Crypto Exchange Bitrue Goes All-In on XRP, Expands Huge Number of Base Pairs on Its Platform

[Music] hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we're going to go over information about x RP x RP x RP and of course the company ripple but the digital asset that we'll focus on is of course X R P actually the first thing I want to go over is this bit true you can see from the headline where it says crypto exchange bit true goes all-in on x RP and they expand the huge number of base pairs on its platform I saw this headline come out the other day or yes yet yesterday and I was like wow it was late at night and they have a chance to read it I was like wow they are definitely going all-in then I see this headline and they use those words all in so it was funny I was thinking that in my head so let's go through this and says by mid-january bit true plans to have a total of 77 X RP based trading open for trading talk about liquidity the singapore-based exchange a big supporter of the digital asset already lists about 50 x RP pairs and plans to add another 14 by christmas an additional 13 will go live treaty by January 13th according to their announcement that you know so the 50 plus 14 plus 13 equals the 77 an additional 13 will go live for trading on 13th like we said but let's go to their Twitter page so right here you can see a small little gift for the XRP community this Christmas we have 27 x RP pairs coming soon with 14 of them arriving on December 25th in total this brings us to 77 X RP pairs all the coins and listings and schedules are here we won't go there but if you want to check it out yourself go to bid throughs Twitter page which is bit true official and you can go right to it bit true facilitated about 10.5 million an x RP trade volume back on sunday representing roughly about 8.5 percent of all traded and ranked rankings fourth among all exchanges according to x RP charts now Bitteroot does have a history of supporting XR in April the exchange denounced in partnership with the XRP tip bot which we'd see when put it together this allows users to convert other tokens to XRP in order to make micro payments through the bot so this is we'd say wind back in April he's an incredible developer as you probably notice bit true official is a big XRP fan he says back then as they offer many XRP pairs it was a no-brainer to partner up to make it easier for users to deposit other Kryptos to the XRP tip bot using the bit to official their tokens of appreciation we'll go back to the community and then in July bit true announced it was running its own XRP validate or so they have XR P's they're a validator they're running volume through their exchange and now they're releasing even more pairs here around Christmas and the new year so they're definitely XRP supporters and they say XRP validators are crucial to the mission of XRP as they participate in the consensus process and improve the decentralization of the network and they say we're dedicated to the success of XR p and hope that other exchanges will join us soon so here the list of new XRP live by Christmas it's the ARPA chain air SWAT blues L doc everex decentraland quant stamp the PIO credit network grading network token written request network storage t Treo we power then live by January 13th it is acute angle cloud arc locking key Grisha fair game IOT chain bit can K cache link ID token 10x all sports blockchain was a swift coin top chain and Trippi oh so that's a little update from vit true and obviously they're going all in like the headline says here with as they expand their huge base of base pairs on its platform so the next little XRP article that i want to go over was this where Brad Garland house who's the CEO of ripple predicts dramatic crypto market transformation in 2020 and says the doesn't need 2,000 digital assets that's so true we don't need that many digital assets but obviously a lot of them came to fruition and they're trying to show their use cases and the projects are working hard to prove themselves but just over time just sheer supply and demand and people succeed and fail that some of those are simply not going to work out and unless you have a true use case your digital asset will not be worth worth anything so let's go through this together says ripple CEO Brad garland house is dropping a set of bold predictions in the new year in roundup on what may come in your head the head of the Silicon Valley payments company which they're actually based in San Francisco which owns more than half of the supply of XRP says he believes the crypto market at large is set to string shrink garland House has a long list of digital assets will likely fall by the wayside as the market searches for utility in real-world use cases and he says the world doesn't need 2,000 plus digital assets well I don't think there will be one coin to rule them all it's clear that if an asset doesn't have a proven use case beyond speculation is not going to survive I mean that's so true because if you think back on the internet boom all those companies were going public so quickly they didn't really have a product it was just vaporware but you know look at the people were the companies that survived look at Amazon they were selling books but they had a real product they had real profits and we know what Amazon turned into long term just an amazing corporation worth over a trillion dollars in total market cap but back then they had to prove themselves with a use case and that's kind of where the crypto market is now back in the nascent days of the Internet where a lot of people came to the market but the ones that survived are ones that proved a use case and I think that that's the same thing that's gonna happen in the crypto space and it looks like Brad Garland House CEO of ripples referring to it here as well so he also predicts increasing consolidation among crypto companies as bigger fish acquire smaller startups in the space true and I bet that's code for ripples probably going to do some acquisitions because their balance sheet is pretty pretty heavy now because of their you know the recent VC cast and a fusion of 200 million dollars and and their valuation just ballooned up to ten billion dollars and we actually did a video on that so check out in the in the comment section of this video and I will go ahead and length the video to the ten billion dollar valuation discussion that we had so moving on it says last month Garlin house told Bloomberg he thinks the value of all nearly all cryptocurrencies on the market will eventually become worthless I have said publicly that I think 99% of all crypto probably goes to zero but there's that 1% that I think is focused on solving a real problem for real customers able to do that at scale hmm what he's referring to probably XRP Garlin house is also making two extremely bold predictions about institutional adoption of digital assets in the new year he expects that ten of the 20 largest banks in the globe will begin to actively hold and trade digital assets in 2020 esfir fiat currencies go global or digital go digital he's also predicting that at least one g20 currency becomes fully digitized by 2021 so that's the latest from ripples chief CEO Brad Garlin House talking about the marketplace in general but he's talking about something I share with it the world doesn't need that many digital assets and if you don't prove out your use case you'll probably cease to exist so then lastly let's go over a little something from a US economist he says XRP is an extremely important technology but retail interest remains to be seen he goes on to say the editorial director of the American Institute of Economic Research said he believes that XRP may change the world in a new interview and Artie's boom-bust Jeffrey Tucker who is a long-term Bitcoin Bowl so imagine that some is a Bitcoin bull says x r p and r and x ripple and x RP are poised to thrive off of the failures of the widely used messaging system swift that when asked why XR p has struggled this year Tucker says that more retail investors need to come on board that's so true once the momentum happens out there people start talking about there's a bull run Bitcoin goes up and starts bringing up the other coins people start paying attention again and he says we have to remember that XRP is a very specific kind of crypto it's not the crypto anybody dreamed of happening in 2009 when crypto first entered the world but it is a brilliant technology in the sensitive mediated technology it's a proprietary technology and a lot of these sorts of regular man on the street style investors in crypto are not interested in that for that reason that doesn't mean it's not going to change the world I think it's extremely important technology because it's thriving off the failures of this antique Swift system yes with the Swift messaging systems decades rife over 40 years old and he says our legacy financial systems are incapable of dealing with the new age of globalization so it's taking crypto to kind of fill the market niche to make these beautiful things happen and he says XRP has been really valuable in that sense but as a token I think is probably more valuable and instability as a token then there's a medium for cross-border payment systems that sort of thing and this is a bit of surprise I don't think anybody expected this as I say in 2009 all in 2013 as for the regulation of the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap Tucker says he believes XRP should not be classified as a security we tend to agree with them it shouldn't be definitely has its use case and the analysis that I've seen online shows us pretty much not a secure it's kind of wait for the SEC to make their determination he's urging policymakers D comfortable with emerging payment technology and stop trying to apply old rules to a new reality and he goes on to say here's the problem these old categories actually don't pertain to these new technologies which are really ownership over rights to a protocol it's not the same thing as a security expert is not a security it's just not and what we're trying to do is reclassify these modern 21st century technologies in the old 20th century categories I'm gonna have to remember that and that's a good little quote we're trying to do is reclassify these modern 21st technologies 21st century technologies in all 20th century categories it doesn't actually make any sense I'm definitely remembering that and why are we doing this just so we can save the regulations and save the regulars and save the bureaucrats so they can control it but none of it makes any sense the reason why it's taken so long for these decisions to be made is because they don't qualify as traditional securities there's something new entirely entirely in the end I think Washington bureaucrats are going to have to get used to the fact that we live in a progressing world where we have new kinds of things he says we've learned that private money as possible we've learned that payments payment systems and money can be wedded together into the same technology that was never true even 15 years ago so we're gonna have to have some movement here on the part of the politicians and the and the bureaucrats realize that a new reality has dawned and it has dawned in January of 2009 when the first saw Bitcoin could actually work we need as we always say all this channel folks we need regulatory clarity the United States regulators needs to get off their Duff and the United States Congress needs to move forward on some bills we actually had a video the other day it was talking about 22 bills are going through Congress 21 still pending one actually became a wall which will actually link in the comment section below to that video so you can check it out and so we're not gonna click on this so we don't get any copyright problems here but if you want to hear more about the interview go here and that's the latest so thank you for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal day like I said today we were discussing ripple and XRP there's a lot of information that came out and incredible about bit true there with all the trading pairs that they wanted in the little info that we saw from ripple chief Brad Garlin house but thank you for tuning in the cryptocurrency portal if you already subscribe to our channel thank you so much if you're not a subscriber yet we'd be honored with your subscription to the channel and if you like this video please smash that thumbs up button it really really helps the channel out and again I will I will put in the comment section links to those two videos I referenced earlier but if you have any questions feel free to leave in the comment section we always respond to all the comments and I love getting conversations going in the crypto space and everything so thanks again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal and have a great day [Music]

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