a new USB this crypto This is a separate case this one here oops and purifying it is that things in this one I have two positions at the moment and for me it is a lot of stairs daily chart Look at the operation because of the weekly chart ok good fig last i want negative close prime is the last one that is negative will close before acceleration until this is the plan that closed after acceleration alive in the last one is up to this region because what was not negative the first the lock the celebration was just that and don't be like that, professor is ok and the price came in one I took two tickets here the question here I believe that this team will be if it values ​​enough is right enough here for me look only safe who hurt and I kind of warned you stayed trick to get the operation here so did not understand had put here at the moment do not understand Let your cult here to try to explain more or less when you use frigotrigo is trying to know more or less it would not be mov final price price right you can see the price here he had a final move is more or less 127 of figs I know what mouth we wanted these Fibonacci regions these regions here if you try to give up Vasco limo It's a lot we use it here I have 1783 to 61 right to get entrance Look, you ’re already asking the ambient pool entrance sign is this time the market is closed I’m not even going to get this ending we’re the question is this region of 127 and 161 little people use in some regions here few people use it And those regions are the regions I use to try to know for example if the price has broken a region where the possible reversal point may be and 126 268 There are two possible points then when the price of the start looks here on the air chart And then the daily chart and he saw Google the first time that happens to me Oops everything here the daily chart script Christ when he gets here he goes back up there so I can draw a picture of this point for ra this mass and will try to know right where it would be possible first point of reversal the price until new inspector 127v in a little below I thought it could arrive in 161 because 161068 of fig was building very well Understand this confident was also interesting but and fact with this girl arrived in this region So she arrived in this region and of course I came back up there this operation here I can take the top yet because they are not at zero to zero so it still didn’t give me the opportunity to put her at zero a zero I got to a valuation of the assets here and 14 percent in the case 14 x 2 because there were two orders Although mine took a little bit lower you can see mine took an order I took exactly at this point here at this point is the exact at this point here and the other one was already at this point here look at this point here the hole in these two points that I got entries and fact and in this region here of price and there is one of values ​​so that even more in fernization and for you to come in percent but I'll get it right down here right I arrived here in Maringá organization and use So use another 14 it’s around right and it’s 24 25 26 the center of General heritage valuation and at that moment I’m also valuing double and more or less twelve percent In each one more or less because this one will already have a different valuation so let's say it was 21 centralization at that moment, ok anyway

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