Crypto Agent Bot Tutorial | Kryptowährung kaufen & verkaufen

This is a cryptocurrency guide to BitPoly and how you can buy and sell digital currency from
your smartphone via Telegram. Step No. 1: You want to buy a coin and
sell it for profit. You go to "Trading" – "Buy Coins" – "Instant". You take 20% of your
Bitcoin credit and want to sell the Digibyte at 10% profit.
You confirm the whole thing and the Digibyte (DGB) is bought and when it is 10% in profit, it is automatically sold. Next step: buy and
hold coins. Go to "Trading" – "Buy Coins" – "Postponed". You buy the Siacoin e.g. from your
Bitcoin credit. You use 20% of your Bitcoin credit, enter a "0". The system will automatically buy and hold the Siacoin (SC) for you.
You want to sell coins that you own. You go to "Trading" – "Sell Coins" – "Instant". For example, you want to sell the Siacoin .

SC – BTC – 100. That means we want to sell 100% of the coins we own with 0% profit. Then we enter a "0" and sell the coin at the market price. Cancel orders:
You go to "Oders" – "Cancel" – "DGB" – "BTC" – "0". Always enter a zero. You go to
"Below" and confirm the whole thing. In other words, your sell order has been canceled in this case and so you can adjust your buy-in price a little.

means, if the market price drops by a certain percentage, then you want to buy
, not at the current market price. You go to "Trading" – "Buy Coins". For example, you want to buy the Digibyte (DGB) when the price has dropped by 4% . 10% of the Bitcoin credit is used and the coin is automatically bought when the
market price has dropped by 4%. You can also
lower or hinaf the orders that you have made. E.g. you want to move the "RADS" from your Bitcoin balance a bit. You enter a "zero" and you can then enter "Above" and "5".

Then your order will be increased by 5%.
You can do the same thing by going to "Move" and then "RADS" – "BTC" – "Below" – "5". Then your order will be reduced by 5%..

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