CREATOR of DogeCoin speaks – Update Price Predictions News

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily 
update on the dogecoin yes cameron grimes   bought a whole lot of it while he was injured 
and got very very rich off of it so we're going   to discuss that article we're going to talk 
about elon musk elon musk's brother and we're   also going to talk about the owner of the doge 
coin who actually sold off a bunch of it in the   beginning to buy a honda civic yes that today is 
worth billions and billions of dollars so don't be   like him do not sell off your dodge coin in fact 
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blocking you all right let's get into the dogecoin everybody let's take a real quick look 
at the actual price so we're at 6.7 cents   right now and just so you guys know i usually wait 
till it's in the six cent range before i buy in   so i buy it every week and if there's highs and 
lows i wait as long as it's six cents or under   so right now this is a buying opportunity for 
me let's take a look at bitcoin in comparison   they're very closely related every time bitcoin 
goes up so does ethereum and so does the dogecoin   all right let's get into cameron grimes he said 
he got rich off of gamestop and off doge coin   while injured he was trading both of them and 
i can attest to that i'm close to about ten   thousand dollars up now from DOGE alone so 
it's been a very good doggie for me and i'm   gonna slowly keep investing into it so let's read 
here cameron grimes made his return to the ring   during the tonight's nxt after being out since 
december following his surgery in a brief return   grimes bragged about his escalades while being out 
including cashing out on some very popular stocks   arriving at the arena in a very fancy car grimes 
sporting a wad of cash in his hand proceeded   to make his way down to the rink once there he 
explained that he had begun playing video games   while out ended up making his way down to gamestop 
in the process after investing in the company   along with putting some money into dogecoin graham 
said funds found himself coming out into a lot   of money recently what he plans to do with it is 
anybody's guess but he'll be ready for wrestling   again soon and he's feeling much more powerful is 
a result of his timely investments and i honestly   see dogecoin hitting that 20 cent mark this year 
it could go even as high as 40 cents this year   so this is going to be a long-term investment for 
me and every week as i get paid a little bit more   into dogecoin all right so dashcoin's creator sold 
all his coins six years ago after getting laid off   oh my goodness just imagine he might have actually 
been the richest person in the world if he kept   all of those coins because it literally went 
from basically nothing no value to right now   hitting all-time highs of 10 cents or higher 
and he says in he is stunned by the mania around   the meme based token says bill marcus dogecoin 
creator said already that he sold all his coin   in a 2015 after getting laid off marcus 
spent it all on buying a used honda civic   oh my god he probably spent billions upon billions 
of dollars to buy like a 15 000 honda civic   i mean he could have literally like been the 
richest person in the world instead of driving   his like 2 000 devalued honda civic right 
now and this is what i'm telling you guys   when you have a good investment just slowly keep 
adding do not just sell it off if it dips down   if you bought doge coin at like eight nine 
ten cents and you're in the minus right now   that's just an opportunity to buy more and average 
that cost down do not ever panic sell all right so   he said he's no longer part of dogecoin's project 
and he doesn't own any of it oh my goodness   this is heartbreaking this man could have 
been a billionaire and the same story goes   for people that could have bought bitcoin for 
like a dollar imagine if you had 10 bitcoin for   a dollar literally off of 10 you could have had 
half a million dollars if you had 20 bitcoin 5   10 years ago you could have been a millionaire 
right now people just don't understand you have   to be patient sometimes and hold on to these 
cryptocurrencies until they actually skyrocket   wow it's so sad doge coin's creator billy 
marcus took on reddit to explain that he   actually doesn't have any marcus think he sold all 
of his bitcoin six years ago oh man if i just go   back if we go back let's say six years 
and let's say we go back oh my goodness   that's crazy how much he would have had i mean 
this is like a thousand to ten thousand oh i can't   even imagine i would have to do math on this but 
it's billions of dollars just heartbreaking all   right so dogecoin's co-founder said that he cannot 
comprehend the cost for the joe crypto he created   in three hours two hits one dollar now i can't 
comprehend that either but people said the same   thing about bitcoin and look at us at forty 
seven thousand dollars now now the actual   market cap to actually get to one dollar would 
have to be just astronomically high so i'm more   in the range of yes 20 cents maybe 40 cents but 
that one dollar market cap which honestly is   possible but you're looking at it even beating 
out bitcoin for it to actually get that high   but at 40 cents if we get that high i'll 
i'll be i'll be very very happy honestly so   dodge days elon musk and tesla plays double bet 
on cryptocurrency with social media hype and big   investment the electric car company's eccentric 
ceo is spending the future on crypto so just   so you guys know if you weren't following with 
elon musk he put a little bit over seven percent   of all of tesla's money into bitcoin and that's 
actually helping boost bitcoin it's helping boost   tesla it's helping boost ethereum and dogecoin 
so that's good news for all of us and now we   have dogecoin basically being accepted in car 
dealerships we have dogecoin being sold everywhere   we have dogecoin now basically becoming a part of 
mainstream cryptocurrency as it slowly moves up   it's now moving into that fifth place 
of all top world cryptocurrencies   so he said bought some for his little 
son lil x so he can be a toddler hodler   and that's what he wrote on twitter actually 
boosted his stock up by a lot says the mysterious   address with three billion dollars in dogecoin 
sends a cryptic binary message to elon musk   ever since the infatuation between elon musk 
and the meme based cryptocurrency dashcode   a number of people have looked at the assets 
critically recently reported   on a mysterious dogecoin wallet that absorbed more 
than 27 of the coin supply since february 6 2019   so people even as of last year knew this was going 
to be a big deal and they've been loading up on it   so that's actually good news just going forward 
because right now let's just take tesla's price   of around 800 per share that's not what the actual 
valuation of the company is right now that's what   people think is going to be worth in a couple of 
years so usually when you buy into a company now   you're buying into those projections going forward 
so if this guy was buying into it a year ago he   already knew that the projections for dogecoin 
were going to be huge and he was right just look   at where we are at right now you know hovering 
in that six to ten cent range basically on a on a   constant weekly basis so dogecoin walla with three 
billion dollars worth of the crypto asset has been   creating odd transactions with binary messages 
further adding to the speculation that the dress   might be musk's wallet that would 
be insane now three billion dollars   for musk who now is worth close to 200 billion 
dollars is basically like a little bit over 1.45   of his entire net worth which is nothing 
but if he bought three billion dollars of it   and he actually announces this this little 
dogecoin this little donkey coin of ours   it's going to 40 50 cents seriously that'll 
be unbelievable so musk touts dogecoin bank   of england boosts pound elon musk dogecoin stunk 
following his peripheral involvement with last   week's wall street pets campaign to put a short 
squeeze on a huge headphone hedge funds elon musk   again goose the market with a single tweet so 
elon musk is probably going to start actually   adding two dogecoin and even more to bitcoin so 
i see a very very good future for our little coin   and just to actually go into this article a 
little bit right here chamath says he spent   uh 1.6 billion dollars of bitcoin on some land 
in 2014 that's worth 120 million dollars today   so if you're putting money into dogecoin and maybe 
someday that actually ends up going to one dollar   you could very easily be a millionaire if 
you're steadily adding to it so add money   to crypto all right thank you for watching i 
will give you guys an update on my future videos   as any news comes out and i will 
see you guys in the next video bye

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