Critical Time to SHORT Bitcoin? (BEST Bet for NEXT Dogecoin Pump)

welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button coming to you guys live from my backyard do you think my kids play ball every day it looks like this but guys listen i just want to make a quick video for you guys today why well because my voice is still almost gone but hopefully maybe if i take the rest of the day off maybe it'll come back tomorrow but today i want to talk about shorting bitcoin should you do it we're also going to briefly touch on dogecoin uh and what it did and uh why i'm still looking at ethereum classic so okay let's start with bitcoin guys first and foremost price is pumping right now over 59 thousand dollars i actually just took profits on my long i had a set a few days ago on the stream i made about uh i think i made about 15 000 on the trade so pretty good if you ask me if i do say so myself um i do have some more room to the upside on it um i set a stop loss at like fifty eight thousand nine hundred maybe it said it by now maybe it hasn't but i told you guys that i fully suspect bitcoin to be hitting new all-time highs within the next two weeks i said that a few days ago and i do think we are on track we got to get back above 60k start making that move towards 70 to 80k now just keep in mind if you would like to short or long bitcoin you guys can do that by going to deals in the top you will see our best deals you can get access to femex by bit they got a trading competition coming up soon they got the largest opponent deposit bonus ever of course margaret cipher tokenmetrics you can find all that on deals but the point here is is that i just read a very interesting article you guys know i do not short in a bull market or a bulldog market as some say odie whelps look at that dog he's the ugliest dog you've ever seen in your life but he is pretty sweet i don't short in a bull market now why can't i make money shorting in a bull market yeah you probably can the reason i don't do it is because it just adds a little bit too much volatility to my plan it's much easier for me to bet one way and wait until the price drops and then go that one way instead of trying to pick like 50 50 each time so for me it's purely strategic and you're gonna win more longing in a bull market but what about a bear market should you long in a bear market i'm gonna say no i only will short in the bear market now i read a very interesting article this morning um from i think it was on the new york times or the wall street journal can't remember exactly where it was uh maybe it was cnbc they said that a lot of trading experts there's another bulldog that's henry hey henry what are you doing buddy yeah he's ugly too bulldogs are ugly but we love them um so the thing is is i read this article and basically what it said is that if crypto continues going up over the summer it will be the easiest short in the history of mankind what do i say to that i agree 100 like that's why we're waiting for the top of this market and it's not going to be in for several months but after crypto blows up over the summer you know technically fall starts quarter four starts i think like september 22nd 23rd that's well no well q4 actually starts in october but summer actually ends towards the end of september which guess what that's exactly when i think bitcoin is going to peak out at so i do believe that once we get to the top of the market shorting bitcoin down it's not gonna be fun because we're all gonna be looking at the price of bitcoin dropping but you can make a lot of money shorting in a bear market you just have to be in anticipation for that and this article that i read was like really negative like oh you know crypto's gonna crash and all this stuff like yeah of course i've been telling you guys that for two years now that it will go up and then it will fall the smart money is going to anticipate that if it doesn't happen then guess what good on crypto that means we're going to continue making money we're not going to sell 100 of our positions but shorting in a bear market is going to be the move so don't get scared off by these people that tell you that crypto's going to crash it's going to and you can make smart moves based on that including leveraging on the way down so now let's move on let's talk briefly about dogecoin ethereum classic so today i got a big video for you guys on dogecoin coming from matt wallace a final stand i've got an interview with him we're going to talk about it a little bit more on our wrapped weekly video with ellie that's coming at seven today's or standard time and the point is what's going on with dogecoin it went all the way over 70 cents yesterday briefly becoming the number three overall cryptocurrency actually ahead of binance coin yesterday finance coin is of this moment is about 96 million dollars in market cap i hope you all didn't see my dog poop back there that'd be weird but uh 96 uh billion dollars in market cap and um uh dogecoin said 92 billion okay so pretty close yesterday they actually flipped i think dogecoin i said i thought it could hit a dollar leading up to this elon musk event i think it's probably a little bit too close now to the event we didn't get a huge run-up like i was thinking we were going to get but i do believe before the show today it will go above 80 cents i think we can easily see that today might not see it some people are already starting to sell where are people putting their money i think a lot of these people are gonna be putting their money in ethereum classic it's easy it's liquid people like you kind of have the the kind of almost a perfect storm here now do i believe that theorem classic is a great project no do i think it's going to change the world no but from an investment standpoint trying to ride a wave similar to what we've seen with dogecoin because i do see the dogecoin wave here uh tapping out for a bit for this elon musk interview depending on what happens something crazy can happen today and uh you know the price could shoot way up maybe elon musk buys a billion dollars worth of dogecoin on you know tv tonight or something but most likely buy the room or sell the news here but when you're looking at ethereum classic you're looking at a project the number one is liquid on robinhood for these investors that are taking dogecoin profits and then number two you are looking at something that has the word ethereum in it so what the noob investor is gonna do they're gonna look at that and they're going to say oh my gosh ethereum classic is it 110 ethereum which is also pumping right now is going to be at 3 600 today or it is it about 3 600 wow that's 36 times from here if ethereum classic can catch ethereum i can do it 36x does it make sense is it logical no no but will they think it quite likely so for me i'm looking at ethereum classic and i'm targeting it um i've now got six figures of ethereum classic um now it may not pay off i've got a lot of disposable income a lot of disposable money as you guys know so i can do things the normal person probably can't do i understand that at this point but just remember as early as as early as uh late 2019 i was pretty much in the same spot you guys were i didn't have millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars so but the point is if you do have some disposable money to throw at something and see if it sticks i think looking at ethereum classic and and looking at all the noob qualities that it has that noobs like and just think if they think the next coin to pump uh you know after dogecoin when they're trying to consider what it could be it could very easily be ethereum classic it makes so much sense and i don't want to miss out the same way i guess i got dogecoin fomo at this point i don't want to miss out on gigantic gains based on um logical reasoning like i do with dogecoin now i certainly made some money with dogecoin but could have been a lot more for sure sorry guys i want to know your opinions on that let me know if you think ethereum classic is the next dogecoin i want to know what you think about the price of bitcoin are you going to short it in a bear market don't forget to check out deals get our best deals at the top drop all your comments down below that's all i got have a good saturday be blessed bye

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