Crypto Convo – DubDigital x Josiah Spackman (On Digibyte)

you too welcome back it's dub digital and today 
i have a very special guest to the channel   i'm talking to josiah spacman aka chillin science 
how you doing man thank you so much for having   me man it's great to be here on the show really 
appreciate you taking the time to have a chat with   us today hey anytime love it so um just a little 
bit about josiah he's a digi bite foundation   member and also chief fun officer at digi bite 
inc which is a very interesting title i gotta say   can you tell us a little bit about that what's the 
function of the cheap fun officer it's gotta be   yeah i uh so many people were taking things so 
seriously and we were getting a ton of messages   especially all the way back in 2017 going hey 
uh we really need to hear about all of these   these people that are on your on your company and 
things like that because digibyte's not an ico   so we don't have a great big company of founders 
and advisors and consultants and all that kind   of good stuff so yeah it's um it's just kind of 
been a little bit cheeky about the fact that there   is no permission required it is implied if 
you want to go do something for did you buy   you go do it cool so it's an ode to the 
um i guess the nature of digibyte right as   being permissionless organization that's pretty 
cool yeah exactly and that's that's really like   undervalued by a lot of people they were like oh 
we need somebody who's who's launched 10 projects   before and only one of them was a rug pull no i'd 
rather something that didn't require every single   person had some great big portfolio that they were 
able to show off on linkedin like curious about   linkedin these days man thanks for taking the 
time to talk with me today i think we have a lot   of digi bite people in the community and my at my 
channel um and just want to dig in a little bit a   high level and then go in a little deeper so just 
for the people um well actually i guess before we   jump into that i'd like to learn a little bit more 
about you and so um i call this the genesis story   of you how did you get into blockchain and 
how did you get involved with the did you buy   foundation yeah so a friend of mine he sent me a 
message back in man it must have been 2013 and he   basically like he says to me he's like look you 
can print money with your computer and i'm like   really i can print money with my computer he's 
like yeah you just got to sign up and do this   bitcoin stuff all right cool so anyway i managed 
to convince my ex-wife back then to let me go out   and buy a couple of high-end graphics cards 
fire them up start mining away and i found i   found bitcoin i started mining but i got kind of 
like disheartened because i was going for i think   like three days worth of mining and i only 
managed to mine 0.1 bitcoin because asics   had just showed up now if you if you look 
at it today you'd go 0.1 bitcoin in three   days it's amazing but um it was costing me like 
three or four times that much in electricity so   started having a bit of a like hunt around 
i found bitcoin talk forums and i'm like hmm   i'm i'm a smart guy i found litecoin i was like 
it's it's faster there's a higher maximum supply   like yes i'm on to a winner here started mining 
that for another week or two and then i found   uh digibyte was doing something with dogecoin 
back in the day for the washington mudslide   victims they'd just gone and done their 
first protocol upgrade as well with digishiel   and i'm like hmm again i'm smart guy i think i've 
found something with faster blocks and better   maximum supply so i'll look into that more and 
sure enough here we are seven years later sorry   awesome yeah i mean i think everyone has somewhat 
of a at least earlier on has a similar story right   same with me i got into it from a coding 
friend of mine approached me and said hey   you know there's this thing called bitcoin and 
i i wasn't from the technical side but more of   the economic side with the hard money kind 
of thing i understood that a little more dug   deep into it and then you know once you get into 
bitcoin you just kind of start looking around and   i found digibyte actually a little later in 2017 
but again similar kind of you know decentralized   nature really appealed to the libertarian in 
me so awesome good to hear about that yeah and   the rabbit hole once you just start falling down 
at like like alice in wonderland like it's just   it's incredible and and that permissionless 
nature i think a lot of people it really   appeals to them when they fully grasp it and 
for me it actually was something that it took   a bitcoin cash ceo to explain and i saw a video 
they were on television in um somewhere in europe   i believe and he basically said he said yeah i've 
just decided that i'm the ceo and i was like wow   you're the ceo that's amazing to just wake up one 
morning and decide yeah it's just like absolutely   my mind was blown by it yeah anyway it took a 
little bit longer to kind of again like you say   fully grasp that it takes a little bit to kind 
of understand that and we still have people that   will jump into the our telegram channels and 
things and go hey do you mind it's like yeah   like the permission isn't planned you go for it 
you do whatever you want oh cool cool um yeah   so just for my because i have an eclectic channel 
a lot of people from different um chains on here   for the person who's not familiar with did you 
buy can you walk us through it a little bit   give us a quick rundown of what you think 
are the high points of the project and what   really speaks to you okay um so computing did 
you buy with the likes of bitcoin for example   we've got a thousand to one ratio of our maximum 
supply the idea being that it's going to be a   little bit smaller a little bit more divide up and 
that you could use it a lot easier to pay for a   coffee that kind of thing we want everybody in the 
world to be able to have a digi bite or point one   of it did you buy you know as as things go on that 
extra maximum supply we think is quite important   in addition digibyte has not released the first 
version and kind of just sat on our hands and gone   yeah we're good we're down we're out we've had a 
lot of consistent upgrades over the years starting   all the way back in 2014 uh six or eight weeks 
after the first uh after we first launched we   brought out digi shield which is now in use in a 
dozen other blockchains around the world today and   it's that kind of consistent development which has 
also led us to then upgrade to a multi-algorithm   so instead of just having the one algorithm 
which is valid on asics like with bitcoin or   with litecoin we have multiple algorithms and we 
are currently working to again replace some of   those with ones for cpu and gpu mining so if you 
have a laptop at home you've got your cell phone   even potentially in the future you might be able 
to take your phone and just kind of pop it on your   bedside table at night plug it into the charger 
and then wake up in the morning you have a little   bit more bitcoin there well sorry did you buy 
it's early in the morning here i'm terribly sorry   real bad slip of the tongue there um but that's 
right so one of the other things though that   we've focused on is community and as a result of 
things like our foster block timings and our more   economical transaction fees and things like that 
we've been able to appeal to a lot of other places   where for example you can't spend bitcoin because 
if you happen to be let's say you're in a nation   and you work for like three five ten dollars a day 
that's not really going to work out for you if you   have a 20 transaction fee like no one's going to 
buy groceries you can't do it it's just impossible   but what is possible is something like digibyte 
where you could do 100 transactions for less   than a cent and so we've kind of taken that and 
we've done not only some philanthropical work but   we've also done a lot of internationalization 
and translations of our mobile applications   so that if you happen to be firing up for the 
first time and you are in a school in venezuela   it will be in your native language so that you're 
not having to stare at a screen and kind of go   oh i think that means send or does it mean cancel 
and you know that kind of thing is actually really   really important for adoption that sort of thing 
where it is in somebody's native language so we're   in uh i believe 50 plus languages supporting 100 
and i think it's 180 odd different countries so   yeah it's pretty cool pretty excited about that 
looking forward to doing more with that in the   future as well awesome and not just decentralized 
from a cultural standpoint but one of the high   points i think about did you buy is the five 
mining algorithms so decentralized and in mining   in general right to prevent centralization of 
mining effort which is becoming more and more   of a prominent issue nowadays well especially 
with what we've just seen with with what's been   going on in china you're absolutely right 70 
i think is it in in the one country and so   if we're able to incentivize more people to 
participate because that's the problem so if   somebody watching this thinks you know what i'd 
like to start mining me some bitcoin i'd like to   start mining me some litecoin there is a thousand 
two thousand dollar barrier to entry before they   can actually start doing it we've kind of got like 
this elite boys club if you will you know and and   that's sure it's great because that provides the 
most security for bitcoin but on the other hand   all of the newly minted bitcoins are mostly going 
to these fewer people and so we need better ways   of distributing it to people who can't afford to 
go through like kyc on an exchange or who can't   afford to purchase a super expensive asic and so 
having cpu and gpu mining on your computer where   you can fire up a piece of software click the 
button and that's it it just mines for you you   get freshly minted digi bytes you've never had to 
go anywhere for example to an exchange to buy them   they've never been used anywhere else there's no 
kyc that might be associated with that aspect of   the blockchain they are purely anonymous 
gone straight to you and i think that's   really cool and really really valuable in terms of 
allowing people to participate so yeah if you're   looking at home and you're going i'd love 
to participate this is what we're working   towards again with did you buy we've had it in 
the past looking to bring that back yeah and um   i mean just right away you've already kind 
of touched on the main sticking points for   bitcoin and ethereum right away right number one 
transaction fees it's not doable and feasible   in certain areas of the world where cost of living 
is way lower so transaction value means a lot more   and then ethereum everyone knows about the 
gas problem we don't even talk about that   so like no one likes paying a whole bunch 
of gas and no one likes to paying you know   transaction fees ethereum is probably the worst 
offender they keep saying they're gonna fix it   i'm growing old waiting for it no offense to 
you know well you've been around since 2017   right you've heard back in the day we're going 
yeah lightning is just around the corner it's   going to fix it and the theme is going yeah we're 
going to do staking and starting in 2017 2018 and   i've actually been around since 2013 yeah 2013 and 
it wasn't a problem back then because not too many   most people were huddling bitcoin it wasn't really 
transacting too much but when they started moving   it you know as as it scales it really doesn't 
really adequately address that that gas and   transaction fee bitcoin and ethereum so that's 
where i think digibytes trying to slide itself   to be an actual real-life usable currency which is 
definitely needed in the world today especially in   venezuela and hyperinflation countries so yeah 
exactly and you were also you were talking to   the whole libertarian aspect before you said you 
quite liked that and i think as well if we if we   look at something where you are more in control of 
that yourself and you're also you know you've got   that that that control on that certainty around 
the supply as well as bitter certainty around the   transaction fees i think that's i think that's 
onto something there well hey um and just uh   just to spin off that really quickly um just 
so you guys know if you don't did you buy uh   this year hit its seventh birthday which 
is pretty substantial in my opinion yeah   it's pretty there's not a lot of projects 
that have been around that long right and   actually i think since 2014 digibite is one of 
six projects that's remained in the top 100 on the   coin market cap the whole entire time so yeah that 
means a lot because more and more coins enter the   realm of existence every day you know so they're 
always vying to knock people out of that top 100   digibytes had staying power there which means a 
lot but um just to go into a little bit more seven   years is a a long time for a chain because as it 
exists the network grows and i keep harping to my   community that blockchains are valued as a network 
effect right not necessarily like a 30-year equity   like i think a lot of people try to slot it into 
but yeah the more people yeah the more people in   the network the more valuable the network because 
more people can transact within that network   so seven years digibyte's been building and has 
a very very active community probably one of the   most active and most enthusiastic i've seen so 
definitely shout out to did you buy community for   that they get fired up right they do i love 
it i love the passion i love the enthusiasm   but um if you don't mind would you would 
you think i could share a video this is   showing all the people that contributed to 
the code base of digibyte for the seven years that gets me going man that's that's damn near 
emotional holy but it but it really goes to show   you guys that it hasn't been what you call a 
ghost chain there's been people behind this   thing the whole time building it out and it's 
a decentralized effort permissionless effort   very very impressive so hats off to did you 
bite seven years old that means a lot congrats   would you like to see then if we if we were 
hypothetically we're looking back over the   last seven years now what would you like to 
see for the next seven years for did you buy   see i think for the next seven years of digibyte 
i think digibyte has a great foundation right but   now is the um application being built on 
it and the one thing i love about did you   buy guys if you don't know is did you buy it as 
open source too and has not just built its own   technology but helped other projects implement 
similar technologies you mentioned dogecoin   right um however one that's literally rebased 
off of off of our multi-algo and multi-shield um   what was the name of it was that one that i think 
it was uh a country in europe actually like air   dropped to half of their their population 
they used most of the digimite code base   oh really yeah yeah yeah i'll find i'll find the 
project name and we can leave it down below for   people to have a nausea but yeah yeah sorry you 
were saying yeah like i like the technologies   being built in digibyte i think the one thing 
missing and not not a dig at all it's just   this is a good problem my opinion it's always 
good to have the substance and then expand out   um i think digi digi id is a game 
changer in terms of password management   um if you're familiar with any password management 
at all that's a huge problem a lot of the pastor   managers are centralized digibyte is the only real 
blockchain i know addressing this um so technology   such as that that brings digibyte to the i guess 
you would say the consumer subconscious right and   that now one of the products is built on digi id 
is atom id and that's been integrated in most of   the main browsers chrome edge uh is it brave is it 
in brave yeah yeah okay brave so like more stuff   like that and i think the i guess the precipice or 
the jumping off point that i see is gonna be just   blow did you buy it up into the awareness is 
digi assets i think that is a is a good segue   into you know usability to scalability kind 
of like a utility layer on top of digi byte   yep right so it we all know digi byte as a 
currency but it can be so much more than that   and i think that's something that not a lot of the 
blockchain ecosystem is aware of so yeah i think   expanding things like that developing products 
for that i think will help it gain a lot more   traction so kind of i guess i want to i want to 
talk a little bit about digi assets obviously but   if you were to look at something like digi 
id where there is no cost to it what would   you say like do you think that that's a benefit 
that there's no cost and there's nothing that's   hitting the chain as such and there's no barrier 
to entry or would you say that it's better to have   something that utilizes the chain where people 
are putting in money and it's going to somebody   else and you're stirring up those transactions 
and generating a fee market what do you reckon   well i guess from a price appreciation standpoint 
for like did you buy like holders obviously like a   fee transaction of some sort would benefit that 
um it's all about what you're going for right   if you're really going for a you know usable 
technology i guess free would be the thing   but selfishly i would say a fee mechanism of 
some sort doesn't have to be gouging people   it doesn't have to be gouging people it would 
definitely rise the price of dgb this is kind   of like a two-pronged approach here because 
the first one is digi id no cost nothing   hitting the chain at all uh it's built into your 
wallet uh it's even in the coinomi wallet we've   got additional third-party authenticators so if 
you've got the coinomi wallet you can use digi id   uh we've got websites like 
where you can go and you can try the gid and sign   up and there's no the passwords there's 
no legacy email it doesn't ask for any   of that kind of thing it just asks for 
a display name that's it nothing more so   super cool you can give that a try and again it's 
free which is awesome so the flip side is digi   assets and i'm glad that you really mentioned 
that because if you wrote a picture right like   an in sharing concert for example how many people 
would go to something like that like a hundred   thousand people showing up at a concert fifty 
thousand people now if you can imagine you are   ticket master or whoever and you are issuing 
tickets to fifty thousand people and you're   trying to do that on the ethereum network 50 
000 transactions being sent out or at least   one transaction with 50 000 different outputs 
right like that's gonna cost them so much money   it's ridiculous that's just completely impossible 
but if you the combination of my with digi assets   and digi id you can do a whole bunch of really 
nifty stuff so you could show up at the at the   stadium for example and you you hold your phone 
up and you you scan the digi asset and and you   authenticate basically with digi id so you don't 
have to then send your digi asset anywhere your   ticket effectively to get into the to the stadium 
you've received it from ticketmaster it doesn't   cost you anything to utilize it but we've still 
like we're lowering that barrier to entry there   so kind of feeling like we're hitting down the 
best of both worlds in that aspect well because   you have to it's a fine line always right like you 
have to make it come back to the the coin holders   but also be usable like in the real world because 
no one's going to adopt a i guess a solution that   just takes all your money off of one concert 
as you phrase it if you use it on on ethereum   definitely not scalable to that that extent you 
know like i was reading around the internet and i   know some of it is like just speculation and all 
that but have you heard some hinting in regards   to the european union looking at digi id at all i 
mean you can answer that or not answer that if you   um no i've heard the same rumors let's put it that 
way and i think it kind of makes a lot of sense i love though again this kind of this 
comes back to the permissionless being like   um both a blessing and a curse because there's 
nothing stopping anybody so so back in the day   i had a gentleman from my church who was talking 
with me and we're having a really good chat about   did she bite and he just casually offhandedly 
mentioned he's like yeah we've been using it   in our in our enterprise product now for the 
last like two or three months and i was like   wow what why did you mention it just like well i 
didn't have to and that was kind of the beauty of   it is we've got it and we're storing these hashes 
on a blockchain and we didn't have to ask anybody   for permission and it's cost effective and it's 
fast we get that confirmation so quickly like it's   it blew my mind because yeah i didn't have 
to know about it nobody had to know about it   but they're doing it it's only because we 
were having a good conversation he kind   of just brought it up he's like yeah we're 
doing it we're using digibodies like that is   so cool they don't have to tell us if 
they're using it i think that's kind of the yeah but when i look at digibyte i see very 
permissionless decentralized um true to the   real crypto ethos and that's something i 
kind of am right or wrong slot that for   more of a public utility in a sense 
right because i do believe that um   i guess you would say private blockchains 
connect up the public blockchains i would   be slotting did you buy more as a public because 
it is so permissionless yeah and when you think   about that yeah when you think about that it's 
kind of like there's so much utility that could   be had so much use case and like you said we we 
don't even really know who's completely building   or using the technology it kind of again 
though that that whole public utility it's   it reminds me of some of the discussions that 
were going on around like certain countries about   the is the internet of public utility and trying 
to redefine that kind of thing and and they enact   legislation around it you can't really legislate 
did you buy i mean even even coming back to uh   we kind of mentioned this before with the miners 
and things in china a bunch of them are shut down   the block timings have skyrocketed on bitcoin to 
an average of like 15 16 minutes or something it's   taking forever to send your transaction through 
which then pushes out the difficulty retarget time   because it's not no longer two weeks but three 
weeks and you kind of you get you get the picture   but if we look at digi by it doesn't matter if 
one particular nation goes no we're actually we're   going to up and just like firewall everything 
and just just block it so what um we're not going   to be affected by that same kind of difficulty 
retargeting because we've got all of our other   algorithms carrying on working away and that 
difficulty for sha-256 would drop pretty quickly   and instead we're going to carry on just fine and 
it'll equal obtain an equilibrium within a couple   minutes and the other blocks uh sorry the other 
algorithms will just pick up the slack really   i think there's something really important 
about that about that staying power and about   these things that we've looked at in the past and 
gone hmm can we can we improve upon this can we   do this better and over the last seven years i 
think yeah we've actually really proven that and   and it provides like you were talking about 
before about a really solid base foundation   for other people to build on top of as a 
public utility yeah and it it because it's   useful it it truly is useful and it it makes 
it has so much more efficiencies that address   like historically big sticking points for 
organizations right implementation of blockchain   and i've been saying this because i come from 
like white collar world uh worked in aerospace   and defense industry nice there are so there's so 
much waste in those organizations that they can   just turn to blockchain for now you know what 
i'm saying and especially with digi bite like   like digi id i just keep bringing it back i think 
that's one of the my the technologies i'm most   excited for because i know it's such a problem 
i i was doing some digging as i'm trying to   decentralize my life right now and like just find 
kind of decentralized solutions and one of them   was a password manager and i just couldn't find 
why i would get a centralized password manager   you know if it can be hacked it kind of 
defeats the purpose of a password manager   and that's one of the reasons like hey did you 
fight the only one really doing this right now   so like i just see that it's just a matter of 
time before one of these technologies catches on   and people really realize what's 
going over going on over there at dgb   yeah yeah and i think that's 
that's a really great point is   why would you go buy something and pay a lot 
of money for something when you're kind of   just handing over your responsibility to somebody 
else and we've seen that actually in the past with   certain other password managers they have been 
breached their centralized definitely databases   were breached whereas if you have a decentralized 
solution with digi id and with anthem id   there's no central database where 
it's all stored every single time it   deterministically generates that same password 
and that's it's incredible and um another part   i wanted to talk about i don't think a lot of 
people understand about digibyte is like the um   the way the the supply gets reduced the you know 
usually the typically at least in the blockchain   ecosystem people know about the bitcoin havings 
and every four years the supply gets reduced   digi bytes a little bit different in terms 
of it gets reduced per month correct right   and i don't know if from a you know from an econ 
standpoint i don't think people really realize   how scarce digibites getting every single month 
you know it's kind of flies under the radar   very quick quickly you kind of have a mini 
having each month it's not like every month   yeah especially i've seen like photos in the 
states they'll get together and they'll throw   parties in a bar and thing for the bitcoin 
halving event and they're like yes it's   hard again look at us like that's cool and 
all but it took you four years to get there   and you see all these wild fluctuate i mean 
especially if you look at like coins one   uh was it last year year before i don't remember 
exactly yeah they're kind of the price like just   fluctuations were ridiculous as a result of that 
it's incredible and soda they also had some fun   with their mining hash rate which caused coinbase 
to then subsequently go you know what we need to   increase the amount of uh confirmations required 
before we'll you know allow your deposit i think   i think having one percent per month like 
just slowly chipping away at it like you say   it makes a lot more sense but it really just 
flies under the radar it doesn't need to be a   really big like yes we're celebrating in a pub 
i mean it's cool that they can good on them and   yay congratulations it still carries on working 
after all this time but at the same time it's like   why what do you gain out of having a really really 
big event and could it be improved upon could it   be better is one percent a month like reduction 
taking it off bitter i think so yeah yeah and   you know from from an investment standpoint it's 
you know the having's kind of like this this press   event you know that people anticipate for but the 
price runs up it gets dumped one percent a month   there's no real event being publicized except 
people who understand what that means until   you know a point in time comes or did you buy 
it just is very scarce and it won't be in the   news it won't be on the headlines it will 
just be you know so guys that's very under   important understand that supply is continually 
getting restricted constricted what do we have for   our supply at the moment let's have a quick look 
because we've got digi stats here so i can even   well i'll tell you what i'll flick you this link 
and you can bring it up it's kind of cool i like   the site let me hit this button here right so you 
can see here so this is the the supply and again   it's obviously like i've got the graph underneath 
it is boringly just going up sort of thing that's   cool that's what we want but you can see so we're 
currently at 14.5 billion out of our 21 billion   and the remaining so what are we at six six 
billion basically is going to take another   14 years so that kind of that that curve is 
now trailing off the inflation is slowing   down pretty quickly so the last one will 
be mined in 2035 uh 21 billion of them all   yeah guys and did you buy it's a 
hard cap supply higher supply than   you know a bitcoin or a litecoin still hard cap 
because tokenomics are important in terms of if   you care about the value of coin rising in the 
future yes it will you know as as supply contracts   i don't see demand for crypto stopping anytime 
soon yeah unless you do josiah i don't know no   especially not with the rate that we're seeing 
money around the world being printed you know like   it is what it is like why not sure so there's 
there's definitely inflation when it comes to   cryptocurrencies and things like that especially 
if you look at bitcoin and did you buy you know   there is inflation that's the the block reward 
but that's how we get that circulation fairly into   effectively the marketplace is the the miners have 
to pay for power and in order to recoup the cost   of that power they can't hold on to it forever and 
so they it creates this open market where you can   buy and sell it for whatever somebody is going 
to deem a fair and reasonable price at that time   um and i think that's a really important way 
of distributing did you buy it over a long term   fairly in a distributed manner just as it's better 
for the health of the chain yeah i mean there's   definitely been some some interesting things 
over the years we've seen um like using a capture   to airdrop things we've seen uh people having 
to go to a faucet uh we've seen people doing   to be honest i can't actually think of any of 
them i know there's been a bunch of wild ones   over the years um people having to pay ethereum to 
a contract address to get to get more tokens you   know like but i think that in terms of like the 
most fair way of doing this i think that proof   of work is is not perfect but i think it's pretty 
close and i feel like once we end up getting gpu   or cpu mining back into digibyte again that's 
going to remove that big barrier to entry that   we were talking about before and will be even more 
fear than it is now yeah and you know you talked   about earlier just to jump back a little bit you 
talked about how legislation is kind of impossible   because of that mining algorithms right because 
if something happened with asics or whatever you   just switch on over it's the resiliency that i 
i think is integral to cryptocurrency because   i'm from 2013 and i have to remind myself that not 
everyone has the same understanding of what crypto   actually is and was made to be right alternative 
to the banking system right and most people are   saying you know crypto is going to be regulated 
and it's not sanctioned by so on and so forth well   guys it never really was meant to do that you know 
it was meant to be a real life alternative to opt   out of an inflationary monetary supply yeah 
you know so any chain that's able to show   resiliency in the face of adverse regular 
regulators that's something that should be   not taken lightly in my mind and if you've i mean 
as someone who's been around since 2013 2014 you   will have seen that shift from like gpus to asics 
for bitcoin and with that came that centralization   and although that's cool because like don't 
get me wrong i'm not anti-asic by any stretch   of the imagination this is how the blockchain 
derives at security is from having more people   faster hashes securing the network but we saw 
the likes of the antminer and bleed vulnerability   and if you've got a lot of your hashing power for 
example just centered around that one particular   asic manufacturer or asic vendor if there is 
an issue like for example with this ant bleed   back door and if they were able to remotely shut 
them down or remotely change where the hash power   went all of those kind of things yeah it becomes 
pretty important that you have not just a   decentralization of where the mining is physically 
located but also of the hardware being used and so   having digibyte with the five different mining 
algorithms different mining vendors different   mining hardware profiles and eventually the 
gpu and cpu is going to be really important   as well because you'll have people able to be 
securing it on their home pcs in the event that   something were to happen to one of those asic 
algorithms it's i think that's super important   coming back to what you were exactly saying 
is is that decentralization of more than just   numbers yeah for sure hey let's um let's take a 
turn real quick so um i'd like to i've actually   like to see digibyte getting into more and 
more crypto services we i think recently   had i know you can't withdraw 
digibite i tried to withdraw this morning   um but that's that's positive in terms of 
adoption i know that digibite's currently   working to get onto celsius network which 
i don't think has happened as a yet but i   know the t the community's been putting a lot 
of legwork behind it to make that possibility   um big shout out to cripty girl for 
spearheading that i think she's been awesome   yeah yeah i saw her sharing um the petition 
on twitter i actually retweeted that and   at least what i remember she hit the numbers right 
so yeah i think so yeah pretty pretty soon here   and then um what i liked what i like to see and 
i want to get your thoughts on is dj did you buy   it's for into deep uh d5 via ren dgb and um i know 
they have a liquidity pool in one inch and i think   also polygon now right so what are your thoughts 
on that and do you think that's a value-added step   for the maturation of digibyte and getting more 
like traction in the marketplace it's a tough   one so it's not something that i personally have 
been highly involved in that kind of aspect of   cryptocurrencies uh decentralized finance sure 
it's it's appealing to me at a theory level but   i haven't taken a big deep dive into it but 
i know that there are a lot of people that   are out there that have and i know that this 
is really important for a number of people   in terms of basically pushing it forwards to 
being something that can be utilized as a currency   replacement allowing you to do things like obtain 
yields do loans all of that kind of fun stuff   and if this is the easiest way for digimite to 
participate in that then by all means all power to   the people who are and i think that's fantastic um 
i think that the d5 space as a whole is still very like immature is the wrong word but it is it is 
still growing it's still like a little seedling   if you will you know it's only and and some of 
those seedlings you know you've planted them   outside and it's it's the harsh winter and 
it's not gonna survive but some other ones   you've you know are being taken care of a bit 
better they've started to grow a bit more and   i think that as long as people are 
careful with what they are getting into   yeah i'm super excited for the additional 
opportunities that that brings and i think that   having people able to spend their digi by or use 
it in whatever way they feel is important to them   that is powerful the way i see it is that as far 
as did you bite the technology maybe it's not   setting the world on fire but did you bite 
the brand i think it's gaining awareness   right because you have to understand not a lot of 
people especially people who came in from the doge   hysteria and stuff this is just getting 
the name out getting the name out there elon for the win or whatever right because i 
take for granted that i know all these chains   you know it just stored in my mind burned into 
my mind but people who are new to the space they   say what's a what's a ren dgb you know they 
go on google and they check it out and it   ultimately in an indirect way 
brings them to dgb to look into it   and explore it and that's ultimately what you want 
i see it more as kind of like an advertisement   right because i i think you do bring a good point 
d5 for more or less is kind of a nascent industry   it's it is young and it's largely unproven 
and regulars haven't really talked about   what's good what's bad so there's always that 
kind of risk there because it's an opaque   kind of industry but as long as you understand you 
know size your positions accordingly and are okay   with some code risk because i think that's the one 
of the main issues with d5 platforms is code risk   it is bringing awareness to digi bite the brand 
which i think will ultimately benefit and bring   more people to it yeah and so the i think that's 
great i think the more people that know about it   the better the more that people can do with it 
the better the more control that people have   over their own destiny again yeah cool all the 
better for it but you bring up a good point in   that yeah it is it is a very new kind of industry 
and that the underlying code is going to be   like the the sticking point i suppose for a lot of 
people so i mean yeah for myself i'm i that's why   i'm mostly not involved in it is i'm i'm fine 
with not taking any risks in that aspect and   i don't feel the immediate need to participate 
in it but for other people who are potentially   more okay with that then absolutely all power to 
them and i'm so stoked that digibyte is there for   them to be able to use in that kind of a way that 
they want to that's that's ultimately what it's   about is i i do a lot of uh these are the videos 
and things and i'm like yeah so now digibyte is   on this different exchange that operates out of 
this other country and now it's on this other   there's like five dozen different wallets and it's 
not so much about yay there's there's another one   but it's more about this particular wallet 
is going to do things slightly differently   and give you that little bit of different control 
or this particular exchange is better for people   in this country and it's going to allow them 
easier on reps and off-ramps from digibyte   and that i think coming back to is like like 
your self-sovereignty and and your ability to   be master of your own destiny and for did you back 
to empower that i think is so cool you know i'm   an interoperability guy and i just look at it as 
the leaking of liquidity from other value islands   right like i look at each blockchain as this 
soloed island and back in 2017 there was no   real way to get it from point a to point b 
without an exchange and i don't care what   blockchain you're from i think that's an inherent 
risk whenever you have a centralized entity   controlling where you could shove your capital 
it's always good to have decentralized solutions   that can bleed out of ethereum into digi bite 
that's essentially what rand dgb i think is   starting to do yeah you know so like right or 
wrong anything that brings liquidity into did   you buy ultimately contributes to the value of 
digi bite in my mind so that's cool man just   want to get your thoughts on that no of course 
and that's interesting because that's what um   elon musk also said because he was like i'm just 
cashing out just a little bit of bitcoin just to   make sure there's the liquidity or when he did 
that with um i think it was dogecoin or whatever   he put it in his twitter profile and then uh two 
days later he's like thanks for the exit liquidity   um it's it is because it is still such 
it's it's a global marketplace really   having that little bit of liquidity that you 
see from other places which have traditionally   gotten by with being okay with having less 
liquidity than we have in the crypto space   anything that can be done to increase that in 
in a i mean i i again want to give this like   kind of safe disclaimer i think it's going to 
be broadly beneficial let's say you're you are   a company again let's come back to ticketmaster 
and you've gone out and you've purchased a   a bunch of digi bike to use so that you can send 
digi assets out to people uh again we'll come back   to the edge here anything and we're sending 50 
000 transactions out to people so that they can   use these tickets and and then keep them on their 
phones as a memento for all time um i think that   if you are doing this in such a way that you've 
gone and purchased digibyte and you're not having   to worry about the both the transaction fees 
or when you go to buy some more again like in   a month's time the price has gone up price has 
gone down you know that kind of thing i think is   going to be really beneficial not just for digi 
buy but for all blockchains in the space as we   you know start to move past that initial price 
discovery that we've been in for the last   decade right it seems like it drags on and on 
but i guess progress is incremental right but i'm   speaking on um digi assets we touched it a little 
bit but i wanted to get your take on what do you   think is the the killer like asset to be issued 
on digi assets is it like deeds you know is it   is it what what do you how do you see it 
developing and and transforming into like   what it's supposed to be in the future ah that's 
a really great question um so for myself like i   love the idea that you can do like a will and 
testament on it i love the idea that you can do   property deeds and things like that and even here 
um in new zealand we've been looking at ways that   we can use blockchain with property deeds to allow 
a consortium of people to all purchase a property   and start to pay that property off and things 
to allow people to get onto the property ladder   as it were but what really excites me now 
this is it's cheesy as hell is trading cards   like i remember being five years old 
and going to school and you've got like   your x-men trading cards or your nba trading 
cards and i actually had a conversation with a   nba team all the way back in 2018 i believe it 
was at the start of it unfortunately they wanted a   little bit of money for this wasn't something that 
you know like i don't have i don't have three four   five million dollars on my sleeve to just kind of 
throw at a marketing opportunity but it was great   that we were able to have those discussions 
with them and if you can imagine like your   your michael jordan card sort of thing you know 
like having that on your phone that you can pull   out with your friends and and show them and go 
yeah look i've got this limited edition one like   trading cards and things like that are i've 
very much been making a a comeback i suppose   in the last even 12 to 18 months and that 
that to me is exciting that they could be   permanent they could be on a blockchain you could 
be sitting there in a in a basketball game with   your favorite team and you you were given one 
like a like a card for going to the to the event   for example and it's on your phone and that's 
cool but then something pops up on the jumbotron   and you've got like two minutes to whip out your 
phone and scan it and redeem that limited edition   additional one and it's maybe just a play that 
happened like two or three minutes ago or whatever   um they're taking their slam dunking and then 
it's got like a quick like clip of one of the   other players having a chat like yeah thanks 
for being here to support us we love our fans   you know for that kind of thing to happen you've 
got to have a blockchain like digivite which has   low fees and things where you can distribute it 
to people in 50 plus languages and all that kind   of thing so that's what really excites me the 
fact that they will be permanent and they're   not going to deteriorate or get sun bleached and 
you know that kind of thing well i'm glad you said   that because now i can nerd out right so like i am 
totally about trading cards i mean i used to play   magic the gathering which is one of the reasons 
i kind of heard about crypto early on because   right and then also pokemon which is yeah 
that's making a big comeback right now   huge comeback right now but i mean obviously 
there's been so many people who had pokemon   cards and lost it or they got creased or they 
got scratched nfts kind of addressed that   right and and i i think that's a good you did and 
the binder is gone i lost it in a move sometime   i think my ex-wife probably threw it out i don't 
know right like oh no she she killed a pikachu man   no but yeah everyone had a binder right walk 
around school my little binder and have my   pokemon cards telling everyone i'm going 
to be rich one day with these pokemon cards   who would have thought right but collectibles 
are making such a comeback and just it's not   did you buy related but i think something's 
very interesting that maybe did you bike to   implement um lamella ball just had a nft drop 
where he has something called a dynamic nft   where as he scores points and makes steals and an 
assist the nft kind of like adds features on to it   making more and more like rare i think that's 
so cool and it's such an untapped concept where   it's not has to be limited to the ethereum 
blockchain or any chain just the ownership   of musicians to an extent right the career of 
them of of players etc etc where you really have   true buy-in you're not just caring about the 
team winning you're caring about an individual   excelling because you have some kind of stake in 
it right so that's a totally untapped area that i   think you know if did you bite could do something 
like that i think that would be totally awesome   well so that's what really excites me was i made 
a couple of like demo ones to like to send out to   people for example and and one of these ones that 
i sent out basically um so you've at a traditional   trading card it's very just you've got your 
little like box and person's picture and that's it   but then you can take digital trading cards 
one step further and actually start including   additional things like links in them so you can 
include links to someone's bio or twitter but   then even better is you can actually include video 
and so i thought you know like what would be super   awesome is if you are for example like if we're 
if we're talking about collecting everybody on   like the chicago bulls for example you collect 
the whole team throughout a season and then they   can airdrop you because you've got the whole set 
they can airdrop you an additional one which is   like it's it's the whole team kind of huddled 
around like yeah you've gone and you've got the   whole set thank you for being one of our best 
supporters like that kind of additional thing   you can't do that with a traditional trading 
card because you can't ear drop it for starters   and second of all you can't do video yeah and you 
can't even guarantee authenticity most yeah that   time and that was like mount gox with them doing 
reassurances of certain older cards and things   like that and and that started to affect the value 
of certain cards and i'm sure you're aware of   some of the the people that go out and they'll 
mass buy cards just to try and get that sort of   future value but because they're reissuing them 
reprinting them you know that value tanks because   there's now more in circulation less people 
want them to have that certainty of like this   asset as a fixed supply asset you can't reissue 
it i think that's super cool because that's the   biggest problem even with fine art when you think 
about it and trading cards or anything collectible   physically it's always the risk of having someone 
who's very good at making a fake as time goes on   counterfeiters get better and better nfts is like 
the ultimate prevention of that so definitely the   future in that regard yeah but what most like 
what i think is really exciting like because   you talked about dragging your binder around like 
at school and things and i was the same like yeah   look i've got this x-men card and i loved it but 
i think better than that is if you've got your   you've got your cell phone and you can take them 
with you and you can like they're they're all   just contained just in this one little device and 
you can have that little showcase when you open   that up that's what i really want to see i want 
to showcase and i want to be able to put like   uh kareem abdul-jabbar right at the top and be 
like yes i've got this particular card and like   show it off you know like in your cell phone and 
have that authenticity there that you can take   with you without having to lug around a big binder 
underneath your shoulder you know like that's   that's what i like the idea of i like that future 
and i like the idea as well that if i want to be   i mean i'm no longer in primary school don't get 
me wrong but if one day my kids want the ability   right like if i grow up i'll eventually grow 
up have kids and i want them to be able to go   to school and be able to trade the cards like we 
did without having to pay 20 30 50 bucks just to   make that transaction between each other because 
there's no point doing that if it's like a 50 cent   nft and you've got to pay 20 bucks to 
send it to your mate that's ridiculous   no one's gonna do that but if you can do that 
a hundred times over for like one or two cents   hell yeah well look cool i mean i think that's 
definitely uh the reason of the rise of nfts is   because it's also a nostalgia thing but it's also 
migrating that nostalgia into the digital economy   because you know the binder is the way of the past 
you know i mean when you look at it moving forward   kids have screens now the reason people are paying 
big money for cars is because we had cards then   so it's just as when they grow up they're going to 
value the same thing they had when they were kids   because it's nostalgia so yeah right especially 
if you're like man i was given this particular nft   and this one i got from my father like this this 
is one that i'm never trading i'm keeping this   like i'm hitting that like lock and don't ever let 
me send it kind of butt and you know that sort of   thing i think i think that one day your kids being 
able to do that and to share in that that kind of   like emotional connection it's gonna be great i 
love the idea of that and that we can empower that   kind of thing with digi assets so cool awesome 
awesome man hey um just to jump over really quick   um i saw and one of the things i i mentioned in 
one of my videos that i was pretty excited about   was integration of did you buy into zella pay 
um which is a i guess the royal dubai payments   crypto system right only five cryptos did you 
buy it being one of them which really caught my   eye there um do you know anything regarding that 
and plans integrating did you bite or was that   just kind of an announcement and we haven't heard 
much about it after that i haven't seen too much   since yeah that was that one kind of took me by 
surprise as well um and again i guess this comes   back to the whole idea of being permissionless 
and it's great that they didn't go and like   honestly i don't actually know who knew in advance 
it's great that maybe the digibyte awareness team   didn't know whether did you buy a foundation that 
i didn't know you know the founder didn't know   all that kind of stuff like if you want to do it 
go out there and do it if you want to buy it did   you buy it cool if you want to lose your entire 
life savings in an unfortunate boating accident   that's on you as well like go for it yeah i think 
it's so cool though that even though it is because   it's permissionless and it's not really being 
the deals being facilitated it's just a testament   to the tech yeah you know it's unsolicited it's 
open source actually being picked up and used by   multiple entities over the world it just works 
it just it just keeps ticking over and ticking   over and the wheels keep spinning yeah i think 
that's something that we could do more of is is   having documentation to encourage people to 
be able to do that kind of thing when they   are looking for it if you're someone new 
to the space and you're like you know what   i think i'm going to go and look into digi buy 
like to have more easily and really accessible   information about how you could tie certain things 
into your online shopping website or integrating   digi id into your authentication scheme or 
you know like that that kind of thing is   i think we can definitely be doing more and so 
that pursuit of of more in pursuit of better   is not something that we've we've stopped over 
the last seven years and i don't think we're gonna   stop over the next seven seventy seven hundred 
years and i'm i'm excited long long ball right   long ball always yeah exactly just opening it up 
real just opening up really quick um in terms of   i guess developments on the horizon anything that 
you're excited about that we haven't talked about   before in this interview yeah so um store 
signatures and tap root sounds kind of kind   of boring but it basically it means that you 
can squish more transactions into the same   size so we're getting like a 15 savings 
there's additional privacy enhancements   uh version 8 which is being worked on we've 
got additional speed improvements like huge   speed improvements so instead of it taking 
on some older pcs like five minutes to launch   it'll launch in like 10 seconds um we're doing a 
bunch of other stuff with digi assets and like a   suite around it uh currently being nicknamed 
digi suites so that you can get out there if   you are a company or an enthusiast and build that 
kind of thing uh a lot easier and integrate it a   lot easier and get started a lot easier with with 
better health and better documentation and kind of   like a nice launch pad if you will um again we're 
also looking at uh algorithm improvements so that   you could potentially mine did you buy from your 
home pc or maybe hopefully even in your cell phone   i think that would be awesome um and and also 
again as always looking at like the security of   the network and the ways that we can improve that 
even further the ways that we can decentralize   even further and distribute it even better i think 
that's that's really important a lot of stuff on   horizon did you buy team always continually 
striving for greatness that's why i like it   um josiah i really appreciate you coming to the 
channel it was a pleasure talking to you thank   you so much for having us on your show any time if 
people want to find you on social media where can   they do that so best place if you want to get hold 
of me uh you can find me on twitter i'm at dgb   underscore chilling you can find me on youtube if 
you search for josiah did you buy i'll come up as   well otherwise um head up the likes of 
we've got the did you buy awareness team did you   buy foundation all that kind of good stuff as 
well links are all there on the wiki which is   probably a really good place to i 
appreciate that man um yeah anytime you want to   come on the channel or just chop it up just let 
me know but until next time talk to you later cheers you

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