welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name 
is aaron which cryptocurrencies do you want us to   cover going forward my friends the bitcoin 
bull market is not over phase one has just   begun in this video i'm going to prove it to 
you i'm going to show you what i'm talking about   using data using charts using metrics i also 
want to talk about alt coins including high cap   coins like ethereum we'll talk about cardano xrp 
solana mid cap crypto currencies we talk about the   entire cryptocurrency market on this channel 
if you appreciate that give this video a like   again comment which coins you want us to 
cover going forward and let's jump right   into it before we get to cardano before we get 
to solana before we get to ethereum or xrp let's   talk about the market mover this cryptocurrency 
bull market is far from over in fact out of four   phases which we can usually see cycle after 
cycle with something called the pool multiple   phase one has only just begun get excited for 
this so according to a crypto quant analyst   past cycles show us that the current bitcoin 
bull market is far from over the pool multiple   seems to reveal where bitcoin's price is headed 
next if you're unfamiliar the 12 multiple is a   bitcoin indicator used to show us how healthy 
minor revenue is it's calculated by dividing   the mining revenue by the 365 moving day average 
of the mining revenue take a look at your screens   the pro multiple equals mining revenue usd divided 
by 360 day moving average of mining revenue usd   with the help of this metric it becomes possible 
to say how much selling pressure miners are facing   when the indicator has high values minor 
revenue is relatively healthy thus miners   aren't compelled to sell with low values this 
could suggest they're facing considerable   selling pressure listen we could spend 10 20 
minutes talking about the puel multiple we're   going to move on what you need to take a look at 
is this right now this is the 2011 and 2013 cycle   where we are in this current cycle today in 2021 
is equivalent to right here in 2011 number one   where we are today is equivalent to right here in 

Moving into the next couple of cycles 2017   where we are is equivalent to right here in 2017 
and where we are in 2021 is right here the puel   multiple is suggesting a big move is ahead of us 
and the cycle top is still to come get excited and   this makes sense if you subscribe to our channel 
we have been showing you for months and months   going on years and years that bitcoin continues to 
be accumulated and mass bitcoin is going through a   supply shock my friends this could not be any more 
clear over the past months less than seven percent   of all bitcoin has moved the last time this level 
of huddling occurred was all the way back in the   very beginning in 2009 perhaps this is because 
this is the first cycle where people truly believe   that bitcoin is not going away and bitcoin is 
big enough bitcoin has the security and the   distribution people realize there's no better way 
to save money and to have your value and wealth   appreciate over time than there is with bitcoin so 
again less than seven percent of all bitcoin has   moved the last time this happened the last time 
this level of foddling occurred it was all the way   back in 2009 a massive supply shock is in play one 
million bitcoin sooner than you think well let's   continue talking about metrics just like this take 
a look at this chart this shows constant as in   over 11 years bitcoin demand we're seeing constant 
bitcoin demand this is almost as programmatic as   the having on the macro there is no easier way 
to understand the case for bitcoin than this   so this is all the way back from the very 
beginning 2009 2010 all the way to 2021 era   one error two era three error four supply grows at 
a higher rate when it is hoarded to hodl becoming   a liquid slowing with each block issuance having 
a possible shift in trend is presenting itself   as the ratio breaks above the previous cycle 
supply shock effect do you understand this   in bitcoin's first decade the illiquid supply of 
bitcoin continued to go down people first of all   there's a lot of new bitcoin coming on to the 
market and second of all people did not realize   that bitcoin was here to stay well two things are 
different as we continue to go through time people   are realizing more and more that bitcoin is here 
to stay and less and less bitcoin is available   thus a trend change chart two blows my mind let's 
take a look at chart two take a look at this   bitcoin is accumulated at a constant logarithmic 
rate when adjusted for circulating supply and   issuance a parabolic move of demand versus 
issuance proving demand thesis and the otherwise   programmatic scarcity so this is showing us the 
constant demand for bitcoin is up my friends i   could not be more bullish on bitcoin not that we 
couldn't see a little bit of a pullback before   we break all-time highs i mean we just went 
from 29 000 up to 50 000 would not surprise   me if bitcoin pulled back 40 42 000 or something 
like this so bullish on bitcoin let's talk about   ethereum ethereum for totally different reasons 
ethereum totally different value proposition   is also going through a supply shock because of 
the amount of ease being burned and the eat block   space being used in general ethereum is being 
used ethereum is being burned ethereum is going   through a supply shock and demand for ethereum the 
ethereum products has literally never been higher   the lowest price of crypto punks has exceeded 
100 each reaching 108.98 each which is about 354   000 us dollars this is outrageous and how about 
just the amount of daps we're seeing on ethereum   in general even just the amount of decentralized 
exchanges that we are seeing on ethereum or about   the amount of decentralized exchanges we're seeing 
in cryptocurrency in general did you realize this   if you don't know how many dexes are built on top 
of block chains check this out this is ethereum   this is binance smart chain this is dex's on 
polygon on heko on solana and this is dex's   on phantom polka dot terra near cosmos dfinity 
cardano and avalanche good luck regulating this   sec this space is exploding bigger than any year 
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as you can see a lot of our audience is   getting this and a lot of our audience 
is loving this let's talk about ethereum   metamask which is perhaps one of the best ways to 
interact with everything in the ethereum ecosystem   marks 10 million active users with a metaverse 
party the most popular ethereum wallet has hit   10 million monthly active users and they had a 
virtual party in the metaverse in decentraland   actually so this speaks to just how many people 
are into ethereum and are interacting with things   in the ethereum you know metaverse and 
ecosystem in general whether it's dexes nfts   stable coins whatever it is you can do with 
metamask and this literally shows us that active   users has never been higher very bullish let's 
talk about some ethereum competitors and inter   operators cardano faces a hurdle before a new 
all-time high i'm curious if you're bullish or   bearish going into smart contracts september 12th 
in the cardano ecosystem at what point are we   going to see a pullback and how high can it get 
because cardano is actually looking really good   as cardano approaches the monthly close it looks 
like the bulls want to push the price even higher   this is what you need to know cardano has endured 
a week-long consolidation period that's healthy   the almost three dollar resistance level has 
managed to keep aida from resuming its uptrend   however transaction history shows stable 
support favoring the bulls i think once   cardano breaks past three dollars you know it's 
forming a little bit of a launch pad right now   i think we could see cardano get much higher now 
whether it goes to three dollars four dollars   five dollars keep in mind cordano has been in an 
uptrend for quite some time everybody's excited   about smart contracts anything can happen the 
market goes in ebbs and flows all the time have   a plan to realize profits just in cryptocurrency 
generally speaking i know nobody wants to hear   that but i've been involved in cryptocurrency for 
a long time generally speaking you want to have   a plan to realize profits let's talk about 
xrp ripple's xrp token looks ready to break   out you know we've been saying this for a while 
and we'll continue to report on this because xrp   looks primed for a spike in volatility as it edges 
closer towards the apex of a symmetrical triangle   now this is the key takeaway this is interesting 
first of all xrp is consolidating within a tight   price range a daily candlestick close outside of 
the 1 17 to 110 zone should determine where price   is heading next so if it closes above 117 that's 
bullish closes above or below 110 that's bearish   now what's interesting is that some large whales 
have been exiting the network over the past few   days do they know something that we don't they're 
taking profits very interesting let me know   solana solana oh my gosh we've been talking about 
solana forever and i think a lot of our audience   is happy about that because solana breaks 100 for 
the first time and uh it's targeting 120 dollars   solano has stolen the crypto spotlight gaining 
over 330 percent in market value over the last   40 days key takeaways our solana has made another 
all-time high surpassing the 100 mark it actually   flipped polka dot solana related mentions across 
social media networks have skyrocketed the extreme   levels of optimism among market participants 
could point to a correction so again we're seeing   a lot of these higher caps some blue chips 
really gaining favor popularity and price   let's take a look at bitcoin ethereum and then 
we will finish off the video so again bitcoin   kind of falling out of its parabola would 
not be surprised if bitcoin fell down to 42   43 you know low 40s before we eventually go 
past all-time highs with ethereum it's pretty   interesting maybe it's because of you know the way 
ethereum is differentiating itself but ethereum   might break up before we see any kind of 
significant you know retest right now at 3   400.

all right you know that's it for 
me today my friends my name is aaron   at altcoin daily if there's a story i missed 
happy to cover it in tomorrow's video no links   but just let me know what you're looking at in 
the comments below alright i'll see you tomorrow.

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