welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name 
is aaron the reason why you subscribe is because   on a daily basis we break down everything 
going on in the cryptocurrency space we make   bitcoin we make crypto easy to understand 
we clue you in show you what's going on   show you the immense growth going on in 
the space or what is actually happening   behind the scenes and that's exactly what we're 
doing in today's video it has come to my attention   that the masses are still being fooled when it 
comes to bitcoin cryptocurrency that many people   are being manipulated being deceived being tricked 
into thinking that bitcoin is in a bear market and   if you look at the data like i'm going to show you 
in this video you're you're going to understand   that that could be that that's nowhere near 
the truth unequivocally bitcoin is in a bull   market people are buying the dip and i'm going 
to show you the data and prove it to you and if   you appreciate that give the video a like and 
i want to start right here before we get to the   data before we get to the charts before we get to 
cardano and d5 we need to talk about this historic   piece of news that will affect bitcoin going 
forward this is creating a lot of fear a lot   of uncertainty and a lot of doubt in the market 
right now and we're going to talk about what   this means for bitcoin holders what this means 
for the bitcoin network and what this means for   cryptocurrency going forward there's three big 
takeaways but the news is this that china sichuan   has ordered the shutdown on 26 bitcoin mining 
farms yes you heard that correctly china's   last safe haven for bitcoin miners has ordered a 
shutdown and that is being carried out has been   being carried out and what did we see bitcoin 
hash rate falls 17 overnight after china mining   crackdown and again 26 mining farms are having 
their power cut this is a historic event happening   for bitcoin it's been said for a long time that 
china has a lot of the bitcoin mining hash power   that's no longer going to be the case and again 
is this good for bitcoin is this bad for bitcoin i   think that this is unequivocally good for bitcoin 
three main points and i'm going to let nick carter   articulate it to you i've shared this video 
with you before if you subscribe to the channel   real quick the three takeaways are that this is 
good because this reduces china's influence over   bitcoin number two this is good because this is 
better for the environment and number three this   is good because this really does not have a major 
effect on bitcoin's hash rate or security and a 17   drop really isn't that much in the grand scheme 
of things it's going to bounce right back listen   to nick carter emergency press conference china 
potentially banning bitcoin mining what does it   mean so earlier today some reports started to come 
out that china might be getting more aggressive in   terms of targeting miners this isn't a surprise 
this is a continuation of what had already begun   mining was already banned in the province of 
inner mongolia which is heavily coal powered   is this good or bad well people like me 
have actually been asking for this to happen   anticipating it i was looking forward 
to it and i'm glad that it's happening   first of all it reduces china's ability to 
potentially influence bitcoin there was an outside   chance that at some point they would use the china 
domiciled hashrate to launch an attack on bitcoin   this wasn't really something that i thought was 
very likely but now by continuing to ban mining   in china they're not going to have any leverage or 
ability to do that second of all this is good as   far as bitcoin's carbon footprint is concerned as 
we all know there's lots of coal in in china and   that was partly used for mining by banning mining 
in places that are coal powered china is reducing   bitcoin's aggregate carbon emissions this is an 
effective subsidy to western cleaner based miners   and so it dramatically improves the emissions 
factor of the bitcoin network uh so this is   something we should be celebrating now with 
regards to security is this gonna make bitcoin   less secure not really bitcoin security doesn't 
really increase with a single marginal unit of   hashrate bitcoin is overwhelmingly secure it's 
secure at many thresholds even if hash rate were   to drop by 50 or 80 percent it would still be 
considered secure uh the worst that will happen   will be if hashrate goes offline blocks might be 
slower for a week or two that's really it so in   short this is good for bitcoin's climate impact 
this reduces china's leverage over bitcoin and   it doesn't really affect its security it's a 
good thing bitcoin is in a bull market this is   not debatable and to prove this to you let's head 
on over to willy woo on chain expert he looks at   what is going on on chain we've never been able 
to do this to an asset class in history before   but because everything is on the blockchain and 
finally you know we have years of data that we   can compare it to you know many people don't know 
this data is available and this is very revealing   oh my rick astley is back what does this mean that 
means that the people buying bitcoin today have   a history they're never going to give it up coins 
are moving back to the huddlers who never deserted   bitcoin in the first place again we're looking at 
the bitcoin supply chain for circulating supply   tldr wallets that have a history of accumulating 
bitcoin and selling very little are buying   this dip hardcore and that is undisputable we 
just looked at the previous chart was a 30-day   sum of coin movement but now we're going to move 
in to a seven-day view showing greater granularity   we can see how the mass of coins dumped out 
to speculative hands are being reaccumulated   by strong hands in a pattern very similar to 
the pandemic recovery which took eight weeks   to recover but take a look at this so this is the 
pandemic this is where we are now do you remember   how much fear and uncertainty and doubt was in the 
market when bitcoin dipped this much and stayed   low for this long we saw a huge spike in people 
buying and continue to see that for eight weeks   we're seeing almost the exact same thing happen 
here so let's move forward so who is selling   well who isn't selling whales aren't selling 
sharks aren't selling dolphins aren't selling big   huddlers are huddling check this out so entities 
with a balance of 1k to 10k they sold a little   bit these were like the newer whales back here 
but now they're not selling at all big huddlers   are huddling supply held 100 bitcoins to 1 000 
bitcoins again they have stopped selling in fact   they even bought a little bit more big holders 
are huddling how about octopussies and fishies   well they're stacking the dip as well these are 
entities with a balance of 10 to 100 bitcoin and   again there was an initial sell-off but what 
we've been seeing in the past couple weeks   is is this up this is what we like to see let's go 
even further crabs are stacking as hard as their   little shells will let them and again yes there 
was this initial sell-off but we need to check   out what is actually going on today and the dip 
is being bought right here you cannot deny this   moving forward let's talk about us let's talk 
about the shrimps shrimps are taking their lead   and stacking like there's no tomorrow especially 
in the latest dip they continue to stack and when   the price dipped they stacked even harder user 
growth as strong as ever on the network a network   is only as strong as its users the network is 
only as strong as its growth and we're seeing   network growth as strong as ever so yeah 
bitcoin is definitely in a bear market folks   sarcasm now here's the thing guys this is the 
first cycle where people are realizing that   bitcoin and crypto but more specifically bitcoin 
is here to stay every other cycle in bitcoin's   last 12 13 years people were looking to cash out 
their bitcoin because they didn't want to be the   last to sell they didn't realize that bitcoin had 
a future most people still don't but the people in   the know like us like people who subscribe to our 
channel are realizing more than ever and also like   the big whales like we just saw that bitcoin is 
here to stay and you know we're in a bull market   now let's move forward defy is exploding 
unequivocally so last year we saw 82 million   unique addresses now there are over 150 million 
this data is compelling i tweeted this out   if you follow us on twitter you already saw 
this dune analytics let's go over this is   awesome so what we're looking at is total d5 
users over time a user is a unique address   since the user can have multiple addresses the 
numbers below are over estimates but you know we   can look at the trend so we're going to see total 
defi users and then users for specific protocols   as you recall before 2018 d5 was really nothing 
only in 2019 did we first start reporting on it   and it first started becoming a thing in 2020 
i got real bullish on d5 people were still very   bearish in 2020 but i kept trying to show you 
guys the metrics are trending up so much in 2020   there's no way this thing isn't going to explode 
and it did and the metrics are still trending   up so let's get to some specific protocols we'll 
just go through them real quick but you can take   a look at what the charts look like total uniswap 
users over time total compound users over the time   parabolic total one inch users over time total 
sushi swap users over time and there was a time by   the way when just you know before this parabolic 
increase when you know in the middle right here   when this looked like a parabolic increase 
or this looked like a parabolic increase so   total balance for users total kyber users 
maker dao ave dydx curve basically everything   on d5 pulse tornado cache instadap xerox yearn 
bancor pull together go through this yourself   follow us on twitter and you will see that 
defy is exploding and the users are exploding   um it's just undeniable that we are at the 
forefront we're at the cutting edge of this   crypto growth and most people do not realize that 
this is happening now beyond that there's so much   building you know the crypto space is so much 
more interoperable today than it than it has   ever been and last cycle interoperability 
was only a myth well now it's a reality   ren bridge adds support for bitcoin on solana 
so i believe prior this was only available for   ethereum well now they're interoperable with salon 
as well ren has launched a direct bridge to solana   it allows users to move tokenized versions of 
bitcoin and other assets onto the layer one solana   blockchain they can do this on ethereum and solana 
now this is only going to get more interoperable   this is pretty interesting coin shares a reputable 
uh you know company a reputable data firm and um   you know i'll show you basically cardano and 
stellar lumen have captured the attention of   institutional investors we already know that 
institutional investors buy bitcoin hardcore   buy a little bit of eth beyond that found it 
rather interesting this is the coin shares   data you can take a look at this yourself it 
breaks it down into specific institutions but   the point is that uh institutions have been 
buying cardano and stellar lumen and that's   interesting to note by the way smart contracts 
for cardano are about 90 days away and also   two months ago you probably remember this if you 
subscribe 21 shares launches stellar and cardano   etps very similar to etfs where you just have to 
buy the ticker this is a global first for both so   cardano and stellar still in the game personally 
i like cardona more than stellar but we watched   them both on this channel and anything could 
happen dogecoin car crashes and so does doge's   price dogecoin sponsorship and yesterday's nascar 
race turned out to be a dud a little contact right   there just turns his car sideways down the front 
straightaway just wow right really close there   mills and the five very lucky to miss we talk a 
lot look at the rear tires off the tower off the   ground well i was gonna say we talk a lot about 
the racetrack and keep it up and how great it   looks remember 10 years since our nascar has 
been here but soft that is it for me today my   name is aaron at altcoin daily uh we're in an 
interesting time right i think you know we have   the best part of the bull market still ahead of 
us and i guess i'll just leave you with this video   helps put things in perspective don't buy bitcoin 
because you know it's gonna crash this one time   bitcoin went from six cents all the way to 
36 cents and then it crashed down to 21 cents   and then another time bitcoin went 
from 85 cents all the way to 29   and then it crashed three dollars and then 
another time bitcoin went all the way to 213 dollars and then it crashed all the way to 
70 dollars and then another time bitcoin went   all the way to eleven hundred dollars 
and then it crashed all the way to   239 dollars so the moral of the story is don't buy 
bitcoin because you know it's gonna crash again

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