Criptomonedas con FUTURO 2021 🚀 Criptomonedas mas Rentables 2021

Many, many good friends of Chess Life Markets! We are currently analyzing cryptocurrencies with a future. You wonder which cryptocurrencies have the best performance, in which cryptocurrencies I can invest and which cryptocurrencies are worth, crypto with a future, that is the topic of today, so stay tuned in this video it's short but it gives you a top 3 of 3 cryptocurrencies that you need to consider when investing and keep them in mind, and we will discuss it now in this video. Are you part of our subscribers? if so, thank you very much for this; If you are using cryptocurrencies, personal finance, such as the investment of young people, the dollar and others, like, I invite you if you like this video, not only a like, but also sign in and activate the call so you do not miss any of the video.

Videos we make. We promised to talk about crypto having a future and that's what we're doing right now with the top 3 starting with number 3, the number 3 currency we are going to talk about today is called the crypto Vechain, the sign of this cryptocurrency is VET for What are we talking about in this particular case about Vechain ? Good and if you like volatile investments like cryptocurrencies, but having very high returns may be one to consider in what has to do with market sentiment today. at least during the making this video, we have a positive valuation of 80 percent of the users found people dealing with the crypto Vechain and in the performance of the last 30 days I do not know when you are going to watch this video, it gave 33.3 percent what the annual performance was, that is, if you take 365 days back at the time you take this video, you hold the seat where you are 513.9% when we entered as a year ago we would not have gained 513.9% again.

We must say that we Speaking of crypto, you already know that the world of crypto is volatile. Prices vary tremendous up and down in the last 14 days, it has a -7.9% good yes given so far you signed up about 30 days ago, it would be 33.3% higher with this crypto which has a fairly low market share of 0.18%, remember that bitcoin of course has the throne there , but it is nevertheless in the capitalization position of the market in position 32, so is to consider especially if you are looking well , high returns are, of course, dangerous, we are going with the top 3 in position number 2, that is, of the three we are going to choose now, after which we are going to talk this moment about Siacoin with the tick of this crypto is SIA (Siacoin) How does siacoin talk a bit about the benchmarks in which we recently rated VET and remember, well if we have to talk What the market capitalization ranking, Siacoin is in position 101, much lower than the Vechain cryptocurrency as we just talked about it, and in the last 30 days during the make this video it yields 121.2% positive and markets sentiment What do you think people today of the one with a positive valuation of 77% and in the last 14 days it is minus -13.3%, then you will see that there is virtually no cryptocurrency during the do not make this video if in the last 14 and 7 days is positive because bitcoin you have to take into account that this is the fundamental reference of this whole ecosystem, or that the great ecosystem of cryptocurrencies have fallen after setting historical highs in value near Mars or Jupiter in USD 55,000 and on the day of Today it is about 46 thousand, so yes, the correction it had, because the rise really resonated, drags of course also the rest of the crypto but we said 30 days we would 30.2 days ago 121.2% came in, and if we signed up 365 days ago, it's about a year 327.3% a spectacular growth for Siacoin SIA, which also has a very interesting history in the crypto and the product itself So we are going into the future specifically talk about this in a video because it's very, very good, then we go to number one of our top 3- cryptocurrencies with the most futures, and the number one is Phantom drums.

Phantom is the FTM ticker if we are talking about Phantom Cryptocurrency what are we talking about specifically? Good of the crypto-currency that in the general ranking ranks the market capitalization classification in position number 54, it is very, very striking, the growth that Fantom FTM has is really crazy, I'm telling you that it's increased by 150.6% in the last seven days. , did you see that We said it's a lot, very hard to find a critique that increased in the period I saw low as we 14 days ago 194.6% left growth if you evaluate Phantom at 30 days as it would have been if you had entered 621.6% performance last month. Now I ask you to grab somewhere if you increased 6454.7% growth a year ago . In the last 24 hours alone, Phantom has declined in terms of 24% if you signed up a year ago, that 24% is literally tickling because we're talking about 6454% in a year, a brutality of which you watch 62% in the month, and in about 14 days is 194.6% in all these cases on one side of criptomonedas talked about the future and also discussed investments with a high risk return, a high risk, actually no increased risk, says investing in almost any other that you already know.

Tell the When to invest, you do it in a high volatility asset, but it will depend on your strategy and the risks you are willing to take if you use these three cryptocurrencies want to keep in mind what we talked about here and what we believe will continue in the future to good returns despite this have as mentioned in all the disclaimers past returns are never a guarantee of future returns to have it in any way how many goals did the player of a certain team score does not mean that he scored them in the next match will do, but somehow he defines his profile and in the case of all the crypto we talked about, they have very, very high returns so if you are of the keep cryptocurrencies, if you want to know when is the best time to buy cryptocurrencies, there ' once a week and once a day, then I invite you to watch the following video to keep watching, and if I gave you value that the video can reach you, not just to make investments and because we make it clear that investing is a personal responsibility, we invite you to do it responsibly after you in all cases have done your own analysis, but if it is good to have information on topics that for you from the first interest is.

hand as in this case cryptocurrencies and what is the return they had so that you can make a good informed decision, I will leave you with the following video.

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