Crypto: How to Invest Your First 1000$ – Your Starter Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Now, let me tell you where I would invest
my 1000 $. I would put all my money into crypto. And if you're not convinced by crypto at this
point and you still believe it s either rat poison or just a big scam and that it's all
going to 0, well then as Satoshi himself said If you don t believe it or don t get it, I
don t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.
Before I share my 1000$ crypto portfolio, there are two quick points that need to be
clarified. First off, depending on where you're from,
your job security, your income, your social obligations, 1000$ maybe, too much, just enough,
or too little to invest. If you think that it's just enough for you to invest, ask yourself
this, can I afford to lose all of this money? If the answer is no then it's probably too
much for you to invest.

If the answer is yes then welcome to the wild wild and highly volatile
land of crypto. Now if it's too much or too little for you
to invest, it's not a problem either. Remember that 1000$ is just a reference number, you
can invest 10, 100, 10000 $ if you can afford it. And how do you know if you can afford
it? Well always remember the golden rule of investing, and that is: "only invest money
that you can afford to lose". In these two scenarios, it's better to apply
the dollar cost average method of investing, where you set up a weekly or monthly budget
and allocate some money towards investing. Once you have a plan, let s say I want to
invest 100 $ each month into crypto, stick to that plan, regardless of anything. If the
prices are falling, be happy, you can buy more crypto with the same amount of money.
If the prices are rising, be happy, it means your prior investments are doing great.

key to this method is to think long-term. I know, we all want to be rich overnight,
but this type of mentality will only get you broke.
The second point is, if you're new to crypto, you should open a crypto exchange. And I know,
not your keys not your coin, but as a beginner, it's better to use such a platform to get
things started. And of course, once you are more comfortable with how crypto works you
can move some of your assets into cold storage for the long run.
There are lots of exchange platforms out there, this video is not a review of one of them
and I m not affiliated with any exchange in particular, but some of the most used platforms
out there are: Binance, Coinbase, FTX, KuCoin, Kraken, Uniswap and many many more.
Take your time, research all of the available exchanges in your country and once you feel
comfortable with an exchange or two you can get started by opening an account and depositing
that 1000$.

Now on to the exciting part, I have 1000$
ready to invest let s see how I would allocate that money. Let me tell you from the start
if you're hoping to see some coins with random dog names or the words moon, rocket, or safe
you're not going to find them on this list. A lot of investors come out and treat the
crypto market like it s the local casino where you can gamble away your money. Some money
on roulette here, a little blackjack, and some slot machines, and hope you get lucky.
Like it or not investing in such coins, is not investing, it s just called gambling,
and most of the time you'll lose. If you are a new investor, start by building
a solid foundation made up of low-risk – high potential, coins, your objective is to have
a stable, long-term holding portfolio. Look at projects that have withstood the test of
time and that have a solid team and project roadmap behind them.
And here it is, coin number one where we allocate 35% of our portfolio is Bitcoin.

BTC is and
will remain the 1st ever cryptocurrency created. And like it or not it will always have the
advantage of being the 1st player at the table. It is the premier cryptocurrency where big
investors are now looking to allocate a decent % of their cash reserves. In roughly 12 years
it's gone from being considered magic internet money to becoming legal tender in a country,
which is not a small feat. With a fixed supply of only 21 M coins out there, BTC is regarded
as being the best reserve asset in the crypto market, it's thought of as digital or gold
2.0 and has outperformed all other assets out there since it'' inception. You should
view Bitcoin as your go-to reserve currency, as a store of value & hedge against inflation.
Remember one thing, you don t have to buy one whole BTC and if you believe that it's
too late and you've missed the train with BTC, think of this.

An asset for which demand
stands only to increase while its liquid supply and mining reward is going down only stands
to gain value over time, it's simple basic economics.
Coin number two is Ethereum, where we allocate 20 % of our portfolio. Now, normally I would
have said 25%, but let's take away that 5% until ETH can get its crazy fees back in check.
So, why invest in ETH when it has issues with high fees, well, the same as with BTC it has
the advantage of being one of the first coins in the market. ETH is the 2nd largest coin
by market cap with some voices saying that following the EIP 1559 update, it will overtake
BTC by market cap. Now, I don t know what the future will hold, it is a possibility
no doubt, but I do believe that the team behind ETH still has several years of work ahead
of them before this could become reality.

ETH is your go-to smart contract platform,
it is the foundation, the home, of the majority of tokens of the entire cryptocurrency economy
( thinks like USD-based stable coins, DeFI, NFTs ). With all of this and much more big
things to come like ETH 2.0, Ethereum is still asserting its dominating position in the market
and represents a solid investment for the future.
Let s shake things up a bit with number 3 as this may come as a surprise for many. So,
my choice for number 3 is Vechain or VET where I allocated 15%. When it comes to long-term
potential, no other coin speaks to me more than Vechain.

And if you're completely in
the dark with this one and don t know what it is here s a small recap.VET s specialty
is supply chain management and it combines blockchain with NFC, RFID, and QR code tech
in order to track goods varying from luxury to pharmaceutical, foods, and much much more.
Let s see some of Vechain the main advantages many other cryptos out there. The list is
quite impressive in my view: first off, it is in the dominant position when it comes
to supply chain management problems and it has a clear real-world use case. VeChain is
The First-ever 5-Star-Rated Blockchain Service Provider In The World. It has an ever-growing
list of partnerships with the likes of BMW, Renault, DNV GL, Luis Vuitton, and Walmart
China. And speaking of China, VET is one of the few cryptos out there supported by the
Chinese government and it's actually included in China's 5-year crypto development plan,
this is absolutely huge.

Vechain was actually featured not once on the Chinese national
television which is no small feat. There s so much I would with VETand if you are not
familiar, look more into this project, into the team, into their roadmap, and even their
dual token system which is brilliant. My approach to Vechain is long term, and maybe yours should
be too. The next two coins are both created by co-founders
of ETH.

We're also going to put 15% into number 4
which is Polkadot. Polkadot is an open-source sharding multichain protocol that facilitates
the cross-chain transfer of any data or asset types, not just tokens, thereby making a wide
range of blockchains interoperable with each other. This interoperability seeks to establish
a fully decentralized and private web, controlled by its users, and simplify the creation of
new applications, institutions, and services. Now, with DOT there is a lot that s been built
on this network and still much, much more to be done. People are getting excited, and
for good reason because of the upcoming launch of their main product – parachains. Now, as
I've mentioned, DOT is a work in progress environment it s not yet a fully operational
one, but hopefully, by the end of 2021, we will see several parachains launched on the
dot network. And if it sounds complicated, let me put it this way.

By buying into dot
right now you are going to be ahead of the wider market adoption, similarly to buying
into a start-up let s say. A company or project that you know will launch several successful
products in the market ( things centered around decentralized finance products and NFTs).
As of recording this right now in September 2021, DOT is valued at 35$ let s buy this
now and check the price again 5 years from now.
Number 5 is Cardano with another 15% allocation.

Cardano or ( ADA ) is currently the 3rd largest
coin by market cap and has had an impressive run in 2021, to say the least. In September
last year, you could have bought one ADA at roughly 8 cents, well, just one year later
its price ranges at around 2.4USD with an all-time high at almost 3 dollars. Just an
insane ROI considering how high it is based on market cap. Yes, it may be a bit overpriced
now, and probably you could wait a few weeks or months before buying, but if you're thinking
longer term, it doesn't really matter. For Cardano, two other things are really worth

One, that its long-awaited smart contract launch on the public test net went
live on September the 12th which means that ADA should finally see tons of new projects
rolling in on ( defi, nfts, gaming, borrowing, and lending ) things like that, and secondly
it's really worth looking into Cardano s l blockchain projects for Africa in the future
as this could guarantee an absolute price explosion.
And that s it, 5 solid projects for you to start investing in. Of course, there are plenty
more projects out there like Solana, Chainlink, Aave , Polygon, Avalanche where you could
invest. It s generally a good idea to diversify your portfolio and crypto is definitely no
exception to this. But keep in mind that the more projects you invest in the harder it
will be for you to follow them all. Because you will have to follow your projects, to
know when they pump, in order to take some profits out and reinvest at the right moment.
There s a lot to cover as well around the idea of when should I take some profits, when
should I reinvest, or if should I re-balance my portfolio and if you follow our channel
we'll cover this topic as well.

That s it for today, I hope you found the
information useful, leave a like and comment on what you think should have been included
on the list, and remember, only make smart investments and think long term and I'll see
you all in the next one. Bybye..

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