welcome back from the weekend hope everyone had 
a great time great nfl and a great market we   have seen significant amounts of volumes drop off 
on the weekend which is kind of flowing into my   thesis of institutions are really 
buying up the dips and that is why   we're seeing the weekends be a little bit 
less crazy um mainly because the big money   is not in the market and i'll kind of explain 
how that might work in a moment but while you   guys are waiting hit that like subscribe bell 
you know what to do see you guys in a second all right welcome from the weekend it is a 
monday and we are back to the markets and   what i was talking about earlier is exactly what 
i want to address it's that the weekends have   been a very boring market for quite some 
time almost as if it started around this   dipped where these first dips started to happen 
it almost feels like as if they were connected   now who bought those dips well honestly retail 
were scared as hell so it was very obvious   who is buying the dip and it's as simple as this 
whales oh geez but most importantly institutions   the otc market has never been more exciting 
than it is right now if you don't believe me   maybe make a a really simple phone call and ask 
lmax or b2c2 or cumberland how their business   has been going for the last three to six months 
it may surprise many of you that they are more   active than they've ever been now the question 
is why well the reality is we know an etf is   coming at some point and we all know that if an 
etf is coming that there is a large amount of   institutional money coming in and well wouldn't 
it be nice to kind of follow that up with a   gigantic moon mission followed by a bull flag 
which is about to break out and potentially go   to an all-time high now i did make a quote 
tweet over the weekend talking about how   we're gonna hit an all-time high in october or 
i'll delete this tweet now it seems like yeah okay   coach whatever i'm pretty i'm pretty sure like my 
confidence level unless something crazy happens   that we're gonna break an all-time high this month 
is very very high i personally think regardless   of what i said when i was very bearish and a 
little bit depressed and in lockdown and having   all those things but now that's a clean clear 
mind clear conscience clear heart clear whatever   i come back to thailand i look at the markets 
and what i see here is a bull flag for me   now i talked about a bull flag forming down 
here potentially but i thought it would reject   but a bull flag has explosive power behind it and 
so it pushed higher and now we see a similar type   of situation yet again we don't want this to 
turn into an ascending triangle but we do see   this potentially being a breakout of a bull 
flag again very exciting times for bitcoin very   exciting times for all of us and if you don't 
know what a bull flag look like in general this   is what they look like they look like a flag on a 
pole you can see the flag right here here what do   we have we see the flag on the pole it's kind 
of breaking out of that flag now we're going   towards that 57 000 resistance and really the real 
real resistance is a little bit higher around 58   and then really there is no resistance it's paper 
thin you may as well say that the resistance is   this and that when it comes down to it it will do 
whatever it wants to when it gets to those points   so the point is when i'm talking about october 
having a explosive month is that it will have   an explosive month now what does that mean for 
altcoins because it's very important to understand   that when bitcoin goes on its moves it doesn't 
just go on a normal kind of move the question   is what kind of move does it normally come with 
and here is the answer bitcoin generally moves   most of its movements within a week to four weeks 
that means that you don't see bitcoin sustained   hardcore movements because altcoins catch up 
ethereum catches up l ones catch up and if   bitcoin indeed does go to that hundred thousand 
dollar or does break an all-time high this month   what will that mean for our olds well ethereum 
likes to follow bitcoin and while you see bitcoin   go higher ethereum doesn't stay too far behind 
this we know now here's an interesting thing   i talked about a bi zone did ethereum come into 
my buy zone absolutely did so i said it would   likely come down into the zone the kitchen sim 
we have a level of support we have the 21 ema so   my bid started a little bit higher so i didn't 
get filled on all my bids but i got filled on   some and this is how you dollar cost average you 
go well it probably won't go so if it only gets   here yeah i only filled 20 percent of the amount 
that i wanted to put into each that's okay because   that 20 percent that i wanted to put in each is 
now almost well let's look from that point here   how much higher is it five percent higher well 
i guess i can't be too sad about that no cannot   so if you fail the plan you plan to fail but if 
you plan you usually succeed more often than not   doesn't mean you always will but it gives you 
higher probabilities what was i talking about   in terms of alts well i did warn you last week 
and i'm going to continue to warn you again that   this is why my area right here said could be a 
quick deviation all to rip against bitcoin and   stables the bull cycle comes to an end and most 
of my alts will sold to btc well guess what i   have more than i've ever had in my whole entire 
life i have more bitcoin holdings than ever before   because i followed my own plan and now where are 
we at well now that plan is old so we leave it   off to the side and we look for what's next and 
what's next is telling me this if bitcoin stays on   an epic rip until it gets above this 200 ema we're 
still okay we're having a bullish tk cross in the   daily that's not good we're above the cloud that's 
not good we're bullish there that's not good   generally all those things generally point 
to what they point us going much higher   that's great for bitcoin it's not great 
for your all to be tc pairs because had   you left most of your bitcoin in bitcoin 
and bought the alts later from that bitcoin   you don't want that bitcoin to be worth 
more than your alts would be worth in that   same time period because technically you'd be 
losing money because if you kept your coin in   let's say an eth and bitcoin goes up 10 against 
eth you lose 10 on your eat that you just hold   just understand that mentality and that mindset 
but also understand that it's okay because what   follows bitcoin ethereum so it's all about 
what warren buffett talks about constantly   it's not about how smart you are 
it's not about a great amount of idea   you have what the most important part is is that 
you have some capital and you have some patience   so place your bets because ultimately that's all 
of what investing really is so let's look at our   [ __ ] coin perpetual index and what does it 
tell us it tells us that our alt coins are   actually quite bearish we are a little bit above 
the cloud but we had a bearish tk cross here   we are in the candlesticks which is not a 
good thing here and we just we're teetering   so [ __ ] coins are on high alert are they not 
so bad are they not so bad we're we're about to   break out guys when we break out of 2.4 trillion 
dollars there is nothing stopping us going much   much higher all right let's look at our zones that 
we drew last week let's look at our zones we drew   last week and actually things are coming closer 
and closer to those zones we're looking to buy on   that kijin scene around 30 bucks for adam what are 
we looking at adax we're still looking at around   that 50 range for ava x dag it's quite bearish to 
be honest my buy is not very good it's underwater   but that's okay i think long term it'll be 
fine still i may stop out of my dag trade   so it gives you a good perspective on that here 
you know dot has been holding some strength   now this may actually have to change my levels 
because uh things have actually gone higher so   we're probably looking around uh 25 to 23 if dot 
gets bearish but right now actually dot is quite   bullish just keeping that in perspective again 
with ksm we're looking to buy in this zone around   the we have two zones for for potential buys right 
here so i'm looking to buy around uh between 305   to 295 dollars i think this is a good liquidity 
pocket that if we did get bearish or did have a   pull down that it would come down to this it's 
also coinciding with the bottom of the kumo and   the 200 ema so this is a good area to look at next 
one up over at selena selena it's ki jin sin is   pulling up it's tenkin's flattening out it could 
start showing some bearish signs potentially here   we would look to buy it on a bounce off the 
kitchen around a dollar a buck 20 a buck 35   somewhere in that range luna has been an absolute 
moon mission but you can see that some type of   convergence might start happening soon it's got 
an ascending triangle here which likely will   break down at some point because it has been on 
absolute moon mission from the start of this cycle   let's not give it any hate because this thing 
was 28 cents and now is over 100x higher we have   a lot of things to think about we have to watch 
bitcoin dominance and we have to watch bitcoin   and ethereum are also be fine don't get me wrong 
also will have higher gains than those two will   but in the shorter term your alts may feel a 
pullback against btc they may see people pull out   to put money into bitcoin as it starts to pump and 
they start seeing that their altcoin value to btc   is losing value against bitcoin so they 
put it in bitcoin and we'll buy it back   these are all things to think about and plan 
for and know what you will do before it happens   don't be the person while the dumps happening 
being like where should i put my buy orders no   you plan it out you put the buy orders and you 
patiently wait guys the most important part of   an investor or a trader is number one patience 
let what you saw and thought and felt and were   convicted to happen let it happen just be patient 
so i'll leave you guys with that for today i'll   see you tomorrow i'm gonna be getting back into 
my investment thesis this week as to some of the   investments that i'm making so guys don't miss 
that and also don't forget to like and subscribe   and hit that bell and don't forget that i'm giving 
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a great start of the week guys and we'll see you   tomorrow and talking about my investment thesis 
into some of the infrastructure that i'm making little

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