Very good to everyone! Welcome to the Crypto Futuro channel, how are people doing?
In this week's crypto news we had a spectacular start to the month of October
for the price of Bitcoin which reached the mark of $ 56,000 dollars
per coin showing incredible strength. Bitcoin increases its market capitalization
and remains smoothly within the 10 assets with the highest capitalization in the world.
The rumors of an ETF are getting louder, and the market is reacting based on that.
Terra and its Luna cryptocurrency were exploding exactly as we said would happen a couple
of weeks ago. What will be the next ones to go up? All this and much more in today's crypto news
, so join me until the end.

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With that said, let's start with the video! We started a totally
green October where the entire crypto market was moving upward as
most of us expected, minus the bears that shortened
$ 48,000, but hey, that's another topic. Bitcoin managed to reach $ 56,000 and everything
indicates that in a very short time we will be approaching its old historical maximum again,
which is not very far, but it is about a 15% increase that we should
have to touch that maximum. And from then on the FOMO would re-enter the market little by
little, taking us to new historical highs for the price of bitcoin and eventually
for the vast majority of altcoins. This week we had several coins gaining a
lot of ground, among which we can find Shiba Inu with a value that accumulates
more than a 250% rise at the moment. Fantom also with a large rise
of approximately 80% that currently left it above $ 2.30 and that was
of course one of the 5 cryptocurrencies that we saw with the best appearance for this month of
October just a week ago where it was hovering around the dollar with 20 cents.

So I
hope you caught it in that area. AXS was also giving beastly returns by
making more than a x2 and reaching new all-time highs thanks to the launch of
staking, something we also talked about on the channel long before it happens.
Harmony One is another one that comes with good uploads and I hope it will go
even higher for all the great events and updates that it has to come.
OMI, OCEAN PROTOCOL and many other currencies were also giving good profits,
but one of our favorites was also attracting attention, this is LUNA, which was
exploding due to its Columbus-5 update , which is already active on the network and managed to
expand the interoperability of this network with other blockchains and also allowed the burning of a
huge amount of LUNA tokens.

This attracted many more people to this project and this is
also why its total locked value is increasing. More and more users decide to
earn returns on the Terra network. Where we find annual returns of up
to 20% in stablecoins, something very difficult to obtain in other reliable protocols.
On the side of the losers this week we have coins from very good projects
such as ERGO, COTI, MOONRIVER, HT, AUDIO, AVAX, FET, ATOM and many more that could be
giving us good entry points right now. of year. Do not forget to do your own
analysis before entering any of these. The rise that Bitcoin has been taking in
recent days also brought us very good news. Where one of them is that due
to the total blackout that Facebook and all its applications had during this week, its shares
fell drastically, something that combined with the bullish action of the price of bitcoin
made BTC currently position itself as the eighth largest asset by market capitalization of the
entire world, being just below silver , which we are about to surpass very soon to set
ourselves a goal to occupy the places of Amazon, Google, Aramco and so on
until we are face to face with gold.

Be patient with our orange friend, it's a
matter of time for him to eat them all. As rumors of a
bitcoin ETF loom, the SEC just approved the Volt Equity ETF, which offers
exposure to Bitcoin-focused companies. This is far from being a Bitcoin ETF,
but it gives the opportunity to easily invest in a set of companies that are
heavily focused on Bitcoin. Which have a great exposure or
invest directly in Bitcoin, they acquire it through mining,
loans or transactions in BTC. This new Volt Equity fund does not follow
the price of Bitcoin or buy Bitcoins directly to keep them in custody,
but rather seeks exposure to companies that generate a large part of their income with
activities related to cryptocurrencies. This for many may be a negative thing since
they are not focusing directly on cryptos themselves, but for me it is a small
positive step to future ETFs that are to come.

Since there are still several direct Bitcoin ETFs in consideration
for this year, and there is also a Bitcoin futures ETF that according to several
sources at Bloomberg, could be approved in the next few weeks. One of the many things that
may be causing the price to go up. Meanwhile, according to JPMorgan, the institutions
affirm that while inflation is skyrocketing, they prefer to opt for a refuge
such as Bitcoin rather than gold. He also assures us that BTC's rally this
week is being driven by institutional investors, who are buying
Bitcoin to hedge against inflation. Saying that institutional investors
seem to be turning to Bitcoin once again, perhaps seeing it as a better hedge
against inflation than gold. This is very positive and means that
large institutions are entering the world of cryptocurrencies, very big money is beginning to enter the market.

that this end of the year comes with everything. Finally, analysts indicate that Polkadot,
Ethereum and Axie Infinity could be the next big currencies to rise more
than 30%, while Bitcoin has a clear path towards $ 64,000.
They claim that BTC will hit its all- time high in no time and
that altcoins will accompany it. Where they see strength in Axie Infinity, which although it
is currently at maximum prices they assure that it could continue to rise due to the implementation
of Ronin DEX, a decentralized exchange that will be added to the main platform of Axie
Infinity so that players can carry out all their transactions without going
through an exchange.

This can be very bullish for the AXS price and this is expected to happen
during this month of October or early November. I personally think that the launch
of the DEX could make AXS soar higher once again, but this time I do believe that there are better
opportunities in other currencies currently, at least for gains in the short term.
Ethereum could also have rises according to several analysts and it is that the price
of ETH seems to have been containing and despite great news of burns and
other improvements in its fundamentals caused by its latest updates, ETH has
not yet hit the high that we all expect . However, it is starting to look good
and it is possible that when Bitcoin begins to lateralize a little at these points or even a
little higher, Ethereum will lead an altseason that will leave big gains in the short term.
And obviously also in the medium and long term, since I personally expect to see Ethereum
between $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 by the end of the cycle. And well Polkadot, it is also on this
list of next coins to take off and it is that at any moment
the auctions of the parachains will be coming out, new projects that will be deployed on this
network in which we can invest from before they are launched blocking our DOT tokens
for a while, something that was all the rage in Kusama when they launched their parachains and left
all investors with huge profits.

So it is expected that people will be eager
to buy DOT to participate in the parachains once they are put up for auction.
For my part I have already been accumulating DOT throughout this year so I am more than prepared,
and if you have been watching the channel lately you will know that great things are coming for both the
Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. And well friends, so we end
today's crypto news, which do you think will be the next cryptocurrencies
to go up in price and leave big profits, let me know below in the comment box. Thank you all very much for
having listened to me these minutes, I say goodbye and I hope to see you soon in a next
video, bye! Oh, and remember the future is Crypto!.

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