a trend change followed by a bullish 
consolidation followed by a markup we see the   same thing the next cycle this cycle it seems to 
be playing out the exact same way we're waiting   for that markup and then taking a look at the 
price got this initial huge run a bottom in july   bullish consolidation and then a huge huge 
rally it happened in 2013 it happened in 2017   and it seems like 2021 is playing out eerily 
similar of course history doesn't repeat   it rhymes but if you're as bullish 
on bitcoin like i am i mean this   bitcoin cryptocurrency it's about to get insane 
think about it like this the most popular nft   marketplace openc has just 200 000 users wow 
the most popular nft game axi infinity has just   1 million users wow d5 which is currently much 
larger than nfts has 10 million users minecraft   a single game has 600 million users my friends 
we are so early and of course the market's going   to go on ebbs and flows but the point is 
relatively speaking we are incredibly early   and that's why i liked this because i 
wanted to get this information out there   now many people have been commenting individual 
projects in their comments in the past couple of   videos so i took a look at some of the coins that 
you wanted us to take a look at and i pulled some   which to me and which other ta experts are showing 
are starting to look rather bullish for instance   chain link chain link is kind of a blue chip in 
in what it does no other oracle crypto like chain   link is doing it as big as chain link of course 
you know just like with everything it gets way   overvalued then consolidates and abs and flows but 
link looks like it's gearing up for a breakout so   chain link yeah i happen to be bullish as long as 
we're in a bull cycle i happen to be bullish let   me know what you think on chain link below but i 
did just want to point this out to you there's no   really news but i did just want to point out that 
chain links ta looks bullish let's talk about dot   dot is kind of flying under the radar right 
now but with the success of so many other   projects like dot the solana's the ethereum's 
how can you not be bullish so this is dots this   is dot's price chart right now and we can go to 
solana's price chart and this particular analyst   is comparing it saying that dot could pull a move 
like solana getting some major solana vibes from   dot it's been rejected a few more times but 
i think the trajectory weekly candle close   relation to the previous all-time high and the 
fact that it hasn't really pumped this entire run   i'm hoping it can shine like seoul in the next 
couple weeks i don't know if we're going to get   something as big as solana but generally speaking 
i have some dot i'm bullish on dot and i wanted   to point it out to you the dot in my opinion looks 
bullish let's talk about e gold we were one of the   first crypto youtubers to put eagle on everybody's 
radar years ago and i have some ego that i'm   pleasantly surprised eagle is doing so well looks 
to be in a bull trend eagled another analysis the   last two times we reached the all-time high 
62 days after the golden cross if we apply   the same parameters from the last two times to 
this time we should reach a price of around 2000   to 2500 around october 18th i can't believe it 
now here's the thing if any of us knew the future   we'd all be rich obviously this particular guy 
probably owns a lot of eagle but that being said   e-gold is competing and interoperating 
with ethereum with solano with polkadot   with cardona with all of these and you know those 
kind of projects are doing quite well and just   to continue pointing out projects like ethereums 
like the solana's the polka dots we got to point   out avax avac seems to be in a bull trend for 
me and you know every time it gets to a local   top here everybody's saying this is the ultimate 
top but you know we saw what happened with solana   and avax in my opinion is very similar to a 
solana avax generally is gaining in network   and popularity and price action and just you know 
what they're doing uh seems to be attracting a   lot of usership so we have to point out avax 
let me know in the comments if you like avax   now let's switch it off we're not talking about 
the ethereum interoperators and competitors now   we're talking about something a little bit newer 
a little bit different a quick retest of the trend   line then up again great sign of strength for 
mina talked about mina on this channel a few times   happened to be bullish it's backed by some of the 
best vcs in the space like coinbase ventures three   era capital um i don't think there's going to be 
a lot of selling going on anytime soon because   the way that the staking works the highest rewards 
for stakers happen in the first like eight months   or like year or something so there's 
really no reason to sell unless you know   you can always realize profits but i think 
a lot of people want those staking rewards   and you know anything could happen with these 
smaller caps mina just broke the top 100 by market   cap but you know everybody's expecting a three-era 
capital-backed project backed by coinbase ventures   to be eventually listed on coinbase and just 
you know fundamentally speaking this does have   a lot of use cases and promise anyways mina to me 
looks bullish and if you need even more of a sign   the cryptocurrency is about to get insane take 
a look at our growth and our subscriber count   we just ticked up now we're 996.

It seems to me 
we're meeting slight resistance at around 995 996   but trending up ticking higher i think this is 
bullish consolidation once we break one million   i'm predicting that bulls will be in full control 
so jump on board join a winning channel subscribe   and you know just to put a cap on these coins that 
i was looking at that were bullish to me i mean   in a bull market there's so much opportunity in 
cryptocurrency there's so many different ways you   can make money in crypto literally hundreds 
and hundreds of coins throughout the cycle   will pump and make tons of people rich obviously 
if you buy the top you're gonna be holding bags   but there's just so much opportunity in this 
bull market and there's plenty of coins that   you know we don't cover often that are doing quite 
well but with mastercard partnering up and issuing   its first nft giveaway ever partnering up with its 
celebrity ambassadors how could you not be bullish   with shiba inu token pumping 
25 percent on coinbase listing   bull market vibes my friends bull market 
vibes now with mastercard specifically   mastercard the news is this mastercard a 
multinational financial service corporation   as if people don't know what mastercard is has 
jumped on the nft bandwagon non-fungible tokens   have continued to gain popularity among mainstream 
industries the most recent addition to the nft   world is mastercard the global payments leader on 
thursday september 16th the company announced that   it had created its first ever nft in partnership 
with the renowned football coach jose mourinho who   is also a mastercard global ambassador this unique 
nft is an animated digital football with jose's   signatures on one of the panels anyway the news 
is that mastercard is getting into the nft game   coins are pumping you know crypto's good right 
now it's good to be in crypto right now let's   talk about some specific projects on the solana 
ecosystem solana much like an ethereum much like   a polka dot much like all the ones we mentioned 
is a open source dapp platform so let's talk   about some of the d5 projects that are building on 
solana solana's d5 projects are raising millions   of dollars decentralized finance is taking off 
on solana here's what some of these projects   look like these projects are bringing a 
lot of usership to the network the first   one grape network which is actually what shut 
the solana network down for a few hours because   it made solana too popular solana's backup now 
anyways grape network hooks up to platforms like   discord telegram and soon to be twitter to help 
decentralized communities coordinate over solana   and reward their members with cryptocurrencies 
it's all powered by the protocol token grape if   you're still watching the video at this point 
comment grape let me know you're here next in   solana's ecosystem is called parrot protocol 
parrots a non-custodial lending platform and   decentralized exchange similar to the maker 
protocol on ethereum parrot kind of like maker   there are many many more projects besides these 
within that are launching within the next few   days on the solano launch pad like selanium boca 
chica and soul starter but the point is you know   solana is seeing usership on their network and 
then finally something i think is very important   that i must convey to our audience is do your own 
research make your own decisions i'm really glad   so many people come up to meet ups or comment 
below saying i've seen a lot of comments saying   you know i'm making all this money in crypto and 
that makes me very happy doesn't matter which coin   it makes me very happy however i don't want credit 
for your wins just like i would not take credit   for your losses take responsibility make your own 
decisions do your own research the one thing i   will say if you're new to crypto in the last six 
months this is what a bull market feels like in a   bear market feels totally different way worse 
so have a plan to realize profits so whenever   the market doesn't have to be today but i'm just 
saying have a plan to realize profits eventually   the market will turn prices will probably be a 
lot higher than they are today for a lot of coins   probably but just have a plan to realize profits 
that's something all of us who've been increa   crypto for more than a cycle realize anyway 
almost at a million see you guys tomorrow   we'll probably do a live stream for a million 
subscribers if this happens during the day okay

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