’s Bitcoin Supercharger – 1 BTC Giveaway & Bullish for CRO have announced their new supercharger event and i think this is bullish for the price of cro welcome to the bitcoin jones channel where in today's video i'll give you a few reasons why the price of cro could increase and how you could win a share of one bitcoin supercharger what is it and how can you get involved the supercharger is a simple flexible and secure liquidity mining platform that allows users to deposit tokens with the option to withdraw anytime in order to mine the most popular default tokens on the exchange and app to put that into super simple terms you deposit cro and the more you deposit and the longer you have them in the pool the more rewards you can receive but this time the supercharger event has an added little twist because this time you can win a slice of one whole bitcoin stick around and i'll let you know how you can enter and why this is good for the potential price of cro of course i'm not a genie a medium or from the future so this is based off of opinion and should not be considered financial advice so a tweet that put out on the 24th of june laid out their next supercharger event this tweet announced that starting june 27th if you deposit into the supercharger you will be farming bitcoin with their total allocation being 1 million dollars i mentioned the little twist earlier and the twist is that this time app users stand the chance of not only farming bitcoin you can also win a portion of the bitcoin as well there will be 500 random winners of the bitcoin so if you do win it's not exactly going to make you a millionaire because you stand the chance of winning naught point not not to bitcoin which at the time of recording is around 50 pounds but you know what free crypto is free crypto so you can bet your bottom dollar i'm getting involved with the event so why is this bullish for cro well i have a number of theories and the first stems from the current price of bitcoin being in this weird sideways accumulation pattern just hovering over the 30 to 35 000 mark or forest brits that's around the 18 to 23 000 pound mark so most folk including myself have been buying little and often to take advantage of this low price and i feel that entering into the supercharger event gives you a great opportunity to stack some more sats but be guilt-free about having to time the market because the price is always going up and down between those numbers i mentioned so no one really wants to buy at the peak say 23 000 pounds and then watch it drop hours later indigo and jade get four ice white and rose get six and then the ball is out there the obsidian black card holders get 10 additional entries how is this bullish for cro well my theory is that you get your first entry you'll probably have to buy more cro and i feel like this will be the time that some fence sitters that have been toying with the idea of upgrading will also do so and to upgrade you need more cro the more sierra that is purchased the higher the price should go in theory again this is rampant speculation on my part don't get me wrong i'm not expecting the price to moon but i could see a nice little pump then that stay there for the remainder of the supercharger event which is 45 days which leads me onto my third and final potentially bullish cro signal is that the supercharger event is the perfect trap for cro holders well what do i mean by that well once you've deposited into the supercharger your funds are not locked away because it's flexible which is great because it makes people feel at ease with leaving their coins there this is coupled with the fact that when you deposit into the supercharger event and the event finishes your cro is auto entered into the next supercharger event and my feeling is that most including myself are just happy to let it ride until next month and then if there's another decent coin to farm you just let it ride again and again and so on and so forth which means that the price action for the initial pump should even out and stay that way for the last time in this video i'll preface it with i have no idea what i'm talking about and this could be wrong but i'm feeling good about zero because time after time i keep hearing about all these altcoins that have zero utility pump to the moon and then dump again rugging all those bag holders that are left cro has a use and you can use it for multiple things which in my view makes it a worthy coin to invest in before you go out and buy bags of cro there are a few things you should know before doing so the supercharger event is not available for those in the usa china obviously and hong kong there is no minimum amount to deposit into the supercharger however to enter the giveaway you need to deposit at least 1000 cro now i've not found out whether this needs to be locked for the whole 45 days so if you do spot that somewhere please let me know only entries via the app will be entered into the giveaway those that charge via the exchange will not be included the charging period is 45 days and then the following 45 days is the allocation period where you'll be given your daily rewards of your btc farmed from the supercharger if you're one of 500 winners of the giveaway the btc will be credited to your app's bitcoin wallets within 30 days of the event finishing if you want to learn more about how to deposit into the supercharger event via the app please watch my previous supercharger video which is found on my channel in the video description and available to view at the end this video there's also links to the blog in the description as well which will tell you all the faqs and requirements you need to enter the event my link tree link is there too if you fancy using my referral link to sign up to and bagging yourself 25 in free cro if you found this video helpful i'd love you to drop a like if you want to see more from me you can do that by hitting the subscribe button if you have any questions queries or comments or complaints leave them down below in the comments and i'll try my best to answer them until next time see ya you

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