Crochet Hat: Polka Dot | INTERMEDIATE | The Crochet Crowd

In today's tutorial let's go dotty together. We're going dotty with this brand new hat by Let's go over this in just a moment. Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as I'm your host Mikey. Today we're going dotty and this is Going Dotty Hat and we're going to do polka dots. I saw this in December before everybody else go to see it and I love this hat. I think it's kind of a lot of fun and you can a lot of fun with the colors. So I had Daniel actually pick me some colors and he went for this [laughing]. Isn't that just crazy fun? So this color over here it's not colors that I would have chosen for myself but this is a Taupe and then of course the Simply Soft Brites line. This is really quite neon and this hat is gonna be quite amazing. So let's just go over a little bit of the pattern next.

So going over the pattern today what you're gonna need today is a 5 mm size 'H' crochet hook. You need three different colors that you can see here. This Simply Soft line is what they have. They have Ocean, Robin's Egg and Pumpkin all working together and of course the pom pom you can do that afterwords on your own as well. Comes with a key here on how the dots all line up together and its kinda like graphghan work and if you look really carefully in this uh, you can actually see how the yarn is being carried throughout this project. The ribbing of the hat is very, very easy in the sense that it's not the slip stitching that we've seen in other hats. It's actually very easy and it goes really quickly. I've actually already uh done this already in advance. Isn't that nice? Really quite sharp and we're gonna be doing that and we're gonna get in and start doing all of this work.

I'm going to show you some techniques involved in being able to do that as well. So here's a blown up photo of the hat and what we have if you look really carefully you can see how the pumpkin is carrying underneath of the color blue. And its inside the stitches and it just travels along until you need it again and then it pops up and then you see the blue is in this side of the pumpkin. Now some people what they do is they drop the yarn completely and then you end up with these long loops in behind the hat and then you pick it up again. You can do that if you wish if you want these to be completely just the color without any of the other colors sinking through. It's uh, your own creative choice on what you need to do in order to make that.

So that is just something, I 'll show you how to do that and I'll leave that to you for how you're going to do that as well. So I guess first things first. Let's start on the brim. The brim is really easy to make and I'll show you that in just a moment. So here's my brim and its 21" long and what this is doing this is half double crochets working on the horizontal bar. What is the horizontal bar? Well we've done this kind of stuff before and it makes it look like it has a line of knitting going up and it, and it's basically reversible . So you can go either side if you wish. So I'm going to show you with green because green is easier to see the horizontal bar that it is with the taupe. So we're gonna start off with a slip knot and use your 5 mm, size 'H' crochet hook today. We're going to insert the slip knot onto the hook.

Remember that it never counts as one. So we're going to chain 12. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and I know what you're thinking at this point. Look at all that. Is that really the brim. No, it's gonna shrink down on its own and you'll be seeing that happen in just a moment. For row number one you're going to go to the third chain from the hook. So go 1, 2 and 3 and you're going to wrap the hook and, or wrap the hook and make this into a half double crochet into that chain just like that and you're going to half double crochet yourself all the way across your chain.

So the first row is easy just half double crochet across just like this. And when we do row number two which row number two will be the repeat for the whole thing is that we're going to start playing then in the horizontal bar of the half double crochet. And where is that? Well you can't see it on this side so you only see it when you're looking at the, at the other side when you go to do it.

So you're just gonna half double crochet yourself across. You will have a total of 10 half double crochets by the time you come all the way across only. And that number 10 I would count that as you're working on your project because it makes a huge difference if you start to losing your place. So this is what it looks like at this point. Let's go to row number two. So row number two there's a diagram it says half double crochet in the horizontal bar. This is what it's asking you to do. So what it's telling you is that it's showing you where to grab the stitch. Okay the top here is the regular stitch but its a horizontal bar that just slightly underneath it.

So let me show you where it is on the project. So I'm going to turn my work and just turn it and the horizontal bar is actually right in front of you. So the stitch, the regular stitch is on the top here but the horizontal bar is actually right here in this section right here. So what we're going to do is we're going to chain two so 1 and 2 and we're gonna play within the horizontal bar. So we're just gonna come down and just kind of space it out if you have to. Okay, and what we need to do is every stitch counts. So there's gonna be a total of 10 in the first un, chain two counts as the first half double crochet.

So we're going to wrap the hook and we're going to insert into the horizontal bar and half double crochet. Okay, so when you look at it from the other side you can see that the stitch, see it's actually facing out. So what you're gonna do once you get the first one then the rest of them are pretty easy. You just move along and just grab the next one. Okay, so I'm going to count. So this is 3 because the first chaining of two counted as one of them. And so you wanna total of 10. Now when I was doing this um, I wasn't counting and I was actually starting to add more or I was dropping. So I would just get in the habit when you're just going across just count. It's just easier. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and then continue in the horizontal. Once you can physically see it in your mind and you see it on the stitch work it becomes really easy.

Just starting each row is kind of a little bit of a of just, it just is a matter of getting used to. So in the very end there's a horizontal bar on the very end as well. So let's just count and make sure. So I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. So it's perfect. So we turn our work and we keep moving up and we need a total, see in the horizontal bar created this what appears to be a knit line. So we're going to chain up two which is your 1 of ten and go into the next horizontal bar.

Okay, so do you see this is the next stitch here and its just right there. Okay that was 1, that was number 2 and you keep moving along and you'll notice that this is gonna go pretty fast. So if you're confident in yourself you don't need to count but if you start seeing your work getting all wonky whether you're loosing stitches or gaining you're gonna notice pretty quickly and then you can just keep count.

But I did count mine I have to say. I was kinda getting paranoia if you ask me. Okay so I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 so that means I got two more left which makes a lot of sense. Okay so I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and then the last one there. Okay so you and then just turn your work, chain two, okay and then get the first one up. Okay, so what I need you to do is that I need you to do the same thing going all the way uh, until this band gets 22" long without stretch. Okay, so just don't stretch it when you go to measure it. Just get it to 22" long and when we come back I'll show what to do and I'm gonna bring up my taupe version and then I'm going to start getting into the body of the hat next Just like this. Isn't that neat? It really is neat, it's a neat stitch.

And make sure you get yours all the way across. And so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and get that last one in like that, 10. So that's what it looks like on the back side. Okay, so continue to do that and we'll start on uh, securing this first and then we'll move on to the body of the hat. So I have my 22" just like you see here and I'm just gonna finish up the last one so I'm done. And what I'm going to do is just pull the strand through and its kinda gonna lock onto itself. And what I'm going to do is feed this string into a darning needle. So unlike other hats that we've done where we've had to slip stitch ourselves in order to close the join on this particular design they're asking us to sew it shut.

So when we go to show it shut [chuckles] sew it shut we just have to match okay, across from each other and so I'm going to go into the first stitch this side and the first stitch on the other side. Just make sure it's not twisted on you. Make sure its nice and flat and just uh, whip stitch it together. So just going over to the first one, over to the next one and et cetera and whip stitch your hat seam together. So when I come back we're gonna start with the body of the hat.

So just get this whip stitched and then we'll move on. When you get all the way to the sewing of it and then you're at the end what you just need to do is just kind of just be very nice about it but just kinda make is so it kinda loops into each other like a little knot and then what I would do is just glide it through underneath some of the fibers. Okay so under the fibers in one direction, I have a loose end hanging out here. This is from the start. And then glide it again coming in a different spot but very close to it in a different set of fibers back in the other direction. So if you glide it through three times it'll never fall out on ya. So then glide it back in in a different spot but very close to it. And so what this means then is that I can literally cut that string right down and you will never see the loose ends popping out like so.

Now this is the starting string that I had in there so what I can do is that its pretty short so what I can just do is just put my needle in without feeding it first because I've left it way too short for myself and what I can just do is then just feed this through the needle. See, even us trained professionals [chuckles] we even do these silly things like this. I should have actually made this a lot longer, this starting strand.

Okay, so once I get that in all I can just do is just pull it through like so, stretch it back out like that and then I can just safely trim that as well. So let's get ready and we're going to do the main body of the hat. So let's prepare for the main body of the hat. So we have our seam line in here, did I lose it already, it's right there. So what we want to do is look at the good side of this. So if one side doesn't look as good as the other, if the seam line doesn't work for you then just turn it to the side that you wanna look at.

Okay, so looking at means that when they're looking at you they're gonna be seeing that side. So now you're gonna grab your color 'B' is says. Color 'B' and color 'B' is the, the main color. In this case if you're looking at the pattern its that Robin's Egg Blue. So I'm going to use neon of course because I'm crazy. So what we want to do is that we want to join it to where the seam line is.

And when you go to join it you're gonna, make sure that you have at least two strands on top. So when you go all the way around you have to fit in 72 stitches going all the way around. So let's just try to get this in first. It's a little tight. So we wanna get 72 stitches in this. So my point being is that you may not get every, like every row is not one stitch, right. So you have to actually kinda figure it out and sometimes it takes a couple, maybe two or three tries in order to get it right. So once you join it just chain one first and you just have to squeeze it in.

But every time you go into the side here make sure you get at least two strands to be on top of the hook. If you get only one it will be very clear that when its being worn that it doesn't look like its really attaching very well. So if you get at least two strings on the top it looks a lot better. So what I want you to do is put in 72 of these single crochets. So in this case see the set of the one strand on top I wanna at least get in two and just make that work.

So get in 72 of these single crochets going all the way around. So I'm coming up all the way back around and I have to do my last one in and I'm just kinda working out um, how its all gonna just come into play and once I get my last one in I just want to join it to the beginning slip stitch or the beginning uh, single crochet that we started with. Okay, so that becomes that and it actually only took me one round of getting used to these kinda hats.

So its just kinda equally spaced. It may not be perfect but nothing in life ever is. Um, but if you do a great enough job it can be pretty close. So let's move on to round number two. So round number two is a very simple round. We're continuing with the same color. We chain one and we just do one single crochet in the first one and then we're doing one single crochet into each of the single crochets all the way around. That's all this round is. So one single
crochet into each stitch all the way around. So I'm coming up to the very end of this round and I'm just going to slip stitch to the beginning single crochet that we started with. Now here's the interesting thing. We're going to start doing the pattern next. So I was just reading off camera is the actual dot area is, is combinations of doing um, coming back around, turning the hat and then going back in the other direction.

So we're gonna go back and forth, back and forth for this particular design and uh, because of that it's going to work our pretty cool. So in the next one we're going to start doing the um, chart work and I'll show you that in just a moment. So we have the diagram here and what we're going to start off with now is that we're gonna start off with my neon and then we're gonna change over to uh, to the next color for three boxes and then we're gonna go to the next one here.

And so we just have to kinda play with this idea in order to get the pattern to work out pretty good. Now you'll notice that the middles consist of three boxes that are the one color. So you see here when you see it up here you'll see that there's two on this side the third one is on this side as we come up all the way around. So what we want to do is just look at the box here and just make sense of it and I'm gonna show you the first part here and just make it a lot easier for us to follow along.

So off camera what I've done is that once we get past the polka dot area we need to go back to the regular color of, of the blue in this case. So I figured out that there's nine boxes between this blue uh, the last of the pumpkin so there's gonna be nine. So you'll only see five on this side but the other four are on the other side when you go to repeat this pattern. So this graph is like repeating itself over and over all the way around. In the next row, number three there's gonna only be seven of the blue then stopping. So there's three on this side, sorry four on this side and there's three on the other and then once right in the middle there's three of them uh, rows high 
they're all gonna be five so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then it gets up up here. So what you're looking at 
here is that it becomes really quite easy to be able to count as we go all the way across and so 
the same thing exists up here.

So you can see that there's gonna be nine. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 
8 and 9. So there's nine, seven and five and then seven and nine again. So it just 
makes a lot of sense if you can just count those boxes before the next one begins. So back to the 
project here let's start our first one. So we're gonna chain up one first and we're going to 
put four of these boxes in but we have to watch the fourth one. So we're gonna go 1, 2, 3 
and we're going to start the fourth but we're not gonna finish it. So in order to do the fourth 
one what we have to do is that we have to bring on our next color and this is the start of the uh, of 
the polka dot area and the final of the fourth you have to pull the color that you want to be next.
Okay so we're, you need to then drop the neon down underneath and now we're gonna start the, the 
polka dots.

Okay so then what the next three have to be the polka dots. So we just start the next one 
and you're gonna have to pull things a little bit tight right in the beginning when you go to 
change colors. So we have 1, 2 and this is the third one and we don't wanna finish it because 
the next one is going to be the neon so you drop the neon or neon uh, pink down and you bring up the 
the neon in. So leaving down then the top of the pink one here and we want to go and remember what I 
said it's nine. So we're just gonna immediately come to the next one. So we're gonna go 1, now 
the thing about it you gotta make sure that you pull these strings tight as you go I did this 
way back in the early days of The Crochet Crowd and I didn't pull those as tight as I should 
have been I ended up with a mess.

So we needed nine. So we've got 1 already in so 2, 3, 
and I'm gonna let the straggler fall out of the way so I don't have to bury that in any further. 
So the trick is is that when you go to change these yarns they have to be handy for you but 
you don't wanna be tangled up in yarn either. So you're keeping that yarn strand that you're 
going to need in the future just right down on top and you're getting rid of that straggler out 
of the way.

It's the only time you really have to worry about that. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 
and this is the 9th so you go into the ninth pull up and then drop that one and bring 
back your neon again, your neon pink. They're both neon I don't know what I keep saying that. So now we're 
going to start another polka dot. Okay so let's just pull things tight again and we're gonna 
go for another three. So that's all you have to do is that you just have to kinda watch this as 
you go. So 1, 2 and 3 okay and then oh, that third one I cannot finish it oops, oops, oops, 
oops you pull that out and finish it off with that green like that. Okay so that's all you have to do 
on this particular round so this is kind of the round of the start.

So the next nine are going to 
be all the neon yellow. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and don't finish nine
pull back up that pink up and then the next three are going to be that pink one. So just 
keeping that neon down. So some people in graphghan can what they like to do is that you can click, 
and you can see it a little bit coming through but you can drop it completely on behind if you 
wish but you should know that if you do drop it you're gonna have this whole distance of the 
loose string hanging off in the inside of your hat and it may not be a deal-breaker for you but 
if you got children wearing something like this it might not be a good idea.

So I have to have three 
of those so I have to finish off with that the yellow once again and I keep going all the way 
around so make sure that you got yel, uh, yellow that there's nine in a row and then there's three 
here and this is what it looks like and you see it what it looks like on the inside as well. So carry 
on, carry on and keep doing that all the way around. So I'm coming up all the way back around on this 
round the first round and I wanna make sure if you remember that there's four before the next 
polka dot starts when you go to restart so on this side there should be only be five to be able to 

Okay so you gotta make sure remember how we said there's nine in between these polka dots 
so five are here and four on this side and when you're done that just slip stitch to the top of 
the first one let that pink fall out of the way. Okay slip stitch to the top and what we need to do 
then is that we need to turn our project. So we're gonna turn our project this time and go in this 
direction. So we don't continuously go around in the same way, in the same way. The reason for that 
is that if you continue to go around these polka dots will actually be leaning on their side and 
not sitting on top of each other.

So let's begin our, the next round and let's just quickly look 
back at the pattern. And I'm going to leave this whole idea with you um, on what we need to do but I'll 
just show you how to get started again and then you can do the rest of it going all the way to 
the top for me. So now that we got our first round done we move up to the next one and you see it's 
number three here. So number three there's three boxes that will be the neon and then the next 
five then will be um, the polka dot and then it'll be seven this time between the polka dot spaces 
and that's all we need to worry about. So let's begin to do that process. So we're now looking 
at the back side of the project we're ready for the next one.

So if you look at these, these three 
are going to be neon if you're looking at it from the polka dot point of view the next one on both 
sides then will be a neon added and a neon added. So you can just kind of work backwards to what 
you see here. So we're gonna chain one which I've already done and so then the first three 
okay are going to be these neon ones or sorry it's gonna be neon yellow. Okay so let's begin 
to do that so we're just gonna do 1, 2 and 3 but we don't finish that and what we're 
going to do is bring on the neon again. Uh, Sorry I keep saying neon. We wanna make sure that this 
carries up on the inside as well so that when I go start it and then we can just bury the 
yellow underneath.

So we just keep that yellow now on top so the next five are going to be all this 
color. So I got 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, just like this. So now the fifth ones in so we just 
change it back to finish and drop that pink one down. So you can either count it out and there's 
a total of seven stitches between here. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 or you can just 
look at where the neon is and said that you know you have to do the one before it and the one after 
and you can look at it that way in the lazy side of me you would say that's what I would do.

So we 
can just do seven though. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. So I don't wanna finish 
seven I just wanna finish it with the pink and drop that neon green down. Okay so the next 
five then will be the polka dot. So what I want you to do is I want you to do this uh, complete
stitch work all the way. You see that there's 33 rows going up of this and you
just follow that diagram just exactly how I showed you and you will be successful.
And then after you get the diagram done all the way to the top what we're going to do is done 
start doing the decreasing and the decreasing is really easy. So this is kinda the hardest part 
of the whole thing of just adding and dropping your yarn. So now that you got your fifth one in 
there don't finish it, change it back and then just hide that pink one back in. So that's what you 
need to do on this whole concept and continue to do that and when I come back then I'll be near 
close to the top and that we'll show you what to do from that point.

I wanna show you something on 
here before you go any further. So you'll notice that you see how you have a line here it looks 
like it's out of place on the polka dot that's because of the way that it shows okay that's the 
way that stitch goes in. So you're going to notice that see it's right here. Okay, so it's gonna look 
like it's wrong when you're doing it but you gotta stick with it because when you go to add more 
stitches it causes that look to happen.

It causes one just kinda stand out on its own like that 
and so if you think you're doing it wrong you're not it's part of the idea with crochet. So it 
just comes with the territory. So continue to do the whole thing back up to the remainder of 
the graph and then we'll be back and I'll show you how to decrease after that point. So just one 
more thing so what's gonna happen here is that you're going to see it all coming up and there is 
one line in this whole thing that is blue. So right in between so 1 and 2. So what's gonna happen 
when you go to do that is that you just gotta let the color just the polka dot color just sit where 
it is for one revolution and then pick it back up when you go to start the next round which will 
be round number ten when you go to see it once again and then you can clearly see that right 
when you go to start it you'll be on the neon first and then you'll just carry on so that the 
polka dots kind of go opposite to each other kind of like a hexa, like a honeycomb together. 
So just watch for that and just drop your color and just to a whole revolution of the blue and then pick it back up when you go to do the next one.

Now I'm back and I have my polka dots done. There's 
three high and I had to do a little bit of counting but everything worked out pretty good I'm pretty 
excited about it and front and back. Now I wanna show you the inside. The inside is not as 
pretty and you can tell where I have jumped over especially in the slip stitching area but 
that's the inside of the hat so I didn't have to worry about that too much. So I was very 
conscientious of what was my inside and what was my outside when I was doing it and um, I found 
with myself is that when I was working on it I would flip the hat inside out when I was going 
in one direction then put it back to the way that you see it here.

So I've now finished with 
my polka dot pink and I'm just going to just put this through darning needle. It's completely 
done for the project so I'm just gonna hide it in and tie it off and let's start doing the 
top and there's ten rows for doing the top and let me just fasten this and let me show you 
how to do that quickly. So once you've done that just grab your darning needle once again 
and if I could find it I've be even happier. [chuckles] So here we go and I'm just gonna put it in. 
So remember the, what I kinda showed you with the brim already is that if you put it in the 
project three times, so I don't wanna put it through to the project that you're gonna see it 
on the front side of this so I'm just gonna put it through to the pink area.

Okay so I'm just 
gonna glide it through just so it stays on the inside just through some fibers and if you go 
in three different directions like I promised you before um, it'll stay permanently into position. So it 
was 2 of the three and just go one more time. Okay so then that pink is now in just like so and 
so now we're gonna be ready for the top. I've not fasted off my my neon yet and I don't plan 
on to because I'm actually at the start but for the remainder of the hat let's just take a look 
quickly at the directions. So we've been going back and forth so on this and we do have a slip 
stitching line let me show you that here.

My slip stitch is right here. It's that fabulous and you 
can barely see it it's awesome. So um, let's just quickly review the top of the instructions now.
For the top of the instructions what I'm going to do then is when I go to start up I have not 
fastened off for when I was going back and forth but we're going to go in a complete uh, revolution 
at this time. So we're never gonna turn back and forth like we did we're just gonna keep 
going around and around and I wanna look at it from the side that's the good side which is 
this part right here. So let's begin we're going to chain one and it says in the instructions says 
one single crochet in each of the next seven and then two together.

So let's do that. So we're gonna 
the first seven are gonna be by themselves so single crochet so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
and once you get your seven put the next two together. So how to do that is that you insert 
in pull through, into the next one pull through so now you have three loops on your hook and just 
pull through all three and that's two together. So what you have to do for this complete round 
is just a repeat of that. So there's gonna be seven in a row so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 
and then the next two are together. So please do that repeat pattern going all the way 
around for round number one of shaping the top. So I'm coming up all the way back around I 
just finished two together right where my thumb is here so I've already done 1 so 2, 3,
4, 5, 6 and 7 and the final two in the revolution will be two together so do those two 
together and then just join to the first single crochet that you started with. So now we've just 
eliminated one single crochet stitch every now and then throughout this line.

So this is round 
number one. Let's move on to round number two. Round number two chain one, one single crochet into every one 
going all the way around. So the way that this hat seems to be working in my opinion when I look at 
the instructions in advance is that it's taking its time in closing at the top so it has a nice 
smooth transition.

So round number two we're just gonna do one single crochet all the way around.
I'm finishing up round number two of shaping the top. So when you get to the end just slip stitch to 
the beginning single crochet to finish. Let's move on to round number three. We're instantly going 
to just chain one and this time we're going to do a two together once again to bring things to 
a conclusion.

So we chained one the first six are gonna be by themselves. So one single 
crochet so this is number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and then the next two are together. So just 
put them together and then go six again. So this is the repeat pattern so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
and 6 and the next two are together. So please continue to do that same pattern going all the 
way around. Coming up all the way around on number three the final six are gonna be by themselves.
So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and then you have two stitches left and that's two together. So 
that concludes off round number three. So just join it to the beginning single crochet. So let's 
move up to round number four. Round number four is quite easy just uh, it's is the same as number two.
So chain one, one single crochet into each one of the stitches going all the way around that's around 
number four. Please one single crochet in each all the way around.

Coming up all the way around 
on number uh, four we're just one single crochet into each all the way around and then we just have to 
just join to the beginning. So what we have in the next round here is that we have round number five.
Round number five is quite straightforward um, we're going to chain one and it says one single crochet 
in each of the next five. So let's do that so 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and then the next two 
are together so that's the repeat pattern for this round. So there's gonna be five singles 
in a row and then two together. Uh, what we're gonna have now from the remainder of this hat we're 
gonna get aggressive and start really closing this thing off so there's gonna be no more 
rounds that actually are nice and lazy. So we're gonna be doing two together for the remainder.
So make sure you do that so five in a row and then two together for this round this is round number 

Concluding round number five I've already got my five singles and the final two are two together.
So let's just join up to the beginning and let's move on to round number six. Just chain up one 
and let me just quickly look, so one single crochet in the next four. So we're gonna start 
off with four 1, 2, 3 and 4 and then the next two are together. So that's this round for 
round number six, four by themselves and then two together.

Please do that now and I'll meet you at the 
end of this round. Final round of six is just their last two are together. So there's been four 
in a row and then the last two are together. Join it with a slip stitch to the beginning and 
let's start on row number seven. So row seven it's easy and they're all easy. Chain one and the 
next three so 1, 2 and 3 and then the next two are together. So that's the repeat pattern 
for number seven. Three by themselves and then two together. Please do that now I'll see you 
at the end of this round.

Coming up all the way around we had three in a row and the final two are 
together for round number seven. So now it's really starting to zip isn't it it's awesome. So let's 
set begin round number eight. Eight looking over its chain one, one single crochet in each of the next 
two. So 1 and 2 in a row and then of course what's next, two together of course so the next two are 
together. So the repeat pattern is two by themselves so one sorry, one [chuckles] one crochet uh, two times 
in a row and then the next two is two together. Sorry about that [chuckles] and I'll see you at the end of 
this round. Okay, at the end of the round number eight was two together of course we had two in a row 
and then two together and then we just join it to the top.

So let's move on to round number nine.
So we're getting a smaller and smaller hole that you can see. So number nine let's chain up one, 
it says one single crochet in the next okay and then the next what does it say, two together in the 
next. So the repeat pattern for number nine is one single crochet by itself and then the next two are 
together. So please do that now that's round number nine and I'll see you at the end of this round.

then round number nine there was two together I've already showed you how to do it quite a few times 
so let's just join it to the top of the beginning single crochet. So round number ten easy, easy, easy. 
Let's just join, okay so you're gonna chain one and every one is gonna be two together.

just going into the same or same, start, start with your same stitch two together. So 1 and 2 
and then the next two are together, just making sure I'm getting them all right. So 1 and 2 
and 1 and 2. So please do that all the way for round number ten and then after this we're gonna, 
I'm gonna show you how to close this off and then you just have to do a pompom if you wish. 
If you don't want a pom-pom that's up to you it's your creativity, its your ideas. A beautiful neon 
pink pom pom on this would be amazing I think as well so uh, continue to do this two together all
the way around. So I've come up all the way around and that's it. So I'm just gonna slip stitch to the 
beginning one and I'm still left with a small little hole at the top so what I wanna do is 
I want to cut this yarn and I wanna pull this yarn out okay so I'm still left with a little 

So I'm going to use my darning needle at this point and started gathering the remainder 
edges. So let's feed that needle and continuing in the same direction that I was crocheting in I'm 
just gonna feed it underneath some fibers around that edge and what we're going to do is that I'm 
going to feed them in and then I'm gonna yank on this and pull it shut. It's a great way to do it. 
You'll have a nice finish. It'll pull it in nice and finished at the top. I don't pull it until I'm 
all the way around make sure I get it in. Okay, okay so there's my hole so I'm just gonna pull it all 
shut. So then I'm going to go diagonally across the hole. Just don't wanna stab myself.

This color 
looks like it's literally a light turned on it's amazing it's, it's part of the Caron Simply 
Soft Neon Brites kind of it's called Brites for Simply Soft and it really truly is bright 
it's awesome. Okay so I'm just securing it a few times and then once I'm satisfied with that I'm 
going to put it down through the middle and I'm going to turn the hat inside out. I'm just gonna 
safely grab it so I don't stab myself okay so I'm just gonna pull the needle through and then 
I'm just gonna tie it on the inside here and I'm going to run this fiber into some fibers 
on the inside it doesn't go on to the outside just and go in three different directions like 
I've already shown you twice already before and you will completely trim in your ends. You don't 
have to worry about it falling out. So all you have left to do is just do a pom-pom and this 
is a really cool hat like really cool.

So I just gotta secure in some loose ends right at the 
very beginning actually that's already been secured. So yeah so here is my hat. So this is cool 
this is Going Dotty, it's a really kind of neat hat. I think it would look better with 
a pom pom but again that's your creativity and up to you. There are tutorials on how to 
make pom-poms available here on YouTube in our channel so you just gotta stay tuned for 
that and until next time I'm Mikey on behalf of Yarnspirations as well as thank you so much and I hope that you go dotty making this going dotty hat today until 
next time we'll see you have a great day. Bye, bye 👋.

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