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joy of it welcome to the next video this time of the new can imagine this conversion of the [__] there comes what makes him special what would like to redeem warm keep his raison d'etre in this video so say why am i driving him at all these are all the questions that will be asked we definitely answer extensively in the video and then don't miss any further videos on crypto educational topics would support me enormously and I would say instead of simply looking into the video what is this of your authors, that the authors are the in-house days of people. com if he doesn’t know it is an exchange if in the end you trade where you can advertise different clubs landon steak because you can in the end want because he does everything and definitely one of the best known and one of the best exchanges in any case in addition, your car is exactly on the same level a group are barely chain works what with enormous plus Point it is simply in terms of traditional efficiency and all these other points that we all like to have already addressed, so in any case very good if the whole thing on the own blog chat function is own dry and then the third point something from my point of view, yes also makes it very special because in the end it is yes you can say the support surface for the in-house prepaid credit card where you have various cashback options but take a close look at the donations but then also in series so the cashback comes back as a hero and the whole thing just works in this ecosystem of i can spoil it so i have been using the prepaid credit card for a while and have to say absolutely enthusiastic there is currently no negative point for me and we will see what other plus points there This prepaid credit card is definitely worth a look so it could be summarized again t you but in the end the in-house diving group there hardly come a huge stock exchange will take another close look at what capcom is and these very authors is fundamental the network simply works briefly and succinctly explained i would say now we come back will you can because it is actually very important to understand how the whole thing works the author in the end doesn't really have any special characteristics fits now mega mega crass but this universe that has barely created crumbs that, in my opinion, is special about this new one, as has already been mentioned many times Hardly has a very extensive crypto exchange because in the end you can trade everything that you can find, of course, not the vast amounts of old circles but the main points or even further beyond that you can participate a lot in addition to the goal of that the world was wanting to significantly accelerate the spread of crypto currency and they actually did ch already approached very well so they are definitely a driver that the whole society gets further and better now from my point of view we come to the almost classic point why küttel come so well it is actually from my point of view, of course, you have to say is welcome a change but there is a big raffle there is the club there comes the exchange of the poisonous image combos itself where you can trade they have a lot of different variations in it they have in the end covered everything that is there have very covered they have cooperation really an enormously good company which was simply built up quite well, of course, various problems have arisen but they have done well , they are still on the market and have been on the market for quite a while and then you can get this unique vaccination again debit cards are no longer unique but these unique ones view how they hardly work at coop because you get cashback you get other advantages but we will also look at how the whole thing went and from my point of view you were the first to implement this so in the end you can use the crypto currencies for any kind of assets the supermarket can buy in real life and if he doesn't press his or her on it and bang you get cashback first and in the end you simply pay for the purchase actually a very, very good solution to promote society as a whole that can be a bit summarized so for me cool com with the best platform because it simply shows so many possibilities then also the best insulation credit cards so i already have a few myself but i have to add the value of the cards that should of course not be the main focus but these Cards they are a bit made of metal, I would almost say they are simple ch very valuable and also the function that simply the host cards have this enormous extensive that nobody can keep up you just have to say so and then in the end you have actually destroyed the biggest negative point more or less birth because it was once so welcome an enormous number of good ones kept the same thing then got under control themselves at the beginning of the year by having 70 million tokens born , i.e.

In the end there are fewer in circulation, in the end there was simply a shortage, of course, not enormous big shortage the conference is much more comfortable in circulation but they hold up even i have to get a lot more decentralized which is a very, very good point, in addition, bronson tokens are becoming more and more popular and important ones, too, so we have now seen them on both screens the own blog chen was a huge success at a chronically overcrowded euro the whole i Of course it's still a long way off, but it hardly has its own blog because you can work efficiently on it who knows where this is going we are currently at almost 15 10 out of 1 million the whole thing has gone up very well again over the days and the Time now but you have to say, in my opinion, these stock exchange tokens have their raison d'être and that is why you can at least pay attention to them simply because the extremely efficient function on one blog is a definite plus point and then so and two effects on rande wird barely has very, very good yields with staging and landing if so gets very, very much in return at cia you get really tremendously good returns from staging so you get a lot back through staging which is also a plus of course a few times while we are through this I find debit card and I have to put my hand in the fire for it.

I still think it's extremely good and it has other advantages like We also see here in the lower part of the picture you can see a helmet and get, for example, with the ruby ​​style 100% spotify cashback what does it mean now in the end this upper amount and kathrin thinks 50 euros and then gets paid every time it modify if you get this card back the whole amount for spotify spotify netflix prime expedia bmw don't have a partnership you have to say that in any case, but the whole thing definitely doesn't work out of your own body, so in the end you are subscribing to this david card run then the whole thing is debited from your debit card or in the account in the case round gets the whole amount back into the tent as standard then made the whole thing namely why he does your roaches who got there in euros to switch there are whole again back on the debit card and so he gets spotify for free every month with netflix with prime with expedia how that really is very, very blatant departures you can definitely only celebrate from my point of view if someone wants to actually finish the whole thing in the description at the top there is a link if you go over it and get a card so pull it off , so to speak then in the end we get both remuneration is currently knocking and us dollar cara well and gladly take away but of course no need but if you don't want to get anything through the video, hayward always saw how it works with this steak in the whole is that maybe the only thing I can see is that you get yourself in the end, for example, this ruby ​​style must then be worth 350 euros see think up this year but from half a year so in the half year can with so everything happens there is about people going up in the basement you can’t do anything so you exhausted but after this half year it’s whole then so that's easy to pay off again he could take them up and then swap bitcoin for more but he then also finds these individual report fekters so they will also go away currently what is happening with me, namely so I have unplugged my cards with my respective cards which I then each had and very original cellar you have to say that the price would first be realized much more has definitely recovered now so I'm no longer angry or sad about it, half the year has now been over for a long time and I know theoretically then I also have to pay off what others are stuck with but I stopped because the stacking advantages and also these cashback advantages that you have with the card are simply extremely good from my point of view, we come to the conclusion why does it turn off it is of course again my own opinion we have to files, i only see it that way so you know each other in general, the comments then i'm always very curious to see what comes in there for me the mega plus point is this tidy solution because smocks simply mean that the whole thing continues to be accepted in society and they really put the whole thing very, very good around that are flawless with apps so there If there is no brand at all, I can now link everything that is actually very, very well solved, you can also take a look at yourself, yes, still somehow conclude there or something, but the bosses work, the word works, the free works very well and steak also works very well well then we come to the domain and the name that is, from my point of view , is really underestimated until a name that is definitely easy to read everyone knows what this is about and the domain actually cost kuppel com a lot of money They really attached great importance to the fact that they got this name , so they could have the brand protected and use it themselves nnen and from my point of view it was definitely worth it so patience com is just as easy as you can from the hand what i definitely celebrate the third point would definitely be the trains and the prospect of complaint will come, he also has smaller phases where there is rather negative press You are welcome to take a look at everything in the sources from the left and they actually never got lost in any way.They weren't involved either, but your cards and the payment systems via visa were related to wirecard, so you also considered the individual currencies never in danger even though they reacted with wirecard as you may know, bankruptcy against these frauds was already a neat topic and I see what is hardly coming in the future more and more on a very good path because this docking was a very, very good moment chaney's own blog to build up his own ecosystem is very, very good and i actually only see one direction and that is actually ou s my point of view upwards and that's why I'm actually a fan of we will briefly take a look at the price trend so that you can also classify the individual things may have been about what happened there, but I am a fan of it likes to write in the comments visor finds and we will see each other again at the price and we are now here on koeln marketcap we see the club will not come at the moment 15 cents is very good to look at, I actually believe that it really goes up, just knows extremely good headlines also writes this partner of aston martin in the formula 1 also very very good you have to say you have also made it that on twitter if you get dry as the bucket, for example, gives you the belief that this is also this game up here .

Com appear that actually only has the bitkom that is actually just good publicity and marketing wise they are also very very good on that but back to the topic so to the price after this little digression what else is going on here we see it so here it was really high the hype got higher and higher and then there was rather negative press then there was a little yes can you say stunk by the fact that back then there was still an mbo token which would then be exchanged as you put the word in the drawer and then there was a decent price forfeited the people absolutely did not celebrate and yes, as you can see it was okay neat 100 and if you had your luck stuck in the kata then it went really a bit stupid you can't do anything that it just works and but you have to watch but we see here you still hoarded it in the end came up again then the toggenburger the whole thing is also 100% priced , I would say I still see there is still a lot of potential up there just un d just for the first seven days it is relatively well here as you are now but also after the crash that we had the days is slowly recovering and i have to say i actually see good potential for more if you don't give a thumbs up jack then now the robust things the video is limited but if he himself I want to get a letter if he wants to have a card so I can only warmly recommend a debit card and hate closed in any case, but that's actually even better and has after these and like us at one time I would just say see you next time

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