CRYPTO is ABOUT TO EXPLODE! Bitcoin & Ethereum SUPPLY SHOCK is REAL! [Polkadot, Elrond, Solana News]

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about altcoins making crazy gains let's gain some   perspective on the market as a whole bitcoin for 
the last year and a half and for the next decade   is so much different compared to bitcoin's first 
decade this chart proves it understand this   the liquid supply of bitcoin peaked in early 2020. 
in my opinion it will never be this high again   it was the high watermark 2020 the decade will be 
a supply side crisis for bitcoin do you understand   what we're looking at here why is bitcoin going 
through such a supply crisis why is this decade   so much different from bitcoin's first decade well 
in my opinion it has to do with two things supply   and demand every four years bitcoin goes through 
a having where supply flow gets cut in half   every four years it seems that bitcoin and 
cryptocurrency gain by orders of magnitude   in popularity and at a certain point popularity 
is only going to continue to increase because of   the network effect and demand is only going to 
decrease and they can't print any more bitcoin   so i agree with this in my opinion bitcoin is 
going to be in a supply crisis for this whole   decade are you understanding this bitcoin 
supply on exchanges is at a three-year low   whales have been accumulating a lot we've been 
showing you this on our channel grayscale has no   more bitcoins to unlock from today until february 
what does this mean q4 will be madness 2020 the   decade will be madness we are ready subscribers on 
this channel are ready are you and it truly does   seem like cryptocurrency not even just bitcoin but 
cryptocurrency is broken through the mainstream   by orders of magnitude vitalik buterin makes 
time magazines 100 most influential people   in 2021 he is on the list with prince harry 
billy eilish olympian simon biles time magazine   has named ethereum co-founder vitalik buterin 
one of the most influential people this year   vitalik being on this list might be a surprise 
to many it's not a surprise to our audience we've   been clueing you in on this every step of the way 
if you're unfamiliar the long-running magazine has   seemingly become more open to both reporting 
on the cryptocurrency space and accepting it   in its own business in march times said it 
would be seeking a chief financial officer   who has comfort with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies 
and auctioned three nfts inspired by some of   its magazine covers the following month the 
magazine further integrated cryptocurrency into   its business by announcing it would accept 
crypto payments for digital subscriptions   in addition as part of a partnership 
with the fund manager grayscale   time said it would be holding bitcoin received 
as payment for an educational video series on its   balance sheet time holding bitcoin on its balance 
sheet another public company time isn't even in   the first inning of what we want to do with crypto 
president keith grossman said in a september 13th   interview big things are happening in the space my 
friends and this is just the beginning this is the   vitalik right up in time magazine actually this 
is the write-up and this is the picture and again   people are becoming more confident in this 
whole space check this out this is big news   arc invest to split sixty percent bitcoin forty 
percent ethereum as confidence in ethereum grows   dramatically this is kathy woods arkhan vest 
highly respected investor the ceo of arc   invest believes ethereum's development is 
promising and bitcoin's value will continue   to rise as more companies and institutions 
adopt the cryptocurrency check out the details   kathy woods the ceo of arkhanvest has doubled 
down on her prediction that the price of bitcoin   will grow tenfold in the next five years and said 
the growth of decentralized finance and fts and   ethereum 2.0 upgrade has massively increased arc's 
confidence in ether's future her prediction has   bitcoin value to hit almost half a million dollars 
by 2026 the market cap of gold she said that arc   invests future exposure to crypto will likely be 
around 60 bitcoin and 40 ethereum this is a big   change they're gaining more confidence in ethereum 
apparently maybe she's subscribed to our channel   we give you this information all the time and she 
explains her thought process she says in her view   bitcoin still remains the default cryptocurrency 
in the crypto space especially with el salvador   deeming it as legal tender and other countries 
in central america signaling that they may soon   follow but she also said that ethereum is becoming 
more and more attractive as an investment thanks   to the explosion in developer activity related 
to d5 and nfts quote i'm fascinated with what's   going on in d5 which is collapsing the cost 
of the infrastructure for financial services   in a way that i know that the traditional 
financial industry does not appreciate right now   our confidence in ethereum has gone up 
dramatically as we have seen the beginning   of the transition from proof of work to proof of 
stake so she's bullish on bitcoin she's bullish on   ethereum she understands how different they 
are how they have unique value propositions   she must be subscribed to our channel we have been 
sharing this information with you for a long time   and she's right ethereum does look really really 
good from a fundamental level over one billion   worth of ethereum has been burned since the 
london hard fork roughly 300 000 ethereum has been   destroyed since the london upgrade introduced a 
new burn mechanism on august 5th so it has been a   little over a month and because of the huge demand 
to use ethereum with nfts play to earn games dexes   d5 stable coins all of this stuff just simple eat 
transfers people using the network we're almost   at three hundred thousand each burned we're 
burning at a rate of five eats per minute and   she understands that once eath fully transitions 
to eth 2.0 this is simulating the merge ethereum   will become even better it is so great to see 
coins that we've been talking about on this   channel forever some of these coins i'm invested 
in it is so great to see these coins doing so well   in this bowl cycle i mean this is what it's 
all about polka dot is looking great before   we continue actually listen up because i want to 
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his videos see what i'm talking about let me just   share with you a few video clips so you understand 
this is him calling the 65 000 bitcoin top lining   up with the red parabola that you see that he 
drew in the chart he called the 65 000 bitcoin this is a more recent video from august 20th 
where he called the breakout to 51 000 guys   bitcoin is right now breaking out of 
our symmetrical triangle bitcoin is   right now going to try to reach this price target 
with the four hourly cam that is happening at   this exact moment if we get it confirmed we could 
reach prices of up to 50 to 51 000 as soon as we   reach this breakout target actually um i will 
take a little bit of profits of my lungs and   wait for re-test to scale them back up again 
because if the retest isn't successful and we   break down below in the symmetrical triangle then 
it's very possible that we have more downside   to come and then i'm very happy that i took 
profits almost at the high and for the case that   we are just bouncing i can just scale them the 
positions up so i took profit i have the same   size of positions and then the run up to 50 to 
51 000 can start without without me missing out   on anything and then because he puts out daily 
content and he shares with you what he's trading   on a daily basis this is an updated video 
september 5th where he again called the   breakout right in the video we are forming a 
continuation pattern and breaking to the upside   and right now in the fall you can see it oh my god 
i have to upload this video asap we are actually   breaking out of this falling wedge with this 
four hourly candle at the moment as long as we   see a confirmed breakout for sure but i think 
this falling wedge on the four hourly time frame   definitely gives us the chance to break out of 
the symmetrical triangle to the upside finally the   bulls definitely have a great chance of breaking 
to the upside um with this four hourly candle   but either way i would really appreciate it if you 
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trading channel that i like that i subscribed to   and i wanted to share this with you moving forward 
three reasons why polka dot is end route to new   all-time highs even after such a colossal rally 
and you can really boil it down to two things   steady development and strong fundamentals 
and if you're unfamiliar with polka dot let   me make it crystal clear polka dot is a blockchain 
network designed to support various interconnected   application specific parallel chains these are 
known as parachains the scalability focus project   breaks transactions up into many shards and 
processes them in parallel similar to what eats   2.0 aims to achieve polka dot refers to the entire 
ecosystem of pair chains that plug in to a single   base platform known as the relay chain this base 
layer provides security to the network and handles   the consensus finality and voting logic this is 
polka dot to support parachain launches users   vote for projects by locking up their dot tokens 
currently only kusama polkadot's canary network   and an early unrefined release of polka dot is 
holding its auctions for these slots polka dot   is expected to initiate the same process over the 
next couple of months incredibly bullish as long   as we remain in this bull market which i believe 
we are let's talk about e-gold three reasons why   the price of e-gold is hitting new daily highs 
an expanding ecosystem and the full launch of   elrond's d5 capabilities back eagles rally above 
300 the three reasons for e-gold surge include the   full release of the protocol's mere exchange 
the altcoins listing on kucoin and a string   of partnerships and integrations that expand the 
elrond ecosystem bullish solana continues to rally   even after an 18-hour outage that we reported 
to you yesterday this happened because there   was too much demand on the network so they took it 
offline for 18 hours i know not too decentralized   but the market does not care there was an 
initial dip after the incident but a quick   recovery salon is rallying it's been rallying for 
a long time because the network is getting used   this is the kind of stuff that happens in a bull 
market if we were in a bear market i would not   expect this to happen but with bitcoin now being 
above 10 000 for 365 days we've entered into a new   era for cryptocurrency morgan stanley launches 
cryptocurrency research team after launching a   bitcoin investment tool for millionaires earlier 
this year morgan stanley is now diving even deeper   into cryptocurrency fidelity is now lobbying the 
sec to approve a bitcoin etf in private meetings   fidelity is arguing that the bitcoin markets 
have already reached maturity under what the   sec has said is the standard and they're doing 
this in private meetings it is going to happen   sooner or later we have entered a new paradigm 
for crypto currency my friends subscribe to our   channel join us on the road to 1 million we're 
going to cover more of this tomorrow this is   an ongoing story the mainstream media 
does not report things are getting big   my friends things are getting big be patient 
fortune favors the patient in cryptocurrency

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